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Save Princess Olivia


In return for your amazing job they give you a Go Kart. ... It is a dangerous trail with the go Kart because there are many holes and cliffs ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Save Princess Olivia

Save Princess Olivia
  • By Whitney Warren
  • Kristin Worrick
  • Period 3

  • You, Prince Charming, are sent on an adventure
    to save the princess in the land Far Far Away.
    You are the strongest and most qualified prince
    for Princess Olivia. She is locked up in the
    tallest tower of the tallest building a waiting
    for your arrival. She is being held by the Wicked
    Witch of the West because the witch wants all the
    power that the princess has over the land. If you
    accept this mission be prepared to expect the
    unexpected. It will not be easy and you must be
    willing to risk your life to save Olivia.
  • Ignore Mission
  • Go buy flowers and outfit
  • Take fairies advice

  • You feel that the fairies are asking you too
    much. You feel that love should be magical and
    not a quest. You dont even know the princess and
    to give you life is out of the question.
    Realizing that you need to do something with your
    life you start to apply for jobs. Congratulations
    you are offered a job at Mcland. You are so
    excited to work which you would not have been
    able to if you helped the fairies save the
    princess. Now you must decide if you are going to
    accept the job or keep searching.
  • Accept position
  • Decline position

  • You stare at the witches ordering there happy
    meals. Arguing over what to get and the line
    keeps getting longer and longer behind them. They
    take there sweet time and keep changing there
    mind. Even though you are completely annoyed you
    must keep smiling and please the customers. The
    magical fairies are watching you at work and your
    misery. You have been at work for a couple hours
    and your patience has been put to the test. They
    feel bad for you because they want everyone to
    have a happy ending so they give you a second
    chance to go save the princess.
  • Accept fairies help
  • Ignore the fairies

  • The position at Mcland was the only place that
    offered you a job and since you declined the
    offer the fairies see that you are lazy and not a
    worthy candidate for the princess. You have
    disappointed the fairies greatly and because they
    had so much faith in your ability. As a result of
    your decision they curse your house and you. You
    are permanently an Ogre which is the laughing
    stock of the neighborhood. Your house is cursed
    so that you constantly have people coming over to
    see the new Ogre in town and mock you. You live a
    sad and embarrassing life.
  • The End

  • You are relieved that the fairies came back to
    help you. It was out of there pure kindness that
    they came back and gave you a second chance. You
    have learned your lesson and are fully committed
    to help rescue the princess. You realize that
    even though is may be difficult you realize that
    the end result is worth it. You not only save the
    princess but the kingdom will owe you and you
    will be known as a hero. The fairies will help
    you but since it was at there inconvenience it
    will cost you one of the three wishes that you
    were granted.
  • Continue on journey

  • You continue working as the amazing fast food
    place Mcland. It is a difficulty job but it seems
    to you much easier than rescuing the princess.
    You then are greeted by a family of ogres that
    want to buy there food. You try to take there
    order but every time you think they made a
    decision they change there mind. As an employee
    you have to have patience but these people have
    pushed you to your limit. You order for them and
    tell them there amount. They are unhappy that you
    yelled at them and pushed them around. Your boss
    hears about this incident and decides that you
    are fired. You are not able to get another job
    and end up being Cinderellas servant for the
    rest of your life.
  • The End

  • It is very rude to ignore a person when they are
    just trying to be friendly. Since the dwarfs
    live on the outskirts of the forest they hardly
    get any visitors and they were offended. You
    make it safely out of the village when you
    realize that you are slowly shrinking. You have
    become the eighth dwarf and are stuck in the
    forest forever with Snow White and the other
    seven dwarfs.
  • The End

  • The next part of your adventure is challenging.
    You must climb the tallest volcano and at the top
    is the princesss favorite flower. It is only
    found on the volcano and no where else. You begin
    the long walk to the volcano and as you near the
    end of the forest. You see several little people
    around at work and helping the forest animals.
    It is the seven dwarfs and snow white. You are
    afraid to talk to the dwarfs they are small
    creepy people while you are a six foot muscle
    man. As you approach there work area they gather
    around in awe. You keep telling yourself to just
    keep walking and everything will be okay. As one
    of the Dwarfs begins to talk to you, you say…
  • Ignore the dwarfs
  • Talk to the dwarfs

