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St' Lawrence Catholic School School Improvement Plan SIP


... made available to upper floor students and parents for ... New flooring (wood laminate) was installed in the lower floor classrooms of the main building ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: St' Lawrence Catholic School School Improvement Plan SIP

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St. Lawrence Catholic School School Improvement
Plan (SIP)
  • To our hard-working PASTOR, for his commitment to
    keep our school open and operating
  • To our supportive PARENTS for their continued
    support of Catholic Education
    for their cooperation, open communication, for
    working together with us, in unity, to serve God
  • To our SUPER STUDENTS, who work hard each day and
    take pride in being ST. LAWRENCE LIONS
  • To our dedicated FACULTY STAFF, who serve daily
    as exemplary role models with smiles and with

The Steering Committee
  • Initial Committee
  • Denise Broughton, Chair
  • Grisel Crespo, SAC member and former PTO Chair
  • Lisa Felix Corney, Executive Committee Member and
  • Dian Hyatt, Principal
  • Pino Maurici, School Parent and Alumni Parent
  • Faculty Members Added 2007-2008
  • Vikki Scialabba Sickels
  • Christina Folkman

SIP Results
  • Introduction Executive Summary
  • Area 1 School Profile Opinion Surveys
  • Top Strengths (Graphs)
  • Area 2 Mission Beliefs
  • Area 3 Desired Results for Student Learning
  • Area 4 - Instructional Organizational
  • Area 5 Action Plan
  • Area 6 Accreditation Standards Review

  • The
  • Executive
  • Summary

School Improvements Completed Since Last
Re-accreditation Visit, Feb. 2002
  • Safety Improvements 3 1 in progress
  • Instructional Professional Development 6
  • Textbooks Technology 13
  • New Clubs Student Activities 16
  • Sports Recess 6
  • Field Trips Minimum of 2 outside trips / year,
    generally more
  • Recent Activities/Opportunities for Applied
    Learning 11
  • Governance PTO, Executive Committee, SAC
    re-defined established
  • Long Term Goals Attained 3
  • Maintenance Improvements/ Renovations 23
  • Total Improvements 85

In the Area of Safety
  • Lockdown supplies with extended shelf-life have
    been provided in each classroom 2009
  • Investigative study to determine cost for
    installing security cameras, 2008-2009
  • Enclosure of the school portion of the parish
    property completed, Fall 2007
  • Fire drill procedures include occasional
    inclusion of obstacles in order to provide
    opportunities for quick thinking and problem

Instructional Professional Development
  • Salaries increased 3 for 2008-2009 to meet
    increased costs of living
  • Salaries were increased above the normal 3 for
    the 2007- 2008 school year, recognizing staff
    loyalty and extraordinary effort, in hopes of
    attracting / retaining qualified faculty
  • Bullying Prevention strategy workshop knowledge
    was attained and shared throughout the school
    community faculty, parents, students
  • The schools commitment to Mitigation Education
    was renewed to educate students, parents, and the
    general community, sharing strategies to better
    prepare for the prevention of damage due to
    predictable hazards
  • A part-time Title I teacher was added to the
    staff one day / week, mid-year 2008-2009 to
    address students with special needs (funded
    through the Archdiocese of Miami collective Title
    I money)
  • A part time technology position was added 2006
    2007 to facilitate upgrades and to improve the
    schools website and usefulness in maintaining

Textbooks Technology
  • Textbooks and instructional materials are
    acquired regularly, meeting or exceeding the five
    year guideline, as is financially feasible. A
    survey of United States History was added to the
    eighth grade curriculum and Civics to the seventh
    grade curriculum, 2008-2009 Pre-algebra and
    algebra were added to the middle school
  • Computers for student staff use are upgraded as
    is financially feasible
  • Networking of computers with server and
    school-wide filter is anticipated by June 2009
  • The school web page was re-designed and has
    recently been up-graded for broader accessibility
    via web search engines for increased recruitment
    and recognition within the local community
  • On-line grade accessibility was made available to
    upper floor students and parents for convenient
    and on-going tracking of student progress
  • The donation of 12 computers increased the number
    available in the library for student use in 2009
  • Each teacher was offered a laptop or new desktop
    two years ago
  • High speed internet access was expanded
    throughout the school and parish

Student Clubs Activities
  • Over the past 7 years,
  • additional and varied
  • after school clubs and activities have been
    offered as extracurricular activities depending
  • Student Interest
  • Student Response
  • Teacher Sponsorship
  • Parent Volunteer Availability
  • Arts and Crafts Drama
  • Cooking Reading
  • School Service Math Help
  • Gardening Board Games
  • Poetry Peer Tutors
  • Library Helping Hands
  • Basketball Volleyball
  • Soccer Cheerleading
  • Student Council Boy Scouts
  • Christmas Choir Girl Scouts
  • Dance Fencing
  • Gymnastics Piano
  • National Junior Honor Society

