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Joshua 20-24


Today you rebel against Jehovah and tomorrow His wrath will be upon all Israel ... To rebel against God was not in our minds when we built this altar ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Joshua 20-24

Lesson 7
  • Joshua 20-24

Inheritance for the Levites Joshua 201-2142
  • Cities of Refuge Josh 201-9
  • The next thing to do was to select cities of
    refuge for the people on the west side of the
  • These cities were to provide a temporary haven
    for anyone involved in a killing where there was
    a question
  • Even a murderer could flee there and be spared
    from the avenger of blood temporarily Deu.1911-12

Joshua 20
  • 1The LORD also spake unto Joshua, saying,  2Speak
    to the children of Israel, saying, Appoint out
    for you cities of refuge, whereof I spake unto
    you by the hand of Moses  3That the slayer that
    killeth any person unawares and unwittingly may
    flee thither and they shall be your refuge from
    the avenger of blood. 

Joshua 20
  • This is what the person had to do when he reached
    the gates of the city of refuge.
  • 4And when he that doth flee unto one of those
    cities shall stand at the entering of the gate of
    the city, and shall declare his cause in the ears
    of the elders of that city, they shall take him
    into the city unto them, and give him a place,
    that he may dwell among them. 

Inheritance for the Levites
  • This was a place of safety only until the trial
    could be held
  • If the person was found guilty he would be turned
    over to the avenger of blood. (nearest of kin to
    the victim who would slay him)
  • If the killing was found to be an accident he
    would have to remain in the city until the death
    of the high priest. Numbers 359-34
  • The cities on the west were Kedesh, Shechem, and

Kedesh in hill-country of Naphtali
Shechem in hill-country of Ephraim
Hebron in hill-country of Judah
Inheritance for the Levites
  • Cities of refuge on the East side of Jordan were
    Golan, Ramoth-gilead and Bezer
  • The cities on the East side were set aside before
    Moses died Deut. 441-43
  • With cities on both sides, there was one within
    reach of any Israelite, or foreigner living in
    Israel who accidentally killed someone and needed
    to flee for protection. Deut. 196-10
  • These cities were part of the Levite inheritance
    Numbers 356-7, Deut. 191-3

Golan in Bashan of Manasseh
Ramoth-gilead in Gad
Bezer in the plain of Ruben
Cities of the Levites Joshua 211-42
  • All the tribes now had their land
  • The heads of the tribes of Levi came to Eleazar
    and Joshua at Shiloh
  • Saying The Lord commanded by Moses to give us
    cities to live in, and fields around them.
  • The Lord commanded they get 48 cities
  • The Levites were not given a normal portion of
    land because the offerings made to the Lord were
    their inheritance Josh. 1314 144

Cities of the Levites Joshua 211-42
  • 1500 feet on each side of the city was for the
    Levites fields and cattle
  • This did not include the cities Nu. 351-5

Cities of Kohathites Joshua 214-5, 8-19,20-26
  • They received 13 cities
  • In Simeon, Judah, Benjamin
  • They are Hebron, Libnah, Debir, Beth-shemesh,
    Gibeon, Geba, Anathoth
  • Hebron was for the priest but the surrounding
    villages and fields belong to Caleb. Joshua
  • The remainder of Kohath who were not priest
    received 10 cities

Cities of Kohathites Joshua 214-5, 8-19,20-26
  • They were in Ephraim, Dan, ½ Manasseh on the west
    side of Jordan
  • These cities were Shechem, Gezer, Beth-horon,
    Eltekeh, Gibbethon, Aijalon, Taanach
  • These were all in the central portion of the land

Cities of the Gershonites Joshua 216, 27-33
  • Gershonites received 13 cities
  • In Issachar, Asher, Naphtali and ½ Manasseh in
  • The only cities well known among these is Golan
    in Bashan and Kedesh in Naphtali

Cities of the Merarites Joshua 217, 34-40
  • The Merarites received 12 cities
  • In Ruben, Gad and Zebulum
  • Better known cities were Jokneam, Bezer, and
    Ramoth-gilead, Mahanaim, Hesbon

