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Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Arthritis lifestyle Diet, Fitness or Drugs to reverse disease naturally in 30 days


Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Arthritis lifestyle Diet, Fitness or Drugs to reverse disease natur – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Arthritis lifestyle Diet, Fitness or Drugs to reverse disease naturally in 30 days

Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Arthritis
lifestyle Diet, Fitness or Drugs to reverse
disease naturally in 30 days
  • By Dr Nick Delgado

USA spent over Trillion in losses due to
Stroke, heart attacks, cancer, obesity
  • US Surgeon General stated most degenerative
    diseases are preventable reversible
  • Genetically at birth -- obese person born with 75
    billion fat cells
  • Thin person 30 billion fat cells
  • We can shrink size, not number of cells

Apes- Delgado diet 12 days save Hearts 11 pounds
food, 2,300 calories, Evo 94 genetic Kings
College Hospital London-Lynne Garton RD raw vegan
hazelnuts, Veggies-watercress, broccoli, carrots,
cabbage, tomatoes, radishes, fruit-strawberries,
melons, figs, bananas, mangoes, honey Cholesterol
dropped 23 Hypertension 140/83 to normal
122/76 lost average 9.7 lbs HDL drops
initially then increases by ratio
Dr Nick Delgado study 9 days-one year compliance
643 people-Tony Robbins
  • Cholesterol Triglyceride reduction diet high
    fiber, very low fat, Vegan-78 complex carb, 12
    protein, 10 fat, 5mg cholesterol exercise
  • Pizza-Whole grains, beans, potatoes, fruit,
  • Weight, blood pressure reduction, uric acid,
    kidney, liver function normalize
  • Triglycerides 150 to 600 reduce 42
  • Cholesterol 200 to 293 reduced 30
  • Zeiss microscope, Reflotron, Cholestech's,
    carotid scan Diasonic, BP cuffs
  • Nick Delgado published PhD, American Academy
    Holistic Health, March to Aug 1992-93
  • How to Look Great and Feel Sexy Recipes by Delgado

World Cuisines healthiest to worst
  • What do you usually eat?
  • Fish, Chicken, meat, dairy eggs or rice,
    potatoes, veggies
  • Which selections do you think are healthy?
  • Asian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese-10
  • Mexican, Greek, Italian-20 fat
  • or
  • USA, Sweden, Finish, German-40 fat
  • Who lives longer past the age of 40 with lowest
    heart Disease?
  • International Atherosclerotic Disease Project
    300,000 Autopsys, Tarahumara Indians, HDL 25 to
    35, cholesterol 125, J Clinical Nutrition 35,
    April 82

Eskimos confused, Massi Tribe Africa
  • Eskimos consume less than 23 fat, Tundra,
    Central Canada as compared to Costal Eskimos 50
    fat, highest rate of interdermal brain bleeding,
    fish oils Scientific American 1971
  • Massi Tribe consume Meat, blood, milk of cows,
    pass treadmill because herd cows 30 miles a day,
    yet autopsy accidental death severe narrowed
    cholesterol plaques in arteries-G Mann, Am J
    Clinical Nutrition May 1974

Delgado Diet or Atkins?
  • After one year Atkins dieters regained
  • lost weight, and Medium fat continued
  • to lose weight after the first year
  • Side effects in 120 dieters on Atkins,
  • LDL cholesterol increase 10 or more,
  • 66 constipation, 60 headaches, 25 general
    feeling weakness, muscle cramps, diarrhea. Atkins
    book and food sales to 200 million dollars
  • Low fat Delgado type Diet lost 18 body
    weight-Dropped LDL 52, total cholesterol
    triglycerides 39, (HDL rose 9) homocysteine and
    clotting factors
  • Preventive Cardiology, August 2002

Insulin, Blood sugar diet and exercise
  • Glycemic index normal for potatoes on Very Low
    Fat Diet-Vegan worsened USA high fat
  • Insulin (under 2) and ideal blood sugar control
    is obtained by low fat vegetables, fruit, whole
    legumes, brown rice, herbs-Avena Sativa-Free T
    DIM, I3C-clear 16 aOHE estrogens, exercise
  • high protein fat diets, vs. low fat, sugar
  • Growth hormone-GH improve metabolism
  • Testosterone improves Diabetes-insulin
  • Himsworth 1935, Kelly M West 1966, J.W. Anderson
    1976, Nathan Pritikin, Massey 1986, James
    Barnard, Ornish, Neal Barnard 2002 John McDougall
    Nick Delgado 1979 to 2007