  • You are an amazing cook but it is difficult to
    accomplish this task under pressure. The
    ingredients that you would normally use are not
    available in this part of the land. Instead of
    embarrassing yourself you tell the wolves that
    you must continue on your journey and decline
    there challenge. You disappoint the wolves as you
    walk away without a competition. But then
    suddenly you realize that the wolves are
    following you. You begin to run but the wolves
    outnumber you greatly. They capture you and
    begin to prepare you for there main course for
  • The End

  • As you are walking you encounter a pack of
    wolves. You are frightened at first but then
    realize that you are twice there size and are
    much smarter. So once the wolves approach you
    they decide that they want your journey to end
    here since they need a main dish for there meal.
    You try to convince them that you are too good to
    eat and that you have too many amazing abilities
    to be eaten. They then decided to see if you are
    telling the truth. The lead wolf is known for
    his amazing cooking skills and so he challenges
    you to a baking contest which happens to be one
    of your hobbies as well.
  • Wimp out
  • Accept challenge

  • You are in a time challenge. Each contestant
    has thirty minutes to put together the best
    tasting meal. The judge is the squirrel that
    happened to be sitting in a tree when all this
    commotion came about. You are stressed and are
    not quite sure what to make. You decide to go
    with you homemade jam and rolls. No one is ever
    able to resist this tempting snack. Time is up!
    The squirrel is testing the food making faces at
    both. Then after a few moments of pondering the
    squirrel announces that you made the best one and
    that the wolf looses. The wolf hands you the
    missing piece to the magical map and runs
  • Continue on your journey

  • You introduce yourself to the dwarfs and become
    friends with them. You are glad that you spoke
    to them or else you would not have been able to
    meet your new best friend Sean. Sean is the
    dwarf that you hung out with the most and was
    most like you. He was the tallest of the dwarfs
    and the strongest too. You guys are such buds
    that he decides to accompany you on your
    adventure. You agree that some company would be
    nice especially since he knows his way around
    this area better than you do. Sean suggests a
    short cut that will get you to the volcano
  • Follow the map
  • Take the short cut

  • The map leads you to the base of the volcano.
    You look around to see if there are any easier
    paths to the top besides straight up the side of
    it. You begin to climb up the Volcano slowly but
    surely. You are lucky that there is no lava
    present or else this climb would be even more
    difficult. You finally reach the top but as you
    step up the final step Sean slips and fall inside
    the volcano where he is held hostage by the evil
    volcano witch Vikki. She is a very miserable
    person and is not satisfied until others are just
    as miserable as her. You know that she would be
    difficult to fight since she has strong magical
    powers but at the same time you must help your
  • Fight the witch
  • Ask fairies for help

  • You take the short cut that Sean suggests. It
    seems to be leading you back into the woods but
    you think nothing of it. Then it gets dark and
    you realize that you are in the darkest part of
    the woods. You ask Sean when you should reach the
    Volcano. Then out of the corner of your eye you
    see a bush suddenly move. Then a couple more
    bushes move. Get him! You are attacked from all
    sides by little dwarfs. You are tied down and
    then you see Sean magically change into the
    witch. She had changed herself to look like a
    dwarf to capture you and now she will get the
    princess and you are magically banished by the
  • The End

  • You feel that the witch is just playing around
    and would not really compete with you in a
    dancing contest. You know that you have no
    dancing skills and would rather leave your friend
    there to die rather than embarrass yourself in
    front of the witch and your new friend. Sean
    decided that you are no longer a friend since you
    would no sacrifice yourself for him. You decline
    her offer which angers the witch and she then
    pushes you and Sean into the lava where you burn
    and die. You not only die but you also lost a
  • The End

  • You rush to see if Sean is alright when the
    witch appears and locks Sean up. You dont want
    to lose a friend. The witch wants to fight you
    but not a fist fight. She challenges you to a
    dancing contest. She won the Dancing queen medal
    and was runner up in national competition. You
    are not very good at dancing but your friendship
    is important to you as well.
  • Accept offer
  • Reject offer

