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How to deal with conflicts between kids and with teachers ... Music for the little ones. Music in the classroom. Narrative background, theory and activities ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Teachers Forums

Teachers Forums Coordinated by Ms
Elizabeth White Ms Gabriela
Madera Kindergarten Primary
Secondary School
October 2007
From the Coordinators Forum to the Teachers
  • June-July 2007
  • ESSARP conducted a Coordinators Forum which
    provided teacher trainers with a virtual space to
    debate issues related to Distance Education.

Coordinators Forum Achievements
  • The Forum established academic cooperation
    within the team of
  • ESSARP Coordinators.
  • Coordinators had the possibility to debate
    issues related to
  • Distance Education.
  • The Forum triggered off proposals for ESSARP
    2008 Teacher
  • Training Programme.
  • It made it evident that the first step of the
    programme design
  • should be the Identification of Teacher
    Training Needs.

Teachers Forums
  • ESSARP invited Member and Affiliate Schools to
    participate in six Teachers Forums that would
    help to identify Teacher Training Needs.
  • The Forums would be the first step towards the
    design of the 2008 Teacher Training Programme.

  • Permanent education is an essential aspect of
    the teaching career. Even though nobody doubts
    about the need for continuing education, a busy
    schedule usually prevents teachers from attending
    face-to-face training courses.
  • Aware of such reality, ESSARP aims at offering
    equal opportunities and at breaking the time and
    space barriers. Therefore, we intend to extend
    our Distance Education Programme for 2008.
    Teachers will thus have the possibility to update
    their knowledge making the most of the New
    Information Communication Technologies (NICTs).
  • As part of the planning process of the new
    proposals, we intend to identify teachers needs
    - both in terms of content and modality - so that
    the courses are specifically designed to satisfy
    them. We, therefore, take pleasure in inviting
    your school to join ESSARP Teachers Forums,
    which will not only open a communication channel
    within your institution but will also give each
    participant an invaluable opportunity to discuss
    their views with teachers from other educational

Implementing the proposal
  • ESSARP will open a total of six Forums, two per
    level (Kindergarten Primary and Secondary
    School) one for the Spanish Section and the other
    one for the English Section.
  • AIM
  • The aim of each Forum will be to identify the
    real training needs of the teachers of each level
    in order to offer an Education Programme -
    including Virtual, Face-to-Face or Blended
    Courses - that will suit them best and assist
    them with their daily teaching practice.
  • Each of the Forums will allow for the
    participation of a maximum of three teachers per
    level from the Spanish section and a maximum of
    three from the English section. In the case of
    the Secondary School Forum, we suggest the
    participation of one teacher per department (Art,
    Humanities and Science Technology)
  • The teachers who decide to participate will be
    in charge of voicing their own needs as well as
    those of their colleagues and will have the
    opportunity to discuss their views with teachers
    from other schools.
  • It is advisable that the participants should be
    familiarized with the use of the Internet and
    have easy access to it. They should communicate
    with their colleagues fluently and should be
    sensitive to their needs.
  • It is ESSARPs wish that all the teaching staff
    of the member schools should have the opportunity
    to express their training needs. Therefore, we
    request that the schools that are interested in
    participating in this experience fill in the
    Enrolment Form with the list of teachers who are
    willing to represent each institution. Their
    participation will not imply more than one access
    to the Forum per day at their convenient time, in
    order to read the posts and contribute their own.

  • Each Forum will be conducted by a coordinator
    who has been especially trained to facilitate
    virtual communication.
  • Each Forum will be conducted either in English
    or in Spanish to suit the needs of all the
    teaching staff at your school.
  • Each Forum will last for two weeks.
  • The Primary and Secondary School Forums will be
    open between October 1 and October 15.
  • The Kinder Forum will be open from October 16 to
    October 30.
  • In November, all schools will receive a report
    about the development of the Forum and the
    teachers needs which have been identified.

Letter to the School Head
  • Dear Head,
  • ESSARP takes pleasure in inviting your school to
    join our forthcoming Teachers Forums, a virtual
    space where educators from our Member and
    Affiliate Schools will have the possibility to
    engage in a mutually enriching exchange with
    their colleagues.
  • Needless to say, the New Information
    Communication Technologies are gaining more and
    more importance in the field of education. It is
    therefore one of our main aims to design a wider
    range of Distance Courses, which will enable us
    to use the resources of the NICTs to your
    schools best advantage. One of the first stages
    in our project consists in identifying your
    teachers training needs in order to provide them
    with an education programme that will satisfy
    them both in terms of content and modality.
  • Next October, we will be opening six different
    Teachers Forums. Attached, you will find two
    invitations to join them - one in English and the
    other one in Spanish. The invitations provide
    details about the aim and implementation of the
    Forums as well as an Enrolment Form. We would
    appreciate it if you forwarded these files to the
    coordinators of each section.
  • We trust our initiative will open an invaluable
    communication channel, which we hope will
    contribute to strengthening your School Mission.