Delgado Diet easy low fat bulk cooking
Warning-114 Side Effects From Artificial
Sweeteners, connections to Brain Damage Autism
  • Aspartame is a deadly neurotoxin and converts to
    dangerous byproducts!
  • Monsanto, hired government officials cleared laws
  • Can cause headaches, seizures, confusion, brain
    tumors and over 100 other side effects!
  • A dieters empty stomach accelerates these
    conversions and amplifies the damage!
  • Stevi herb is all natural, 100 times sweeter than
    sugar and has no side effects!

Atkins diet fish oil same as medium saturated
fat diet
  • 2 died of 66 people on Atkins diet, Philadelphia
    Veterans, 34 dropped out
  • there was no significant difference in the
    amount of saturated fat on the Atkins diet and
    the low-fat, actually medium fat, diets (30 of
    total calories). This is 4 times higher in bad
    fats than Delgado diet.
  • Atkins group added fish oil to lower
    triglycerides, no fish oil on medium fat diet.
  • May 18 2004-Annals of Internal Medicine

Children dangerous LDL increase, lipid rose 50,
HDL fell on Atkins diet over two years
  • Atkins like diet 6 - 24 months total
    cholesterol increased 174-232, LDL rose 99-148,
    triglycerides 96-154, HDL fell 56-49
  • Even after stopping for six months dangerous
    artery clogging levels persisted
  • John Hopkins Medical 141 children study

Healthy Red Blood Cells and Clumping
  • Healthy blood flow
  • Vegetables, fruit, Rice, potatoes
  • Titrate calories-80 satisfied
  • Primary causes of poor circulation
  • Fat-lipids
  • Triglycerides
  • 2 milk 32 calorie
  • Dehydration
  • Enzyme insufficiency

sedentary-view Television, alcohol, USA diet,
increase LDL, ED, Lipitor 26 vs. 22
  • 32,000 men Harvard incidence of ED
  • 26 of men 50 59, 40 60 69 suffer ED due to
    hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, smoking,
    ED risk more than 8 ½ hours of TV per week, more
    than 2 drinks per day
  • (Annuals of Internal Medicine 2003)
  • 4262 patients LDL Cholesterol 62 or less v 95 or
  • 26 died or had heart attack compared to 22 on
    Lipitor (triples the risk of liver toxicity)
  • (New England Journal of Medicine 2004)

Diets compared (30 top experts, WHO criteria,
Delgado/Mediterranean/Okinawa diet Atkins/sugar busters
Very high in fruits fruit No
Very high in Vegetables Veggies limited
Very high in Fiber-rich whole grains and beans Minimal grain to moderate No
Low in saturated fat and cholesterol Low or none
Low in trans fat Low x
Low in sodium
Low in refined grains Low X
Low in oils Low/essential fatty
Low in sugar-rich foods and beverages low x
Moderate in Protein Moderate protein
Daily Exercise Yes x
Biochemistry/hormone Yes/ diet balance
Benefit 10 year comparison Studys
  • A Mediterranean Diet Is Cost-Effective in
    Patients with Previous Myocardial Infarction, 37
    vs. 5 AHD
  • Kim Dalziel, Leonie Segal, Michel de Lorgeril J.
    Nutr. 1361879-1885, July 2006
  • Very-Low-Fat Diets, James Barnard PhD,
    Circulation, 1999 100-1011-1015
  • Lifestyle Reverse Coronary Heart Disease?
  • Ornish, D, Brown, Lancet. 1990 336 129

Reverse diabetes, hypertension, CHD, prevent
bypass surgery, obesity-VLFD
  • Barnard, RJ, Effects of Life-style Modification
    of serum Lipids, Arch Intern Med, 1991 1511389
  • Barnard, James, Massey, Pritikin, Long term
    High-complex Carb, fiber, low fat, exercise,
    Non-insulin Dependent Diabetic-NIDDM, on 4587
    patients Diabetes Care, 19836

