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Transitions Orientation


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Transitions Orientation

  • Transitions Orientation
  • On-line Program
  • for admitted transfer students

The Transitions Online Program
  • The Transitions Online Program is for admitted
    transfer students. If you have not been
    admitted, please contact
  • Office of Undergraduate AdmissionsMarywood
    University2300 Adams AvenueScranton, PA
    18509570-348-62341-To-Marywood (866-279-9663)
  • If you have problems with this site, E-mail or call (570)

Welcome to Marywood University
  • We are proud to welcome you to an institution
    founded in tradition, guided by Catholic values,
    and celebrated for its academic excellence. You
    are about to start the most phenomenal period of
    your life. We encourage you to take full
    advantage of the many opportunities for
    intellectual and personal growth that Marywood
    University offers.

Mission Statement
  • A Catholic university sponsored by the
    Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the
    Immaculate Heart of Mary, Marywood University
    roots itself in the principle of justice and a
    belief that education empowers people. Enacting
    its ideals, Marywood offers students a welcoming
    and supportive community that encourages men and
    women of all backgrounds to shape their lives as
    leaders in service to others. Proud of its
    liberal arts tradition and host of professional
    disciplines, Marywood challenges students to
    broaden their understanding of global issues and
    to make decisions based on spiritual, ethical,
    and religious values. Marywood calls upon
    students to seek their full potential and invites
    all to engage in a lifelong process of learning.
    Witnessing the efficacy of teaching and
    scholarship, Marywood educates students to live
    responsibly in a diverse and interdependent

Purpose Statement
  • The purpose of this mandatory Transitions
    Program is to introduce you to the Marywood
    University community. It offers transfer students
    an opportunity to make a smooth transition to
    campus life and to understand the many programs,
    policies, and services that enable our students
    to thrive. Our goal is to make your time at
    Marywood University more successful, more
    dynamic, and more memorable than anything you
    have ever experienced.

  • Academic Information

Transfer of Credit
  • Students may receive credit for courses
    successfully completed at another accredited
    college with a minimum of "C" grade or better.
    C is required in some disciplines. Transferable
    courses must be equivalent to courses offered at
    Marywood and appropriate to meet degree
    requirements in a students major. Generally,
    courses completed more than twenty years prior to
    enrollment may not be applied to a baccalaureate
    degree at Marywood. Courses accepted for transfer
    become part of the student's official academic
    record. However, grades are not transferred and
    are not included in the calculation of the grade
    point average at Marywood.

Transfer of Credit
  • Transfer students must earn a minimum of 60
    credits at Marywood, including at least one-half
    of the credits for a major, in order to receive a
    baccalaureate degree. General liberal arts and
    major program degree requirements can be found in
    the undergraduate catalog. Upon acceptance,
    students are encouraged to obtain an official
    evaluation of transfer credits.

Transfer of Credit
  • The Coordinator of Prior Learning evaluates
    transcripts for previous credits and advises new
    transfer students. Transfer students should send
    their official transcripts to the Office of
    Admissions at Marywood University and request an
    evaluation of their credits. An official
    evaluation of previous credits will be completed
    and sent to the student. Transfer students can
    also schedule an appointment with the Coordinator
    of Prior Learning to discuss their transfer.
    Transfer students should also meet with the
    appropriate department chairperson or a delegated
    academic advisor to obtain a full explanation of
    remaining degree requirements.

Contact Information
  • Judith MulliskyCoordinator of Prior Learning
  • Location Liberal Arts Center, 92Phone (570)
    348-6211 x 2480E-Mail
  • Office Hours M-F, 830am-430pm

The Office of Retention Advising In a time
when many higher learning institutions are
eliminating the requirement for students to work
with advisors before selecting courses, Marywood
University has maintained the value of this
personal contact between advisors and students in
planning an academic program. Academic advising
is an integral component of the Marywood
University educational experience. The Office of
Retention and Advising coordinates activities for
both undergraduate and graduate advising
including assignment of advisors, advisor
development and working with students who are
undeclared in their major or changing a
major.Each Marywood University student is
assigned an academic advisor to provide
information and guidance in selecting, planning
and completing an academic program. Advising by
faculty members is an extension of the learning
that takes place in the classroom. It is
consistent with Marywood University's mission to
provide a framework that enables students to
develop fully as persons and to master
professional and leadership skills.