Forum Schedule (Primary School Sample)
  • October 1 -7
  • Opening of the Forum. Welcome message to the
    participants. Forum
  • objectives. The participants will introduce
    themselves to the virtual
  • community
  • October 8 16
  • In-depth debate on educational issues. Real
    Training Needs in terms of
  • content and modality. Survey to be shared with
    the school staff
  • October 15
  • Closing of the Forum. Conclusions
  • November 2007
  • The schools will receive a report on the
    development of the Forum

FORUMS Kindergarten - Primary - Secondary
Welcome to the Teachers Forum
  •   On behalf of ESSARP, I am pleased to welcome
    you to our Teachers Forum. We intended to
    provide you with an invaluable opportunity to
    share a virtual environment with your colleagues
    while you let us know what aspects of your own
    teaching practice you would like to explore
  • As you all know, ESSARP has always been
    committed to offering Members and Affiliate
    Schools a wide variety of training courses either
    in the face-to-face or virtual modality. The
    Association is aware of how difficult it is for
    teachers to attend courses or to find the time to
    continue their education. On the other hand, we
    are also conscious of how important it is for
    educators to study on a permanent basis in order
    to improve their practice and keep pace with the
    New Information Communication Technologies
  • It is therefore our aim to offer a Training
    Programme based on the real needs that you will
    express here. This Forum will be open for two
    weeks during which you are invited to voice your
    own interests as well as those of the teachers
    you represent. By the end of the second week, we
    will have collected relevant information that
    will help us design courses to satisfy your
  • Attached to this message, you will find a file
    that will help you navigate this platform.
  • To begin with, I suggest that you join our
    online community by posting a message to
    introduce yourselves. Please, tell us who you
    are, where you work, what your position is, what
    subject/s you teach and why you have joined this
    Forum. It is important that we all feel free to
    express our views, which will be highly valued at
    all times.
  • Our Teachers Forum is now formally open.
    Please, make yourselves at home.
  • Gabriela Madera
  • ESSARP Teachers Forum Coordinator

Virtual classroom - Secondary School Forum
Virtual classroom Kindergarten Forum
Survey Results
  • We were sent a total of 57 surveys representing
    the views of either one teacher or a number of
  • Each question in the survey rendered a different
    number of votes depending on how many teachers
    were consulted. The number of respondents to each
    survey was not specified.
  • The votes for each question were added on an
    Excel spreadsheet to generate a visual
    representation of the preferences shown in the
    surveys. After the last graphic, you will see the
    most relevant findings of the survey in terms of

Factors that determine the quality of a course
Course Sessions
Frequency of the courses
How interested are you in Distance Education?
How interested are you in Blended Courses?
How interested are you in ESSARP Goes to School?
How interested are you in Teachers Forums?
Teacher Training Needs Identified in the
Forums Primary and Secondary School (in
alphabetical order)
  • Analyzing poetry (7th / 8th)
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Applied multiple intelligences
  • Applying correction criteria to written
  • Applying new methodology
  • AS Art
  • Assessing writing
  • Assessment (Assessing different levels in a same
  • Assessment Criteria
  • Average evaluation of students considering their
    different skills
  • Bilingualism
  • Business
  • CIE Training Courses
  • CIPP Tests techniques
  • Classroom Management
  • Common error correction
  • Constructive teamwork
  • Contemporary trends on teaching methods

Teacher Training Needs
  • Creative and innovative IGCSE activities in the
  • Creative writing
  • Cross Curricular Activities (Literature and
    History for example)
  • Curriculum design
  • Dealing with different abilities and capacities
    in class 
  • Debates/forums in the classroom. Debate
  • Development of Comprehension skills
  • Different ways of planning
  • Differentiation
  • Discipline
  • DRAMA as a teaching resource
  • Effective assessment
  • Environmental Management contents
  • Environmental Management IGCSE content topics 
  • Environmental Studies
  • French (IGCSE and AS Levels)
  • French (IGCSE and AS Levels)
  • Games in the Classroom
  • Games in the classroom (to teach grammar and

