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Growth of UNLV Sciences years ago


Growth of UNLV Sciences years ago – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Growth of UNLV Sciences years ago

National Scientific Research
Nevada Economic Growth
UNLV Research Growth
Quality Students Education
Ideas, Concepts and Discoveries
Nevada SW-Regional Growth
Scientific Productivity
Growth of UNLV Sciences (years ago)
50 40 30 20 10 Today
Competitive Federal Funding
Research Infrastructure
Quality Faculty
For more information please call UNLV College of
Sciences 895-3487 or E-mail wanda.taylor_at_unlv.e
College of Sciences
Undergraduate Degree Programs UNLV College of
Bachelor of Arts Chemistry Mathematical Sciences
Minors Actuarial Science Biological
Sciences Chemistry Earth Science Geology Mathemati
cs Physics Statistics
Bachelor of Science Biochemistry Chemistry Biologi
cal Sciences Earth Science Environmental
Geology Geology Mathematical Sciences Physics Appl
ied Physics Computational Physics
English Placement UNLV Department of English
Math Placement UNLV Department of Mathematics
The Math Cascade for Science Majors UNLV College
of Sciences
MATH 095 Introductory Algebra
CHEM 121 General Chemistry I
CHEM 122 General Chemistry II
MATH 096 Intermediate Algebra
PHYS 151 General Physics I
PHYS 152 General Physics II
MATH 126 Precalculus I
MATH 127 Precalculus II
PHYS 181 Engineering Physics I
MATH 181 Calculus I
And successful completion of HS Algebra II
Free Math Tutoring Clinic UNLV Department of
  • originally a a pilot program funded by the UNLV
    Alumni Association Student Centered Award for
    Fall 2005
  • pilot program
  • funded by the College of Sciences for
    additional semesters
  • anyone enrolled as a student in specified
    100-level courses is eligible

Sample Tutoring Schedule Monday 9am-1pm,
230-530pm Tuesday 9am-1230pm, 230-530pm
Wednesday 9am-1pm, 2-530pm Thursday
9am-1230pm, 230-530pm Friday 830-1230pm
Math for Physiologically Math-Challenged UNLV
College of Sciences
  • one of the very few universities in the country
    the offers a math course specifically designed
    for those students who are officially designated
    as being physiologically math-challenged.
  • in most universities, the math general education
    requirement is waived for these students.
  • we are dedicated to our students (and the
    greater community) truly understanding basic
    mathematical concepts.

Chemistry Placement Test for Entrance into CHEM
121 UNLV Department of Chemistry
Chemistry Placement Test for Entrance into CHEM
121 UNLV Department of Chemistry
  • California Chemistry Diagnostic Test
  • multiple choice
  • 44 questions
  • assesses level of preparation in chemistry and
    basic mathematics
  • must achieve a score of 22 correct
  • exam is 45 minutes
  • no penalty for wrong answers
  • scores less than 22 student required to take
    CHEM 103
  • may not repeat the Chemistry Placement Exam
    within three months of taking it
  • after waiting at least three months, the exam
    may be repeated ONCE ONLY.

Life Sciences Placement UNLV School of Life
Physics Placement UNLV Department of Physics
Commitment to Developmental Advising UNLV
College of Sciences, Deans Office
  • the academic advisor and the student
    differentially engage in a series of
    developmental tasks
  • learning by both parties
  • reaching an agreement on who takes the
    initiative, who takes responsibility
  • who supplies knowledge and skills and how they
    are obtained and applied
  • increases retention rates
  • increases graduation rates
  • decreases the number of years students take to
  • decreases course drop rates
  • saves students time and money because less
    errors made in program needs

Advising for High School Seniors Who Want to
Major in the Sciences or Mathematics UNLV College
of Sciences Advising Center
Virtual Advising Students can download the new
student advising handbook to get advising and
find out what classes to take first semester
without having to travel to campus. Advisors
communicate with students via email.
CCSD Counselors can call the Advising Center for
answers to their questions 895-2077
Community Outreach The Nevada Regional Science
Bowl UNLV College of Sciences Advising Center
  • The UNLV College of Sciences hosts this event
  • Nevada site office of the U.S. Department of
    Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration
    plans the event
  • teams of students quizzed in the areas of
    biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics,
    astronomy, earth sciences, and computer science
  • winners of this regional competition receive
    prize money for their schools and earn a chance
    to compete in the National Science Bowl in
    Washington, D.C.
  • visiting students meet UNLV professors, graduate
    students, and staff at UNLV