Full body imaging detection plaques
64 splice imaging organs, heart
Reverse Heart Disease, Diabetes
  • Regression of Atherosclerotic stenosing lesions
    of the renal arteries and spontaneous cure of
    systemic hypertension through control of
    hyperlipidemia LL Basta MD, Am J of Medicine,
    Sept 1976, 420
  • Incidence CHD lipoprotein cholesterol, WP
    Castelli, JAMA, Nov 28, 1986, 2835
  • 32 Angiography reverse CHD, Circulation, July 1981

Cholesterol food vs. Plant zero
  • Egg yolk, Liver, Butter, 250 to 300 mg
  • Shrimp, Crab, Fish, Turkey 90 to 150 mg
  • Beef, pork, lamb, Salmon, Tuna 63 to 82 mg
  • Chicken, Scallops, clams 50 to 60 mg 3.5 oz
  • Cholesterol - Legs, wings, wiggle, move, eyes
  • Body excretes 100 mg/ day cholesterol, 36,000 mg
    year, reduce by 5 plaques in 5 years
  • Roots grew Zero cholesterol
  • Rice, peas, beans, banana, potato, nuts 0

Eye imaging of vascular health
Protein the actual needs for humans
  • Dr. Kempner showed his results with studies on
    hundreds of adults on only 20 grams of protein a
    day (4 from plant protein, 2.3 fat and 93
    carbohydrate (mainly from rice and fruit), where
    he proved all adults were in positive nitrogen
    balance. (7) Keep in mind human breast milk is
    only 6 protein and even more diluted than rats
    milk which is 20 to 25 protein. Yet human
    infants during their most rapid growth rate
    periods absorb all the protein necessary for
    proper growth and health on this low protein diet
    of 6. (8) In long term studies by Knapp on 102
    infants ages 5 to 14 months, there was no
    difference in growth rate between babies fed milk
    proteins and babies fed vegetable proteins. (2)

Rice better than chicken for supplying protein in
  • In a 59 day study experiment by Lee, normal young
    men 20 to 27 years old were fed diets of equal
    caloric value. On the first diet, rice provided
    100 percent of the protein, the other rice
    provided 85 of the protein and chicken was 15.
    In both diets protein accounted for 6.5 of total
    caloric intake. Nitrogen balance studies showed
    that for humans the essential amino acid pattern
    in rice is equal if not superior to that of a
    chicken and rice diet. In fact, those on all rice
    protein had a positive nitrogen balance 20
    higher than those on the 85 rice and 15 chicken
    diet. Something about animal protein makes it
    more difficult for humans to get sufficient
    protein nitrogen balance. (1)

Humans require plant proteins
  • 1.Lee, C. J., et al. Nitrogen retention of young
    men fed rice with or without supplementary
    chicken. Am J. Clin Nutr., 1971, 24318-23.
  • 2. Knapp, J., et al. Growth and nitrogen balance
    in infants fed cereal proteins. Am J Clin. Nutr.,
    1973, 26 586-90.
  • 3. Reddy, V. Lysine supplementation of wheat and
    nitrogen retention of children. Am J. Clin
    Nutri., 1971, 2431246-49.
  • 4. Cerqueira, M. T., et al. The food and nutrient
    intakes of the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico. Am.
    J. Clin. Nutri., 1979, 32905-15.
  • 5. Fisher, H., et al. Reassessment of amino acid
    requirements of young women on low nitrogen
    diets. I. Lysine and tryptophan, Am. J. Clin.
    Nutr., 1969, 22 1190-96.
  • 6. Goldrick, R. B. et al. An assessment of
    coronary heart disease and coronary risk factors
    in a New Guinea highland population. In
    Atherosclerosis Proceedings of the Second
    International Symposium, Jones R. J., ed Berlik
    Springer-Verlag, 1970, pp 366-68.
  • 7. Kempner, W. Treatment of heart and kidney
    disease and of hypertensive and atherosclerotic
    vascular disease with the rice diet. Ann. Int.
    Med., 1949, 31821-56.
  • 8. Pritikin, Nathan, The Pritikin Promise, Simon
    and Schuster, New York 1983.