Teacher Training Needs
  • Handling problematic situations
  • History Contents
  • History courses for Middle School. Source
  • How to deal with conflicts between kids and with
  • How to deal with misbehaviour in class in a
    'creative' way
  • How to deal with mixed ability groups
  • How to deal with parents meetings
  • How to deal with students lack of interest
  • How to develop comprehension skills
  • How to develop writing skills
  • How to exploit the different skills for effective
    language learning
  • How to handle ADD students
  • How to help children think in English
  • How to make a systematic evaluation of how much
    students have acquired after an integration class
  • How to make Language classes more interesting
  • How to teach grammar in a non-traditional way
  • How to teach reading effectively
  • How to use computers as a tool in the learning
    process. The importance of computing nowadays
  • How to work with movies in class

Teacher Training Needs
  • IGCSE Curricula
  • IGCSE examinations
  • IGCSE History Content topics source analysis
  • IG English as a Second Language and IG Spanish as
    First Language
  • Institutional and curricular steps to go from
    Second to First Language
  • Integration of programmes of study Spanish,
    English Literature and English Language
  • Interactive boards.
  • International Primary Maths Programme
  • Jolly Phonics
  • Language as a cross curricular tool in content
  • Learning difficulties , struggling readers and
  • Learning difficulties in children and how to
    handle them
  • Learning how to learn
  • Learning through games and songs (when teaching
    young children)
  • Literacy
  • Literacy skills (Miriam Tehearne)
  • Teoría Literaria (Four teachers mentioned having
    attended one some time ago. They were
  • Literature Contents
  • Literature courses for Middle School. Literature
    for young learners

Training Needs
  • Make the most of an integration activity class
  • Marking Schemes/Correction Workshops
  • Methodology
  • Methodology on IGCSE
  • Misbehaviour in the classroom
  • Modern History
  • Motivation
  • Multiple intelligences how to work with each of
  • Music for the little ones
  • Music in the classroom
  • Narrative background, theory and activities
  • New approaches to EFL/Effective Teaching
  • New games to practice language
  • New learning activities
  • New teaching strategies and instruction using
    technology in the classroom
  • Organizing and timing of a class when students
    are asked to bring information about a certain
  • Phonology
  • Physics AS Level
  • Planning for the IGCSE class

Training Needs
  • Polishing/updating our English
  • Portfolio
  • Preparing younger students on the way to IGCSE
  • Project work and how to integrate the different
    areas (how to connect them to the different
    topics being taught)
  • Prose background, theory and activities
  • Reading
  • Reading and Writing process/instruction in
    bilingual children
  • Reading Comprehension,Writing, Literature.
    Dealing with different abilities and capacities
    in class
  • Reading Comprehension activities for the higher
    primary forms
  • Remedial teaching of sounds in English
  • Retelling techniques
  • School Management
  • Science Working in the Lab
  • Special subjects in primary physics-chemistry-his
  • Spelling mistakes Are they really very
    important? (3rd Form)
  • Staff Meetings
  • Stories as a springboard to teach grammar
  • Stories for young learners (by Peña Lima) no
    vacancies this year 
  • Story telling

Training Needs
  • Strategies to encourage students to become
    successful readers
  • Strategies for IGCSE Writing
  • Teachers role nowadays
  • Teaching Chemistry and Physics in 6th
  • Teaching English as a Second Language without
  • Teaching grammar in an effective way
  • Teaching how to speak accurately
  • Teaching how to write different text types
  • Teaching literature
  • Teaching methodology
  • Teaching mixed ability groups
  • Teaching reading (pronunciation, intonation…) to
    Spanish speakers
  • Teaching Science Hands on Science
  • Teaching Social Studies
  • Teaching students how to organize a writing task
  • Teaching through Understanding
  • Teaching vocabulary at stages 4, 5 and 6
  • Technology and ESL

Training Needs
  • Testing for understanding, how to use tests as a
    teaching tool
  • The importance of communication between the staff
  • The writing process
  • Thematic Units. Vocabulary enlargement through
  • Thinking Skills AS Level
  • Update on childrens books, new literature
    winners in USA and UK
  • Use of dictionaries
  • Use of phonics
  • Using English as a First Language in the
  • Using ICT in the English lesson
  • Using your coordinator as a resource
  • Web page design
  • Working as a Team with the whole school
  • Working with my Spanish Literature counterparts
    in Language and Literature
  • Writing in First Form
  • Writing Assessment
  • Writing compositions
  • Writing different genres
  • Writing Strategies

