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Photos courtesy of Rolf Disch ... Photos courtesy of Solar Century www. ... Research recycling car parts into solar products. to name but a few. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The RHI

The RHI its part in delivering 15 Renewable
Energy by 2020 David Matthews Chief Executive,
Solar Trade Association Ground Source Heat
Pump Association 29th April 2009
potential issue?
  • 3000 or 50p part/50 call out charge
  • Its a 3 way partnership between
  • Government
  • Industry
  • General Public
  • that will achieve the targets

Systems Approach
  • From Key Issues for Renewable Heat project
  • Good Policy Framework
  • Quality Scheme
  • Financial Schemes
  • Regulation Schemes
  • Supported by flanking measures of
  • Public Awareness
  • Training

  • MCS (Quality Scheme)
  • Good
  • many Certification Bodies UKAS
  • BRE continuing another Solar and HPs
  • Model should replicate across Europe
  • However, still have to rationalise CPS/MCS
    raise workforce to NVQ level 3

  • Financial Incentive Schemes
  • Good
  • Long term Tariff and Supplier Obligation schemes
    (not grants)
  • running to 2020 and beyond
  • However
  • without a full supporting framework, targets
    might be missed
  • how do SO FiT / RHI interface?

  • Regulation makes a big difference
  • Condensing boilers from approx 5 to 90
  • General Permitted Development Order
  • Good
  • Not required if
  • Collector or Module is gt 200 mm above roofline
  • Not a listed building
  • Not in a conservation area
  • Otherwise required
  • However, noise issues for Wind and ASHPs

  • Zero Carbon Homes
  • Good
  • realistic achievable properties
  • comfortable, modern homes
  • However
  • lack of newly built homes
  • weaknesses in the modelling processes
  • benefits of Solar / PV ( if appropriate small
    Wind) over other forms of LZC energy are not
    written into the code

Photos courtesy of Rolf Disch
  • GSHP _at_ 350 efficiency and 0.54 kgCO2/kWh
    electricity 0.15 kgCO2/kWh
  • Gas Condensing _at_ 80 eff. and 0.185 kgCO2/kWh
    gas 0.23 kgCO2/kWh
  • In this case, GSHP is 33 CO2 improvement and 38
    running cost saving (based on 3.3 p/kWh gas and
    8.9 p/kWh electricity-BSRIA and carbon
    figures-SAP 2005)
  • 80 gas condensing system efficiency is based
    on currently ongoing EST field trials. This
    figure is yet to be published and might be
    subject to change. However, our understanding is
    that it is far more accurate than stated boiler
    efficiency of 91. Heat pump system efficiency of
    350 equates to a realistically GSHP achievable
    CoP of 3.5.

  • SAP 2005
  • Good
  • Solar algorithm is close to solar performance
  • However
  • boiler algorithm overestimates boiler
    performance, especially in HW mode.
  • Therefore, SAP is biased towards fossil fuels

  • Public Awareness
  • Good
  • EST Carbon Trust
  • ESTAC network websites
  • Best Practice Guides
  • However
  • improved coordination Trade Associations EST
  • work more closely with Carbon Trust to exploit
    commercial opportunities

  • Solar Thermal Heat Pumps in the UK
  • Good
  • GSHP ASHP are domestic, commercial, industrial,
    heat recovery etc
  • Innovation in collectors, pumps, controllers,
    cylinders, water treatment, training courses etc
  • However, only a few solar thermal applications

Photos courtesy of Solar Century
Photos courtesy of Solar Century
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Photos courtesy of Solar UK
  • UK Component Innovation
  • Solar controller (which coordinates boiler and
    solar system)
  • Water Treatment 3 UK companies making solar
    antifreezes and cleaners
  • Research recycling car parts into solar products
  • to name but a few.

  • Solar Applications in the UK
  • Domestic Solar Hot Water
  • Solar for Swimming pools
  • Some Solar Ventilation circuits
  • Solar systems up to about 600 m2
  • However, much easier to achieve 15 Renewable
    Energy by 2020 with many applications and
  • RHI can support all of the following

  • Solar Applications in the EU
  • Domestic Solar Hot Water
  • Solar for Swimming pools
  • Some Solar Ventilation circuits
  • Solar systems up to 30,000 m2
  • Solar Space Heating (50 in Austria Germany)
  • Solar Cooling
  • Solar Heat for Industrial Processes
  • Solar Desalination
  • Solar Thermal Power Plants
  • Germany is selling its expertise into Spain

  • Installer Training (solar thermal heat pumps)
  • Good
  • existing heating engineers BPEC, Logic NIC
  • new entrants eSolar training builds into NVQ 3
  • Completing your MCS quality manual
  • However, German Solarteur course minimum 200 hrs
    (network of training locations including Austria,
    Greece, Hungary, Italy Poland)

  • Designer Training
  • Good
  • CIBSE solar guide
  • However, currently no designer training courses
  • Other stakeholder training
  • Need to inform architects, specifiers, housing
    associations etc and in local authorities
    planning officers, building control officers etc.

  • The FiT / RHI concept is fantastic
  • However, it will only work with a complete
    systems approach including
  • Quality
  • Regulation
  • Public Awareness
  • Training
  • There are still some more barriers to bust

  • Future work (continuous improvement)
  • Technology full-sighted solar and wind first
  • MCS CPS interface
  • RHI SO interface
  • GPDO noise issues
  • SAP further improve or redesign?
  • EST / CT further improve communication
  • more innovation
  • more training courses certified course c. 15K,
    book c. 15K, eLearning c. 150K all with ROI