Sports / Recess
  • Sports equipment is regularly purchased to keep
    the inventory adequate for instructional needs,
    for recess play, and for the after school sports
    program Two ping-pong tables and a primary
    sized basketball hoop were purchased for recess
    use, 2006-07 the basketball court was re-painted
    for ACC competition, Fall 2007
  • Sidewalk games were painted to promote
    independent play during recess
  • On-campus sports clubs were expanded to include
    more grade levels to increase play time and
    physical activity, accommodating the needs of
    students with working parents who struggle with
    transportation to away games
  • Monthly Fun/Walk Runs are regularly scheduled to
    increase fitness levels
  • Cheerleading was added 2008-2009 
  • Cost / feasibility is being investigated to
    install a new play court playground area on the
    back field, Fall 2007 1 5 year goal

Field Trips
  • Museums of Art and Science, Holocaust Museum,
    City of Deerfield Beach Survival House,
    theatrical productions (plays, ballets, puppet
    shows), Jungle Island, a working farm, Butterfly
    World, the Everglades, and Wild Animal shows
  • COMING SOON Weather Day _at_The Marlins
  • All grade levels
  • are encouraged to
  • visit at least two
  • outside locations
  • each year.
  • Guest speakers
  • visiting shows
  • are also
  • arranged to enhance learning.

Recent Activities / Opportunities to Enhance
  • Religion Bee during CSW
  • The 8th Grade Projects Dedication this weekend,
    May 3rd
  • Vocabulary Challenge
  • Math Night _at_ Publix
  • Barnes Noble Night Next one coming on May
  • Nature Trail / Science Path - Just completed
    April 19th
  • Vegetable garden
  • Re-cycling Initiative Green Team Behavior Plan
  • The Library Project
  • COMING SOON Picturing America Grant from the
    National Endowment for the Humanities

In Governance, Public Relations, and
  • The delineation
  • of purposes and goals
  • between the various support committees
  • has been more clearly defined,
  • including the re-naming of groups  

  • The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) includes
    every parent in the school, as well as faculty
    and staff members.
  • Parents are expected to meet their obligation of
    fulfilling a minimum of twenty service hours per
    year to the school.
  • General Meetings of the PTO are generally held at
    least three times a year.

The Executive Committee
  • The Executive Committee of the Parent Teacher
    Organization meets the first Tuesday of each
    month at 730 a.m., and at other times to
    organize upcoming events, as needed.
  • At least two representatives are sought from each
    grade level to sit on this committee each year.
    (Sign up tonight for next year!)
  • The chairman (or co-chairs) is/are encouraged to
    hold this position for a two year term.

Focus of PTO Executive Committee
  • The main focus of these groups is to assist the
    administration, faculty, and parents in promoting
    a higher quality of Catholic education.
  • The Executive Committee encourages the
    cooperation and participation of all parents in
    planning, promoting, and organizing fundraising
    and social activities in and for the school and
    its members.

SAC School Advisory Council
  • The School Advisory Council (SAC) meets as a
    collective group at least twice each school year,
    in the fall and spring, generally the third
    Thursday in November and March.
  • Council members unable to attend council meetings
    may meet / correspond directly with the principal
    to accommodate their work schedules.
  • Members include the pastor, principal, at least
    one faculty member, the chair of the PTO, and
    members of the community associated with the
    school (past alumni, parents of alumni,
    parishioners) who contribute their business

Goals of SAC
  • The goals of the SAC are
  • to evaluate areas of concern to continually
    improve the school
  • to create a vision for the schools long term
    financial health and stability

Long Term Goals Attained
  • A permanent, wooden sign was installed to
    identify the school to passersby
  • The school was re-painted in a bright color
  • The perimeter fence and gates were completed

Goals Attained In the Area of Maintenance /
  • A hand rail was installed near office steps,
  • Covers for water flow ditches were installed,
  • Landscaping improvements have been made by the
    Gardening Club the 8th grade students in the
    prayer garden, Classes of 2007, 2008, and 2009 
  • New air conditioning unit installed in the
    Kindergarten by parent donation, 2007-2008
  • New desks chairs purchased by donation, 2004

  • New carpeting was installed in the upper floor
  • New flooring (wood laminate) was installed in the
    lower floor classrooms of the main building
  • Outdoor mats were replaced throughout the school
  • Staff principal restrooms were renovated
  • The church office space was renovated (glass,
    phone, computer installed) for use by the faculty
  • Electrical and waste systems were replaced /
    renovated to meet newer code requirements
  • A new roof and gutters were installed on the

