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Is group decision making OK 'as is'? Can information ... Newt Gingrich & his staff used it to brainstorm on how to improve his organizational operations ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Managing%20Group%20Decisions

Managing Group Decisions
Group Decision Support Systems
John H. Saunders, Ph.D.
Agenda / Objectives
  • Issues in Group Decision Making
  • Is group decision making OK as is?
  • Can information technology assist?
  • What products are available? How do they work?
  • How has the technology been applied?
  • What examples are available?
  • Test Drive

How do executives spend their time?
Group Decision Support
Barriers to Effective Group Decision Making
  • Groupthink - Janis
  • Abilene Paradox - Harvey
  • Peer Pressure / Conformity

Whats wrong with the way we conduct meetings?
Group Decision Support
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________

Diverge --gt Converge
A Well Conducted Group Decision Process
Process Owner Facilitator Technographer Participan
How can Electronic Meeting Systems (EMS) help?
Group Decision Support
  • Agenda Establishment
  • Full Participation
  • Anonymity
  • Parallel Communication
  • Distributed Participation
  • Fast / Proven Data Organization
  • Fast Tabulation
  • Session Recording / Recall
  • Provides Time for Reflection

Benefit /Cost Analysis
  • Costs
  • Hardware
  • Computers
  • Network
  • Video Display
  • Software
  • People
  • Trained Facilitator
  • Trained Technographer
  • Benefits
  • Faster Meetings
  • Higher Quality Decisions
  • Greater Confidence
  • Greater Satisfaction
  • Greater Depth of Analysis
  • Higher Participation
  • Higher Consensus
  • Greater Communication

Example Decision Room Sessions
Group Decision Support
  • The General Officers of Army National Guard
    utilized the technology to prioritize projects
    and funding for next fiscal year
  • An Interagency Committee used it to create the
    substance and criteria for an award called
    Presidents Award for Supplier Excellence
  • The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network used the
    technology for an interagency discussion and
    simulation on methods for combating e-cash crime
  • Newt Gingrich his staff used it to brainstorm
    on how to improve his organizational operations
  • The Defense Information Systems Agency CIO Staff
    used it to form the basis for creating IDEF
    process models
  • The NDU Commandants members of the Joint Staff
    used it to select the 2nd Dean of the IRM
  • A group of senior officers used it to create a
    Joint Plan on Initiatives for Professional
    Military Education in 2010

Decision Centers in Federal Government
Group Decision Support
Visit http//
  • CINCs, DoD, JCS
  • Atlantic Command, NATO, DISA, DLA,NDU
  • USMC
  • HQ, Quantico, Pendleton
  • Army
  • HQ, DISC4, Family Support, Redstone,CERL, CoE,
  • Navy
  • USS Coronado,NCTS, BUPERS, Public Works, Pax
  • Air Force
  • HQ, AFIT,AU, Langley
  • FAA, IRS, Postal Svc, NSA, Education

A Test Drive
  • Generate the major issues/needs facing the CIO
  • establish a level of specificity
  • get a pencil for Sally (too narrow) or the Agency
    needs more money (too broad)
  • top ? Issues (5,10,20)
  • brainstorm to create the list
  • clean/focus the list
  • eliminate duplicates
  • remove non-issues
  • gain clarification
  • reduce to predefined number
  • Given these issues what generic resources might
    be generated or acquired to meet these needs
  • typical resources technological, economic,
    social, educational, political
  • Evaluate (apply points to each)

Further Exploration
  • WWW
  • start at http//
  • Articles
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    Applications. Prentice Hall Upper Saddle River,
    N.J., 1995
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