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Using mrInterview for OnLine Data Collection and Data Management


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Title: Using mrInterview for OnLine Data Collection and Data Management

Using mrInterview for On-Line Data Collection
and Data Management
  • Robert J Ploutz-Snyder, PhD
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine/Biostatistician
  • SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Former Director of Institutional Research and
    Assessment at SUNY Cortland

Commonly Asked Questions
  • 1. Will I be able to get copies of the slides
    after the event?
  • 2. Is this web seminar being taped so I or
    others can view it after the fact?
  • 3. Can I ask questions during this event?

Commonly Asked Questions
  • 1. Will I be able to get copies of the slides
    after the event?
  • 2. Is this web seminar being taped so I or
    others can view it after the fact?
  • 3. Can I ask questions during this event?

Research _at_ Upstate Medical University
  • Upstate Medical University
  • One Of Only 125 Academic Medical Centers In The
  • Teaching Hospital Medical School
  • Consists of Four Colleges
  • Medicine (MD MD/PhD degrees )
  • Graduate Studies (MD/PhD degree)
  • Nursing (BS, MS degrees, plus Post-Masters
    Advance Certificate)
  • Health Professions (BS, BPS, MS, DPT degrees)
  • Part of the larger State University of New York
    (SUNY) System
  • 413,000 Students on 64 Campuses

Sponsored Research Represents 18.5 of Upstates
2005 Revenue
Selected NIH-Funded Studies at Upstate
Brain Cortical Plasticity Mechanisms and
Modulation 304,000
Throat Human Posterior Cricoarytenoid Muscle
Aging Mechanisms 190,000
Eye Computational Models of Retinal and Brain
Function 223,359
Chicken Pox Inhibitors Novel Antivirals For
Vzv 266,000
Mouth Herpes Simplex Virus In The Treatment Of
Oral Cancer 257,210
Brain Biomarkers For Psychosis In
Velocardiofacial Syndrome 1,036,814
Spine Body Weight Supported Ambulation Training
After SCI 529,931
Brain Effect Of Ethanol On Cell
Proliferation 342,000
Heart Intercellular communication and Impulse
Propagation 1,843,764
Liver Improving Hepatitis C Treatment in
Injection Drug Users 612,502
Wrist Biomechanical Evaluation of Wrist Ligament
Injuries 285,760
Stomach Factors regulating appetite in illness
and disease
Joints Role of Impact Activity in Peripubertal
Bone Accrual 76,000
Hip Interface Failure in Total Joint
Replacements 216,6000
Prostate Detection of Occult Prostate Cancers in
Elderly Men 304,000
Kidneys Genetic Mapping in the Hypercalciuric
Stone-Forming Rat 301,950
Long Bones Growth Plate Cellular Function
Following Radiotherapy 239,400
Colon Mirk Kinase in Colon Cancer
Development 279,879
Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation
  • Biostatical and Epidemiological Expertise
  • Director (PhD/MPH or similar, vacant)
  • Two College of Medicine PhD Faculty
  • Two Masters-Level Statisticians
  • One Administrative Assistant
  • Contribute as Coauthors on
  • Abstracts
  • Papers
  • Grants
  • And Other Scholarly Activities
  • Our Contributions to Research Programs
  • Study design implementation
  • Subject recruitment strategies and sample size
  • Develop data collection tools and strategies
  • Develop and execute statistical analysis plans

Clinical Trials Informatics at CORE
  • Why did we think we needed CTI?
  • Data Management ? 60-80 of Biostatisticians
  • Needed a better data management solution
  • Problems with client databases
  • Varying levels of client expertise
  • Non-compliant versions of db software
  • To expand new research avenues
  • Participants self-report data (i.e. surveys)
  • Multi-site or off-site clinical trial data
    management portals
  • To help ensure HIPAA compliance
  • To give principal investigators more

Relevance for Institutional Research/Assessment
  • Do you need to collect Survey Data?
  • Student Surveys? Alumni Surveys? Faculty Surveys?
  • Surveys about whether we should conduct more
  • Are other offices currently doing this on their
  • Does your office help support their efforts?
  • Do you support data management for
    Other-than-Survey Data
  • Things that arent already captured in your SIS
  • Do you need to comply with Family Educational
    Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Yes to any?
  • mrInterview can probably help your Institutional
    Research and Assessment Office.
  • As a Web-Enabled Survey Tool
  • As a Web-Enabled Data Entry Tool
  • While maintaining strict privacy and data
    security standards.

