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Root Candles Presents Safety Improvements Through Lean Manufacturing Methods


Lean Journey at Root. In September of 2008 a Lean initiative was introduced: ... Guards were added to the maintenance department's band saw. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Root Candles Presents Safety Improvements Through Lean Manufacturing Methods

Root CandlesPresentsSafety Improvements
Through Lean Manufacturing Methods
  • Steven Woods
  • August 18th, 2009

Todays Agenda
  • Lean Manufacturing Overview
  • Terms
  • Lean process
  • Lean Safety
  • Lean Manufacturing at Root
  • Need for change
  • Examples of safety corrections
  • Results
  • Incorporating Lean Safety Principles
  • Applicable situations
  • Criteria for success
  • How to start
  • Continuing to improve

Lean Manufacturing Overview
What is Lean Manufacturing?
  • Lean Manufacturing is a systematic process of
    removing all possible wastes from every aspect of
    your business.
  • Common wastes include
  • Transportation of materials
  • Inventories
  • Motion of people
  • Waiting
  • Overproducing
  • Over processing
  • Defective product

  • One of the first and most basic steps of removing
    wastes is incorporating 5S principles. The 5S
    steps are
  • Sort
  • Remove all unnecessary items or steps from a
  • Set in Order
  • Organize processes in the most efficient way
  • Shine
  • Regularly clean equipment to find maintenance
    and safety concerns
  • Standardize
  • Organize tasks or functionalities to increase
  • Sustain
  • Ensure optimum processes are maintained

  • Lean focuses on making rapid improvements with
    minimal resources. One way this is accomplished
    is through Kaizen events.
  • A Kaizen event
  • Is a rapid improvement blitz
  • Focuses on one specific area or problem
  • Is team based
  • Is short term (less than 2 weeks)
  • Sets out to accomplish predetermined goals

Kaizen Process Overview
  • Kaizen events are scheduled
  • Associates from different areas are selected to
    be on the event
  • On the first day, each team member is trained,
    including how to improve safety
  • If appropriate, a 5S implementation occurs during
    the event
  • During 5S, items are laid out in a logical, and
    safe order
  • During the event, each team member is responsible
    for finding at least one unsafe condition to
  • By the end of the event, at least 75 of the
    safety items must be corrected
  • Remaining safety items go on an action list, and
    must be addressed within 30 days
  • After the event, the team gives a presentation on
    their results
  • Area is audited once a week, including for any
    unsafe actions or conditions

Safety Goals of Lean Manufacturing
  • Through this process are trying to meet our goals
  • Zero accidents
  • Zero near misses
  • Remove all opportunities for accidents to occur
  • Engage and empower hourly employees in safety
  • 100 participation of all employees in safety
  • Ensuring operation at the highest safety
    standards at all times

What Makes Lean Safety So Effective?
  • Increases the number of people focusing on
    finding and correcting safety problems
  • Incorporates the people who know the process best
  • Most issues corrected were unknown or overlooked
    in the past
  • Allows individuals to correct issues they are
    passionate about
  • Builds credibility with all employees about the
    companys dedication to safety
  • Frees dedicated safety personnel from minutia,
    allowing them to focus on training, planning, and
    regulatory compliance

Lean Manufacturing At Root Candles
About Root Candles
  • Root Candles has two plants Medina, Ohio and San
    Antonio, Texas
  • Business has 175 employees
  • Manufactures various decorative and liturgical
  • Long tenured employee base
  • Relies heavily on temporary seasonal help
  • Common safety issues
  • Burns
  • Slips
  • Trips
  • Cuts

Lean Journey at Root
  • In September of 2008 a Lean initiative was
  • VP of Operations to serve as sponsor
  • Engineering staff to serve as Kaizen facilitators
  • A specialized program was developed to best meet
    Roots needs
  • Goal of one Kaizen every month
  • Focus on production areas first, with business
    processes to follow

Roots Results
  • Launched first Kaizen in November of 2008
  • 9 kaizen events
  • 48 different employees trained in Lean safety
  • 138 unsafe conditions corrected during kaizen
  • Every 5S area has continued to improve after the
    event, rather than regress
  • A Maintenance Request system was developed, which
    allows any employee to immediately report safety
  • Trained two additional Kaizen facilitators

Production LineElectrical Rewiring
  • Before
  • Wires/ cords everywhere
  • Trip hazard
  • Several cut and damaged wires covered in wax
  • After
  • Hard-piped air lines
  • Conduit for electrical wiring
  • No trip hazard

Maintenance Department
  • Guards were added to the maintenance department's
    band saw.
  • The old guards were bent, allowing exposure to
    the moving blade.
  • A first aid supply station was created. Inventory
    is cataloged, organized and checked weekly.
  • Having supplies in this central location allows
    quicker response in case of accidents.

