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The Vanishing Mass Market And The Need for AA Targeted Communications


Is the current advertising trend of 'racial utopia' an effective way to ... Tide: Rooster. 26. Tide: Nostalgia Dad. 27. Key Insights Differentiate MM vs. AA ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Vanishing Mass Market And The Need for AA Targeted Communications

  • The Vanishing Mass Market And The Need for AA
    Targeted Communications
  • May 13, 2005

What I will discuss
  • Is the current advertising trend of racial
    utopia an effective way to reach AAs?
  • How do you develop effective AA advertising?
  • How an untapped segment can generate product
  • How AAs insights can create new targets
  • Ads that offend
  • The overall opportunity

  • Somewhere theres an America thats full of
    neighborhoods where black and white kids play
    softball together, biracial families email photos
    online, and Asians and blacks dance in the same
    nightclub and that America is on your
  • - Erin Texeria, AP Reporter

  • The lens through which people learn about other
    races is through TV were getting a lens of
    racial interaction that is afield from reality.
  • - Charles Gallagher, Georgia State University

Does TV Mirror Reality?
  • In the world of TV commercials, Americans are
    increasingly living together side-by-side,
    regardless of race
  • But do these ads gloss over persistent and
    complicated racial realities?
  • Though the proportion of ethnic minorities in
    America is growing, more than superficial
    interaction between groups is still relatively
  • Most Americans overwhelmingly live and mingle
    with people from their own racial background
  • Ads would make it seem that race doesnt matter,
    when real life would tell you something
  • Charles Gallagher, Georgia State University

Does TV Mirror Society?
  • Only about 7 of all marriages are interracial
  • About 80 of whites live in neighborhoods in
    which more than 95 of their neighbors are also
  • Data also shows that most Americans have few
    close friends of another race
  • If you look at the United States in terms of
    where we live, who our friends are and where we
    go to church, we live in different worlds.
    (Charles Gallagher, Georgia State University)

Anheuser-Busch Cedric The Entertainer
Dannon Yogart Getting Married
Pulling The Threads Apart
  • The uniqueness of the AA historical experience
    has engendered a set of attitudes that affect
    every aspect of life
  • AAs differentiate general market advertising from
    that which is specifically tailored to them via
    the presence of unique cultural cues
  • It is these cues which are truly grounded in the
    "black experience" that make for the most
    relevant, effective AA targeted advertising
  • In this highly-multicultural climate when general
    markets ads are often peppered with AA casting,
    AA-appealing music and AA originated slang, it is
    important to go deeper
  • Use cultural cues in an innovative, fresh way
    that serves as a personal invitation to the AA

AAs Desire Marketers To Extend An Invitation
  • Advertising
  • 85
  • TV/other commercials
  • should feature more
  • African-Americans
  • Shopping
  • 74
  • A lot/somewhat more
  • likely to buy a product that uses African
    Americans in its commercials

Shopping 62 Seek products that reflect African
culture and heritage
Source Yankelovich Monitor Multicultural
Marketing Study, 2003
So What Does An Invitation Mean?
  • Using AA casting has long been a way to overtly
    address the
  • AA audience
  • It is true that recognition in the form of AA
    talent goes some way to differentiate, but it is
    not necessarily enough to resonate
  • In addition, as multicultural communication
    becomes more prevalent, it loses its rarity value
  • Clear AA-targeted communications become even more
    appreciated by the segment
  • AAs know when youre not making an honest effort
  • Reward brands that do it (e.g., McDonalds)
  • Walk away from brands that stop (e.g., Dr. Pepper)

Attitudes About Advertising
  • AAs generally want to be accepted and
    acknowledged as important consumers
  • There is a natural tendency to look at
    advertisements for a deeper meaning and a hidden
    message about them as Black people
  • When they see and hear advertisements, theres a
    tendency to evaluate them literally, with a focus
    on determining if the company acknowledges,
    respects and accepts their uniqueness and
    differences as consumers

Attitudes About Advertising
  • Observation vs. immersion
  • There is a difference between advertising that
    merely reflects the external visage of the AA
    culture and that which originates from within it
  • Its about aspiration and finding a message that
    will resonate with AAs and be relevant to their
  • Positive
  • Re-affirming How did they know this about me?
  • Empowering Give me information that I can use
    to help make a decision.
  • Negative
  • Patronizing Hey black people, Im doing an ad
    for you.
  • Ambivalence comes out I dont need it, youre
    singling me out. to Im glad youre recognizing
  • Cliché Too many brands doing it loses

The Vanishing Mass Market
  • The mass market as it has been defined, no longer
  • Much more heterogeneous across the board
  • The key to having sustained branding success is
    relevance with the consumers life
  • Fragmentation is a key driver, customization is
    the new standard and technology is empowering
    consumers to filter out contact from irrelevant
  • Brands need to be more focused in their
    communications one-size-fits-all branding
    approaches dont necessarily work
  • Recognize the differences amongst larger segments
    of the population
  • McDonalds, Allstate, Procter Gamble

The Ideal
  • Effective communication stems from a deeper human
    truth as applied to a brand or category
  • For success, an in-depth understanding of the AA
    audience as well as experience handling brands
    across time and space
  • (to manage their equity) will be critical
  • Only with this balance can strategy and
    executions be highly targeted and on brand