The Office of Retention Advising
  • Meghan Cruciani     
  • Associate Director of Retention Advising
  • 570-348-6211 ext 2343
  • Liberal Arts Center 223A
  • Edwina Rozelle
  • Assistant Director of Retention Advising
  • 570-348-6211 ext 2120
  • Liberal Arts Center 204
  • Shannon Zottola
  • Assistant Director of Retention
  • Liberal Arts Center 203

Course Load
  • A full-time student is registered for 12-18
    semester credits in both fall and spring
    semesters. Credits in excess of 18 require the
    approval of the appropriate dean, who will base
    the decision on such factors as grades,
    distribution of courses, extracurricular
    activities, health, and outside employment of the
    student. A maximum of six semester hours can be
    taken in a summer session.

University Graduation Requirements
  • A student must earn a minimum of 126 credits
    in order to graduate. Included in this number are
    ones major and minor program requirements, which
    vary from program to program, as well as up to 64
    credits of general requirements (depending on
    possible waivers). Students in programs requiring
    less than 126 total credits will be expected to
    fulfill the remaining credits in other ways -
    such as with additional electives or a minor.

Class Attendance
  • Marywood University affirms all learning
    experiences that lead to responsible
    self-direction on the part of students. The
    purpose of attendance regulations is to support
    each student in sharing the exchange of ideas
    that occurs only within the classroom. Therefore
    Marywood encourages all students to attend class
    regularly and urges all professors to establish
    attendance and participation requirements for
    each course they teach.
  • Course attendance requirements will be clearly
    specified and communicated to the students in the
    course outline. Abuses of attendance policies
    will be referred to the appropriate dean for
    final judgment. In addition, a hotline has been
    established for students if they know they will
    be absent from class for non-academic reason to
    include (but not limited to) death of a family
    member, medical reason, or severe weather. The
    office of Retention and Advising then notify
    faculty of that absence via e-mail, to keep them
    informed and allow for reasonable justification
    to make up assignments, projects, tests, quizzes,
    etc. Second, if students have been absent from
    classes, faculty should call the Office of
    Retention and Advising to begin the intervention
    process with the student.

Registration Procedures
  • Students receive registration materials prior
    to each session and schedule an appointment with
    their academic advisors before registering online
    or at the Office of Academic Records.

Changes in Student Schedules
  • At the beginning of each semester there is a
    scheduled period during which a student may
    withdraw from courses and receive a refund. The
    student may be admitted to another course or
    change from audit to credit status during the
    first academic week of a semester. A student
    should consult with his/her academic advisor
    before adding or dropping a course. Schedule
    change forms are available at the Office of
    Academic Records, or the student can process the
    change on the web. Procedures and relevant dates
    are published by the registrar.

Withdrawal from Courses
  • Students may withdraw from full semester
    courses at any time during the semester up to
    three weeks after quarterly examinations as
    scheduled in the institutional calendar. The
    specific withdrawal deadline date is published
    each semester. A student who discontinues
    attendance in a course without officially
    withdrawing will receive an F in that course.

Change of Major
  • Students are registered for the major printed
    on the students schedule. Those who wish to
    change majors must complete the appropriate form,
    obtained at the Office of Academic Records.
    Students are required to obtain the signature of
    the chairperson(s) of the department(s) involved.

Leave of Absence
  • Matriculating students who will not be registered
    for Marywood credit during a given semester
    (fall/spring) should apply for a leave of
    absence. This includes
  • 1. students who officially withdraw from courses
    but plan to resume their education at Marywood
    within two years
  • 2. students who obtain credit from another
    institution in conjunction with a Marywood
  • 3. students who for any other reason will not be
    registered at the University for a semester or
  • The Associate Director of Retention Advising,
    who gives formal approval of the leave, specifies
    the termination date by which a student must
    either enroll again or request an extension. A
    leave of absence, including extensions, are not
    given for more than two years. A student who does
    not enroll by the end of the leave of absence is
    considered to have voluntarily withdrawn from the
    University. Forms for leave of absence may be
    obtained from the Office of Retention and

