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The Long Island Sound The American Mediterranean


... chapters located along the American East, West, Gulf, Puerto ... Contains fish and shellfish (third largest source of American lobster). A tourist attraction. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Long Island Sound The American Mediterranean

The Long Island Sound - The American
  • Rudy Beran
  • Tom Drejer
  • Hector Ramirez

The Surfrider Foundation
  • An international, non-profit organization founded
    in 1984.
  • Composed of surfers, bodyboarders, kayakers,
    swimmers, fishermen, sunbathers, hikers, sailors,
    and others who love the beach.
  • Works to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches.
  • Has 60 chapters located along the American East,
    West, Gulf, Puerto Rican, and Hawaiian coasts as
    well as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, and
    Western Europe.

The Long Island Sound
  • Estuary an almost closed body of water on the
    coast with one or more rivers or streams flowing
    into it, connected to the open sea
  • 16,000 square mile watershed
  • 8 trillion gallons
  • Depth ranges from 78 300 ft
  • 110 miles long, 21 miles at its widest
  • 8 million people live around the Sound

Wetlands at Hammonasset state beach, Madison
Sandy beach environment at Hammonasset state
beach, Madison
Wildlife at Hammonasset state beach, Madison
Tidal pools at New Havens Lighthouse Park
The Sound is valuable
  • Contains fish and shellfish (third largest source
    of American lobster).
  • A tourist attraction.
  • Estimated to be worth 6 billion to the local
    economy in the 1990s.
  • Source of biodiversity.
  • Source of fun and relaxation for everyone in the

  • A measure of the relative diversity among
    organisms present in different ecosystems…or how
    many different plants and animals are in one
    place, like in Long Island Sound.
  • An ecosystem is a self-supporting connection
    between plants, animals, and the physical
    environment in which they live.

Land degradation and other problems
  • 25 35 of the Sound tidal wetland has been
    destroyed in the last century by dredging,
    filling and development
  • Dams dont allow upstream movement of fish
  • Introduction of new species

Hypoxia is killing marine life in the Sound
  • When fish and other ocean creatures dont have
    enough oxygen to breath, a condition called
    hypoxia occurs.
  • Pollution and other nutrients flow down our storm
    drains into rivers and eventually into the Sound.
  • These pollutants encourage algae (phytoplankton)
    to grow and take up oxygen.
  • When the algae dies and falls to the bottom it
    takes up more oxygen.

  Thomas, E., Varekamp, J.C.,Mecray, E,L.,
Buchholtz ten Brink, M.R. Changes in Environment
and Biota in Long Island Sound The Last 40
Years. (2000) Retrieved on November 24, 2003
from http //
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Chemicals and heavy metals in the Sound
  • Sulfate enters the watershed from acid rain.
  • Aluminum and mercury (from pesticides and
    factories) come out from soil into the watershed.
  • Large deposits of chromium and arsenic are
    present in most of the Sounds harbors.

Another current threat to the Sounds well
being and to your weekend recreation
Shell Oil/TransCanadas Broadwater Proposal
We want to mark our storm drains for many reasons
  • We all want clean water to swim, fish and play
    in, and even eat out of!
  • We help remind people that only rainwater needs
    to enter the storm drains!
  • Rain washes fertilizers, pesticides, animal
    feces, trash, oil, paint and plastics down our
    drains and into the Sound.
  • Everyone of you, and all the animals in and
    around the Sound benefit from clean water, and we
    all live longer!

  • Will Americas first urban sea be restored
    to its pristine beauty through advances in
    technology, or will industrialization and
    suburban sprawl continue to encroach upon it?
    The Long Island Sound will never again be the
    unspoiled waterway discovered by sailors in the
    1600s, but before the end of the 21st century, it
    can become a model urban sea, free from serious
    pollution and open to millions of people who, one
    hopes, will enjoy and protect our American
  • Marilyn Weigold, The Long Island Sound A History
    of its People, Places, and Environment

Please visit our webpages
  • National Surfrider webpage
  • http//
  • The Connecticut Chapters webpage
  • http//