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Mountain View Community Hospital


Be able to store and retrieve all important information. Project Exercise #1 ... Providing medical records on patients, will show doctors relevant information ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mountain View Community Hospital

Mountain View Community Hospital
  • Case Study
  • Group 1
  • Michael Shumate
  • Sheena Clark
  • Tommy Rohlfing
  • Phil Amuzu

Mountain View Community Hospital
  • We will be discussing a case study at the end of
    each chapter of our text book Modern Database
    Management. The case study involves a hospital
    which is known as Mountain View Community
    Hospital, or MVCH for short. In this case study
    we will be looking at the hospitals database
    system and how improvements can be made.

MVCH continued
  • MVCH is a non-profit, short-term, acute care
    general hospital. It is a small hospital with
    about 150 beds at the present time. The basic
    goal is to provide high-quality health care in
    the surrounding area, while at the same time
    containing costs that have been rising in
    accordance with national trends in recent years.

MVCH continued
  • MVCHs computer applications support several
    things, some of which include patient care
    administration, clinical services, financial
    management , and administrative services. Most of
    these have been purchased through outside
    vendors, but have been developed internally. Most
    of the databases and applications are

Project Question 1
  • What are some of the important benefits that MVCH
    should seek in using databases?

Project Question 1
  • MVCH should seek the following benefits of a
  • Be able to develop the database faster.
  • Also to enforce certain standards and cut down on
    minimal data redundancies.
  • Higher quality data that is faster and easier to
  • Be able to store and retrieve all important

Project Exercise 1
  • Billed for Bi
    lled to

Michaels Question
  • How can the benefits that MVCH are seeking (using
    databases) be beneficial for their hospital?

Project Question 3
  • In our study, Mountain View Community Hospital is
    using relational database technology. Although
    this technology is appropriate for structured
    data such as patient or accounting data, it is
    less well suited to complex data such as
    graphical data and images.

  • What types of data are used by a hospital that
    fit in the complex data category?
  • Documents (admission forms, physician referrals,
  • Medical Scans (MRI, X-ray, etc.)
  • Unstructured Text (doctors orders, doctors
    notes, etc.)
  • Test Results (electrocardiograms, ultrasounds,
  • Clinical Test Data (blood test, etc.)

  • What type of Database technology might be better
    suited to these data types than relational?
  • An object-relational database management system
    would be better for MVCH since it deals with more
    complex data including graphics, sound, images,
    and video.

Project Question 4
  • How are the data in the PATIENT and PATIENT
    CHARGES table related?(How can a user find the
    relevant charges for a particular patient?)

Answer to Project Question 4
  • The PATIENT and PATIENT CHARGES tables are tied
    together by the Patient_Number attribute in
    common so you can pull the charges for a
    particular patient by using the patients number.
  • (You will see an example shortly)

Project Exercise 3
  • An important database view for the hospital is
    the Patient Bill.
  • Fill in the missing data in this view, using
    the data from Figure 1 on page 33.

Patient Bill
Patient Bill
Tommys Question
Using Figure 1 on Page 33, find the total
amount of charges due for Annette Larreau.
Project Question Two
  • What are some of the costs and risks of using
    databases that the hospital must manage

Project Answers Two
  • New, specialized personnel. This will include
    database designers, database administrators, and
    other skills that are in short supply in a tight
    job market.
  • Installation and management cost and
    complexity. This may include installing a new
    DBMS as well as hardware and operating system
  • Conversion to the new system will be extra
    expense. These are primarily the costs of
    converting older applications to database
    environment. Alternatively., the hospital may
    choose to purchase new system from a vendor.
  • Need for explicit backup and recovery. These are
    the system cost associated with backup and
    recovery procedures.
  • Organization conflict. The hospital must
    anticipate the cost of data definitions,
    ownership, and maintenance.

Project Exercise Two
  • Create a metadata chart( see table 1.1, pg 6 of
    text) for data attribution in the PATIENT and
  • Use at least those columns shown in the table
    1.1, but you may include other metadata
    characteristics that you think are appropriate
    for the management of data at MVCH.

Metadata Chart
Phils Question
  • Out of the four database applications activities
    listed below and in the chapter (create, read,
    update and delete) which one(s) would be
    considered useful for the everyday activity of

Project Question 5
  • What are some ways the hospital could use the

Project Question 5 Answer
  • Improved customer information and service
  • Use Intranet to provide faster and more efficient
    processing or access to information
  • Universal access for hospital personnel
  • Extranet for insurance companies to do third

Project Exercise 5
  • How would a well-managed database help the
    hospital achieve its mission? Give examples of
    how the use of databases in the hospital might
    improve health care quality or contain costs.

Project Exercise 5 Answer
  • Developing records of treatment programs, will
    show which programs are the most effective
  • Tracking cost that are operating, will show which
    costs are rising above the average.
  • Providing information to keep track of how long a
    patient stays, will give hospital cost per day
  • Providing medical records on patients, will show
    doctors relevant information and could be changed
    if necessary

Sheenas Question
  • How could MVCH incorporate use of the Internet
    into everyday operations?
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