Withdrawal from the University
  • To withdraw from the University, a student must
    complete an official withdrawal form available
    from the Office of Academic Progress. Absence
    from class does not constitute notice of
    withdrawal. All semester deadlines governing
    withdrawal from classes apply. A student who
    discontinues attendance at classes without an
    official withdrawal will receive a grade of F
    in all subjects concerned. A former student may
    request reactivation from the Office of Retention
    and Advising within two years after withdrawal.
    After two years it is necessary to reapply to the
    University at the Admissions Office. The catalog
    which is current at that time will apply and
    previously earned academic credits will be
    evaluated in light of their age and applicability
    to the current curriculum.

Academic Registration Process After your first
  • You will be receiving your PIN (personal
    identification number) in the mail. If you need
    to verify or change your PIN, you must come in
    person to the Registrar's Office. Note you must
    present valid picture identification in order to
    receive or change a PIN.
  • Lost your PIN? Get complete instructions for
    obtaining another copy of your PIN information
    from the Registrar's Office.
  • The Student Information System is a great
    resource for students. You can print your class
    schedule, review your personal financial
    information, your curriculum guide, Q.P.A. and
    much more! You can access it at
  • The registration system may be accessed from the
    Student Services link on the Marywood homepage at
    http// or the Registrar's
    homepage at http//

Academic Standards
  • A student must attain a cumulative quality
    point average (QPA) of 2.00 to satisfy degree
    requirements. A minimum of 2.33 is required in
    one's major. Some major programs require a higher
    QPA. Individual program descriptions provide
    specific information.
  • Good Standing - A student is in good standing
    when his/her cumulative quality point average is
    at least 2.00.
  • Warning - Whenever the quality point average for
    a semester is less than 2.00, but the cumulative
    quality point average is 2.00 or better, the
    student will be warned.
  • Probation - A student will be placed on probation
    if a QPA of 1.00 is not achieved in any given
    semester or whenever his/her quality point
    average falls below 2.00. Probation is temporary
    it is, therefore, not included in the student's
    academic record.
  • A first semester student's quality point average
    is the same as his or her cumulative quality
    point average.

Undergraduate Grading System
A to A- Excellent C to C Average B to
B- Good C- to D Poor, but passing
F Failing
Deficiency Grades
  • Each semester is divided into two quarters. At
    the end of the first quarter, faculty submit
    grades for students whose work at that point is
    deficient in the "D," "D," "F" or "U" range. The
    purpose of these grades is to help students avoid
    failure or unsatisfactory grades by informing
    them of the need to improve the quality of their
    work before final course grades are issued.
    Deficiency grades are NOT calculated into a
    student's QPA.

Confidentiality of Student Records
  • Marywood University intends to comply fully with
    the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of
    1974 as amended. This act was designated to
    protect the privacy of educational records, to
    establish the right of students to inspect and
    review their education records and to provide
    guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or
    misleading data through informal and formal
    hearings. A policy statement explains in detail
    the procedures used by Marywood for compliance
    with the provisions of the act.
  • Copies of the policy statement can be found in
    the Office of the Registrar and the Offices of
    the Deans.

Academic Records
  • A student who believes that an error has been
    made in assignment of a grade must initiate
    immediate contact with the instructor of the
    course any changes made by the faculty member
    must be made within 90 days of the end of the
    semester for which the grade was assigned, or in
    case of the resolution of an "I" or "X" grade,
    within 90 days of the filing of that grade.
  • The student is responsible for reporting in
    writing to the Office of Academic Records any
    other error on the academic record within 30 days
    after a grade or other academic record report is
    issued to the student. Marywood University will
    not be liable for unreported errors on student

Academic Honesty
  • The Marywood University community functions best
    when its members treat one another with honesty,
    fairness and trust. The entire community,
    students and faculty alike, recognizes the
    necessity and accepts the responsibility for
    academic honesty. Students must realize that
    deception for individual gain is an offense
    against the entire community.

