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What is the Connection between a Science of Mind, Awakening Consciousness and Quantum Physics


Ernest Holmes says of the Science of Mind 'Our idea of the ego is different from ... phenomena of non-locality, the zero point energy field and the quantum hologram. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: What is the Connection between a Science of Mind, Awakening Consciousness and Quantum Physics

What is the Connection between a Science of Mind,
Awakening Consciousness and Quantum Physics?
What isThe Science of Mind Over Matter?
What is consciousness?
What is higher consciousness?
What is The Ego?Ernest Holmes says of the
Science of Mind Our idea of the ego is different
from the average concept held by psychologists,
particularly the materialistic one which holds
that the ego is the reservoir of instinctive
impulses dominated by the pleasure principle, as
it comes in contact with the external world
through the senses and becomes imbued with
consciousness.They believe that the ego is
not a spiritual reality, but is something
acquired.  They are partly right, in that the ego
which shows is a result of our experience.  This
is why the ego ideal is a standard of perfection
formed in childhood through self-identification
with persons who are admired.They have
another theory of an alter ego, which is
developed out of a need for self-expression
derived from the whole human race.Without
denying or seeking to minimize the psychological
concept of the ego, we have something to add to
it.  We believe that there is a real Spiritual
Ego back of the psychological one.  The
psychological ego acquired in living is a
projection of the Real Ego and what we experience
in life.There is an Ego, or an I Myself,
which was not created by experience but only
expressed through it.  There is a real and
dynamic Spiritual Ego.  If there were not, the
psychological ego could never have functioned.
This Real Ego the Bible calls the Christ in us,
the Hope of Glory.  At the center of every man's
life the impersonal becomes personal the generic
becomes individualized.  The Universe or God is
incarnated in each individual in an entirely
different and unique manner.  This is the hidden
Source of Life, the place where Christ in us
blends on one side with the Divine, and on the
other side with the individual.  This is why the
Bible tells us there is but one mediator between
God and man, which is Christ.The reference to
Christ is not a reference to the man Jesus but to
the Divine Incarnation in all people.  It is
through this Divine Ego that we reach back to the
Universal Wholeness of which this Ego is a part. 
It was not created as our psychological ego or
our alter ego or our ego ideal is created.  It
was not created by experience.  It is that which
produces experience.We go along with the
psychological concept and accept all the
discoveries that have been made, but we cannot
accept the Ego as something we ourselves
created.  This would be contrary to our concept
of life.If you read the Book of Job in the
Old Testament, you will discover that is exactly
what he did.  He thought he had an ego separate
from the Thing Itself, and the narrative states
that he got into all kinds of trouble because of
this.  He was on his own and finally ended up in
sackcloth and ashes, and his wife told him that
he might as well curse God and die.
What is the Concept of Higher Consciousness?The
concept of higher consciousness rests on the
belief that the average, ordinary human being is
only partially conscious due to the influence of
inferior impulses and preoccupations. As a
result, most humans are considered to be asleep
(to reality) as they go about their daily
Is Ordinary Consciousness Projection?In the
spiritual traditions of India, consciousness is
understood to be obscured by defilements which
are compared to clouds covering the sun. These
defilements are the result of conditioning
(Sktsamskara), accumulations in the unconscious
caused by past actions (karma) . As a result,
what any individual perceives as reality is a
picture of the world at one particular moment
filtered through his unconscious conditioning a
reality that western psychology calls
projection (i.e., of the contents of the
What is The Spiritual Path?The path of
cultivating consciousness requires the adoption
of certain self-imposed rules or vows. These are
generally concerned with exercising restraint
with respect to actions of body, speech and mind.
Examples include the five precepts of Buddhism.
The effect of this restraint is to begin to
contain energy and prevent unskillful actions
that cause ongoing harm. Over time changes in the
moral disposition of the aspirant are accompanied
by physiological changes in the brain and nervous
system opening up the energy channels (nadis or
meridians) present in the subtle bodies which are
thereby activated.
What is Consciousness Spiritual
Approaches?Spiritual approaches to
consciousness involve the idea of altered states
of consciousness or religious experience. Changes
in the state of consciousness or a religious
experience can occur spontaneously or as a result
of religious observance. It is also maintained by
some religions, religious factions and some
scientists that the universe itself is
In shamanic practices, changes in states of
consciousness are induced by activities that
create trance states, such as drumming, dancing,
fasting, sensory deprivation etc. The experience
that occurs is interpreted as entering a real,
but parallel, world. In many polytheistic
religions a change in emotional state is often
attributed to the action of a god for instance
love was ruled by Aphrodite and Eros in Ancient
Greek polytheism. In Hinduism the change in
state is induced by the practice of yoga. Yoga
means "union" and is intended to produce a state
of oneness between the practitioner and the
divine. In Islam and Christianity, the change of
state can occur as a result of prayer or as a
religious experience.