  • The fluorescent light bulbs have been changed to
    a type better suited to the classroom environment
  • New water fountains were installed
  • Exterior lighting has been improved on campus for
    better security / safety in the early morning /
  • Re-cycling of paper, plastics, printer
    cartridges, and old cell phones has been adopted.
  • Projection system capability installed in various
    locations for use throughout parish
  • Security cameras are being investigated for
    increased protection in parking areas
  • New tables chairs were purchased for the Parish

Storage Issues / Space Limitations
  • The church is used by the Music teachers, when
  • The Parish Hall is used by the Physical Education
    teacher when gymnastics is taught
  • The church office space is now shared by the
    Title I teacher the counselor, 2008-09
  • Portable containers are currently rented for
    extra storage

Area 1 Committee
  • Area 1 School Profile
  • Vikki Sickels - Chair
  • Krystal Alegret
  • Maritza Diaz-Lacayo
  • Lisa Genuardi
  • Dian Hyatt
  • Irene Kertesz
  • Tricia Miller
  • Colleen Searing

Area 1
  • Opinion Surveys were completed by
  • Elementary Students
  • Middle School Students
  • Teachers
  • Support Staff
  • Parents
  • Community Stakeholders

Area 1 Survey Findings
  • Top Strengths
  • Areas for Improvement
  • for
  • Saint Lawrence Catholic School

All students and staff at our school are treated
with respect, regardless of race, religion, or
Cheating is strongly discouraged at our school
My teachers want students to learn
School discipline is appropriately maintained at
our school
Wish List Goals from Area 1 Surveys
  • New computers / books for students and staff
  • A hard-court play area for Physical Education /
    Sports Clubs within the field area, preferably
  • A playground for the younger students
  • Renovation of the Parish Hall for expanded use in
    fundraising efforts and for social activities,
    preferably including a stage area

Common Goals for the School Parish
  • Promote recruitment to increase enrollment in the
    elementary school, especially from the CCC CCD
    programs, as well as from parishioners local
  • Increase fundraising throughout the parish to
    meet operating expenses
  • Tent remaining buildings to exterminate termites
    and renovate existing damage

Area 2 Committee
  • Area 2 Mission and Beliefs Statements
  • Denise Broughton Chair
  • Lisa Genuardi
  • Dian Hyatt

Area 2
  • Saint Lawrence Catholic School
  • Motto
  • Mission Statement
  • Beliefs Statements

St. Lawrence School MOTTO
  • Saint Lawrence Catholic School -
  • where faith and learning
  • grow hand in hand

  • The mission of Saint Lawrence Catholic School
  • is to provide a well-rounded education
  • to students, grades kindergarten through eight,
    in a caring environment
  • in which Catholic faith and learning
  • grow hand in hand.

St. Lawrence Catholic School
  • The twelve top-most ranked beliefs statements as
    tallied by the survey results were combined with
    the schools original objectives to create 5
    Beliefs Statements.

Beliefs Statements 1
  • We believe
  • each student is unique
  • and special in the eyes of God.

Beliefs Statements 2
  • We believe Catholic education
  • presents the Good News of the Gospel
  • and authentic Catholic doctrine
  • in an atmosphere of faithfulness,
  • providing opportunities to apply faith
  • in personal life experiences
  • and through service to others.

Beliefs Statements 3
  • We believe
  • strong Catholic morals and values
  • are instilled with the cooperation of parents,
  • the parish,
  • and the school community
  • so that students can successfully cope
  • with social and cultural situations
  • they encounter.

Beliefs Statements 4
  • We believe
  • that real life learning is a priority in this
  • and that the curriculum presented
  • prepares each student
  • for a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle,
  • developing creative thinking and problem solving
    skills as well as an appreciation for the arts,
  • utilizing a variety of teaching techniques
  • that appeal to all modalities of learning.

Beliefs Statements 5
  • We believe
  • a Catholic education reflects
  • the integration of Catholic values
  • with academic success,
  • striving to meet the individual,
  • as well as the collective, needs of students
  • within a safe and comfortable
  • learning environment.

Area 3 Committee
  • Area 3 - Desired Results for Student Learning
  • Marcia Alvarez - Chair
  • Christina Folkman
  • Colleen Searing
  • Jean Sullivan (2007-08)

  • Surveys 7 Goals for Student Learning
  • Regarding the level of priority for improvement,
    the survey suggests that 29 of the respondents
    felt that improvement is needed in the way
    students gather and use information effectively
    to gain new information and knowledge, classify
    and organize information, support inferences, and
    justify conclusions appropriate to the context
    and audience.
  • Lowest scores on the Survey of Seven Goals for
    Student Learning 28 were received on the
    following question Students apply their faith
    and Christian values to their lives.
  • The highest area of concern lay in students
    connecting knowledge and experience from
    different subject areas. 29.3 of those surveyed
    felt Saint Lawrence should focus future
    improvement efforts here.

