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Defining a Biblical Worldview


Larry King Live show 6/20/2005 interview. 1 John 3:4- sin is the transgression of the law ... True/False- Homosexual marriages should be legalized? Genesis 2, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Defining a Biblical Worldview

Defining a Biblical Worldview
  • 1 Chron 1232

Overview of class
  • Understanding the times and Defining a Biblical
  • Practical examples of living out a Biblical
  • Identifying competing Worldviews
  • Naturalism (Secular Humanism, Marxism)
  • Theism (Christianity, Islam,Judaism)
  • Post Modernism (Nihilism)
  • Transcendentalism (Cosmic Humanism)

Understanding the times 1 Chron 1232
  • What is a Worldview?
  • Importance of a Worldview
  • Rational conclusions based on faulty assumptions
    (Worldviews) can be very dangerous
  • Black Plague
  • Map
  • Dangers of non Biblical Worldview
  • 14000 pastors in Germany during Hitler
  • Hans Scholl letter (White Rose Society)
  • Barna Research Group- 9 of born again adults
    have a Biblical Worldview

Understanding the Times Cont.
  • What is the Answer?
  • Genesis 1, Rev 2213, 2 Cor 105,Matt 610, Prov
    1434, Luke 1913, Jer 186-10, Rev 32
  • C.S. Lewis said I believe in Christianity just
    as I believe that the sun has risen, not only
    because I see it but because by it I see
    everything else
  • Chuck Colson said Unfortunately, too many
    Christians have disregarded Christs command to
    occupy and transform the culture. Before we can
    make a real and lasting difference in the
    culture, we must understand how the biblical
    worldview connects us with EVERY aspect of the

Practical examples of living out a biblical
  • If Christ admonishes us to bring every thought
    into captivity and to let our light shine before
    men and to occupy till he comes then we must not
    separate the sacred from the secular because he
    is the Alpha and Omega!
  • What are some examples?

Practical Examples Cont.
  • Questions to determine if we are separating the
    sacred from the secular or if we are applying a
    biblical worldview to every area of life.
  • True/False- Life begins at conception?
  • Jer 1, Psalms 139, Job 3115, Isaiah 442, Psalms
  • True/False- By training the heart of a child to
    obey God, parents train him or her to be pleasers
    of God, not of men, whereas if parents teach
    children to obey so they avoid punishment, a
    scolding, or to receive an award, parents are
    training them to jump through hoops so as to keep
    the parents happy?
  • Deut 65-9

Practical Examples Cont.
  • True/False- Christians should present the Gospel
    in a seeker-friendly, non-offensive manner that
    avoids using terms such as hell, sin, the wrath
    of God and judgment day?
  • True/False- Repentance is necessary for
  • Larry King Live show 6/20/2005 interview
  • 1 John 34- sin is the transgression of the law
  • Romans 215- the work of the law is on our hearts
    and conscience
  • 1 Tm 119,20- Beware a reprobate mind! We must
    speak truth, even if it hurts.

Practical Examples Cont.
  • True/False- The wording Separation of Church and
    State is in the United States Constitution?
  • Danbury Baptists letter to Thomas Jefferson
  • 1947 Supreme Court/ Everson vs. Board of
  • Results?
  • Solutions?

Practical Examples Cont.
  • True/False- Homosexual marriages should be
  • Genesis 2,Rom 126,27,1 Cor 69,1 Tm 110
  • Dangers of Redefining Gods institution of

Practical Examples Cont.
  • True/False-When you study the Bible as a whole,
    it becomes clear that God is very supportive of
    an economic system based on private property, the
    work ethic, and personal responsibility?
  • True/False-Making the incomes of its citizens as
    equal as possible should be one of the top
    priorities of any legitimate government?
  • Genesis 111-9
  • Abraham model or Nimrod model (bricks or stones)
  • 2 Thes 36-15
  • Ethical Capitalism

Identifying Competing Worldviews
  • All worldviews must answer 3 fundamental
  • Creation-How did it all begin?
  • Fall-What went wrong? What is the source of evil?
  • Redemption-How can the world be set right?

Identifying Competing Worldviews
  • Naturalism (Secular Humanism, Marxism)
  • Creation- Darwinian Evolution
  • Evil- Moral relativism, Man is God
  • Redemption- savior is humanity itself, belief in
    a utopia

Identifying Competing Worldviews
  • Theism ( Christianity, Judaism, Islam)
  • Creation-Belief in one God, Creationism
  • Evil or the Fall- Islam does not adhere to any
    concept of the Fall- one must only obey to
    convert- no need for forgiveness
  • Redemption- Islam cannot understand God became
    man in order to save us and commune with us-
    Allah is a distant god which one must only work
    to please/ Judaism does not accept Jesus Christ
    as the promised Messiah and still awaits his

Identifying Competing Worldviews
  • Post-Modernism (Nihilism)
  • Creation- We dont Know and We cant Know
  • Evil- We dont Know and We cant Know
  • Redemption- We dont Know and We cant Know
  • No-Fault Holocaust
  • Radio Example
  • Truth is impossible to know

Identifying Competing Worldviews
  • New Age Thinking-Cosmic Humanism-Pantheism-
    Transcendentalism (Hinduism, Buddhism)
  • Creation- God is everything and God is in
    everything- God is a energy or force not a
    person- no distinction between creator and
  • Evil- Karma moral relativism
  • Redemption- You are a God in yourself- Life is on
    a merry-go-round not a path- Reincarnation
  • Quotes?
  • Allow for spirituality without service and
  • 1 Tm 41

  • 1 Pet 3 13-16- Live out a Biblical Worldview and
    Evangelize for Christ!
  • Resources used
  • Brannon Howse/ Put your Beliefs to the Test,
    Christian Worldview for students, One Nation
    Under Man
  • Rod Parsley/ Culturally Incorrect
  • George Barna/ Transforming Children into
    Spiritual Champions
  • John Stonestreet/
  • David Barton/