Community Outreach The Beal Bank Nevada
Southern Nevada Regional Science and Engineering
Fair (SNRSEF) UNLV College of Sciences Advising
  • March 12th, 13th and 14th, 2009
  • NEW ES, MS and HS Rules
  • See On-line! http//
  • Website in progress now
  • Promotes an interest in mathematics and
    scientific studies for students in the Clark
    County School District (CCSD)
  • Sponsored by CCSD, UNLV and the Beal Bank Nevada
  • Located in the Student Union on the UNLV campus
  • Hosted by UNLV's College of Sciences and the
    College of Engineering.

Community Outreach Outstanding High School
Juniors UNLV College of Sciences
To be announced
  • The College of Sciences hosts an annual dinner
    event recognizing outstanding Clark County high
    school juniors
  • Students who have demonstrated excellence in
    math and science courses, and who are nominated
    by their teachers.
  • UNLV welcomes the students, parents, and
    teachers to campus for a social gathering and to
    learn more about the College of Sciences

National Scientific Research
Nevada Economic Growth
UNLV Research Growth
Quality Students Education
Ideas, Concepts and Discoveries
Nevada SW-Regional Growth
Scientific Productivity
Growth of UNLV Sciences (years ago)
50 40 30 20 10 Today
Competitive Federal Funding
Research Infrastructure
Quality Faculty
For more information please call UNLV College of
Sciences 895-3487 or E-mail wanda.taylor_at_unlv.e
College of Sciences
Looking to the Future College of Sciences
Priorities UNLV Colleges of Sciences
  • College of Sciences Advisory Board Priorities
  • Collaboration
  • Community Engagement
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Development

External group of community leaders that help
direct the college
The Future of Science Research at UNLV UNLV
Colleges of Sciences
Facilities New Science Engineering
Building (SEB) Planning
Instructional Laboratory Building (ILB) Dept.
of Mathematics Building (TBD) Existing Juanita
Greer White Hall (Life Sciences) Lilly Fong
(Geosciences) Robert L. Bigelow (Physics
Astronomy) Chemistry Building
The UNLV Science, Engineering and Technology
Building UNLV Colleges of Sciences
  • recruit students
  • attract faculty
  • remain competitive
  • accommodate student growth (42 increase over
    past 5 years)
  • increase research and teaching space increase
    (from 100,000 to 200,000 square feet
  • additional classrooms
  • students hands-on research experience

scheduled for completion in December 2008
Research Centers UNLV Colleges of Sciences
  • The College of Sciences has partnerships and
    access to research centers and institutes around
    the country. Choose a center from the list below
    to get more details about the college's
    involvement with specific locations.
  • Applied Geophysics Center
  • Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics  
  • Center for Atmospheric, Oceanic Space
  • Center for Mathematics and Science Education  
  • Center for Urban Horticulture and Water
  • Center of Volcanic and Tectonic Studies  
  • High Pressure Science and Engineering Center  
  • UNLV Biotechnology Center

Facilities Laboratories UNLV Colleges of
  • The College of Sciences boasts a wide variety of
    facilities on and off campus that provide
    students with resources and environments
    necessary for academic success. The information
    below allows you to get better acquainted with
    the facilities and laboratories available to
    science students.
  • Science and Engineering Building
  • Electron Microanalysis Imaging Laboratory
  • Nevada Isotope Geochronology Laboratory
  • Soils Analyses Laboratory
  • Las Vegas Isotope Science Laboratory (LVIS)
  • XRF/XRD Laboratory
  • Physics Facilities
  • Las Vegas Center for Stress Genomics
  • Ecophysiological Research Facility
  • Elevated CO2 Desert Environment Facility
  • Wesley E. Niles Herbarium

Federal Agencies Funding Research at UNLV UNLV
College of Sciences
  • Experimental Program To Stimulate Competitive
    Research (EPSCoR)
  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • National Institutes of Health (BRIN INBRE)
  • Department of Defense (DOD)
  • Department of Energy (DOE)
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA)

College of Sciences External Funding UNLV
Colleges of Sciences
  • 2007 eighteen million dollars in external
    funding for research
  • -three million dollars a year more than our
    entire state supported budget.
  • - five years ago less than half of our state
    budget was in external funds.