What is HIPAA?
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule became effective April 14,
  • Federal law, with strict rules and stiff
  • Outlines specific rights to privacy on PHI
    (protected health information)
  • Specifies protected data fields/elements with
    extra protection
  • Specifies rules about use of data for research
  • Specific recommendations about data
    storage/management and electronic details
  • Encryption, authentication, security
  • Ultimately up to University to decide what will
    be implemented

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Generally, schools must have written permission
    from the parent or eligible student in order to
    release any information from a student's
    education record.
  • Definition of student records usually
    interpreted to include anything related to
    student education
  • Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Data?
  • Your local Counsel can advise on specifics
  • http//
  • Analogous to the HIPAA?

What does HIPAA or FERPA have to do with
  • HIPAA Forced us to think more seriously about
    data protection issues, and lay out a plan for
    HIPAA protection/compliance
  • HIPAA also helped us secure funding and
    administrative support of new data management
  • FERPA May be forcing you to think more seriously
    about data protection issues too?

COREs Data Requirements
  • Our requirements go beyond HIPAA compliance
  • Dual Server System with Firewall Protection
  • Encryption and Server Authentication
  • User Authentication
  • Redundant protections on hardware, software, data
  • Additional functionality for expanding our
    research enterprise
  • Oh yea, we arent really programmers either
  • and we have very limited local IT support

Clinical Trials Informatics at CORE
  • History of CTI at CORE
  • Client Desktop PC solutions
  • MS Excel
  • MS Access
  • Other Client-Preferred db software
  • SPSS Data Entry Enterprise Server
  • Our first attempt at a web-based data management
  • Other software was evaluated, but our trust in
    SPSS led us to DEES
  • mrInterviewTodays Web-Based Data Management
    Solution at Upstate

Hardware Two Dedicated Servers
  • Compaq Proliant DL 380 Servers
  • Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID)
  • Three Disks One 60 Gig Virtual Drive with two
  • Redundant Power Supplies (Fans, Cords)
  • Battery Back-Up
  • Data Backup Hardware/Software
  • Tape Drive Back-Up System (SQL Server)
  • Verisoft Back-Up System (mrInterview Server)

Architecture Dedicated to mrInterview
Direct Physical Access
University Firewall
Port 1433
F2G Access and RemoteDesktop Access
Open to Port 80
Software Dedicated to Clinical Trials Data
Web Server
Data Warehouse Server
  • Microsoft
  • Windows 2003 Server OS
  • SQL Server 2003
  • Microsoft
  • Windows 2003 Server OS
  • Internet Information Service (IIS) with ASP.NET
  • .NET Framework 1.1
  • SPSS Software
  • DimensionNet 3.1
  • mrInterview Prof. 3.1
  • Dimensions Development Library
  • tools and documentation
  • Secure Socket Layering
  • Thawte Authentication Key

Biostatisticians PC
  • PC-Anywhere
  • Web-Authoring Software
  • SPSS
  • SAS
  • MLwiN
  • and other statistical stuff

What We Like about mrInterview
  • Met all of our security requirements
  • Dual (or more) server capable
  • Authentication Encryption able (SSL)
  • DimensionNet Authentication/Administration
  • Integration with high-end db and web software
  • SQL Server database software
  • Use of Microsoft SSL
  • Come-Back Features
  • Central to Data Entry Portal applications
  • Key for long surveys also
  • Expands our research capabilities
  • Qualitative Research
  • On-Line (not paper) Surveys
  • Fits within our larger vision of Clinical
    Trials Informatics
  • Relatively easy to master
  • Very, VERY Customizable