  • You are under a lot of pressure from Sean but at
    the same time the witch is very threatening and
    intimidating. You decide that you cant handle
    the pressure and ask the fairies to solve this
    problem. The fairies respond to you but they
    realize that you have already used all your
    wishes so it is up to you to help Sean. You give
    up on this adventure and the fairies send you
    home in disappointment. You return back to your
    normal life and the witch reaches the princess
    first and is banished forever
  • The End

  • The Witch does her dance first. You are amazed
    at how flexible she is and you know that there is
    now ways that you could bend and move your body
    like her. It is now your turn and you are
    frightened because if you loose this challenge
    you will loose your friend. You start of slow
    then you pick up the pace. Your feet are moving
    so fast that they are moving in a blur. Once you
    finish you feel that you have just danced your
    feet off. You look up to see the witch staring
    in amazement because she knew that she had been
    beat. She used her magic and disappeared leaving
    behind the princesss favorite flower.
  • Continue journey

  • You decide that it would be much safer to walk
    down the mountain than to go cart it. You are
    unfamiliar with the volcano and would not like to
    get stuck somewhere of fall of the edge in a go
    kart. But since you want to be safe the trip
    down the volcano will take longer. The long walk
    allows you to get to know Sean much better since
    you have only him to talk to. Then Sean gets
    this brilliant idea to ice block down the
    mountain. So you both grab an ice block and
    start to slide down.
  • Continue

  • You cant believe that you just beat the witch
    at a dancing contest. You got the princesses
    flower and are on your way to leave when the
    fairies magically appear in front of you. They
    are very pleased with you and your success so far
    on this adventure. In return for your amazing
    job they give you a Go Kart. The volcano is very
    steep and a long way down. With the go Kart you
    are able to get to the bottom faster and save
    Princess Olivia. There is one catch through. It
    is a dangerous trail with the go Kart because
    there are many holes and cliffs off the volcano
    and you must be aware of your surroundings.
  • Use the Go kart
  • Walk down the Volcano

  • You decide that ice blocking is fun and the best
    idea but you want to have a little more
    competition. You challenge Sean to the bottom of
    the Volcano and last one to the bottom must eat
    their whole ice block. Sean accepts the
    challenge and now you both are almost flying at
    the speed you are going. There is a big hole
    coming up and you are headed strait for it. You
    quickly move to the side knocking Sean of his ice
    cube and taking the lead. Sean quickly got back
    up on his ice cube but by the time he gets going
    you are already at the bottom of the Volcano.
    Sean eats the ice block and has the biggest brain
  • Continue

  • You look at your map and realize that you are
    almost at the castle. You walk up a trail and
    finally the castle is in view. You are walking
    at a fast pace hoping to get to the princess
    soon. As you come closer to the castle you see
    that there is a crowd of people in front of the
    castle door. You get to the castle and realize
    that these are all princesses that want you to
    save them. All these princesses though are not
    trapped but walked here to wait for your rescue
    and can leave at anytime. You are stunned by
    there beauty and tempted to take one of these
    princesses instead of Olivia.
  • Continue to the tallest tower
  • Select one of the princesses in front of castle

  • You decide that it would just be much easier to
    take one of these princesses as you new wife.
    You have a hard time deciding since you made them
    all go weak in the knees. You see something out
    of the corner of your eye and then you see the
    most beautiful princess out of them all. You ask
    for her hand in marriage and together you live a
    happy life. But as you go through life you feel
    this aching feeling of regret in your stomach
    telling you that you should have saved princess
    Olivia and not have been so self centered.
  • The End

  • You keep trying the door but lose your patience.
    Then you another object that can help you open
    the door. You hear a click and the closet door
    unlatched. You are free to go. You are thankful
    that the witch only locked you in the closet and
    nothing worse. Her powers are so strong that she
    could have done much worse. You feel that this
    is too risky to go find the witch. The Witch
    captures the princess and banishes her from the
    land. You give up on the adventure and go back
    to life as it was before. Except the fact that
    since you escaped the witch she is still looking
    for you until she is satisfied that you are dead.
  • The End

