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I am at my best conceptualizing complex and 'big picture' problems, exploring ... Arrange and rearrange virtual assemblies to experiment with changes in quality, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Bringing%20Dreams%20to%20Life:

Bringing Dreams to Life Technological
Innovations in Teaching
Classrooms of the Future-X Learner-Centered
Learning May, 2004 David X. Swenson PhD The
College of St. Scholastica Duluth, MN
Fantasy Role-Playing Games
What makes a good game?
  • Immersability
  • Multi-sensory
  • Novelty, surprise, change
  • Challenge, creative tension
  • Team cooperation
  • Rapid feedback
  • Graduated difficulty
  • Compelling and organized story line
  • Developmental skill acquisition
  • Opportunity to learn from experiences
  • Equal opportunity (to participate/win)
  • Creative control (affect outcomes)
  • Divergent choices
  • Clarity complexity of rules

Talking Heads
  • AI-Expert Systems that
  • Respond to voice communication
  • Access extensive information resources
  • Use sophisticated decision engines
  • Show appropriate emotional response
  • Applications
  • Practice job interviewing
  • Career interviews
  • Speak with historical figures
  • Obtain information
  • Expert advice (e.g., stats)
  • Virtual team member

VR equipment has become increasingly sophisticated
MGT 6777 Systems Theory Seminar
  • Build a town, make it run
  • Construct an algorithm (systems model) that
    accounts for the simulation
  • Discuss the implications of intervening to solve
    a problem in one part of the system on remote
    parts of the system
  • Tweak it and see what happens!

Simple Systems Model for Sim City
Employment opportunities
More Traffic
Real Estate Availability
Road Maintenance
Population Growth
Tax Base
Police Fire Facilities
Neighborhood Degradation
Crime Rate
You have traveled in a time machine but it has
broken down and landed you during the Middle
Ages. You must explore the village where you have
landed to recover all 10 missing pieces and
return home.
Econ 3322 Medieval European Economic History
PowerSimsystems modeling
The Department of Transportation is working on a
plan for a new 150 million bypass in the city of
Newport to reduce congestion. People are divided
on the need, with protestors claiming it will
only take 5 of the traffic out of town, while
local council representatives say it is the only
Key variables over time
Why do more roads not relieve traffic
congestion? building roads appears a short term
solution, boosting construction industry, but
roads continue to degrade environment safety,
increase dependency on cars, increasing
congestion, and increasing roads, which further
decreases safety (a reinforcing loop).
MGT 2120 Principles of Management Youre Hired
now what?
  • You are no longer a student at CSS, youve just
    been hired as an
    investigative reporter for Gopher News Service
  • You will be a member of a journalistic team who
    will receive tasks to gather investigative
    information for news service sales
  • Your team must research critical questions and
    write newsworthy articles we can sell to our
    subscriber news organizations
  • You will need to collaborate online as well as in
    person as a team
  • You will need to conduct team building and
    development, monitor meeting effectiveness, and
    maintain timely and productive output

MGT 4261 6205 Team Management-- Virtual team
development of a team training manual
  • You are new employees of Teamwork Associates, an
    organization consulting and training group for
    teams in the workplace
  • You will work as a team to prepare training
    modules for our clients
  • By the end of your probationary period (end of
    course) you will use your own team experiences as
    well as consulting assignments as a basis for
    designing and compiling a Managers Teamwork
  • Your work will be collaborative online and in

Online Team Building
Name David X. Swenson (Dave) Role Team
Leader Contact information Phone
(218)723-6476 E-mail Fax
Profile I like to work and play hard, be active
and assertive in teamwork, and encourage direct
feedback. I am at my best conceptualizing complex
and big picture problems, exploring novel
solutions to hard problems, seek high involvement
and investment by others. My goal is to do my
best to help team members be their best and enjoy
working together!
  • Professional Information
  • Positions
  • Education/training
  • Achievements
  • Personal Information
  • Hobbies
  • Recreation
  • Family
  • Values

Expert System Statistical Consultant
  • Prompts questions for decision tree
  • Request definitions and examples
  • Apply a statistic to an interesting sample case
  • Experience a guided virtual walk through for the
  • Highlight interpretations
  • Explore applications of the results

Statistics flythrough Stats are more meaningful
when viewed from multiple directions and
Marketing demographic analysis
Career Walkthrough
  • Workplace walkthroughs
  • Conversations with employees about job
    characteristics and desirable worker qualities
  • Expert system interview for presenting common
    career questions
  • Job interview with recording of responses

Business Simulations
  • Teamwork
  • Organizing
  • Analysis
  • Risk taking
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Reflective learning
  • Real-time business decisions
  • Dynamic changes in market
  • Teams influence market values
  • Multiple sources qualities of information
  • Executive dashboard for current information on
    key indicators
  • Feedback on progress

Virtual Operations Management
  • Immersible workshop floor with movable and
    connecting objects
  • Arrange and rearrange virtual assemblies to
    experiment with changes in quality, efficiency,
    errors, safety, etc.
  • Algorithms built into the machine models
    calculate and present data for comparison
  • Human figures can have programmed stress measures
    based on repetitive actions

Virtual biology
  • 3-d layered models for dissection
  • Repetitive dissection with no injury to live
  • Real time physiology

The virtual diagnostician and surgeon the Dr.
is inanywhere
  • Remote examination for diagnosis
  • Virtual modeling for training surgeons
  • Remote surgery

Reflective Learning Cycle
Where to from here?-- Virtual Tour of LA (20,000
sq mi.)
In virtual worlds people can browse stores for
shopping, walk through towns and site-seeing
novel locations, and walk through maps
  • Over 1,000 worlds
  • Real time shopping browsing
  • Interactive forums
  • Games
  • Build your own

Arial view of Alpha World (2001)
  • A 400 sq. kilometers (2 hours to walk across)
    virtual world in which people build their homes
    and communities, display and demonstrate virtual
    structures and applications, and provide portals
    to different worlds and international networking

Map showing .03 of Alpha World area