We Use mrInterview Two Ways
  • Collecting self-report data from research
  • i.e. As mrInterview was designed
  • Multi-site clinical trialsData Entry Portal
  • Data is entered by trained staff members
  • Data entry from off-site or multiple-sites
  • mrInterview was not designed for this, but can
    function with certain limitations

Data Field Options with mrInterview
  • Single Punch (Multiple Choice)

Data Field Options with mrInterview
  • Multi Punch (Check all that apply)

Data Field Options with mrInterview
  • Single Answer Grid (ex. Standardized Scales)

Data Field Options with mrInterview
  • Multi Answer Grid

Data Field Options with mrInterview
  • Open-Numeric Grid

Data Field Options with mrInterview
  • Open Numeric
  • Open Text

Data Field Options with mrInterview
  • So the system can capture all of the basic
    types/forms of data that we normally need to
  • Numeric
  • Categorical (mult-choice)
  • Multiple Categories
  • Text
  • Long Text (qualitative studies)
  • And logical data entry restrictions can be
  • Ex. restrict a GPA data entry to not be above
    4.0, or below 0.0

Subject Authentication Feature
  • Provides Requisite Data Security
  • Participant Authentication Right People In, Wrong
    People Out
  • Encryption and Server Authentication
  • Multi-Server System with Multiple Back-up
  • Allows Long Surveys to be Completed in Chunks of
  • Can Streamline Data Entry or Route Subjects
  • Permits use of mrInterview as a Data Entry Portal

How it works?
  • Subjects Log in
  • ID PW Verified
  • Entry to Survey/Data Entry Screens
  • mrInterview Tracks their Progress
  • Upon Completion, Subject is Flagged as complete
  • Can restrict re-entry, or not, depending on your

Obvious Benefits of Subject Authentication
  • Data Security and Integrity
  • Right Subjects in, Wrong People out
  • Data Entry Only Once

Additional Benefits of Subject Authentication
  • Subject Progress is Tracked
  • Allowing for Chunk Data Entry for long surveys
  • Or not the decision is yours!
  • And Tracking Time to Finish, Number of Attempts,
  • Nice for Pilot Testing new Surveys
  • How long is my survey going to take?
  • Rejects Duplicate Subjects
  • Self-Report Data Cannot be Changed on second
  • Or maybe it can the decision is yours!
  • Permits us to Use mrInterview as Data Entry
  • Enables Researcher to track progress of data

Example of On-going Research
  • Our First StudyQualitative Research on Ethical
  • Subjects are Physicians, Residents, Students
  • Demographic Items (with skip logic)
  • Standardized Vignettes are presented
  • Open-ended Questions are Asked

Why I choose this project for today?
  • Interesting Sampling Scheme Routing Coding
  • 21 Total Vignettes Each Subject answers 3, 4, or
  • Subject ID-Driven Skip Logic Controls Navigation
    with Efficient Behind-the-Scenes Programming
  • Script reads ID, matches with sample file, and
    then reads vignette assignments from sample file
    using dummy ask (dummy questions) and call
  • Script routes subject to the appropriate first
    vignette, and increases a counter for the next
  • Cycle repeats until subject has answered their 3,
    4 or 5 assigned vignettes (based on the sample
  • Scripts then sends subjects to questions that
    follow vignette section of the survey.
  • Qualitative Research
  • Open-Ended Text allowing 4040 characters.

Screenshots Routing
ScreenshotsAlternative Routing
Routing Benefits
  • Presents Only Valid Data Entry Fields
  • Does not ask a man if hes pregnant!
  • In IR We dont want to ask about parental
    education, if we know that a parent is not alive
    (ex. CIRP data)
  • Streamlines Data Entry
  • No need to manually click past irrelevant
  • Eliminates annoying interface with survey
  • Protects Against Illogical Data Pairings
  • Impossible to be pregnant and male.
  • Impossible to have a college degree, if yours is
    the first college theyve attended.
  • Can Be Used to Direct Subjects to Other Surveys.
  • Ex. If student answers dissatisfied to a
    particular question, could route them to a
    different URL, perhaps an anonymous survey, that
    taps into reasons why.