Peer Tutoring
  • Tutoring is provided free for all students.
    Individual tutoring is available upon request,
    and study groups are arranged as needed. Tutoring
    is also available at various Centers. These
    Centers employ peer tutors to be available for
    brief, but frequent drop-in visits. Early
    tutorial assistance is seen as an indicator of
    academic success, rather than a last-ditch effort
    to pass.
  • Individual Tutoring/Study Groups Should be
    arranged in-person at the Academic Excellence
    Center, LAC, Rm. 202.  
  • Centers and Schedules
  • Centers are located in LAC, Rm. 221
  • Math
  • Science
  • Writing
  • Contact Information
  • Location Liberal Arts Center, 223B
  • Phone (570) 340-6045
  • E-Mail

Disability Services
  • The Office of Student Support Services provides
    individualized support to all students with
    disabilities. This support includes academic
    advising, advocacy, awareness, and
    accommodations. The Office of Student Support
    Services assists students in developing
    strategies for time management, organization,
    study skills, test preparation, and transition to
    and beyond life at the university. We also assist
    with solving problems and provide information
    about other community resources.

Disability Services provided
  • Offer extended time on examination, papers, and
  • Allow a reader or a taped version of an objective
  • Provide exam in alternate format (if appropriate
    to subject matter), e.g. objective instead of
    essay oral, tapes, or taped instead of written
    computer, etc.
  • Allow students to take exams in a separate room
    that is a distraction-free environment.
  • Accept alternative methods of demonstrating
    mastery of course objectives, e.g., a project,
    demonstration, oral presentation, research
    project, or paper.
  • Provide alternatives to computer-scored answer
  • Allow students to tape when necessary.
  • Provide a suggested time line when making
    long-range assignments.
  • Provide study partners, note takers and tutors,
    as needed.
  • Change classes to accessible locations.
  • Provide sign language interpreters.
  • Provide readers for the vision impaired.
  • Provide the necessary accommodations and
    appropriate texts if a student has a documented
    print-disability. (This includes not only
    blindness and vision impairments, but also
    learning disabilities and other physical
    impairments that affect reading.)

Disability Services
  • Contact Information
  • Diane Taylor, Associate Director of Student
    Support Services
  • Location Liberal Arts Center - Room 223B
  • Phone (570) 340-6045
  • E-Mail
  • Office Hours M-F, 830am-430pm

Honors Program
  • After the first semester of Freshmen year any
    student with a 3.0 or better GPA can go to
    Marywoods Honors Office, located on the 2nd
    floor of the Liberal Arts Center and request to
    start taking honors classes to complete the
    requirements to receive an honors degree when
    they graduate. Honors degree candidates
    participate in research and complete an Honors
    Thesis, which is published in the Journal
  • Contact Information
  • Location Liberal Arts Center, 223B
  • Phone (570) 340-6045, Ext. 2107
  • E-Mail

  • Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid
  • Marywood University offers a comprehensive
    program of financial aid to assist students in
    meeting educational costs. Eligibility for
    federal and state funded programs is based upon
    demonstrated financial need. In determining
    financial need, a federal eligibility formula is
    used to analyze family income and assets. In
    addition, the University also awards
    scholarships/grants from institutional sources on
    the basis of academic merit. Applicants at
    Marywood University are considered for all
    financial assistance for which they qualify.

University Funded Programs
  • These scholarships are funded through the
    contributed services of the I.H.M. Sisters.
    Students whose combined SAT scores are typically
    1150 or above (based on Math and Critical
    Reading only) and who rank academically among the
    upper fifth of their graduating class are
    considered for these competitive awards. Transfer
    students are also eligible for consideration
    based upon their prior postsecondary academic
    records. The number of awards and scholarship
    amounts vary from year to year.
  • Talent Awards are made to students who
    demonstrate outstanding proficiency in music, art
    or communication arts and who plan to major in
    one of these areas at Marywood. Talent is
    demonstrated through evaluation of an art
    portfolio, a music audition, a communication arts
    portfolio or participation in the annual theatre
    competition. All evaluations must be completed
    prior to April 1
  • These grants are awarded to students who
    demonstrate academic ability. They vary in value
    depending upon the applicant's academic profile.

