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Taft High School


US History A/B (11th grade) Government (12th grade) Economics (12th grade) ... The college office is open daily from 8 am 3 pm. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Taft High School

Taft High School
  • Individual Graduation Plan
  • Academic Programming Scheduling

Presentation Overview
  • Introduction
  • Academic Programs
  • School Involvement
  • LAUSD Graduation Requirements
  • College/Career Planning
  • Study Skills

High School…Choices
As students enter high school they will be
bombarded with choices. Success comes from a
strong understanding of the choices available and
strong parental involvement.
High School…Social-Emotional Aspects
High school introduces students to many new
people and opportunities. Some of these will be
exciting others stressful. Parents need to be
aware of their childrens progress, and when
necessary, students and parents need to know
where they can seek help.
High School… Career Planning
Life is a journey and in high school students
begin exploring their interests and passions.
There are many avenues to explore and routes to
take to achieve ones career goals.
Academic Planning…Choices 9th grade choices
To become a doctor what should I do? To get into
a university what courses are best? To become a
chef where should I go?
The following will help you in making the best
choices in academic programs available at Taft.
Remember…Lifes about taking risks and accepting
Small Learning Communities and Special Programs
at Taft
  • Individual Honors Program
  • Traditional Honors Program
  • Star Leadership
  • Visual and Performing Arts Academy
  • Humanitas Academy
  • Business and Professional Academy
  • Education Community Outreach Academy

  • STAR
  • Vision Statement
    Through a collaborative, personalized
    approach that includes on-line learning, STAR
    Leadership Academy seeks to empower students to
    serve as tomorrows leaders in a multicultural
    society and to encourage and inspire life long
    learning in themselves and others.

Visual Performing Arts Academy
  • Visual Performing Arts (VAPA)
  • A Small Learning Community focusing on providing
    an assortment of visual and performing arts
    related courses.
  • Provides an instructional program striving to
    foster a love for and appreciation of the arts.

Humanitas Academy
  • Humanitas
  • Interdisciplinary group of core courses taught in
    each grade level.
  • Utilizes a team teaching approach where
    connections are made between classes.
  • Curriculum is taught in thematic units where
    students are better able to develop an awareness
    of the interconnection between subjects.

Business and Professional Academy
  • Emphasis on preparing students for professions
    in the fields of
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Specialized courses include Web Design Fashion
    Design and Merchandising Physiology

Education and Community Outreach Academy
  • Goals and Objectives of E.C.O.
  • Discovery of passions leading to vocational
  • To become life long learners and active
    participants in society
  • I.G.P. to be completed in the 9th grade to assist
    students in formulating a post secondary plan

Traditional Honors Individual Honors
  • Traditional Honors (selection based upon
  • Program designed for state-identified highly
    gifted and high performing students.
  • Academic program challenges students to the
    highest degree preparing students for the finest
    colleges and universities.
  • Students must apply
  • Individual Honors Program
  • Most selective honors program.
  • Students have minimum scores in 90th percentile
    in all areas.
  • Individualized academic program

School Involvement
  • Students who become involved in school
    activities, whether clubs, teams, or other groups
    tend to be more successful at school.
  • The benefit of a large school like Taft is its
    wide array of interesting activities.

Teams (this is a partial list)
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cross-Country
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Baseball
  • Track
  • Swimming Diving
  • Golf

Activity Groups (this is a partial list)
  • Robotics Engineering
  • Film Club
  • Knights Ladies
  • Latinos Unidos
  • Black Student Alliance
  • Jewish Student Union
  • Christian Club
  • Persian Club
  • Interact Key Club
  • Korean Club
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • California Scholarship Federation
  • Cheer
  • Dance Drill Team
  • Marching Band
  • Orchestra
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Play Production
  • Speech Debate

There are many more clubs.
LAUSD Graduation Requirements General Overview
  • Need a minimum of 230 credits.
  • Must pass the California High School Exit Exam
    English and Math sections (CAHSEE).
  • Must pass all minimum subject requirements
  • Must complete Service Learning Requirement
  • Must complete Computer Literacy Requirement
  • Any D should be retaken if application to a
    4-year college is desired (no credit will be
  • Any Fail (F) must be made up over summer
    school, or through Adult/Night School

LAUSD Graduation Requirements General Overview
  • All electives are for the entire year.
  • 9th grade students are part of a particular
    program and the electives are set for such
  • There are few available electives at Taft.
  • Do not plan on changing classes at 2nd semester.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to be
    aware of all graduation requirements and his/her
    total number of credits.