  • As you were staring at the different door
    options the Witch quietly walked up behind you
    and grabbed you. She used her magical powers so
    there is no way that you break free. She takes
    you and locks you behind the blue door which
    happened to be a closet full of weapons and evil
    materials that belonged to the witch. You
    continue to move about hoping that you may be
    able to escape. Suddenly you realize that the
    witch has put a spell only on you and not the
    door. You grab a tool and try to unlock the
    door. It is difficult and the lock does not want
    to unlatch.
  • Fight witch
  • Give up

  • Just when you are about to give up on the door
    you hear a click and the door is opened. You
    grab a frying pan that was in the closet as your
    defense weapon. You quietly sneak down the hall
    where the witch is and then when she was not
    looking you whacked the side of her head. This
    threw off the magic spell that was placed on you
    and then you are able to fight her now. Since
    she is a magical witch you cant just tie her up.
    You then get help from the fairies that put a
    spell on the witch that she will never hurt
    another person in the world again. All the witch
    can do now is good works. You run back to the
    princess and have successful rescued the
    princess. Together you live happily ever after.
  • The End

  • Good choice, you have decided to fight the
    dragon and show that you really do have true
    feelings for Princess Olivia. This princess is
    extremely grateful to have you as her prince
    charming. With you and the dragon face to face,
    you use your magical sword and your super
    strength to defeat the dragon. Your super
    strength has come in handy after all and you have
    a princess to show for it. For defeating the
    dragon, you were able to enter the castle. Once
    you entered the castle, there were two doors you
    could choose between, a red door and a blue door.
  • Red Door Blue Door

  • You have completed the mission and chosen the
    red door and that was the right choice. By
    choosing the red door, you were able to climb the
    tallest tower of the tallest building and rescue
    Princess Olivia, your true love. You have become
    her prince charming. You were able to rescue the
    princess before the Wicked Witch of the West
    could get her first. You are now together and no
    longer apart and will live happily ever after in
    the land far, far away.
  • And you live happily ever after…

  • You have decided to take the advice that you
    were given and listen to your first instinct. You
    have decided to leave the cabin after all and
    just head to the castle. This is because this
    witch could make some horrible choices to change
    your life. Once you get to the castle, you
    realize there is a big set back. There is a
    dragon guarding the princess and there is no way
    to get around him. This dragon is extremely big
    and dangerous to fight but fighting is the only
    way around that dragon and into the castle. Now
    is when you must think whether you are willing to
    fight this dragon or if you are going to wait and
    take the long route by trying to find another way
  • Fight Dragon
  • Hesitate to fight

  • Wrong choice. You took too long to decide and
    not only did the princess get tired or waiting,
    but the dragon got extremely impatient and you
    are no longer in he running to becoming her true
    love. As you stand outside the castle, you
    aggravate the dragon even more for not trying to
    come in that she blows a huge flame of fire on
    you and you are no longer alive. You have burned
    to death and that was just the risk you had to
    take in order to be price charming.

  • You are hesitating on whether you should accept
    the challenge the troll has made you. To reassure
    you and help you make the right decision, the
    fairies help you out. The fairies help you out by
    giving you fairy dust. This fairy dust is magical
    dust that gives you extreme strength. This
    extreme strength has worked towards your
    advantage and you are now the winner of the
    challenge. As a prize for your victory, the
    fairies give you a clue to find the pond with the
    swan princess. Once you make your way to the pond
    you see the swan princess swimming to the other

  • After a long swim, the swan princess is on the
    other side of the pond and proposes a challenge
    to you. She challenges that you two have a
    contest to see who can balance on a sea turtle
    the longest. As you first hear of the proposal,
    you are not really sure as to why that is
    considered a challenge but you are still very
    willing to give it a try, so you agree. As you
    start the balancing, you realize that you may be
    a little over your head. Thats because it seems
    like the swan princess may do this quit often
    witch could cause you to loose the challenge.
  • Fall off sea turtles
  • Keep balancing

  • After balancing for an hour on the sea turtles,
    you realize that you won. Once you win, the swan
    princess leads you to the next clue. She leads
    you to the cabin in the woods. This is a very
    important cabin because this is where you could
    meet the next person in your journey. As you make
    your way to the cabin, you are hoping to come in
    contact with someone that can give you some
    important information other than just giving you
    challenges. Although you feel the princess is
    worth the adventure, you still feel that every
    step in this adventure is a hard step and every
    step to this challenge could determine your
    future. So you need to think before making any
    serious choices. Now you will continue on and see
    who lives in the cabin.