India, Indians of Mexico, New Guinea Natives get
complete proteins from plant foods
  • Reddy showed in Indian children given just cereal
    proteins were able to grow to full size on a low
    vegetable based protein diet. A study reported
    about the famous long distance running Tarahumara
    Indians of Mexico shows that their nearly
    complete vegetable- derived protein diet allows
    for superior athletic performance in endurance
    events. (4) The New Guinea natives consume one
    of the lowest protein diets in the world, mainly
    from sweet potatoes and their leaves, yet they
    are free of diabetes and heart disease, they are
    muscular and strong people with healthier kidney
    function than people in the western world. (6)

Endurance athletes need slightly more protein
than bodybuilders
  • six elite bodybuilders, six elite endurance
    athletes, and six sedentary controls during a
    10-day period of normal protein intake followed
    by a 10-day period of altered protein intake. The
    nitrogen balance data revealed that bodybuilders
    required 1.12 times and endurance athletes
    required 1.67 times more daily protein than
    sedentary controls. Lean body mass (density) was
    maintained in bodybuilders consuming 1.05 g
    protein.kg-1.day-1. Endurance athletes excreted
    more total daily urea than either bodybuilders or
    controls. We conclude that bodybuilders during
    habitual training require a daily protein intake
    only slightly greater than that for sedentary
    individuals in the maintenance of lean body mass
    and that endurance athletes require daily protein
    intakes greater than either bodybuilders or
    sedentary individuals to meet the needs of
    protein catabolism during exercise
  • The American Society for Nutrition J. Nutr.
    137985-991, April 2007

Superior Protein for Humans
  • 10 g-Split Peas, Navy beans, Black-eyed peas,
    Lentil sprouts, Green Peas-cup
  • 12 g.-Flank Steak, Halibut, Scallops, Chicken 2oz
  • 8 g.-Collards, Brussels sprouts, soybean sprouts,
  • Langley, Vegan Oxford, England 1988

Calcium Loss ROTS Spiral
100 yr Old Bone Density OK
  • Okinawa's have about 20 fewer hip fractures than
    do mainland Japanese, and Japanese have about 40
    fewer hip fractures than Americans (see Ross PD,
    et al. Am J Epidemiol 1991133801-9).
  • High calcium intake by Okinawa's in both food and
    their natural drinking water, high vitamin D
    levels from exposure to sunlight, increased
    physical activity, especially at older ages, and
    high intake of dietary flavonoids (estrogenic
    compounds from plant foods)

Our bodys many cries for Water
  • Dr Battmagelian- 65 to 75 of body is water
  • Hormones, enzymes, digestion depend on Water for
    optimum performance
  • We cannot store water more than 3 hours -- drink!
  • Intense exercise or heat, drink more!
  • Drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day or 1/2 oz per
    body weight, 120 lbs needs 60 oz.-8 glasses a day
  • Dehydration Thirsty? Too late
  • Yellow Urine- a serious sign of dehydration (B1
    temporary color)
  • Add pinch sea salt (3-6G) per liter of water.
  • To get clustered/organic water eat fresh fruit,
    veggies, sprouts
  • Human digestive tract is designed for fruit and
    vegetable intake

Aging, brain inflammation solutions
  • Aging is associated with increased oxidative
    stress, disturbances in energy metabolism and
    inflammation-like processes.
  • Dietary restriction (DR) by consuming rice,
    vegetables and fruit can extend lifespan and
    might increase the resistance of the nervous
    system to age-related neurodegenerative
  • New agents directed against the inflammatory
    processes revealed in studies of Alzheimer
    disease lesions may have broad therapeutic
  • McGeer PL, McGeer EG. Brain Res Brain Res Rev.
    1995 Sep21(2)195-218.
  • PROLLA Tomas A. (1) MATTSON Mark P Trends in
    neurosciences, 2001, vol. 24, no11, pp. 21-31 (78

Wrinkles-serious hormone and water deficiencies
  • Test urine for absorption of hGH, androgens,
    estradiol, Aldosterone-loss water, need salt,
    weak upon standing, low BP
  • Finger nails-ridges-thyroid low Cold hands, cold
  • Alcohol, protein, fatty food, caffeine all cause

(No Transcript)
Do you consume enough Fiber?
  • Get 25-60g/day fiber
  • 1.5 g fiber x__ fruit
  • 1.5 g fiber x__veggies
  • 2.5 g fiber x_w.grains
  • 3 g fiber x__ beans
  • 1 g fiber x_white flour
  • 0 g fiber in meat, fish, chicken, cheese,eggs,
    oil, butter, milk
  • Burkitt, D., Eat Right to stay healthy, Arco, New
    York, 1979

