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The Smoking Ban


In 2001 City Councilman Michael Nutter introduced a smoking ban that would ban ... Four years later, Michael is now introducing a stricter proposal. This ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Smoking Ban

The Smoking Ban
  • By Aleisha Lloyd
  • Jamal Atif
  • Shalanda McCurdy

Table of Contents
  • Background
  • Why
  • Questions
  • Supporters
  • Non-Supporters
  • Second-hand Smoke
  • Avoiding Second-Hand Smoke
  • Our Views
  • Conclusion

  • In 2001 City Councilman Michael Nutter introduced
    a smoking ban that would ban smoking I restaurant
    and other public places. Four years later,
    Michael is now introducing a stricter proposal.
    This proposal includes bars. This ban can affect
    Philadelphia bars and many other workplaces.

  • It can put a decrease in the amount of deaths
    related to second-hand smoke
  • Second-hand smoke has an estimated amount of
    38,000 deaths in Philadelphia.
  • If restaurant owners cant protect their
    non-smoking customers from second-hand smoke then
    it is up to the government to do so.- A.J.S.

Questions to be Answered
  • How many people on the City Council support the
    Smoking Ban?
  • Do you contact public facilities for their
    opinion on the ban?
  • Are you concerned about the increase in violence
    due to the ban being proposed?
  • Will businesses be affected because of the
    smoking ban?


Councilmembers Quotes
  • "We have the power to change lives. We have the
    power to save lives... . That is what this is
    about." MN
  •  "It penalizes one group of Philadelphians to
    help another, and that's against my philosophy."
  • "Everyone has rights here - smokers, nonsmokers,
    workers, businesspeople... .." RM
  •  "People don't say to their families, 'I'm going
    down to Joe's bar to get a smoke.'... People
    will step outside at their corner bar." BO
  •  "There's no doubt smoking is a very, very nasty
    and dirty habit. But we're always targeting
    Philadelphia businesses... . We are trying to
    dictate the type of customers that can go into
    their establishments." JK
  •  "I think it's time to stop being so kind and
    polite to smokers. They have the right, if they
    want to pursue their habit, to kill themselves.
    We're not saying they have to quit smoking. But
    what we are saying is that you have no right to
    go out and pollute the air in restaurants and
    pubs." DC

Cities, States Countries who Ban Smoking
  • Boston Ireland
  • New York City Italy
  • California Spain
  • Dallas Cuba

Second-Hand Smoke
  • Secondhand smoke is a combination of two types
    of smoke, side stream and mainstream smoke.
    Mainstream smoke is the smoke exhaled by a person
    who is smoking. Mainstream cigarette smoke is a
    mixture of over 4,000 chemicals, 40 of which
    cause cancer in humans. Side stream smoke is the
    smoke from the end of a burning cigarette.

How to avoid second-hand smoke
  • Steps to Avoid Secondhand Smoke
  • Keep your home and car free from secondhand
    smoke. Have guests and family members smoke
  • Never allow anyone to smoke in your bedroom.
  • Sit in non-smoking sections of public areas
    (restaurants, airports, shopping malls, etc.)
  • Visit restaurants and shopping centers that are
  • If family members smoke, ask them to think about

Best Alternative
  • Non Smoking Everywhere except bars
  • Pros
  • Bar owners keep business
  • Saves people from risk of 2nd hand smoke
  • Haven for smokers
  • Cons
  • Owners might lose business
  • Might lead to more violence
  • Not everyone go to bars

Second and Third Alternative
  • Smoking ban at certain times.
  • Pros- Limit second hand smoking deaths, No
    violation of citizens due right, and less
  • Con- Some business might lose business, might
    violate rights, and might not limit deaths.
  • Report information to City Council
  • Pros- The council will hear us out, vote for the
    ban, and the council will hear out business
  • Cons- The council will brush it off, there is not
    enough support, and loss of profits for

Our Views
  • Smoking is a very bad habit. Sometimes people
    dont realize how smoke coming from their
    cigarette may affect someone near by. If smokers
    would give non-smokers enough respect to not
    smoke around them then we think that the problem
    would be solved. That is not possible. Because of
    this we strongly agree with the smoking ban being

  • If you or a family member smokes, talk to your
    doctor or nurse about quitting. Quit smoking
    medicines are available and can approximately
    double a person's chance of quitting.
  • There are many different programs to help people
    quit smoking. Also, contact your local chapter of
    the following organizations American Lung
    Association, the American Cancer Society and the
    American Heart Association.
  • Its difficult but it can be done!

Further Research
  • Mail Letters to 3 council members who support the
  • Hopefully we will hear from them soon.
  • Tracking proposal via internet and media.

  • Thank You!!!
  • And Remember....
  • Not to Smoke