Summary of the Cities of the Levites Joshua
2141-42 The Levites received a total of 48
cities which included the cities of refuge and
the fields surrounding for them to keep livestock
Trans-Jordanic Tribes return home Joshua 22 1-34
  • Joshua calls all the men from the east side of
    Jordan to him
  • You have kept everything Moses commanded
  • You have followed all my orders
  • You have not abandoned your brothers in war
  • It is time for you to go back to your land and
    families to the land Moses gave you
  • Hold fast to the Lord and serve Him with all
    your heart and soul

Trans-Jordanic Tribes return home Joshua 22 1-34
  • Joshua blessed them and sent them away
  • These men were returning home with much wealth
    from spoils of war such as silver, gold,
    livestock, clothes, bronze, iron
  • Joshua instructed them to share with your
    brothers who stayed behind to care for your
    families while your were gone Num. 3216-27
  • So the fighting men from Ruben, Gad and ½ tribe
    of Manasseh left Shiloh and returned to the land
    of Gilead to their possession.

Trans-Jordanic Tribes return home Joshua 22 1-34
  • Remember that only 40,000 of the soldiers of the
    Trans-Jordanic tribes had crossed the Jordan to
    fight. Josh. 412-13
  • Ruben and Gad together had over 80 thousand men
    of war Num. 26
  • ½ Manasseh had about 25,000 who went
  • So 60-65,000 men from East of Jordan did not help
    take the promised land
  • Those men who stayed to protect the families did
    not have opportunity to gain all the wealth and
    spoils of war, thus Joshua said share

Trans-Jordanic Tribes return home Joshua 22 1-34
  • Reaching the Jordan River the men decided to
    build a large altar
  • The tribes on the West side heard of them
    building and altar and reported it to Joshua
  • Many men of war from the West side gathered at
    Shiloh to go to war against them
  • Before going to war they sent Phinehas, the son
    of Eleazar the high priest with 10 princes to
    inquire about the altar

(No Transcript)
Trans-Jordanic Tribes return home Joshua 22 1-34
  • What do you mean by building an altar this is
  • Do you not remember the trespass against God at
    Peor? Num. 25
  • We have not cleansed ourselves of that
    transgression to this day
  • Today you rebel against Jehovah and tomorrow His
    wrath will be upon all Israel
  • If the land is unclean then come over and take a
    possession on the West side

Trans-Jordanic Tribes return home Joshua 22 1-34
  • Remember the sin of Achan and how all Israel
    suffered from the wrath of God
  • The men from the East side answered The Mighty
    One God, Jehovah, He knows!
  • If this is in rebellion we have built this altar
  • Let God exact the penalty against us if we have
    built this for contentious purposes.
  • In time to come your descendants may say to our
    descendants, You have nothing to do with
    Jehovah, the God of Israel, you are no part of
    Israel and not of the promised land.

Trans-Jordanic Tribes return home Joshua 22 1-34
  • We thought we would build an altar not for burnt
    offerings but as a witness between us from now
  • If question arises then our children can say that
    this altar is built after the pattern of the
    Lords altar to be a witness that we do have a
    part in the worship of Jehovah.
  • To rebel against God was not in our minds when we
    built this altar

Trans-Jordanic Tribes return home Joshua 22 1-34
  • When Phinehas and the princes heard the response
    from the men on the East side they were pleased
  • Today we know that Jehovah is in our midst,
    because you have not sinned against Jehovah by
    doing this deed for the right purpose you have
    delivered our hand of the Lord.
  • They returned to the West side and delivered a
    report and all were pleased
  • The monument was called Ed meaning witness

Land of Promise fulfilled Joshua 2143- cp 2433
  • God made a promise to Abraham in Gen. 127
  • The promise was he would give this land to
    Abrams descendants
  • God gave unto Israel all the land which he swore
    to give to their fathers Josh. 2143
  • They now have possessed the land and dwelt in it.
  • The Lord gave them rest from their warfare
  • There was not a man of all their enemies who
    could stand against them
  • Josh. 2145There failed not ought of any good
    thing which the LORD had spoken unto the house of
    Israel all came to pass.
  • See Numbers 341-15 Deut. 198-9