  • As you are walking in the woods you see
    something in the distance, it is indeed the cabin
    you have been looking for. You first walk up to
    the door and knock but there is no answer. You
    end up just walking in and to your surprise
    there is someone in the bed. That is when you
    realize that this cabin is home to Grandma.
    Grandma has that extremely important information
    that you need. Once you start talking with her,
    you realize that she is not the kind of person
    you thought she was. She seems to be acting much
    differently than expected. You then recognize
    that this is not grandma in front of you, it is
    the Wicked Witch of the West. Now you must decide
    whether you want to just go along with her trick
    or tell her up front so you can receive the next
  • Play Along
  • Leave and head to castle

  • Im sorry but you have made the wrong choice and
    you ended up playing along with the witchs
    disguise. By going along with her disguise, you
    have put yourself in extreme danger and you must
    be careful and make sure she does not trick you.
    Although, your carelessness has caused you your
    life. You have decided not to not take the advice
    that has been given to you and you are given an
    apple. Without thought, you take a bite from the
    apple and you soon realize that it is a poisonous
    apple. The witch has put poison in the apple
    without you knowing and now your life is going to
    come to a complete stop along with your journey.
  • The End

  • Great choice! You have decided to stop your day
    of shopping to fulfill your mission and meet
    Princess Olivia. You are now going to try and
    find the fairies so that you can get the map that
    contains important information that you need for
    the next step in your mission. Once you find the
    fairies they send you to the elfs house but
    since you procrastinated the mission, the
    question he is going to ask you will be much more
    difficult. Here is where you must decide if
    youre willing to beg for the map from the
    fairies or go straight to the elfs house to
    answer that difficult question.
  • Beg fairies to give you the map
  • Go to elfs house

  • The fairies are finding you to be very annoying
    and that is going to work against you. They have
    found you to be very annoying because you are
    begging for the magical map that contains that
    important information without even working for
    you. You just expect that you will get that map
    even though you have spent the day shopping. By
    annoying the fairies, you are at a road block.
    The fairies decide to lock you deep in a dark
    dungeon and throw away the key. This puts your
    mission to an end.

  • You have gotten scared to compete with the troll
    and now you must suffer. Once you heard that the
    troll wanted to challenge you to see how many
    magical rocks you could carry, you became
    extremely nervous because you really are not a
    strong prince, you have always been very strong
    and that is why you had no chance in winning
    against a troll. By running away scared from the
    troll challenge, the princess is left alone
    longer and the witch got to her. You not only are
    weak but the princess will be alone forever.

  • You made a noise when you walked across the
    bridge and you have woken the troll. The troll is
    now going to make the decision on what you must
    do to cross the bridge. The troll believes he is
    the strongest so you must prove who can lift the
    most magical rocks. There are three routes that
    you can choose. You either get scared of the
    trolls challenge and back out, or you are
    hesitant in accepting the challenge or you
    willingly accept the challenge that the troll
    offers you.
  • Get Scared
  • Hesitantly accept the challenge
  • Willingly accept the challenge

  • You easily accept the challenge that the troll
    gave you. To prove that you are stronger then the
    troll, you go and gather as many magical rocks
    that you can possibly find. As you pick up the
    first rock you are shocked by how heavy the rock
    actually is. This is when you realize that this
    is going to be a harder challenge to win then you
    thought. The troll on the other hand lifts the
    rocks like they are as light as paper. You then
    try and relieve yourself by lifting a huge file
    of magical rocks and you pick too many up and are

  • As you walk through the woods you realize that
    the witch is right on your tail and you must
    speed up so that she does not sabotage you
    chances of winning this princess over. After you
    receive the map that contains the coordinates of
    where the princess is located, is when you
    realize that the wicked witch is right behind
    you. You have slowed down so much that she has
    had time to catch up. By not speeding up she
    will make it to the princess first and you will
    no longer be able to have a happy ending and live
    in the land far, far away.
  • Continue on to next challenge