The change in state of consciousness in Hinduism,
Buddhism, New Thought, Christianity and Islam is
reported to be quite similar. The pursuit of
yoga and the Buddhist Jhanas involve feelings of
oneness with the world that give rise to a state
of rapture.
Meditation is used in some forms of yoga such as
Raja Yoga, Hatha yoga, Transcendental Meditation
(TM), the Buddhist Jhanas, in the practices of
Christian monks and Islamic scholars such as
Sufis. Meditation can have a calming influence
on practitioners, as well as changing the state
of consciousness.
What is awakening?Higher consciousness is a
state of awareness that provides a medium in
which profound insight (sometimes called
awakening) can occur. Some of the early
research on higher consciousness focused on the
paranormal. While it is true that paranormal
phenomena can occur in these states, the
phenomena is essentially a distraction. A primary
objective of higher states is to use the
heightened awareness for ones personal
evolution. This is referred to in Twelve Step
recovery as the Spiritual Awakening process,
and is the basis and goal of that philosophy.
What is Metaphysics?Metaphysics deals mainly
with the programming of our mind, putting the
right thoughts there, having a definite and
specific intention. (It is like programming the
computer). Ernest Holmes, who founded Religious
Science and wrote The Science of Mind, was really
good at this.
What is Mysticism?Mysticism, on the other hand,
is not about thought. (Its about turning the
computer on.) It is an experience. It has to do
with consciously and personally experiencing
yourself as the presence of God. Its no good to
say, I and my Father are one or God is within
me if we dont experience it. But if we dont
have the knowledge of that principle, which is
where metaphysics comes in, then theres nothing
to experience.
Joel Goldsmith, as a mystic, taught that the mind
is an instrument of spiritual awareness whereas
metaphysics views the mind as the means by which
we direct thought in order to attract material
things or heal an imperfect condition.Joel
Goldsmith was really advanced in this. Holmes
was a mystic too.
What is the value of metaphysics?The value of
metaphysics is its practical use in demonstrating
things or experiences. Mysticism also has a
practical usefulness.Its co-creation. Lets
think about the contribution of quantum
mechanics. Everything is consciousness
manifesting in form.
If we want to change the form, then we change the
consciousness by establishing in our mind. Joel
Goldsmith would not say to have a definite
idea...he would say to establish the principle
we want to manifest, a definite idea of the form
we want to manifest. However, thinking goes
only so far?it only provides an outline. If we
dont have the energy of conscious creation, the
form does not come to life. So both the
metaphysical work and the mystical consciousness
are equally important. Human beings have the
power of energization. Our mind is working from
the time we wake up in the morning until we go to
bed at night.
Theres no God sitting on a cloud out there
running our lives. Self-fulfilling prophecy is
creating our life for us. Thats why mystics, who
say to forget everything in the world and just
experience the presence, are leaving out a vital
part of spiritual living. We may be attuned to
the presence but if we allow our thoughts to go
random, what we create in our life is going to
reflect confusion. When were clear in our
thoughts and motives, and we remain attuned to
the infinite presence, then the idea that we want
to manifest is energized into experience.
What is the value of Mysticism?Mysticism means
that you can go within and contact or realize
universal truth, the spirit. If we want to be
creative in the outer world, we have to go within
and realize that connection, that oneness.
(Then we must go out and do) It is the only way
we can be truly creative. This is a new day.
We have to close the gap (that) we have
believed exists between the human and the
divine?and were going to do it, because science
has proved to us that if we dont do it were
going to destroy the planet. The way to turn this
around is to individually experience ourselves as
the divine presence. Thats mysticism. It means
to experience the presence and then go out and be
that presence. Were seeing this happening. For
example, people are taking responsibility for the
environment because theyre concerned about the
welfare of the planet. This is their way of being
the presence.
What is Oneness?
Promise Yourself To be so strong that nothing
can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health,
happiness, and prosperity to every person you
meet. To make all your friends feel that there
is something worthwhile in them. To look at the
sunny side of everything and make your optimism
come true. To think only of the best, to work
only for the best and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of
others as you are about your own. To forget the
mistakes of the past and press on to the greater
achievements of the future. To wear a cheerful
expression at all times and give a smile to every
living creature you meet. To give so much time
to improving yourself that you have no time to
criticize others. To be too large for worry, too
noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too
happy to permit the presence of trouble. To
think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact
to the world, not in loud word, but in great
deeds. To live in the faith that the whole world
is on your side, so long as you are true to the
best that is in you.
What is the scientific basis for these claims?