Going Beyond Data Entry Storage PI-Benefits
  • Investigators (Clients of yours) and IR staff can
    have login accounts with certain privileges
  • Can create database (without ever touching SQL)
  • Can modify existing databases/data entry forms
  • Can take database on/off line
  • Can modify appearance of on-line forms
  • Or Look at them on-line, and guide our design
    over the phone
  • Can program complex scripting for high-end
  • Can upload subject recruitment files to manage
  • Can do too many things if were not careful!

Going Beyond Data Entry Storage PI-Benefits
  • Aside from our own programmers, we provide
    back-door entrance to our research colleagues.
  • In IR, if you do surveys/assessment for other
    offices, then they are your clients in this
  • We normally allow these privileges to our
  • Download data
  • Its not necessary, but we recommend they do it
  • Check on status of data entry/subject
  • How many complete, in progress, or never logged
  • Can be creative with scripting language
  • Create cross-tab tables based on data as ofnow

Screenshots of DimensionNetLogin Screen
DimensionNet Versus Survey Login
Researchers and Programmers use this to login to
create surveys, download data, view status of
data entry, etc.
Data entry staff or survey participants
themselves use this login to view on-line forms
for entering data.
Screenshots of DimensionNet Admin User
Screenshots of DimensionNet Three ways to Build
a Data Entry Form
  • Dimensions Scripting Language
  • New to versions 3.0 and higher
  • Similar to Visual Basic

Screenshots of DimensionNet Launching a
Survey/Data Entry Form
Screenshots of DimensionNetExporting Data
Screenshots of DimensionNetExporting Data
  • Text, Excel or SPSS Format (shown)
  • If Choose SPSS Format
  • Data Type
  • Variable Names
  • Variable Labels
  • Value Labels
  • Missing Values

Screenshots of DimensionNetChecking on Status
of Data Entry
Screenshots of DimensionNetObtaining On-Line
Results Tables
Tips and Tricks from Upstate
  • Enlist local IT support
  • Enroll in SPSS Training
  • Take a colleague
  • Time the training right!
  • Customize HTM and XML templates
  • Templates are standardized, accommodate CTI logo,
    and links to CORE home page
  • Currently, we have 3 HTM templates
  • single grid, grid ? 1 question, multi-ask
  • XML template alternates colors btw rows, controls
    font size and space allocation for numeric and
    categorical grids

Tips and Tricks from Upstate
  • Create custom HTM pages
  • Instruction pages
  • Authentication pages
  • Survey temporary stop page
  • Page just before finished page allowing user the
    option to either permanently write data or come
    back to add or edit existing data
  • Survey finished page
  • Surveys work better, and have a professional (and
    custom) look and feel.
  • Doesnt look like you out-sourced!

Limitations of mrInterview at Upstate Medical
Version 3.1
  • Would like to expand on Data Entry Portal
  • Ability for double-data-entry and validation
  • Ability to look up and alter existing records
  • Ability to enter data for multiple-subjects, but
    still retain features of Sample Management
  • Would like to expand Dimensions Features
  • Expand file sharing capability (Ex. PDF files)
    among users in groups
  • Integrate Sample Management with popular email
    programs (MS Outlook, GroupWise)
  • Web-enabled data querying
  • Need to improve the user interface
  • File Sharing and Project Locking among Users is
  • Integration of Scripting Language with GUI
    Interface Needs Help
  • Need to settle on one scripting language for
    future upgrade

Question and Answer
  • For more information

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
  • Presenters Contact Info
  • Robert Ploutz-Snyder, PhD
  • 315-464-4430 Phone
  • email
  • For more information
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