University Funded Programs
  • Maxis/Gillet Service Awards
  • The University grants service awards to incoming
    students who have demonstrated outstanding
    service to the community during their high school
    years and have a commitment to continue that
    service while enrolled at Marywood University. To
    be considered for this award, the applicant must
    be accepted for admission and complete the
    Maxis/Gillet Service Award Application, which is
    available online at For
    more information, contact the Office of
    Collegiate Volunteers or Campus Ministry at
    570-961-4723 for further information or to
    request an application.
  • Marywood University scholarships/grants are
    awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. They
    are renewable for a total of four (4) years, if
    one maintains the required cumulative QPA of 3.00
    for a scholarship and 2.50 for a grant.

University Funded Programs
  • Scholarships for Transfer Students
  • In addition to the scholarships listed above,
    transfer students also qualify for
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships are awarded to
    transfer students who are members of this
    International Scholastic Order of two-year
    colleges. A minimum transfer GPA of 3.50 is
    required for consideration for this scholarship
    as well as an earned associate degree. The
    student must enroll at Marywood immediately upon
    graduation from a two-year college. This
    scholarship is renewable if the recipient
    maintains a minimum of a 3.00 cumulative QPA at
    Marywood University. Part-time students are not
    eligible for this award.

University Funded Programs
  • Marywood University participates in all the
    established programs of federal/state financial
    aid which include the following
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity
    Grant (FSEOG)
  • Federal Perkins Loan
  • Federal Work-Study Program
  • Students can borrow under the Federal Stafford
    Loan Program parents can borrow under the
    Federal Parent Loan (PLUS) Program. Students who
    are residents of Pennsylvania can apply for the
    PHEAA State Grant residents of other states can
    apply through their respective State Higher
    Education Assistance Agency for state
    grant/scholarship consideration. Students should
    also investigate other scholarships/grants
    available through local civic, religious and
    fraternal organizations, as well as Veterans
    Benefits, or Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
    (OVR) funds if eligible for such. Students are
    personally responsible for contacting these
    agencies directly.

Financial Aid Application Procedures
  • To apply for any type of financial assistance at
    Marywood University, freshman and new transfer
    students must
  • apply for admission,
  • file the Marywood Undergraduate Financial Aid
    Application with the Office of Financial Aid by
    February 15 (fall semester entry) or November 1
    (spring semester entry), and
  • file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    (FAFSA) by February 15 (fall semester entry) or
    November 1 (spring semester entry).
  • All financial aid is awarded for an academic year
    period only. Students must re-apply each academic
    year if they wish to continue receiving financial
    aid of any type. The deadline for upperclassman
    applications is usually April 15.
  • If one misses the deadline date (either for
    incoming freshman/transfer students or
    upperclassman), the application is considered

Financial Aid Application Procedures
  • Location Liberal Arts Center, 88
  • Phone(570) 348-6225
  • E-Mail
  • Office Hours M-F, 830am-430pm

  • The Colleges

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Dean's Office, Liberal Arts Center 101,
  • 570-348-6233
  • Dean - Dr. Kurt Torell (
  • Secretary to the Dean - Grace Rellis
  • College of LAS e-mail

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
College of Creative Arts and Management
  • Dean's Office, Visual Arts Center 232-233,
  • 570-340-6000
  • Dean - Dr. Devorah Namm (
  • Secretary to the Dean - Melanie Mohila
  • College of CAM e-mail

College of Creative Arts and Management
College of Health and Human Services
  • Dean's Office, Healthy Family Center 212-211A,
  • Dean - Dr. Ronald Bulbulian (bulbulian_at_marywood.ed
  • Secretary to the Dean - Jamie Strong
  • College of HHS Fax 570-340-6081 College of
    HHS e-mail

College of Health and Human Services
College of Education and Human Development
  • Dean's Office, McGowan 1037, 570-348-6230
  • Dean - Dr. Mary Anne Fedrick (
    cretary to the Dean - Rima Anescavage
  • College of EHD Fax 570-961-4745College of EHD
    Toll-Free 1-800-338-4207College of EHD e-mail

College of Education and Human Development
  • Student Life Student Services

Campus Policies
  • The Student Handbook functions as your resource
    book for college policies and procedures. In
    addition, the handbook contains a list of all the
    Student services and University Standing
    Committees with Student representation. An
    academic calendar, which includes pre-scheduled
    dates and activities for the school year, can
    also be found in the student handbook. A new
    calendar/planner and text update is distributed
    every fall. You can find the handbook on-line at
  • Please note that you are responsible for all
    policies and procedures outlined in the handbook