Brown Rice, Curry, tomato, mash potato, veggie,
Squash, asparagus, split peas
Healthy Restaurant Dinning
  • Asian-Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese
  • Italian
  • American
  • Greek
  • Mexican
  • Vegetable dishes, spicy or mild, Rice, Soups,
  • Minestrone soup, salads, Spaghetti Squash, fat
    free tomato sauce
  • Salad Bars, soups
  • Hummus, eggplant
  • Beans, Rice, Fajitas

World Record on Herbs Diet
  • Carl Lewis -Worlds Fastest man-10-10-80
  • World Record Iron Man Fruit Rice Dave Scott
  • Bob Wieland walks across America and Record bench
  • Diet, fitness, natural herbs and hormones.
  • Frank Shamrock-SE cream
  • John Slawinski-long drive golf
  • Nick Delgado age 52 Endurance Vertical lifts

Exercise assists reduction triglycerides, LDL
  • Hansen, Exercise increases proportion of fat use
    during short term fat diet
  • Am J, Clin. Nutr.2007. 85 109
  • Effect of Diet Exercise in men, postmenopausal
    women Low HDL, high LDL Cholesterol, Stenfanick,
    Stanford U
  • Elkin, N Engl J Med, 1998339
  • Moderate step 2 diet, exercise LDL reduce

Exercise or attend church prolong life
  • Religious Attendance More Cost-Effective Than
  • Exercise adds 3 to 5 years to life, Religion 2 to
    3 yr. vs. 2.5 to 3.5 yr statins
  • Daniel E. Hall, MD, MDiv The Journal of the
    American Board of Family Medicine 19103-109

Statin treat Heat disease rather than risk
  • The Statin studies from targeting
    hypercholesterolemia to targeting the high-risk
  • Risk in seniors for cancer, impotency, muscle
    pain, kidney failure, suicidal, short temper,
    memory loss, amnesia
  • Deplete CoQ10, liver enzyme elevation
  • 23 million on statins, USA 13 million JAMA, Nov
    03, H.T. Ong QJM 2005 98(8)599-614

Inflammatory conditions can be helped
  • Lupus
  • Migraine sinus headaches
  • Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid, tendonitis
  • growing pain, bone
  • Digestive IBS, Colitis, Diarrhea, Crohns
  • Asthma, Eczema
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic cough, Bronchitis
  • Autism, ADD, ADHD
  • Ear ache, sore throat, bad breath
  • Sinus, nasal drip
  • Heart irregular, rapid, edema
  • Hypo/hyperglycemia
  • Thyroid, weight gain
  • Bed wetting, PMS, vaginal itch, cramp
  • Skin, Acne, rash, hives

Free Radical damage-Hydrogen Peroxide
toxic-Allergy, Stress, diet, chemical, fit?
Healthy Dry Blood Free Radical Damage Bradford,
R, Allen, H, Culbert, M, Oxidology, The study of
Free Radical Damage-Reactive Oxygen Toxic Species
and their Metabolism in Health and Disease,
Bradford Foundation1985

ROS NO must be cleared exercise fatigue
  • Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 959 108-116 (2002).
  • Since the early 1980s biologists have recognized
    that skeletal muscle generates free radicals. Of
    particular interest are two closely related redox
    cascadesreactive oxygen species (ROS) and nitric
    oxide (NO) derivatives. The ROS cascade is
    initiated by superoxide anion radicals derived
    from the mitochondrial electron transport chain,
    the membrane-associated NAD(P)H oxidase complex,
    or other sources. NO is produced by two NO
    synthase isoforms constitutively expressed by
    muscle fibers. ROS and NO derivatives are
    produced continually and are detectable in both
    the cytosolic and extracellular compartments.
    Production increases during strenuous exercise.
    Both ROS and NO modulate contractile function.
    Under basal conditions, low levels of ROS enhance
    force production. Excessive ROS accumulation
    inhibits force, for example, during fatiguing

Aging needs CVAC, nitrogenous, antioxidants to
buffer ROS NO
  • NO inhibits skeletal muscle contraction, an
    effect that is partially mediated by cyclic GMP
    as a second messenger. With aging, redox
    modulation of muscle contraction may be altered
    by changes in the rates of ROS and NO production,
    the levels of endogenous antioxidants that buffer
    ROS and NO, and the sensitivities of regulatory
    proteins to ROS and NO action. The impact of
    aging on contractile regulation depends on the
    relative magnitude of these changes and their net
    effects on ROS and NO activities at the cellular