  • You have received the magical map that contains
    extremely important information that you need to
    have in order to finish this mission. This
    mission not only will help your future, it has
    your whole life in its hands. On this map there
    are hints as to what you will do next or at least
    where you will go. This is a very important map
    because of the treasure at the end of the
    journey, a new wife. You now are very thankful
    and thank the fairies for their help.
  • Thank fairies and continue on your way…

  • Once you receive your mission, you are so
    excited to meet the princess and look your best
    that you decide to go into town and buy a whole
    new outfit for yourself so that you look your
    best. You end spending the whole day in town
    going in and out of stores so your mission has
    been postponed and you will have to start the
    next day. Then after spending hours in numerous
    stores you decide to buy some flowers for the
    princess to make up for being late. This is a bad
    start to your mission but you will just have to
    deal with it and hope that the princess forgives
    you. You must now decide if you want to continue
    shopping or if you want to stop shopping and go
    find the magical fairies.
  • Continue shopping
  • Stop shopping and find fairies

  • You have decided to delay your mission and
    continue shopping but that was the wrong choice.
    You have run out of money after buying so many
    items that you are now forced to live an
    unsuccessful life on the streets. Your life can
    no longer turn out to be like a fairytale.
    Princess Olivia is no longer going to wait for
    you in her tower and you have backed down from
    every becoming her prince charming. Your poor
    choice in not fulfilling your mission has led you
    to a complete stop in your journey. You will now
    live a poor and lonely life.

  • You have succeeded in your first mission and you
    have gotten her name correct. He name is Princess
    Olivia. You now have earned the magical map that
    contains important information to rescuing the
    princess. You need to continue to follow the
    trail and cross the rickety old bridge. Although
    watch out for what lies under the bridge. There
    is a grumpy old troll that lives under that
    bridge. This troll is a small, old and ugly. He
    has long greasy hair that some what covers up the
    warts that surround his face. He wears ripped
    clothes that barley cover his body and lives
    under the bridge that you are about to come
    across. You now must carefully cross the bridge
    in hopes of successfully making it across.
  • Fall through bridge
  • Make noise and wake troll

  • As you are walking across the bridge you hear a
    creaking in the boards below you. You suddenly
    find yourself falling through the bridge and
    there is no ground in sight. As you are falling
    in the air, you remember what has brought you to
    this current situation. Princess Olivia. As you
    are falling farther and farther you realize that
    maybe she is not your true love after all and
    maybe she really is not worth it. Then you are
    punished for saying such bad things about
    Princess Olivia and your life comes to a sudden
    end and you die a painful death.

  • You have failed your first mission and you have
    gotten her name wrong. Your true feelings about
    this princess must not be as correct as you
    thought they were. This is why you should have
    listened to the people you encountered in your
    mission, in hopes of finding out more information
    about your true love. You have now lost any hope
    in finding out more about the princess. You must
    now live your life alone. You have failed and now
    you will live your life without your true love.

  • You have chosen to take the fairies advice.
    Youre first mission is to find the map that is
    hidden in the forest where the eldest elf will
    ask you a question. You must get this question
    correct or your mission will come to a sudden
    stop. So be sure you think hard before you answer
    because there is no turning back. As you approach
    the elf, he asks you what the princesss name is.
    You have never met this princess so you must
    think back to who you have encountered in your
    mission so far to see if there are any clues to
    what her name is. Now you must have the answer or
    you will never meet the princess. What is the
    princesss name?
  • Give correct name
  • Forget princesses name

  • You realize that balancing on sea turtles
    against a swan princess is not a good idea and
    you need to re-think this challenge. You decide
    that you are either too heavy to balance on such
    a small surface or that you are just not meant to
    be with the princess after all. This princess was
    your only hope in finding true love and you blew
    it. She was the only women for you and you let
    her down. Youre a sore loser and may never live
    happily ever after because of your decision.
  • Continue Balancing…

  • As you balance for many long minutes on sea
    turtle backs with a swan princess, you realize
    that the sea turtle does not look very happy. So
    all of a sudden, the sea turtle starts biting at
    your ankles which causes you to move back and
    forth and almost fall over. Then after some time,
    the sea turtle stops biting you but minutes later
    you lose your balance and fall into the pond.
    Trying to recover but not successful, you are
    eaten by the sea turtle and your fairytale ending
    no longer exists.