Chartwells Dining Options
  • For meal plans and other information for your
    dining needs please refer to the website below
  • http//

Safety and Security
  • Services
  • Escort Services (Ride or Walking)
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week presence on campus
  • Basic Car Assistance (Lock-out, jump starts and
    fix a flat)
  • Issuing of Car Permits
  • Card Access Control Center
  • Contact Information
  • Location Nazareth Student Center, 206
  • Phone (570) 348-6242
  • E-mail security_at_

Department of Athletics and Recreation
  • The Marywood athletic program is a member of the
    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA),
    Division III, and competes in the Pennsylvania
    Athletic Conference (PAC). In addition, The
    Department of Athletics and Recreation provides
    over 40 intramurals programs, land, step,
    high/low impact, and water aerobics and offers
    six club sports. For more information, please
    access the website below
  • http//
  • All students are required to take 2 activity
    courses each one credit, one being a physical
    course and the other a lecture style wellness
  • Contact Information
  • Location Health and Physical Education Center
  • Phone (570) 961-4724
  • E-mail
  • Office Hours M-F, 830am-430pm

Campus Ministry and Collegiate Volunteers
  • Worship (Regina Hall Chapel)
  • Sunday Masses -1030 am and 730 pm
  • Weekday Masses (Monday-Friday) - 1205 p.m.
  • Special liturgies and prayer services throughout
    the year
  • Contact Campus Ministry (961-4723) or check the
    CM website ( for a
    listing of area Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim
    services, retreats, spirituality, service, and
    social justice activities.

Service and Volunteer Opportunities
  • You can learn about the many community service
    opportunities available to you through Marywood
    University Campus Ministry!
  • Contact Information
  • Location Swartz Center for Spiritual Life
  • Phone (570) 961-4723
  • E-Mail
  • Office Hours M-F, 830am-430pm

Career Services
  • Services
  • Individual Appointments for Career Counseling
  • Discover (Web based Guidance Program)
  • Career Library
  • Job Listings on College Central
  • On Campus Interviews
  • Mock Interviews
  • Employment Fairs
  • Credential Services
  • Career Workshops
  • Contact Information
  • Location Liberal Arts Center, 224
  • Phone (570)348-6247
  • E-Mail
  • Office Hours M-F, 830am-430pm

Counseling/Student Development Center
  • Services
  • Initial Assessment
  • Individual Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Psychiatric Referrals
  • 24 hour emergency contact when the university is
    in session
  • Psychoeducational Groups
  • Workshops
  • Educational Programs
  • Contact Information
  • Location McGowan Center, Suite1017
  • Phone (570) 348-6245
  • E-mail
  • Office Hours M-F, 830am-430pm
  • Some evening appointments are available, and the
    Center is open during a limited basis on semester
    breaks and summer recesses.

Peers on Wellness (P.O.W)
  • The purpose of this student organization is to
    promote responsible habits and attitudes toward
    student health and wellness issues. Peers on
    Wellness members present educational workshops
    and programs, distribute newsletters that address
    health and wellness issues, and coordinate
    activities during various campus-wide awareness
    weeks, i.e. Celebrate Your Body Wellness Fair.
    POW! is advised by the Counseling/Student
    Development Center and is an affiliate of the
    BACCHUS national peer education Network.

Housing and Residence Life
  • Housing Requirement
  • All students under the age of 21 not commuting
    from their home are required to live on campus
    their 1st two years of enrollment. Housing is
    guaranteed all 4 years.
  • If you are planning to live on campus please
    contact the Housing and Residence Life Office
    immediately. For more information regarding this
    area, please access the link below
  • http//
  • Contact Information
  • Location Nazareth Student Center, 205
  • Phone (570) 348-6236
  • E-Mail
  • Office Hours M-F, 830am-430pm

Student Activities and Leadership Development
  • There are many opportunities for students to be
    involved inside and outside of the classroom. As
    Marywood students, your challenge is to become
    involved with the Marywood Community. Your
    involvement might come from serving as an
    Executive or Class officer in the Undergraduate
    Student Government Association, joining one of
    the sixty clubs and organizations on campus,
    applying to be a SAC Intern or becoming an
    Orientation Chair or Advisor to help new students
    transition to Marywood. Whatever your involvement
    is it will be a time for you to learn and grow at
    Marywood. To assist you in your various
    leadership roles on campus the Center for Student
    Activities and Leadership Development host a
    Leadership Development Lunch Discussions Series
    each semester. The discussions are a series of
    workshops with various presenters designed to
    provide participants with the opportunity to
    develop and enhance their leadership skills.