Antioxidants in vegetables
  • blended fruits, vegetables, along with brown or
    basmati rice and salads with free of dairy, with
    low fat dressings supplies antioxidants and other
    phytochemicals that keep the joints strong and
    repair damage
  • (Am J Clin Nutr 53(1 Suppl) 362S, 1991)
  • adequate antioxidants to destroy the damaging
    free radicals that form in the joint tissues
  • J Orthop Res 8731, 1990
  • Raw uncooked vegan diet, rich in lactobacilli,
    decreased subjective symptoms of rheumatoid
    arthritis (Br J Rheumatol 37274, 1998).

No Arthritis joint pain avoid Dairy Cereal
  • rheumatoid arthritis (46 adults) who eliminated
    dairy products and cereals. Thirty-six patients
    (78) responded favorably with 17 clearly
    improved, and 19 in complete remission for one to
    five years. Eight of those 19 stopped all
    medications with no relapse.
  • Favorable benefits appeared in 3 months in 32 of
    the patients (Lancet 33968, 1992)
  • 12-week cow's milk feeding produced the highest
    incidence of significant joint lesions.
  • Egg protein was less arthritis inducing than
    cow's milk
  • soymilk caused no reaction.
  • (Int Arch Allergy Appl Immunol 80192, 1986)

Leaky gut-Increased Intestinal Permeability
damages the immune system
  • Patients with inflammatory arthritis have been
    shown to have inflammation of the intestinal
    tract resulting in increased permeability.
    Normally, only the small molecules are allowed to
    pass through the intestinal wall, while the large
    ones that can act as antigens, causing immune
    reactions, have a limited ability to pass
    through. Infections and toxins can cause gaps in
    this barrier and allow large molecules to pass
    into the blood. Feeding high cholesterol meat
    cheese diets to young animals also increases
    their "leaky gut" (J Pediatr Gastroenterology
    Nutr 998, 1989 Pediatr Res 21347, 1987).
    (Baillieres Clin Rheumatol 10147, 1996).

Delgado Diet, fitness reduces inflammation
  • arthritis were once rare to nonexistent in rural
    populations of Asia and Africa As recently as
    1957, no case of rheumatoid arthritis could be
    found in Africa. That was a time when people in
    Africa followed diets based on grains and
  • (Chung Hua Nei Ko Tsa Chih 3479, 1995 Arthritis
    Rheum 34248, 1991).
  • Lupus unknown in Africa before 1960,
    African-Americans lead in the incidence of lupus
    in the US (J Am Med Women's Assoc 1998 53(1)
    9-12), (J Rheumatol 192, 1992 Ann Rheum Dis
    49400, 1991).

Wheat, corn, and beef delayed allergy induces
inflammatory Arthritis
  • Stroud reported on 44 patients with rheumatoid
    arthritis treated with the elimination of food
    and chemical avoidance. They were then challenged
    with foods. Wheat, corn, and beef were the
    greatest offenders (Clin Res 28791A, 1980) (Clin
    Allergy 10463, 1980).
  • Vegan diet assists changes in the fecal flora are
    associated with improvement in the arthritis
    activity (Br J Rheumatol 3664, 1997).
  • Antibodies and the foreign protein (antigens) in
    the blood (Curr Opin Rheumatol 1058, 1998 Ann
    Prog Clin Immunol 463, 1980).

Basophil-1 of Total Leukocytes, Allergic
Reaction, Inflammatory Response, Infection?
Caffeine, Alcohol, cause Liver Stress
Spicules (Fibrin protein). WBC-White Blood
Cells protect us from bacteria -Toxic Rods
Forms OConner, Barbara, A Color Atlas and
Instruction Manual of Peripheral Blood Cell
Morphology. Baltimore, MD Williams Wilkins
WBC No react, React,
Severe React- Corn
  • Dr Dan Dantini MD, NIH study www.foodallergytest.c
  • ADL ALCAT test, www.preventivecare.com