Joshuas Charge to the leaders of Israel Josh.
  • After a long time, when Jehovah had given Israel
    rest from her enemies, Joshua calls the leaders
    of the tribes to him.
  • I am old and advanced in years
  • You have seen all that Jehovah has done to your
  • He fought for you and gave you this land
  • Each of the tribes have their inheritance some of
    the land must still be conquered so finish your
    task to drive out other nations

Joshuas Charge to the leaders of Israel Josh.
  • You must be courageous to do all that God has
    spoken in the law.
  • Do not turn aside from it at all
  • Do not go among these nations or have anything to
    do with them or their gods
  • God has driven out strong nations before you
  • He will continue to help you if you follow him
    and love him above all else
  • Do not intermarry with these nations, if you do
    Jehovah will no longer drive out your enemies

Joshuas Charge to the leaders of Israel Josh.
  • These nations will become a snare to you until
    you have perished off this good land
  • Joshua said, I am today going the way of all the
  • Not one thing has failed to come to pass that God
    has promised
  • Evil will come upon you if you forsake the Lord
    and serve other gods

Joshuas parting charge to Israel Joshua 241-28
  • Your ancestors lived beyond the River Euphrates
  • They served other gods
  • God called Abraham and brought him into this land
    of Canaan he multiplied his descendants on this
  • He also gave Esau a land for his possession
  • Jacob and family went to Egypt
  • God brought you up out after many years

Joshuas Charge to the leaders of Israel Josh.
  • You came to the Red Sea and the Lord opened up
    the sea and you crossed on dry land
  • God destroyed the Egyptians as they crossed
  • You have seen what He did in Egypt and for you as
    you dwelt in the wilderness
  • He brought you to the land of the Amorites
  • You fought them and He delivered them to you
  • Balak rose up and fought you using Balaam the son
    of Beor to curse you- God would not listen

Joshuas Charge to the leaders of Israel Josh.
  • God blessed you instead of cursing you
  • You crossed over Jordan and came to Jericho
  • You saw the hand of Jehovah deliver them into
    your hands
  • Jehovah also has given the land of Canaan into
    your hand as an inheritance
  • He gave you land you had not worked and cities
    you did not build and vineyards and olive-yards
    you did not plant

Joshuas Charge to the leaders of Israel Josh.
  • Now therefore fear the Lord and serve him
    sincerely and genuinely
  • Turn away from the gods which your fathers served
    in Mesopotamia and Egypt
  • Serve Jehovah
  • You make the choice whom you will serve the gods
    of your ancestors, the land where you are now or
    of the Amorites.
  • Me and my house, we will serve the Jehovah

Joshuas Charge to the leaders of Israel Josh.
  • The people answered It would be unthinkable to
    us to serve any other god because it was Jehovah
    who brought us here
  • You cannot serve the Lord because he is a jealous
    God and will not put up with your transgressions
  • If you forsake Him to follow other gods He will
    destroy you
  • Their reply was we will serve the Lord
  • Now put away your foreign gods and serve Him
  • Covenant made with the people

Death of Joshua Joshua 2429-31
  • Joshua died at the age of 110 years
  • They buried him in Timnath-serah in the
    hill-country of Ephraim
  • Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua and
    all the days of the elders after Joshua that had
    known the mighty works Jehovah did for Israel

Bones of Joseph buried Joshua 2432-33
  • The bones of Joseph which Israel had brought out
    of Egypt were buried which was requested by
    Joseph in Egypt Gen. 5025 Ex. 1319
  • They were buried in Shechem in the parcel of
    ground Jacob had brought from the sons of Hamor
    for a 100 pieces of money (this was in Manassehs

Joseph bones buried
Eleazar Dies Joshua 2433
  • Eleazar the son of Aaron died and they buried him
    in the hill of Phinehas
  • This was in the hill-country of Ephraim

End of Lesson