Academic Programming
  • 9th to 10th grade need 55 credits
  • 10th to 11th grade need 110 credits
  • 11th to 12th grade need 170 credits
  • Students earn credits by passing courses with a
    grade of D or better.
  • Students need 230 credits to graduate

Credits??? How to progress to next grade level.
  • How do students earn credits?
  • Completing Taft Classes
  • Summer School
  • Night School (11th-12th grade) must be 16
  • ROP ROC classes must be 16
  • College classes

LAUSD Graduation Requirements
  • The following slides explain the course
    requirements to graduate.
  • It is very important to understand the
    requirements and check off successful completion
    of each requirement.

LAUSD Graduation Requirements
  • English 4 years 40 credits
  • History 3 years 30 credits
  • Math 2 years 20 credits (Algebra Geometry)
  • Lab Science 2 years 20 credits (Bio Physical
  • Visual/Fine Art 1 year 10 credits
  • Technical Art 1 year 10 credits
  • PE 2 years 20 credits
  • Life Skills Health 1 year 10 credits
  • Electives 70 credits

Computer Literacy Service Learning CAHSEE English
Math students first take CAHSEE as 10th graders
(need to have at least 55 credits)
Total 230 Credit
LAUSD Graduation Requirements General Overview
  • All electives are for the entire year.
  • (Do not plan on changing classes at 2nd
  • Any Class retaken where a D was originally
    earned will not earn 5 credits for that class.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to be
    aware of all graduation requirements and their
    total number of credits.

LAUSD Graduation Requirements Social Studies
  • World History A/B (10th grade)
  • US History A/B (11th grade)
  • Government (12th grade)
  • Economics (12th grade)
  • Students need a minimum of 30 credits.

LAUSD Graduation Requirements English
  • English 9 A/B or ESL 3/4 (9th grade)
  • English 10 A/B (10th grade)
  • American Literature (11th grade)
  • Contemporary Composition (11th grade)
  • Expository Composition (12th grade)
  • Writers Seminar (12th grade)
  • Students need a minimum of 40 credits.
  • Alternative courses include AP Literature AP
    English Language

LAUSD Graduation Requirements Mathematics
  • Algebra 1 A/B
  • Geometry A/B or Applied Mathematics A/B
  • Algebra 2A/B (for entering 9th graders 2008
  • Students need a minimum of 20 credits
  • Students need to complete Geometry A/B or higher.
  • 4-Year Colleges require 3 years of mathematics

Math Flow Chart
LAUSD Graduation Requirements Laboratory Science
  • Life Science
  • Biology A/B
  • Physical Science (one year of the following)
  • Inter-Coordinated Science 1A/B
  • Chemistry A/B (needs to have taken or be
    enrolled in Algebra 2)
  • Physics A/B (needs to have taken or be enrolled
    in Algebra 2)
  • Students need a minimum of 20 credits
  • Students need to complete Life Science Physical

LAUSD Graduation Requirements Visual/Performing
Arts 1 year of same course 2 semesters
  • General Arts
  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Visual Arts
  • Drawing A/B
  • Cartoon Animation A/B
  • Painting A/B
  • Advertising Design A/B
  • Calligraphy A/B
  • Design Craft A/C
  • Ceramics A/B
  • Sculpture A/B
  • Art Production
  • AP Drawing
  • Performing Arts
  • Drama A/B
  • Play Production
  • Band/Orchestra
  • Begin. Instruments
  • Dance Choreography
  • Vocal Ensemble

Students need a minimum of 10 credits
Students should plan on completing an entire year
of the same Visual/Performing Arts Elective.
LAUSD Graduation Requirements Applied Technical
Arts 1 year 2 semesters
  • Consumer Education
  • Fashion Design A/B
  • Foods Nutrition
  • International Foods
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Business Technology
  • Intro to Computers
  • Information Processing
  • Computer Operator/Software
  • Computer Programming A/B
  • AP Computer Science
  • Internet Publication

Students need a minimum of 10 credits
Taft High School Foreign Language Elective For
4-Year College Program not a high school
requirement Course requirement for entering 9th
graders 2008 beyond
  • Korean 1, 2, 3
  • Spanish 1, 2, 3, AP
  • French 1, 2, 3, AP
  • A.S.L. 1 2

Junior College Foreign Languages Or classes taken
at private accredited schools
Italian Hebrew Farsi Chinese Japanese Must
Sign-up in the College Office.
  • Students need a C or better to move to next
  • 4-Year Colleges require a minimum of 2 years of
    same foreign language.

