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No more handbook''''


No more handbook.... No more commentaries.... No more daily logs... You are the association. 7. give back to the profession. 2. ... LA news hound ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: No more handbook''''

No more handbook....
No more commentaries....
No more daily logs....
No more videotaping 15-minute segments....
The BEST portfolio is done !!!
Whats next? Where can you go to get involved
grow professionally?
Life After BEST....
getting involved with your
Why get involved ?
1. You are the association
2. association success depends on member
3. LA CEA offer opportunities you cant
get elsewhere
4. great flexibility for professional
5. ways to help newer colleagues
6. opportunity to mold profession
7. give back to the profession
How can you get involved?
choose your area of interest.....
  • politics
  • technology
  • helping new teachers
  • professional development
  • retirement planning
  • health care
  • writing / news

  • CEA Capitol Report listserv
  • on line newsletter about issues arising in
    the state legislature during the legislative
  • CEA Political Landscape listserv
  • keeps CEA members informed about our
    endorsed candidates, political events and CEA
    activities, and election news from around the
  • CEA Political Action Committee
  • decides which state and local candidates CEA
    will endorse, and works to support their campaigns

  • CEA Legislative Commission
  • develops CEA's legislative agenda based on a
    review of CEA's issues, positions, and priorities
    that would improve the quality of education in
  • CEA Political Intern
  • works to do grass-roots organizing to
    support political candidates that support CEA

more information? Susan Williams / http//
cfmcr Vinnie Loffredo /
  • local association webmaster
  • design and/or help maintain
  • a web site for your local
  • association (see other LAs
  • websites via this link
    (http// )
  • LA educational web site consultant
  • develop and/or help maintain an annotated
    list of great web site resources for
    teachers.....on your LA web site
  • LA technology workshop presenter
  • offer workshops for your colleagues to help
    them keep up-to-date on the use of technology in
    the classroom offer CEUs via the CEA-CEU
    Partner Program

  • electronic LA newsletter
  • with colleagues, develop and maintain a
    local association
  • on-line newsletter.....on your LA web site
  • technology the SDE
  • keep abreast of whats happening in the SDE
    regarding technology education

helping new teachers....
  • LA new teacher liaison
  • start a service of your LA identify 1
    teacher in each building to be the person new
    teachers can go to for help related to
    new-to-the-district issues
  • year-long new teacher program planning
  • offer a series of sessions over the course
    of the year to help teachers new to the district
    learn about important issues, voice concerns,
    offer suggestions, etc.
helping new teachers....
  • CEA Peer Mentor grant program
  • work with LA leadership to apply for a CEA
    grant to run a program to provide additional
    support to new teachers
  • NEA grant programs consultant
  • work with LA leadership /or colleagues to
    apply for any of a variety of grants offered by
    NEA that can be used to provide programs
    involving new teachers
  • (http// )

more information? Linette Branham /
professional development....
  • LA PD liaison
  • become your locals PD contact stay
    abreast of PD developments events contribute
    to CEAs PD web page
  • ( http// )
  • CEA Summer Leadership track on PD
  • attend SLCs track on professional
    development in August at Foxwoods.... bring a
    team from your local
  • LA / district PD committee
  • work with local leaders to bring in CEA to
    work with district PD committee to
    redesign/improve how district PD is planned

professional development....
  • LA PD coordinator
  • work with local leadership to begin to offer
    PD opportunities for your members, and offer CEUs
    through the CEA-CEU Partner Program
  • PD grant-writer
  • work with colleagues to find apply for
    grants that can be used for teacher PD
  • http//
  • http//
  • CEAs Comm. on Instruction Prof.
  • Dev. (CIPD)
  • volunteer for a seat representing
  • your county with this state-level group

more information? Linette Branham /
finances / saving / retirement....
  • CEAs Summer Leadership
  • track on retirement
  • attend SLCs track on retirement in August
    at Foxwoods....bring a team from your local
  • LA retirement liaison
  • stay abreast of retirement developments
  • http//
  • contribute retirement / financial /
    savings information to your locals web site or

finances / saving / retirement....
  • member benefits through
  • CEA / NEA
  • learn about all the financial-benefits
    programs available through CEA NEA for members
    help keep your members (especially new members)
    informed (newsletter, website, etc)
  • http//
    cfm http//
  • CEAs Retirement Commission
  • volunteer for a seat representing your
    county with this state-level group

more information on retirement? Robyn Kaplan-Cho
health care....
LA health care liaison
  • stay abreast of health care developments
    events utilize NEAs Health Information Network
  • http//
  • learn about different locals contract
    provisions regarding health care
  • http//
  • create a health care section for your LAs
    newsletter and/or web site
  • keep abreast of developments regarding health
    education within the SDE http//

writing / news....
  • LA news hound
  • keep informed about the latest news in
    the education world - contribute to your LAs
    newsletter or web site with news briefs

Education Week ASCD
SmartBrief http//
  • work with colleagues to develop an LA
    newsletter or web site
  • attend CEAs Summer Leadership Track on
    publishing an effective LA newsletter

writing / news....
  • contribute stories to CEA publications about
    what teachers in your district are doing
  • contribute articles to the towns local
    newspaper about things happening in your
    districts schools
  • with colleagues, create a news program about
    school events and highlights videotape to have
    aired on your districts local public access TV

more information about CEA publications /
newsletters? Kathy Frega /
another interest?
talk to your local association president about
your interests and how they can contribute to
advocating for children and public