Training Needs - Kindergarten
  • A curricular Design in English 
  • An agreement between the Spanish and the English
    teaching methodology
  • Assessment
  • Books for pupils to be used in every day classes 
  • Classroom management
  • Drama
  • How children learn the second language in
    bilingual schools
  • How to help bilingual professionals (other than
    teachers, lets say psychologists) teach English
    in kindergarten
  • How to help kindergarten teachers teach English
  • Importance of Oral Language in early childhood
  • Materials for teachers
  • Methodological tips/resources on how to teach
    English at Kindergarten level
  • Montessori method training
  • New evaluation techniques tips
  • New teaching methodologies
  • Resources available to teach English in
  • Setting limits effectively
  • Storytelling and dramatization for children
  • Teacher training college for Kindergarten
    teachers (with official degree)

Most Relevant Findings I
  • 46 teachers participated in the 3 Forums
    conducted in English representing 20 schools.
  • All teachers participated actively in the 3
    Forums. They debated issues related to Permanent
    Education such as course quality, modality,
    frequency and content. They showed some concern
    about their lack of time to attend face-to-face
    courses downtown. Most of them were highly
    interested in Distance Education and in the
    ESSARP Goes to School Programme.
  • As regards the surveys, there was a quick
    response to them, which showed a high level of
    commitment and great enthusiasm about
    participating in the design of the 2008 Teacher
    Training Programme.
  • The surveys rendered the following results
  • The quality of a course is mainly determined by
    Content, Methodology Resources and Effective

Most Relevant Findings II
  • Timetable preferences 40 of respondents prefer
    Morning Courses, 39 of them prefer Evening
    Courses and 21 of respondents would like to
    attend courses in the Afternoon.
  • Regarding Number of Sessions and Course
    Frequency, most teachers would like to attend
    courses which take a maximum of 4 sessions with a
    maximun frequency of 4 times a year.
  • 54 of the teachers are highly interested in
    Distance Education, 38 of respondents are
    somewhat interested and 8 of them are scarcely
    interested in Distance Courses.
  • 32 of respondents are highly interested in
    Blended Courses, whereas 61 of them are somewhat
    interested and 7 of the teachers say they are
    scarcely interested in this kind of courses.

Most Relevant Findings III
  • 77 of respondents show great interest in the
    ESSARP Goes to School Programme.
  • 40 of respondents are highly interested in
    participating in Teachers Forums, 36 of them
    are somewhat interested and 24 of them do not
    show much interest.
  • We identified 174 Teacher Training Needs in the
    Primary and Secondary School Forums and 21 needs
    in the Kindergarten Forum. In many of the cases,
    the contents of various needs can be grouped in
    one course.
  • We have noticed some concern about values,
    discipline, learning difficulties and
    interpersonal relationships within the school.
  • Teachers show their gratitude to ESSARP for
    having given them the possibility to express
    their needs and to exchange views with their
    colleagues. They all seem to have enjoyed the
  • Gabriela Madera
  • Teachers Forums
  • General Coordinator

Teachers Opinions about the Forums
  • 'I am anxious to share new ideas and experience
    in order to improve our daily activities! I hope
    we can all profit from sharing comments on our
    practice !!'
  • 'Thanks to all the rest for sharing their
    experiences, wishes, difficulties, resources,
  • good will.....'
  • 'I was highly enriched by all the contributions
    everyone made. On the other hand, I would like to
    thank the people at Essarp for their constant
    effort and support to teachers in their intention
    to become better practitioners.'
  • 'Thank you for this opportunity, I hope I can be
    of any help as I positively know it will be of
    great help for me.'
  • 'I strongly think itd be a good idea to have
    intensive courses in February and then a blended
    one throughout the year.'
  • 'I believe teacher development is most important
    and on-line training becomes a wonderful option
    specially when living far from Buenos Aires.'
  • 'Its a great idea to share our viewpoints.'
  • 'I believe its a very enriching opportunity to
    learn and to share views and ideas with other

Teachers Opinions
  • 'I decided to participate in this forum as I have
    never participated in one before and I believe it
    will be very enriching for my every day teaching
    by sharing with other teachers their daily
  • 'Our school is some 100 km from BA which makes it
    very difficult to attend face-to-face courses, so
    virtual rooms are ideal! Blended courses would be
    very suitable! As Cecilia Garrett said we have
    joined the CIPP this year, so this forum can help
    us contact other CIPP teachers and help others
    who would like to know about it or share teaching
  • 'Ive never participated in virtual courses or
    forums, but I think that this is a great
    opportunity to share daily experiences with other
  • 'I enjoy courses or workshops dealing with many
    different issues, like the ones that teach you
    new ways to work on the skills or new methods to
    use in the classroom. I like face-to-face courses
    much more than online courses because they seem
    clearer and more profitable to me. It's a
    pleasure to be part of this team'
  • 'As I am FULLY convinced I still have SO MUCH to
    learn, here I am, giving a try to this yet new
    challenge! Its a REAL PLEASURE to start sharing
    this new experience with you all.'
  • 'I really enjoyed sharing these days with all the
    participants. It has been an active forum and it
    would be great to meet again. Imagine a forum
    with things to debate or to share with the same
    teachers ... it would be wonderful!'
  • 'It was my first participation in a forum and I
    have really enjoyed it. Im looking forward to
    participating in another one soon.'
  • 'Ill be looking forward to next years offer!'