Autism-over 500,000 children severely mentally
retarded- US
  • Autism was rare 40 years ago, it was one in every
    1000 (now 900 increase or 1 in 200 children) of
    children are born with organic brain damage due
    to high levels of organic chemicals and heavy
    metals during gestation and a genetic weakness of
    the child to remove toxins via the liver. Mercury
    Themisel in vaccines paid by Monsanto and
    Nutrasweet diet sodas chemicals lower in blood
    store in childrens brain with Autism.
  • Dr Edelson- 80 success rate if treated prior to
    age 3 (allergy free diet, IV sauna
    supplements)-work place, cosmetics,
  • Dr Dan Dantini MD NIH study-brain, skin
  • Reduce inflamed foodallergytest.com
  • Stem Cells for brain damage

(No Transcript)
Delgado plan reduce migraine back pain
  • Kristina Kauffman
  • My migraines went
  • away completely
  • I stopped swelling
  • in my joints knee,
  • Low back are free of
  • Pain eating by delayed
  • Food lists.
  • I sleep easily I have no indigestion problems of
    any kind and I began to drop weight. I no
    longer take the anti-inflammatory drugs and
    painkillers that I was taking before eating

Drugs worsen leaky gut inflammation
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (like Advil,
    Motrin, Naprosyn, etc.), apart from aspirin and
    nabumetone (Relafen), are associated with
    increased intestinal permeability in man. While
    reversible in the short term, it may take months
    to improve the barrier following prolonged use.
  • (Baillieres Clin Rheumatol 10165, 1996).

Omega-3, 6 fish oil vs. low fat studies
  • Vegetable oils, including those of the omega-3
    and omega-6 variety, are particularly strong
    suppressors of the immune system. This immune
    suppressing quality of oils (for example, fish
    oil and primrose oil) has been used to suppress
    the pain and inflammation of arthritis, but like
    too many drug therapies the ultimate outcome may
    not be best for the patient. Suppression of the
    immune system prevents it from doing its work of
    removing invading foreign proteins.
  • Low-fat diets (centered around blended drinks of
    fruits and vegetables) have been shown to retard
    the development of autoimmune diseases, similar
    to lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, in
    experimental animals (Ann Rheum Dis 48765,

Fruits vegetables stop leaky gut
  • Fasting is known to decrease intestinal
    permeability, thus making the gut "less leaky."
    Fasting with just vegetables and fruit has been
    shown to dramatically benefit patients with
    rheumatoid arthritis (Scand J Rheumatol 1982
    11(1) 33-38). When patients return after the
    fast to a diet with dairy products, the gut
    becomes more permeable and the arthritis returns.
    (Scan J Rheumatol 8249, 1979).

Experiments of Performance Cool Core body
  • Cooling unit for hands, head, feet help pull- ups
    with no fatigue and no loss, in 6 weeks from 100
    to 600 pull-ups-Stanford University
  • A lot of Muscle fatigue is due to temperature of
  • Eliminate overheating, cramping, body work out
    harder, recover quicker, steroids free-NFL,
    boxers, ultra cyclist, Army, MS, pain

Mammals -Cyclic Variable Altitude condition
Orcas in Captivity Exhibit Flaccid Dorsal Fins
In the Wild, Orcas, sound, and dive deep,
rapidly-Breeching. Dorsal Fin Is Erect and
They Exhibit Characteristics of Intense Vitality
Carl Linton CVAC inventor
Change temperature, hypoxia, Rapid variable,
Altitude- internal message
The blood has more Oxygen at high altitude
  • ? increase in the number of Red Blood Cells-5
    Stanford pilot study
  • ? increase in number of small blood vessels-
  • inside cells Mitochondria increase to produce
    more ATP and energy
  • Max V02 increased 20 in power 8 weeks 4 x a
    week, 40 minutes each
  • EPO is 12 billion industry, athletes-cyclist,
    football, cancer-chemotherapy, anemia

Sleep top mountain, Train sea level
(1997) 83 102-112
Four weeks of living high-training low improves
sea-level running performance in trained runners
due to altitude acclimatization (increase in red
cell mass volume and VO2 max )
Changes in Oxygen stimulates EPO
(1999) 31(2) 264-268
Conclusions It was concluded that short-term
hypobaric hypoxia can activate the erythropoietic
response and improve the aerobic performance
capacity in healthy subjects
Cyclic conditioning healing, power
  • University of Hawaii
  • First In-Man Scientific Data
  • Data courtesy of Lawrence Burgess, MD,
  • John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of
  • Presented at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the
  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • June 3, 2006, sponsored by US Army
  • Research at Stanford
  • Anne Friedlander, PhD., High Altitude Metabolic
    Physiologist Associate Director for Education and
    Evaluation at VA Palo Altos Geriatric Research
    Education and Clinical Center, and a consulting
    professor for the program in Human Biology at
    Stanford University. Anti Aging grant.

