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Precedent Studies


A structural insulated building panel is an engineered wood product that ... LEEDS qualifying building material. ... A Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Precedent Studies

Precedent Studies
  • Eric Scherch
  • Spring 2004

  • Rutkin/Teicher Residence
  • Science Museum of Minnesota
  • Product Break
  • Waitakere Eco Friendly Home

Rutkin/Teicher Residence
  • This type of structure allows for the development
    of non-conical shapes that create stronger
  • The shape of the house is formed within Rutkins
    reusable air shell. The form was sprayed on the
    interior with foam insulation. Next, steel
    reinforcements were attached to the interior side
    of the insulation and sprayed with concrete. Once
    the air form is removed the exterior of the
    concrete shell is sprayed with what Rutkin refers
    to as its "protective skin."
  • Almost all areas of the house benefit from the
    glass wall. The 45-foot living/dining area
    benefits from the light as does the lofted studio
    reached via the spiral staircase. All three
    lower-level bedrooms of the Rutkin residence are
    enclosed by the glass southern wall. Rutkin and
    his houseguests have more than simply the view
    from their bedroom windows, each room has its own
    door that leads out to the 1,800-square foot
    terrace. Placed on tamped earth, the sprawling
    terrace is constructed of terracotta-colored
  • Cross-ventilation became a creative challenge to
    tackle. Due to this section of the house being
    rounded, Rutkin worried that rectangular windows
    could ruin the aesthetic of the shape. Purchasing
    Windows from a ship supply saved 1700 per
  • http//

Science Museum of Minnesota- Science House
  • Free standing, Four seasons, Zero Emissions
  • Defining Question How much building can we
    build and generate power for with the given

How to achieve
  • Develop Baseline energy code model of schematic
  • Identify range of isolated energy efficiency
    strategies for all building system categories
  • Simulate isolated energy performance
  • Identify cost-effectiveness of each isolated
    energy strategy
  • Create bundle sets of most promising isolated
  • Simulate bundled energy performance
  • Select final bundle to implement

Baseline Conservation Strategies
Product Break(No, I am not being paid for this)
  • Structural Insulated Building Panel
  • Robin Reigi Architects Products
  • IQ Glas
  • Photovoltaic roofing

Structural Insulated Building Panel
  • A structural insulated building panel is an
    engineered wood product that consists of two
    outer skins, generally oriented strand board,
    with an inner core of expanded polystyrene.
    Alone, these components are non-structural, until
    they are pressure laminated together under our
    strict quality-controlled conditions using a
    two-part latex construction adhesive.

SIP Advantages
  • Money - Save labor costs on the installation
    because panels can arrive pre-fabricated. Panels
    save interest on your construction loan by
    consolidating your construction schedule. But the
    most prominent savings are pocketed with energy
  • Comfort - Insulation is an integral part of a SIP
    Home. Air and moisture penetrations are greatly
    reduced because there are so few thermal breaks.
  • Quality - Walls are straight, plumb and square.
    The continuous wood surface gives you a sound
    nailbase for any exterior and interior finishes.
  • Speed - Framing a 2000 square foot house with SIP
    has been done in a matter of hours. While every
    project may not go that fast, SIP construction
    will shave significant time off the schedule.

SIP Cost Table
SIP references
  • References
  • http//
  • http//

Robin Reigi Architects Products
  • Recycled Terrazzo Tile FlooringTerrazzo-like
    material composed of 80 recycled glass with
    Portland cement matrix. 18 standard colors.
    Custom colors available. Manufactured through a
    propriety process in a local, environmentally-frie
    ndly facility. LEEDS qualifying building
    material. Ideal for kitchen countertops,
    backsplashes, tabletops, interior walls,
    commercial flooring applications.
  • http//

IQ Glas
  • IQ Glas can serve as either a primary heating
    system or as a supplemental heating system,
    making it an energy-efficient solution for indoor
    swimming pools and sunrooms, office buildings and
    residences. Of course, other features can also be
    incorporated into IQ Glas such as anti-theft,
    alarm systems, soundproofing, and sunblocking. It
    can also be manufactured with built-in blinds
    between the panes and with a feature that turns
    the glass completely opaque with the flip of a
    switch. Each IQ Glas system consists of
    electrical control units (maximum power 23 W/ft²
    or 250 W/m²), the temperature of which can be set
    independently for each room. The electrical
    cables are not visible even when installed in
    older buildings. Although IQ Glas is initially
    more expensive than conventional glass, so many
    possibilities, benefits, and solutions exist that
    the enthusiasm of our clients speaks volumes
    !To sum up, thanks to the similarity of the
    radiant heating of IQ Glas to the sun, room
    temperature settings can be lowered 9F (5 C)
    without any impact on your comfort. IQ Glas is
    maintenance free, sound isolating and filters
    harmful UV light. The air temperature is
    regulated by a programmable clock thermostat, and
    the surface temperature of the glass can be
    regulated by a microprocessor.
  • http//

Photovoltaic roofing
  • Photovoltaics (PV) or solar cells is a
    solid-state, semiconductor-based technology that
    converts light energy directly into electrical
    energy, without moving parts, without noise, and
    without emissions. A Building Integrated
    Photovoltaics (BIPV) system consists of
    integrating photovoltaics modules into the
    building envelope, such as the roof or the
    facade. By simultaneously serving as building
    envelope material and power generator, BIPV
    systems can provide savings in materials and
    electricity costs, reduce use of fossil-fuels and
    emission of ozone depleting gases, and add
    architectural interest to the building.
  • http//

Green Products Guide
  • http//

Waitakere Eco Friendly Home
  • The aim Create a family environment friendly to
    nature and sympathetic to the lifestyle of its
  • A dual aim was to create a home that appealed to
    the mainstream housing market and which fronted
    onto the road in a welcoming manner.

Example Features
  • MEP system integration
  • The LAW system controls the home's
    electric-related facilities including its
    lighting, heating, security system and some
    appliances. In most homes, these facilities
    operate independent of each other. But in the
    eco-friendly home they interconnect across a
    power cable network by way of a single network
  • LAW system increases the life expectancy of light
    bulbs and tubes.
  • HVAC Heat pump
  • Unlike conventional heaters, the power isn't
    converted into heat, it is only used to power the
    pump that circulates the liquid through the
    system. The same principal is at work in your
    refrigerator. The heat pump in your fridge
    extracts the warmth from inside the fridge and
    releases it outside which is why the back of your
    fridge is warm. And it continues to work even
    when the inside is colder than the outside.
  • Cost effective package
  • Less harmful to the environment. It doesn't
    produce any carbon dioxide emissions that
    contribute to global warming. Carbon dioxide and
    other gas and water vapour emissions are often
    regarded as a major drawback of solid fuel and

Example Features
  • Induction Stove
  • Breathable walls
  • The plaster used breathes and allows water vapour
    to move through it. This stops trapped moisture
    impacting on other building materials which can
    deteriorate. At the same time, the plaster and
    water repellent stops outside water getting into
    the home
  • Woolblend insulation
  • Sheep wool, recycled carpet wool and regenerated
    polyester were used to make 'Thermowool'
  • Drainage
  • A Polyethylene Drainage System is a waste
    bi-product from the oil industry and no toxins
    are emitted during this production process. It is
    also fully recyclable.

  • http//

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