Taft High School A Sampling of elective courses
available throughout high school career
  • Introduction to Psychology Sociology
  • Fashion Design Merchandising
  • Film Integrated with Art
  • Oceanography Marine Biology
  • Journalism
  • Yearbook
  • School Newspaper (Journalism 2A)
  • African-American History
  • African-American Literature
  • Astronomy Geology
  • Leadership (Student Cabinet)
  • AP European History
  • AP World History

UC CSU A - G Requirements Preparing for
These are the minimum requirements. It is
recommended to take more. Specific courses
available in counseling office.
  • A… Social Studies 2 years
  • B…English 4 years
  • C…Mathematics 3 years
  • D…Lab Science 2 years
  • E…Foreign Language 2 years of same language
  • F…Visual/Perf. Arts 1 year of same art
  • G…Electives 1 year advanced courses

4-Year Universities only recognize grades of C
or better.
Taft High School Moving into Academically
Enriched, Honors Advanced Placement Selection
Taft High School Advanced Placement 10th grade
and beyond
  • AP courses are demanding. Expect to have
    extensive reading and writing assignments.
  • Students enrolling in an AP class must
  • Attend class presentation in the spring, fill out
    application and turn it in on time
  • And be selected by the selection committee.
  • Must commit to taking the AP test in May.

Honors AP Meeting Dates Announcements as to
specific dates and locations will be available
one week prior to scheduled date in the
counseling office.
  • Meeting dates usually begin Mid-April.
  • It is the students responsibility to attend the
  • The meetings are held by department during lunch
  • Students must adhere to the requirements of the
    application process in order to get into honors
    and Advanced Placement classes
  • Counselors place students in these classes ONLY
    after they receive an approved list by the
    department chairs

Taft High School Alternative Programs Methods
where Extra Credits may be earned
  • Junior College Courses
  • Must have approval of the college counselor
  • Adult/Night School
  • Must have approval of your counselor and you must
    be 16
  • Occupational Skill Centers (WVOC)
  • Must have approval of your counselor and be 16
  • ROP Regional Occupational Program
  • Must be in the 10th grade or higher.
  • Must have approval of your counselor
  • ROP is a Job/Career Skills program.

Study Skills Use SQ3R
  • Survey
  • Look through your reading assignment
  • Read headings, bold vocabulary
  • Read introduction and summary paragraphs
  • Study the pictures and graphs

  • Question
  • Think about the Who, What, Where, When, Why or
    How to turn each heading into a question. Note
    any questions or activities at the end of the

  • READ
  • Carefully read the material to find the answers
    to your questions.
  • Recite
  • Try to recall in YOUR OWN WORDS the important
  • Review
  • Review what you have read. Answer all the

Importance of Seeking Help
  • Are you getting behind?
  • Go to tutoring after school in the library on
    Monday, Wednesday or Thursday
  • Go to lunch tutoring for math in various locales
    on campus
  • Talk to your teachers about what you need to do
    to get on track
  • Remember you need 55 credits
  • to promote to 10th grade

Summer School
  • Summer school can further ones academic
  • Any course grade of Fail needs to be made up
    during summer school.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to enroll
    in the appropriate course(s).
  • Summer school applications are available from
    students individual counselors in late spring.

The College Office
  • Through the college office students are able to
    expand their knowledge of and about the college
    admission process and further develop a
    post-secondary plan.
  • The college office is open daily from 8 am 3
  • Students are encouraged to visit during nutrition
    and lunch and/or make an appointment with Ms.
    Livingston, the college counselor.

Individual Graduation Plan What it is and why
you need a plan
  • Each student will be meeting with his/her
    counselor to plan their IGP
  • Discuss what classes are required and which
    classes you are interested in taking
  • Think about what Small Learning Community you may
    wish to join

Keeping in touch
Web Site Email counselors, teachers,
administrators through the faculty/staff portion
of website. www.tafthigh.org
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