A host of observed, but very basic human
phenomena, including consciousness itself, have
eluded rigorous scientific description by all
disciplines of science. This is true, not
because of insufficient evidence for a particular
phenomenon's existence, but rather for lack of a
theoretical construct, which could fit within the
prevailing paradigms of science.
The missing concepts that prevented the earliest
investigators of consciousness from succeeding in
their quest were 1) a generalized theory of
information, and 2) quantum science itself, with
the associated phenomena of non-locality, the
zero point energy field and the quantum hologram.
These associated phenomena are still not well
understood but are sufficiently validated today
by both theory and experiment to provide a basis
for postulating a necessary condition for the
existence of consciousness phenomena, as
experienced in the observable four dimensional
space/time universe.
A third concept, chaos theory, is also necessary
to understand the nonlinear evolutionary
processes that caused consciousness to evolve
toward the anthropic consciousness experienced by
humans. In particular, chaos theory maps far
from equilibrium systems and demonstrates the
irreversibility of nonlinear processes and thus
the irreversibility of time in the macro-scale
Where is Non-Locality in Nature? There is
experimental evidence to strongly suggest that
simple organisms perceive and respond to
information non-locally as well.
What is the difference between Attention and
Intention?A powerful and telling series of
experiments conducted at University of Nevada at
Las Vegas following a decade long set of equally
significant experiments provide insight as to
the subtleties involved in this level of
mind/brain functioning...with overwhelming
evidence that subjects could intentionally
produce statistically skewed results in
mechanical processes normally thought to be
driven by random processes.
Quantum physics may support the concept that the
mind creates reality. Interpretations of
quantum mechanics, the revolutionary theory
developed early in the 20th century to account
for the anomalous behavior of light and atoms,
are being understood to indicate that thoughts
are creative, and that the physical universe is
the product of God or Mind to which the human
mind is linked throughout space and time. This
interpretation has provided a basis for various
What is Mind and What is Matter?Mind and Matter
are Two Sides of the Same Coin. "The Quantum
Mechanics (and also the Theory of Relativity)
show us that the belief in objective perception
and definition of the physicalreality has lost
its basis. The efforts to illustrate the
fundamental constituents of the physical world
objectively, have ended until now with
undisputable and indispensable necessity of
subjective interference. The mind and matter
have became mutually interdependent.
Some quotes from Einstein"When forced to
summarize the general theory of relativity in one
sentence Time and space and gravitation have no
separate existence from matter.""From the
latest results of the theory of relativity it is
probable that our three dimensional space is also
approximately spherical, that is, that the laws
of disposition of rigid bodies in it are not
givenby Euclidean geometry, but approximately by
spherical geometry."(Einstein, 1954)
"Physical objects are not in space, but these
objects are spatially extended. In this way the
concept 'empty space' loses its meaning. The
field thus becomes an irreducible element of
physical description, irreducible in the same
sense as the concept of matter (particles) in the
theory of Newton." (Albert Einstein, 1954)?
What is Quantum Theory?Quantum theory is
generally regarded as one of the most successful
scientific theories ever formulated. But while
the mathematical description of the quantum world
allows the probabilities of experimental results
to be calculated with a high degree of accuracy,
there is no consensus on what it means in
conceptual terms.
The theory is speculative. The principles of
structural coherence and organizational
invariance will be planks in any satisfactory
theory of consciousness the status of the
double-aspect theory of information is less
certain. Right now it is more of an idea than a
theory. Most existing theories of
consciousness either deny the phenomenon, explain
something else, or elevate the problem to an
eternal mystery. It is possible to make progress
on the problem even while taking it seriously.
To make further progress, we will need further
investigation, more refined theories, and more
careful analysis. The hard problem is a hard
problem, but there is no reason to believe that
it will remain permanently unsolved. The
arguments are presented in greater depth in the
book The Conscious Mind.
Wave particle TheoryNon localityOrganizational
InvarianceStructural CoherenceDouble Aspect
TheoryIsomorphismTemporarily Extended Neural
ActivityNon Empirical ConstraintsNaturalistic
DualismNon-Reductive TheoryNeurobiological
Theory of ConsciousnessCollapse of Wave
FunctionsMorphic ResonanceCausal Transmission
MechanismHard or Soft DeterminismSpherical
Standing WavesStructure of MatterQuantum
According to Walter Starke our next step is to
reverse the priority. We need to (primarily)
approach life subjectively rather than
objectively. In other words if we want peace,
then we think how to get it?for example, by
building hospitals and schools?instead of
thinking that we (can) get it by dropping bombs.
The latter approach is taking the objective way,
and weve seen that it doesnt work. Its a most
exciting time now. Theres a shift going on in
all of humanity. Were ending thousands of years
of the human (objective) approach to life. The
metaphysical movement is so important, because it
has the seeds of how we can make this
transformation?through the use of the mind and
the spirit.
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