More Opinions
  • 'I truly believe in teacher development. It is an
    essential aspect of our profession. I also
    believe in change and in the positive aspects it
    poses. It is extremely important to cope with the
    changes that take place everyday and a very
    useful way to do so is by attending meetings,
    courses, giving your opinion. Thats why I wanted
    to be part of this forum.'
  • 'Living far from BA, though not as far as
    Eugenia, makes it sometimes difficult to attend
    all the courses one would love to attend. I am
    all for on line training since it gives us the
    chance to up date our knowledge and exchange
    views with other teachers !'
  • 'I am delighted to be part of this forum as I am
    sure we will all share valuable experiences and
  • 'I believe it is so very enriching to share our
    experiences, considering our realities are
    different! And it is amazing that the same spirit
    of professionalism is behind us.'

More Opinions
  • 'I enjoy studying and reading about new
    developments and ideas, but I sometimes find it
    difficult to attend courses. Im sure well
    profit from each others contributions as we
    teach similar things but in different contexts.'
  • 'The biggest drawback we find when courses are
    delivered at ESSARP is precisely, having to
    travel and, to make matters worse, having to
    drive into TOWN!!!!!'
  • 'I believe that permanent education is a key
    factor to teacher development. I am very
    interested in learning about the latest trends as
    well as improving my practices. This is the
    first time I am taking part of a forum and I am
    eager to learn from all of you.'
  • 'This forum could also turn into a future
    Internet group/ blog to share experiences, etc
    etc., don't you think?'

More Opinions
  • 'I dont know if it happens to you but I feel I
    cant go to bed without having checked on the
    forum. It feels like we were all having an
    ongoing conversation which I cant miss!! As if
    there were somebody out there 'listening' to me,
    'talking' to me at any time. Its wonderful!!'
  • 'It has been a real pleasure to be part of this
    forum. It is amazing to see how many of us share
    the same interests, needs, intentions and
    willingness to work and improve our practice day
    after day.'
  • 'Thank you for having created a space in which we
    could express our views, opinions and queries.'
  • 'It has been an invaluable experience to be part
    of this forum.'
  • 'Thank you for having given us this great and
    extremely useful opportunity.'
  • 'I have really enjoyed being part of this forum.
    It has been a most enriching experience to be
    able to share with teachers all over the

  • The Forums opened up a communication channel
    among teachers of different institutions.
  • They confirmed the teachers need for permament
    education and the need for a tailor-made
    educational programme.
  • They allowed essarp to identify teacher training
  • They provided participants with a virtual space
    to exchange views and resources with teachers
    who share the same interests.
  • They made it possible for some of the teachers to
    have their first contact with an educational
  • They shortened distances and offered time
  • They contributed to the professional development
    of both coordinators and teachers alike.

Elizabeth White Gabriela Madera Kindergarten
Primary Secondary School Forum Coordinator
Forum Coordinator
  • Many thanks to all the teachers and heads who
    actively participated in the six Teachers' Forums
    which took place last October 2007. Had it not
    been for their constant interaction and for their
    invaluable support, the results of the survey
    would not have been so varied and copious!
  • I would also like to thank our Forum coordinators
    Ms Gabriela Madera, Mrs Susana Maquieira, Ms Liz
    White who were always there, at the other end,
    ready to comment on the participants
    contributions and set their minds in motion.
  • I particularly appreciate the contribution made
    by the alma mater of the Teachers' Forums, Ms
    Gabriela Madera, who not only designed, monitored
    and evaluated the whole project but also
    conducted four of the six forums !!!
  • And last, but not least, I am very grateful to Ms
    Paula DeGennaro, Ms Sabrina Marasco and Ms
    Julieta Barraza, who acted as a very efficient
    support team in catering for the different needs
    and requirements of the almost 150 teachers and
    heads who enrolled in the forums.
  • It is one of my greatest hopes that this type of
    interactions continue, grow and flourish, and
    thus reach more and more ESSARP schools.
  • Silvia Rettaroli
  • Deputy Academic Director  
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