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Jimmy Carter


Appointed more women & minorities to his staff than previous presidents ... Three Mile Island, Harrisburg, PA. Meltdown of reactor core leaked radiation ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter
  • 25.5

  • Carter, former Georgia governor defeated the
    incumbent Ford in 1976
  • Current office holder

Carters Presidency
  • No previous national political experience
  • Appointed more women minorities to his staff
    than previous presidents
  • 12 Women, 12 African American, 4 Hispanic

  • Washington outsider
  • White House staff other advisors were
    southerners w/o national experience
  • Little sense of the importance to work w/
  • Couldnt get much passed

Carters Domestic Policies
  • Economic Issues
  • Attempted deficit spending
  • As the deficit grew the FED (Federal Reserve
    Board) increased the money supply Inflation
  • Cut back social programs to reduce spending

  • Deregulation
  • Reduction or removal of government controls in
    several industries
  • Believed govt hurt competition and increased
    consumer costs
  • Removed price controls (oil, natural gas)
    regulation on the RR, trucking, and airlines

  • Energy Issues
  • Created a new Cabinet dept. (Dept. of Energy)
  • Coordinated the federal programs promoting
    conservation and researching new energy sources
  • Conservation is the moral equivalent of war

  • National Energy Act (78)
  • Tax sales of inefficient, gas-guzzling, cars
  • Convert new utilities to fuels other than oil or
    natural gas

  • Deregulate prices for domestic oil natural gas
  • Provide tax credits or loans to homeowners for
    using solar energy and improving the insulation
    in their homes
  • Fund research for alternative energy sources such
    as solar energy and synthetic fuels

  • Nuclear power as an alternative
  • Questions around costs and safety
  • Three Mile Island, Harrisburg, PA
  • Meltdown of reactor core leaked radiation
  • People fled their homes

  • Civil Rights Issues
  • Granted amnesty to those who avoided the draft
    during Vietnam
  • A general pardon

  • Regents of the U. of Cal. v. Bakke
  • Under affirmative action program the medical
    school of UC-Davis reserved 16 of 100 slots in
    each class for disadvantaged students
  • Policy that gives special consideration to women
    and members of minority groups to make up for
    past discrimination
  • Bakke (white) was not accepted, claimed
    discrimination (violation 14th amend.)
  • Sup. Ct. required Bakkes admission but did not
    overturn affirmative action, handle it

Carters Foreign Policy
  • Support for human rights the cornerstone policy
  • Camp David Accords
  • 1978 agreement b/w Israel Egypt that made a
    peace treaty b/w the two nations
  • Israel pulls out of Sinai penninsula, Egypt
    recognizes Israels existence as a nation

  • Soviet-American Relations
  • Carter angered Soviets w/ his stand on civil
  • Carter supported Soviet dissidents
  • Writers and other activists who criticized the
    actions of their government
  • Soviet citizens denied the right to speak freely
    or criticize political leaders

  • Soviets invaded Afghanistan to bolster a
    Soviet-supported govt
  • Carter halted American shipments to USSR
  • Boycotted 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow (60 other
    nations also)
  • They came to Lake Placid, NY for Winter Games

  • Iran Hostage Crisis
  • Revolution in 79 left Iran w/ anti-Western,
    strict Islamic govt
  • Fleeing king came to US Iran demanded his
    return US didnt comply
  • Iran raided American Embassy

  • Prisoners blindfolded, tied-up, and beaten
  • Attempted commando rescue failed
  • King died and Iran released the prisoners
    following Ronald Reagans election win (1980)
  • Prisoners only allowed to return on Reagans 1st
    day of office
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