Protocol change adaptation
Cyclic Variations in Altitude, temperature,
  • Delgado uses 3- 20 minute sessions x 3 wk
  • 300 500 changes (1.2 million feet) in
  • 1,000 ft per sec. - ascending
  • 10,000 ft. per second - descending
  • 3 reasons effective change Altitude,
    Temperature, decrease in O2- Hypoxia

Intensity Training in 15 Minutes
  • Discipline for 60 days good habit
  • Planning Calendar
  • Train Consistency
  • Correct form See it
  • Intense (pyramid, pre-exhaust, forced
    reps/negative reps.)
  • Reward yourself exercise outdoors, music, fun
  • Dreams, Values

Intimacy with Nitrogen-Kudzu improves heart
contractility and reduce your weight
  • Evidence Michigans Ferris State University
    claims that sex burns about 200 calories which is
    equal to 20 minutes on a treadmill. Pulse rate
    rises from about 70 to 150 beats per minute.
  • Sex stretches tones up muscle. During
    intercourse, muscular contractions work the
    pelvis, thighs, buttocks, arms, and neck. Sex
    also boosts production of testosterone, which
    leads to stronger bones and muscles.

Dr Nick trains 54 athletes Arnold Classic
  • 40 lbs 430 lifts-Dr Nick
  • 40 lbs 155 lifts- Adarn Frost
  • 40 lbs 109 lifts-Josh Thomas
  • 35 lbs 450 lifts-Dr Nick
  • 35 lbs 120 lifts James Durroh
  • 35 lbs 81 lifts Dan Severn
  • 30 lbs 1005 lifts Nick 25 lbs 1000 lifts
  • 15 lbs 155 lifts improve to 530 lifts Shane Lewis
    Brin, age 16
  • 150 lifts to 505 lifts- Matt
  • Female won Amanda 200 lifts 20 pounds.

Energy output of exercise
  • To understand how to calculate actual energy
    output of any exercise one has to apply
  • Newtons Law (Distance x number of reps x weight
  • 40 lbs x 425 lifts x 55 inches move weight
    distance 935,000 units of energy
  • 40 lbs 180 lifts x 55 396,000
  • 30 lifts 300 lifts x 55 495,000
  • 35 lifts 100 lifts x 55 192,500
  • 40 lbs 105 lifts x 55 231,000
  • 2,249,500 units of pure energy output

Single lift 220 lbs vs. 30 lbs x 1000 lifts x
55, Female, London 2007 oldest, youngest
Athletes Speed, Power, Recovery
  • train with Kudzu
  • Dan the Beast Severn
  • Heath Herring
  • Shonie Carter
  • Diego Sanchez
  • Amber De Luca
  • Dan Bobish
  • golf-
  • John Slawinski

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Nick Body Fat 22 yr-25 23 yr-10, 48 yr-9,
Gym/Fitness Self Assessment
  • Calendar fitness journal
  • Note exercise nutrition
  • Test your levels by lab
  • Write short term goals
  • Monitor body fat
  • Measure inches
  • Reward yourself
  • music, hiking, outings

NFL, fighter1) hydration 2) mind 3) supplement
nitrogenous 4) diet 5) Fitness 6) CVAC 7) stem
Ron Klatz, Bob Delmonteque, Jack La Lane 93 yr,
Rey Wilson, Nick
Remember the 5 Steps to optimal health
  • Power of Biochemistry-Hormones
  • Medicine, Herbs, stem cells
  • Mind-NLP, Time lines-Stress
  • Fitness-combine cardio strength
  • Very Low fat natural food Diet

Power of mind for goals by Nick Delgado
  • Write down 3 goals you have in life a paper to
    read every morning or night for 30 days before
    going to sleep or upon waking.
  1. Reduce body fat eating more vegetables, soup,
    fruit, lift weights
  2. Improve prosperity and partnerships
  3. Enjoy life, sex, quality relationship Relax body,
    mind count 100 to 90, relax 10 times more with
    each number think of goals in daily and future
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