Selected Grants in the College UNLV College of
  • Numerical Analysis of Interest Rate
    Models 115,409
  • Aging, Behavior, and Muscle Performance 667.00
  • Gold Deposits in Northern Nevada 295,868
  • Nevada's Hot Springs Microbial Life
    Forms 841,000
  • Research Experience For Undergraduates 229,637
  • Restoring Native Vegetation After Wild
    Fires 179,000
  • Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer 248,520
  • Genetic Responses to Life in Arid
    Environments 950,000
  • Dust Emissions in Nellis Dunes Area 382,153
  • Carbon Dioxide and the Mohave Desert
    Ecosystem 448,744
  • Rice as a Food Source and Biofuel 295,000
  • Mammal Hibernation and Human Disease
    Treatment 745,000
  • Radiochemsitry Nuclear Energy Waste
    Treatment 687,288

Increase in College Faculty UNLV College of
The Future of Science Research at UNLV 2007
New 2008 College Faculty UNLV College of
  • 2008
  • Elisabeth Hausrath Ph.D., Pennsylvania State
  • Patricia Paviet-Hartmann Ph.D., Cadarache,
  • 2007
  • Monika Neda Ph.D., Univ. Pittsburgh
  • Anton Westveld Ph.D., Univ. Washington
  • Kaushik Ghosh Ph.D., Univ. Calif. Santa
  • Amei Amei Ph.D., Washington Univ., St. Louis
  • Pamela Burnley, Ph.D., University of
    California, Davis
  • David Vincent Lee, Ph.D., University of Utah
  • Pengtao Sun, Ph.D., Institute of Mathematics
    (Academia Sinica, Beijing, China)
  • Hongtao Yang, Ph.D., University of Alberta
    (Edmonton, Canada)

Three Sciences Professors Receive CAREER Awards
from the National Science Foundation UNLV College
of Sciences
The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER)
Program offers the National Science Foundations
most prestigious awards in support of the early
career development of those scholars who most
effectively integrate research and education.
Dr. Brian Hedlund will use his five-year 840,000
CAREER Award to study how microorganisms in
boiling and near-boiling springs throughout the
Great Basin Desert of North America harvest
energy from inorganic chemicals available in the
water and sediments.
As part of his five-year 745,000 CAREER Award,
Dr. Frank van Breukelen and his students are
investigating the mechanisms used by mammalian
hibernators (Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels,
Spermophilus lateralis) to down-regulate
processes associated with protein synthesis and
Chulsung Bae, assistant professor of chemistry in
the UNLV College of Sciences, has received a
five-year, 450,000 Early Career Development
Award (CAREER) from the National Science
Foundation for his research on fuel cells
technology, considered critical for meeting
energy needs in the twenty-first century.
Science Articles Published UNLV College of
UNLV Sciences Engineering Ranked 4th in Growth
in Productivity by NSF UNLV College of Sciences
UNLV Geoscience Department
  • Electron Microanalysis Imaging Laboratory
  • Nevada Isotope Geochronology Laboratory (NIGL)
  • Soils Analyses Laboratory
  • Las Vegas Isotope Science Laboratory (LVIS)
  • XRF/SRD Laboratory

UNLV Geoscience Department
  • obtained a level of external peer review funding
    that clearly demonstrates confidence by NSF
  • Exxon/Mobile has designated the students of this
    department as prime candidates for their
    recruitment efforts
  • issues related to the quality of life in arid
    regions, geophysics and international climate
    trends that are of key importance to Nevada
  • Center for Urban Horticulture and Water
  • Water Resource Management Program
  • Soil Science Program
  • partnered with the Southern Nevada Water
    Authority, DRI, Federal and State Agencies to
    seriously address the water issues so vital to
    Nevada and the nation.