Decorating Department Electrical Circuit Overload
  • At the beginning of the event, we found that we
    were constantly tripping circuits due to
  • During the event the team
  • Completed evaluation of electrical draw in area
  • Found that we were exceeding the capacity of the
    existing circuits
  • Pulled out undersized circuits
  • Rewired entire department with nine separate
    circuits to eliminate overloads

Decorating Department Aisleway Layout
  • Before
  • Blind spot in aisle
  • Using mirror to manage pedestrian access
  • Lockers accessed from heavy trafficked aisle
  • After
  • Lockers moved to new location
  • Changed aisleway location
  • Foot-traffic only
  • Safer access to locker

Mixing Department5S Implementation
We removed unnecessary items, and created
specific spots for every material. This is
checked weekly for compliance.
Mixing DepartmentRack Removal
The racking in the area was too shallow, and had
overhead clearance issues. This made skid removal
very difficult and unsafe. The racking was
Cardboard Storage Racking Dangers
  • We found numerous issues with the storage
    racking, including
  • Aisles too narrow
  • Clearance issues around duct work
  • Damaged racking
  • Overhead clearance issues due to main facility
    power supply
  • Unsatisfactory skid supports
  • Oversized items placed in racks

All racking was emptied, moved, safely
configured, and reinstalled.
5S and Stoplight Audit Forms
Incorporating Lean Safety Principles
Our organization is different than yours. Can we
use Lean Safety?
Yes! Almost any business or organization can
benefit from using Lean Manufacturing techniques.
Although most effective when incorporated as a
complete Lean system, Lean Safety can be adopted
as a stand alone module.
  • Before using this process, it needs to be stated
    that this is a large cultural change for many
  • For these tools to be effective, the following
    conditions must be met
  • Management/ ownership commitment to the process
  • Willingness to tackle tough issues head on
  • Mentality that problems found must be corrected
    immediately, not some day or when we have
  • Dogged determination to sustain the improvements
    that are made

Sounds easy. How do we start?
  • The basic outline for any Lean integration is
  • Select a Lean Sponsor or Sponsorship Committee
  • Choose a Facilitator
  • Recommended Send Sponsor and Facilitator to
    formalized training on Lean methods, tools, and
  • Build a matrix of areas or problems to address,
    what the goal should be for each one, and how
    long it will take to meet the goal
  • Set a schedule for when each event is to take
  • Choose a team that is capable of accomplishing
    the desired goal
  • Complete the event
  • Set up a method of monitoring the area or problem
    after the event

Leadership Roles
  • Sponsor or Sponsoring Committee
  • Chooses the next issues or areas that need to be
  • Selects a team facilitator
  • Provides needed resources to the facilitator
  • Ensures that results are being sustained
  • Team facilitator
  • Coordinates with sponsor to set a event goals
  • Selects team members
  • Coordinates team focus
  • Ensures event goals are met
  • Ensures monitoring of area is maintained

Team Roles
  • Team completes an initial safety audit
  • Team oversees correction of unsafe conditions
  • Team does whatever is necessary to meet the goal
  • Team puts methods in place to ensure
  • Team completes any required training that comes
    out of the event

Tools to Sustain
  • Some tools that can help sustain a Lean safety
    program are
  • Weekly audits posted in each area, as well as a
    central location
  • Reporting of weekly audit results to management/
  • Partnership with other companies to share
  • Use process as chance for team members to prove
    leadership skills

Continuing to ImproveIntegration With Existing
Safety Programs
  • A great way to continue to improve is to
    incorporate Lean safety practices into existing
    safety programs.
  • Examples of ways to maximize potential
  • Use behavior based safety program audits as
    source for issues to resolve during kaizen events
  • Safety committee members lead events
  • Design events to tie in with required OSHA safety
    training modules
  • Required safety training logs checked during 5S

Learning More
  • If your organization has an interest in learning
    more about Lean methods, Root Candles welcomes
    guests to attend our training sessions, or to
    participate in a Kaizen event.