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Stem Cell ResearchCloning: Status and Ethics


A cell that has the ability to continuously divide and ... The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology 'Human development begins at fertilization... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Stem Cell ResearchCloning: Status and Ethics

  • Stem Cell Research/Cloning Status and Ethics
  • Research
  • Evidence for God from Science by Rich Beem
  • U.S. Representative Dr. Dave Weldon
    Washington D.C. Staff
  • Various news organizations
  • Various medical organizations

  • Stem Cell Research
  • Can we
  • vs
  • Should we

Source AP
  • American Perspective
  • Use federal funds for embryo stem cell research
  • Support 60
  • Oppose 36 (ABC News Poll 8/3/01)

Source AP
  • Stem Cell Definition
  • A cell that has the ability to continuously
    divide and differentiate (develop) into various
    other kind(s) of cells/tissues

  • Early Stages of Embryogenesis
Derivation and Use of
Embryonic Stem Cell Lines
  • History of Human Stem Cell Research
  • In 1998, James Thomson (University of
    Wisconsin-Madison) isolated cells from the inner
    cell mass of the early embryo, and developed the
    first human embryonic stem cell lines.
  • Stem cell "lines" - Cells pulled from the embryo
    and placed in a controlled environment.

  • Possible Uses of Stem Cell Technology
  • Replaceable tissues in organs
  • Repair defective cells
  • Deliver genetic therapies
  • Deliver chemotherapy agents

  • Challenges to Stem Cell/Cloning Research
  • Danger of tumors
  • Body rejection of new cells
  • Genetic instability
  • No evidence embryonic stem cells will work

  • Nancy Reagan and Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  • 1. Nancy Reagan is pushing embryonic stem cell
    research (NBC News 5/9/04)
  • 2. Alzheimer's disease is least likely to
    benefit from stem cell research (Washington Post
  • 3. Ron Regan admitted this before his speech at
    the Democratic Convention
  • (MSNBC News - 7/28/04)

Courtesy National First Lady Library
AP Photo
  • Adult Stem Cells
  • All of us have stem cells constantly at
    work in our bodies
  • Some are able to develop into many
    different types of tissue
  • (21st Century Science and Technology Magazine)

Bone Marrow Pluripotent Stem cells
Adult Stem Cell "Success?"
"The surgery involves removing cells from the
roof of the nasal cavity transplanted into the
injured area of the spinal cord. These
transplanted cells seem to be able to transform
into nerve cells that help repair the spinal cord
injury." Surgery pioneer Dr. Carlos Lima
(Portugal) Dr. Jean D. Peduzzi-Nelson, UAB
conducting studies with Lima in the U.S.
(Courtesy - Web MD)
Susan Rebecca Fajt Paralysis patient treated
With her own stem cells
  • Adult Stem Cell Possibilities
  • The fact is that adult stem cells
    have already been used successfully in over
    45 clinical trials to treat humans. They
    arent susceptible to tumor formation and
    avoid immune rejection. Indeed, adult stem
    cells have already been used to treat
    cancers, restore vision to patients who
    were legally blind, and treat multiple
  • (Courtesy - Dave Weldon/U.S House

Dr. Dave Weldon U.S. Representative Florida
  • Moral and Ethical Considerations of Stem Cell
  • Adult stem cells
  • Embryonic stem cells
  • 1. Embryo must be destroyed
  • 2. When does human life/personhood begin?

  • Right to Life
  • The Declaration of Independence of the United
    States guarantees "certain unalienable Rights,
    that among those are Life, Liberty and the
    pursuit of happiness"

When Does Human Life Begin?
The Developing Human Clinically Oriented
Embryology"Human development begins at
fertilization This highly specialized,
totipotent cell marks the beginning of each of us
as a unique individual."
  • Christian Arguments and Response
  • We may not do evil so that good will result
    (Rom 38)
  • Humans are created in the image of God before
    birth (Gen 126 Job 3115 Psa 229-10)
  • The human soul begins before birth (Lk 115 Jer

  • Christian Arguments and Response
  • Psalm 13913-16
  • 1.  God sets apart human life as unique,
    distinctive, and valuable.
  • 2.  He therefore preserves and protects
    human life as no other life on earth.
  • 3.  Life begins at conception and continues
    to develop into the person God wants him or
    her to be.

  • Stem Cell Research
  • Can we
  • vs
  • Should we