Only An Expert Can Navigate
  • It is critical to recognize that the AA community
    is no more homogeneous than the GM community
  • Any AA target needs to be recognized for their
    ethnicity and their demographic and psychographic
    characteristics within this

Verizon And A traditional approach
  • One approach fits all
  • Develops multiple spots for multiple segments,
    but based on the same key insight or strategic
  • Executions are differentiated via casting,
    language and music cues

Verizon The Elliott's
Verizon The Davises
Verizon The Sandoval's
Key Insights Differentiate MM vs. AA
  • Great advertising is based on a insight and very
    often the AA insight is different than that of
    the General Market
  • Allstate
  • Brand campaign uses the same AA spokesperson for
    both general market and AA, but used targeted
    insights and execution to connect target and
  • MM Insight Fear and insurance needs for
  • AA Insight Caring for your families future

Allstate Swoop And Squat
Allstate Family Reunion
Key Insights Differentiate MM vs. AA
  • Launch campaign for Tide with Downy used nuanced
    AA insight to ladder to a more holistic
    proposition and a celebratory execution
  • MM Insight Fabric softener brings comfort and
    softness to your life
  • AA Insight Freshness
  • The Father/Son aspirational relationship also
    worked emotionally for AAs

Tide Rooster
Tide Nostalgia Dad
Key Insights Differentiate MM vs. AA
  • Launch campaign for a new McDonalds chicken
    product uses the same platform executed
    differently to address targets overall view of
    food and brand relationship
  • AA Insight Chicken is a staple food in AA
    households and chicken from McDonalds was not
    believable. Thus taste reinforcement was
  • MM Strategy Defend Your Chicken

McDonalds Chicken Selects
McDonalds Campus
Multicultural Strategic Framework
Inclusive Crossover Targeted
Based on GM insight also relevant to AA or English Dominant Hispanics Work incorporates broadly relevant AA or English Dominant Hispanic strategy, insight, casting, or subtle cues Based on AA or Hispanic insight also relevant to GM consumers Work incorporates explicitly multicultural strategy, casting and cultural cues yet is universally appealing Based on strong AA or Hispanic product appeal and insight Work is inherently relevant to AA or Bilingual/Spanish Dominant Hispanics based on strategy and cultural cues
GM Brand Champion Growth opportunity to reach broader consumer base Limited product or concept appeal to either Hispanics or AA AA or bi-cultural Hispanic Brand Champion Multicultural growth opportunity Insight is broadly appealing but routed in AA or Hispanic cultural insight Brand wants more contemporary image Significant consumption with AA or Bilingual/Spanish Dominant Hispanics High CDI/low BDI with AA/Hispanics A need for more deeply rooted insight and strategy to reach AA or Hispanic market
Insight is sometimes a universal human truth focusing on commonalities Often youth/urban-focused or trend-driven May have limited dialogue, be bilingual or music-driven Sometimes called influencer or multicultural strategy Acknowledges unique culture, language, aspirations, habits, and attitudes Could be used as a primary or secondary strategy
AA Advertising Can Grow Market Share And Renew
Stagnant Brands
  • Kraft Foods wanted to penetrate the AA market
    with Stove Top Stuffing, a 15-year old product
    Stove Top Stuffing
  • General Foods pioneered the product category of
    stuffing mix as a side dish
  • Target Women 18-54
  • Recently positioned as alternative to other side
    dishes Stove Top instead of potatoes

Concept/Theme Development
  • Burrell approved the assignment with a set of
    general hypothesis, including the following
  • AAs are more likely to use the term dressing
    instead of stuffing. Therefore, many did not
    consider the brand when selecting side dishes
  • AAs prefer a cornbread stuffing to the tradition
    turkey-based product that was the companys
    leading seller black women would have concerns
    about the taste
  • AAs view stuffing as something made at home and
    from scratch not out of the box
  • There is a traditional aspect to stuffing among
    AAs, with recipes being handed down from one
    generation to the next
  • Traditional AA holiday meals include stuffing and
    potatoes, so positioning the product as an
    alternative to potatoes was an ineffective
    approach with the audience

What Were The Results
  • The agencys basic premises were confirmed,
    however there were some other key learnings
  • The women were resistant to a box stuffing
    because some feared their children would not eat
  • Women expressed concern about cheating by
    serving a product that is usually made from
  • Differences also emerged between younger and
    older consumers
  • Younger women, many who were employed, found the
    products convenience appealing
  • Older women were more likely either to stick with
    homemade stuffing or to use Stove Top as a
    foundation to a semi-homemade product

(No Transcript)
New Target Identified
  • The AA market is not homogeneous and thus, we
    encompass multiple targets
  • AA consumer research on McDonalds led to the
    development of a new target Single Moms with
  • More AAs are single moms than any other ethnic
  • Developed AA Women 18- 34 target vs. the
    traditional Moms target of 25-49
  • More value conscious than Married Moms

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  • Advertising That Offends

Twix Am I Fat
T Mobile Poser
The Overall Opportunity
  • AA audiences still give credibility to those who
    target them and unlike their general market
    counterparts are still open to aspirational
  • Positive messages around recognition, home and
    family are still resonant and powerful
  • Overt/observational targeting can however be a
    turn off, especially for younger audiences
    authenticity is key
  • For the brands that get it right, the resulting
    loyalty is stronger with AA audiences