UNLV School of Life Sciences
  • Las Vegas Center for Stress Genomics
  • NSF Bee Study Grant
  • Free Air CO2 Enriched (FACE) Site
  • Wesley E. Niles Herbarium
  • Bioinformatics Center
  • Genomics Center
  • Microbiology

UNLV School of Life Sciences
  • developed programs in several areas that are
    again crucial for understanding stress in arid
    regions, the diversity and complexity of life
    forms and communities in Nevada,
  • the potential dangers that exist to human and
    other animal populations from the way we have
    changed our desert region.
  • two of the units (Integrative Physiology and
    Microbiology) have obtained national recognition
    for their recent successes in obtaining NSF grant

UNLV Department of Mathematics
  • collaborations with scientists and colleagues
    from throughout UNLV, the Test Site, Yucca
    Mountain and other external constituents to help
    with modeling, statistics, data analysis, etc.
  • crucial for our understanding of environmental
    problems and the remediation plans, and others

UNLV Department of Chemistry
  • one of the top Radiation Chemistry programs in
    the country that has considerable external
  • National Labs collaborate with our RadChem group
  • an important part in the effort to produce a new
    generation of DOE scientists in order to fill the
    many positions (as the ageing work force retires)
    of this critical discipline.
  • crucial to the economic health and diversity of
    Nevada as well as to national security.

UNLV Department of Physics
  • Atomic Hydrogen Beam Facility
  • Optical Coating Thin Film Facility
  • Material Preparation and Synthesis Facility
  • Pulsed Tunable Dye Laser Facility
  • Ion Beam Facility
  • Dynamic Laser Light Scattering Facility
  • Professional Glass Shop
  • Professional Electronic Shop
  • Professional Machine Shop
  • Student Electronic Shop

UNLV Department of Physics
  • internationally recognized high pressure group
    discipline plays important aspects in the
    economic development of Nevada and in national
  • material science group - strong national and
    international reputation and considerable
    external funding
  • economic impact fosters the diversity of
    Nevadas tax base.
  • astronomy and astrophysics group has achieved
    national and international recognition.
  • February 2008 eighty international scientists
    associated with the SWIFT project will convene at
    a conference here at UNLV.
  • aid the development of our aerospace industry as
    well provide new sources of grant funding and
    support national security endeavors.

Center for Math and Science Education Dr. John
  • works in a true partnership with the Clark
    County School District to enhance math and
    science education as well as to provide support
    for the teachers.
  • works with CCSD in offering college-level
    courses in the high schools that save college
    bound students time and money.
  • new first year experience course (SCI 101) aimed
    at improving the success rate of students in
    college is now being offered to CCSD students
  • this version for high school juniors and seniors
    should have a very positive impact on the
    applications and success of minority students

Undergraduate Students UNLV College of Sciences
  • Science Literate Citizens
  • Training and Skills Required for Employment
  • Desired by Private Sector, Public Sector,
    Government, etc.

Increase in Students Graduated UNLV College of
NSF Undergraduate Research Opportunity
Award UNLV Department of Geoscience
  • Lora Griffin
  • third year Geology major
  • awarded two National Science Foundation grants
    for undergraduate research
  • explore the mineralogy of gold-bearing ore
    deposits in Nevada sedimentary host rock
  • analyzing geologic samples with X-ray
    diffraction at the UNLV Geoscience XRD and XRF lab

Research Experience for Undergraduates UNLV
College of Sciences
  • Experience for 40 Undergraduates
  • Research grant program funded by NSF,NIH, other
    federal agencies
  • aims to pique undergraduate students interest
    in science careers
  • aligns the teaching and research missions of the
    college and challenges the faculty and students
  • Program sponsors included
  • UNLV High Pressure Science and Engineering
    Center, US DOE US DOD-MURI, National Science
    Foundation - EPSCoR Program, National Institute
    of Health - Nevada Biomedical Research
    Infrastructure Network, Desert Research
    Institute, University of Nevada, Reno, and the
    College of Science

Doctoral Student Receives Predoctoral Fellowship
from the National Science Foundation UNLV School
of Life Sciences
  • Ms. Jenifer C. Utz is a doctoral student in the
    School of Life Sciences
  • three-year Graduate Research Fellowship from the
    National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • annual stipend of 30,000
  • education allowance of 10,500 per year
  • Ms. Utz works in the laboratory of Dr. Frank van
    Bruekelen, where she studies the physiological
    mechanisms that control hibernation in the
    Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus

Full-time Pre-health Advisor Dr. Joseph Nick
Nika UNLV College of Sciences
  • Pre-health Advisor (physicians, dentists,
    veterinarians, pharmacists
  • Inform and engage students about coursework,
    community service, clinical experience,
    application process

MCAT DAT Preparatory Courses UNLV College of
  • Spring 2007 College of Sciences started offering
    a MCAT preparatory course.
  • prepares the students for taking the MCAT
  • provides a significant tuition reduction over
    the commercial products that are available to our
  • we are the only school in Nevada, and one of the
    few in the West that offers such a course.
  • one credit course to prospective dental students
  • helps prepare our pre-dental majors for the
    application process
  • inform them on what is expected from dental
    students and practicing dentists.

Student Organizations UNLV College of Sciences
  • The College of Sciences has a number of
    organizations students can get involved in,
    whether it be hosting professionals from
    different scientific fields, or working with the
    dean to address issues of concern for science
    students. Read below for more information on the
    college's student organizations.
  • Alpha Epsilon Delta - Pre-Health Honor Society
  • Association of Pre-Health Professionals
  • Biology Graduate Student Association (BIOS)
  • Chemical Interactions (American Chemical Society
    Student Affiliates Chapter)
  • Dental Prospects
  • Geological Society of Nevada, Southern Chapter
  • Graduate Council
  • Graduate Professional Student Association
  • Minority Science Student Program
  • Nevada Chapter of the American Statistical
  • Pi Mu Epsilon
  • Sigma Gamma Epsilon
  • Society of Physics Students
  • Undergraduate Council

Undergraduate Scholarships Awarded by the
College UNLV College of Sciences
Anne Fenton Wyman Scholarship (Endowment) -
Geoscience Anthony C. Hollins Memorial
Scholarship (Endowment) - Sciences Bernada French
Scholarship Endowment - Geoscience Bhatnagar
Family Awards (Endowment) - Mathematics Black
Mountain Kennel Club Scholarship (Endowment)
Bioscience W.G. Bradley - D.B. Dill Award in
Environmental Biology (Endowment)
Bioscience Desert Space Foundation Award
Endowment Geoscience Donna Weistrop and David
B. Shaffer Scholarship (Endowment) Graduate
Douglas B. Orr Memorial Award - Geoscience E.
Edwards M. Olswang Scholarship
Geoscience Geological Society of Nevada -
Geoscience Leonard Frome Memorial Scholarships
Mathematics Lily Fong Scholarship (Endowment) -
Geoscience Linfa R. Wright Scholarship
(Endowment) Sciences (member of APHP) Nate
Stout Memorial Scholarship Geoscience Natural
Science Association (Endowment) Geoscience and
Bioscience Mountain Mines Scholarship (Endowment)
- Chemistry Nowak Notre Dame Prize in Chemistry
Scholarship (Endowment) Chemistry (Graduate
student only) Sara Lynne Halsey Scholarship
(Endowment) - Mathematics Southern Nevada Gem
Mineral Society (S.N.G.M.S.) Scholarship -
Geoscience Terry D. Evans Memorial Scholarship
(Endowment) - Biology Wolzinger Family Research
Scholarships (Endowment) Sciences and
Engineering (Graduate and undergraduate)
Undergraduate Scholarships Awarded by Student
Financial Services for COS Students UNLV College
of Sciences
  • Awarded by UNLV's Student Financial Services for
    science students
  • Phyllis Frias Science Scholarship Biology,
    Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics
  • Stocker Family Trust Scholarships Sciences,
    Chemistry, and Engineering
  • Edwin Wiegand Science and Technology Scholarship
    Sciences, Engineering, and Health Sciences

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Powerpoint presentation will be available for you
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College of Sciences Contacts Dr. Wanda Taylor,
Interim Dean, College of Sciences, Dr. Carl L. Reiber,
Associate Dean, College of Sciences Dr. John Farley, Director,
Center for Mathematics and Science Education, Dr. Joseph Nika, Pre-health
Advisor, Janet M. Reiber,
Director, College of Sciences Advising Center,
Competitive Grant Awards at UNLV UNLV College of