Examination of ITBS Scores
  • While all the classes scores were above the
  • 50th percentile, the students, overall, scored
  • Highest in Language Arts
  • Lowest in Math problem solving skills
  • ITBS scores reflect strong growth improvement
    in academic progress the longer a student is
    enrolled in our school

Research of Current Trends in Education
  • Communication Listening Skills
  • These skills are very important in todays
  • since they include the ability
  • to read and manage the emotions, motivations, and
    behaviors of oneself and others
  • during social interactions or in other means of
  • human communications as required by the Digital
    Age e-mail, voice mail, audio-video conferences,

Area 4 Committee
  • Area 4 Analysis of Instructional and
    Organizational Effectiveness
  • Andrea Robeson Chair (2007-2008)
  • Christina Folkman Chair
  • Krystal Alegret
  • Marcia Alvarez
  • Caroline Charron
  • Maritza Diaz-Lacayo
  • Dian Hyatt - Principal
  • Tricia Miller
  • Mercedes Moreno
  • Maria S. Rodriguez

Survey Findings Highest score Curriculum
  • The school's curriculum is based on clearly
    defined standards for student learning and is
    focused on supporting and challenging all
    students to excel in their learning.
  • The curriculum implementation plan ensures the
    alignment of teaching strategies and learning
    activities, instructional support and resources,
    and assessments of student learning with the
    curriculum. The coordination and articulation of
    the curriculum leads to a shared vision for
    student learning held by teachers at each grade
    level, and parents and community members.
  • Assessments of student learning are aligned with
    clearly specified and appropriate achievement

  • Recent WORKSHOP topics
  • Bullying Prevention Strategies
  • Enhancing Art Curriculum
  • Mitigation Education
  • Meeting the Needs of ESE Students
  • Recent GRANT awarded
  • Picturing America
  • National Endowment for the Humanities

Area 5 Committee
  • Area 5 Action Plan
  • Vikki Sickels - Chair
  • Denise Broughton
  • Christina Folkman
  • Lisa Genuardi
  • Dian Hyatt
  • Tricia Miller

  • Stakeholder survey results
  • Small group discussions
  • Research of educational data
  • Investigation of current educational trends
  • Faculty reflection analysis

OBJECTIVE 1 NSSE Communication Skills
Thinking Reasoning Skills
  • Students will improve their LISTENING
    COMPREHENSION SKILLS in order to perform at a
    higher level.
  • 9 sub-objectives were outlined
  • 3 short term goals
  • 2 short to middle term goals
  • 3 middle term goals
  • 1 long term goal

Objective 2 NSSE Personal and Social
  • Students will apply their faith and Christian
    values to their lives.
  • 10 sub-objectives were determined
  • 5 short term goals
  • 2 short to middle term goals
  • 1 middle term goal
  • 2 long term goals

Objective 3 NSSE Thinking Reasoning Skills
  • Students will improve their math problem solving
    skills by utilizing a variety of strategies and
  • 8 sub-objectives were delineated
  • 5 short term goals
  • 1 short to middle term goal
  • 1 middle term goal
  • 1 middle to long term goal

Area 6 Committee
  • Area 6 Accreditation Standards Review
  • Dian Hyatt Chair Principal
  • Fr. William Elbert Pastor
  • Supporting Plans provided by
  • Miguel Braga, Technology Coordinator
  • Clara Dugrot-Harris, School Counselor
  • Maria S. Rodriguez, Media Specialist

  • Saint Lawrence Catholic School is in compliance
    with the Florida Catholic Conference standards
    for re-accreditation.
  • Annual reports reflect the on-going progress made
    towards meeting stated goals.

  • We have made great strides forward in the past 7
    years. St. Lawrence School continues to grow
    hand in hand.
  • We continue to work together, as a unified team,
    to improve our parish school, with dedicated
    service to Jesus, Our Lord and Savior.
  • We pray that God will continue to shine His
    heavenly light on our St. Lawrence Family as we
    move forward into the next re-accreditation

  • TO OUR
  • Florida Catholic Conference Visiting Team
  • Lynn Abboud Chair
  • Shannon Carmona
  • Mary Schmidt
  • Now, YOU are members of
  • our St. Lawrence Family, too!

  • Who we are
  • is Gods gift to us.
  • What we make of ourselves
  • is our gift to God.
  • May God continue to bless
  • St. Lawrence Catholic School!