Student Activities
  • Many students often inquire about what there is
    to do on campus. The Student Activities Crew
    (SAC) sponsored by the Student Government
    Association (SGA) plans the events for each
    semester. SAC hosts activities both during the
    day, at night and on weekends to accommodate the
    needs and interests of both resident and commuter
    students. Take advantage of the many
    opportunities to have fun and become involved!
  • http//

Student Government Association
  • Please take time to check out the Student
    Government Association webpage. It will give you
    a better idea of what SGA is doing for you. Let
    your voice be heard by attending our meetings.
    Our meetings are held every other Tuesday at
    900pm in the Nazareth Student Center in the
    Lynett Boardroom. If you have a concern you would
    like us to discuss or you would like to present
    to us, you can e-mail SGAs President, Tracey
    Fagan at
  • http//
  •  Contact Information
  • Location Nazareth Student Center, 107
  • Phone (570) 340-6016
  • E-Mail
  • Office Hours M-F, 830am-430pm

Student Health Services
  • Using Student Health Services
  • Any Student who chooses to use the Student Health
    Services Office must have a Health History and
    Physical form on file before non-emergency
    services will be provided. All International and
    resident students are required to complete and
    submit this form.
  • Services
  • Referrals to off campus physicians, dentists, and
  • Yearly physical exams are offered for those
    students whose majors require them. This is also
    true for student athletes.
  •    All services are services free of charge

Student Health Services
Insurance All students are strongly encouraged to
have health insurance. Health insurance is
required of international students and student
athletes. University-endorsed health insurance
plans are available for purchase. Brochures and
enrollment forms may be obtained at Student
Health Services Office or at the Office of the
Vice President for Student Life. http//www.bollin  Contact
Information Location Keith J. O'Neill Center
for Healthy Families, Room 106 Phone (570)
348-6249 E-mail Office
Hours 830am-400pm Note Hours of operation
are during the fall and spring semester. It is
open two weeks prior to the start of classes and
it closes at the end of May.
Contact Information/Resources
  • University General Information
  • Academic Advising 340-6074 LAC 226
  • Academic Excellence Center
    340-6045 LAC 221
  • Act 101 Program 348-6243 Nazareth 2nd
  • Admissions 1-TO-MARYWOOD Immaculata Hall 104
  • Athletics and Recreation 961-4724 HPE Center
  • Bookstore 348-6248 Nazareth 1st Floor
  • Campus Ministry/Collegiate Volunteers
    961-4723 Regina Hall 1st Floor
  • Career Services 348-6247 LAC 224
  • Cashiers Office 348-6212 LAC 87

Contact Information/Resources
  • Academic Advising and Retention 348-6211
  • LAC 223
  • Center for Student Activities and
  • Leadership Development
    340-6016 Nazareth 1st Floor
  • Counseling/Student Development Center
    348-6245 McGowan 1017
  • Dean of Students 340-6016 Student Activities
  • Disability Services 340-6045 LAC 201
  • Diversity Office 348-2584 LAC 86
  • Financial Aid 348-6255 LAC 88
  • Honors Program 340-6045 LAC

Contact Information/Resources
  • Housing and Residence Life
    348-6236 Nazareth 2nd Floor
  • Library 348-6262 LRC
  • Registrar 348-6280 LAC 92
  • Security/Safety 348-6242 Nazareth 2nd Floor
  • Student Health Services 348-6249 Healthy
    Family Bldg
  • Vice-President for Student Life 348-6246 Nazaret
    h 2nd Floor

  • Please take the Transitions Program Evaluation!
  • Transitions Evaluation Form