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New: Employee must print online re-enrollment summary page, ... SHPS online re-enrollment ... Sunday system availability but no Monday (Christmas Eve) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Payroll User Group

Payroll User Group
  • September 12, 2007
  • Office of the Comptroller

  • Kevin McHugh
  • Payroll Bureau Director, CTR

Public Information Requests
  • Martin Benison
  • Comptroller of the Commonwealth

Current Status
  • At this time very few HR Directors have requested
    or been granted security for access to the Panel
  • New report of Commonwealth employee compensation
    generated following the payroll run of October 2,
    2007 which will exempt information based on
    entries recorded. All flags must be set by
    Monday, October 1.
  • This standard compensation report will be run
    quarterly in January, April, July and October
  • Each time a Public Information Request is made
    for the state payroll the PIR Officer has issued
    an e-mail notice to CFOs. We have modified our
    procedures to also notify Payroll Directors and
    HR Directors. Unless another date is specifically
    requested the most recent report run will be
  • Notice of this policy and form should have been
    circulated to your departments employees by now

Summary of Payroll Public Records Exemption
  • Under the public records law G. L. c. 4, 7(26),
    an employees name, title, salary and department
    are considered public information.
  • If a public information request is made to either
    a department, or a statewide payroll request is
    made to the Office of the Comptroller (CTR), a
    department and CTR are mandated to provide this
  • Under this law, a person making a public records
    request can not be asked the reason for the
  • The personal safety of certain victims of
    adjudicated crimes or domestic violence, sexual
    assault or rape may be compromised when this type
    of information is released. There are exemptions
    under G. L. c. 66, 10(d)
  • Departments have their own internal procedures
    related to responding to public records requests
    and will need to update these procedures to
    include this exemption.

PIR Exemption Overview
  • New Form - Public Records Exemption Form
  • Employees must submit their form to their HR
    Director, General Counsel or in the alternative,
    they have the option of contacting (in
    confidence) the Director of the Workplace and
    Domestic Violence Prevention
  • New HRCMS Panel to track Exempt Employees
    (Personal Data)
  • Requests for access to this page must be routed
    through and authorized by the agency HR Director
  • See CTR Policy on Payroll Public Records
    Exemption (includes new HRCMS Job Aid)

Sample Page
Massachusetts State Employee Credit Union
  • Rachel Majorowski

National Payroll Week Sept 3-7
National Payroll Week Sept 3-7
  • You help manage…
  • 76,000 payments (160M Gross)
  • 27M in Payroll Deductions
  • 5,600 T-passes
  • 3,000 Garnishment orders
  • ...In a single pay period!
  • Thank you for your commitment and hard work.

Payroll Reminders
  • Kevin McHugh

End of Accounts Payable
  • AP earnings codes were removed from HRCMS
  • PPA for dates prior to July 1, 2007 will be shut
    off from Payline (departments should contact
    their HRD Analyst for details on Record Only
  • See report HMPAY037 for all detailed activity
    shut off from pay (available after every calc)

Deficiency Payroll
  • Prior year payments are authorized expenses that
    were incurred in a prior fiscal year but the
    Department did not recognize that these expenses
    were incurred or the expenses were recognized
    after the end of the accounts payable period.
  • Departments current fiscal year account is
    charged back by the Office of the Comptroller in
    order to support the expenditure.
  • CTR APB Contact is John Newell 617-973-2658

Deficiency Payroll
  • Steps
  • Request to CTR APB for approval
  • Transfer to CTR account
  • Department processes HRCMS Payroll as Current FY
  • Department notifies CTR Payroll to create the
    Labor Distribution
  • CTR Payroll will process the cross departmental
    labor distribution to charge CTR account

Collective Bargaining Agreements Implementation
  • NAGE and MNA are still unfunded
  • Expect retro to 7/8

Changes to Qualified Parking
  • Why can we do this? The Monthly Exclusion
    Amounts will be the same for both Federal and
    State (215)
  • PKF and PRF will be reconfigured to calculate
    both federal and state withholding amounts.
  • The use of state earnings codes PKS and PRS will
    no longer be needed.
  • HRCMS will systematically shut off all PKS and
    PRS additional pay entries in HRCMS on 10/4.
  • Department Actions Departments should ensure the
    current calculations for the monthly Federal
    exclusion amounts are accurate and up to date.
    Any corrections should be made prior to the
    conclusion of PPE 9/29/07.
  • Changes will begin in pay period 10/13/07
  • CTR PRB will correct any State balances
    assuming Federal balances are correct.

Year End Deadlines
  • Receipt vouchers for pay period ending 12/08/07,
    submitted to TRE 12/21/07
  • Receipt vouchers for pay period ending 12/22/07,
    submitted to TRE 12/31/07
  • Please do not wait until last minute with your
  • (as usual) HCSA/DCAP/HCSAF and COMECC Deduction
    Fields will be auto end-dated
  • Other Year End activities will be reviewed at the
    December Meeting

Year End Deferred Comp
  • Return of Excess Deferrals
  • Anne Gately, ING

Deferred Compensation - reminder
  • Watch for over-contribution to deferred
    compensation plans
  • 15,500 under age 50
  • 20,500 over age 50
  • 31,000 3-year catch-up.
  • Follow instructions from ING on refunds of
    deductions (handout)
  • Have your refund requests in to ING by December

MBTA Update
  • Refunds for May-Aug should be issued by September
  • Reminder
  • Send All inquiries/requests to the Inbox
  • Refunds require return of product
  • Include Dept ID/Empl Id/Customer account and
    Pass type on all requests
  • (new) Refund Deadline is the 5th of the month

SSA Verification Background
  • Free service offered by SSA that is used by
    Commonwealth to verify all HRCMS employees who
    receive a W2
  • Similar but NOT related to the SSA No Match
    Letters process which is a result of IRS W2
    processing and can impose ER fines
  • Correcting information now will ensure future

SSA Mismatch
  • Inaugural run December of 2006
  • 4.6K mismatches of 94K submitted
  • Errors include SSN Not on file to some bad
    combination of Name, Gender or DOB
  • 12 employees had the critical SSN not on file
  • Errors can be a result of information in HRCMS

SSA Verification 2007
  • Estimated mid-October results
  • Results will be available via Doc Direct
  • Instructions/ J-Aid will be created

Health Connector
  • General Processing
  • Connector shopping can begin on the Monday
    after HIRE.
  • The Special Enrollment Period was extended until
    October 10, 2007
  • Deduction information will be sent to the
    applicable Payroll Directors and posted here for
    viewing http//
  • File will be named CCA_deductns_PPE_(/)
  • Deductions posted by CTR are for biweekly amounts
  • Employee should submit a Payroll Deduction Form
    verifying their acceptance of the CCAHI deduction

Health Connector
  • Additional Details
  • CTR receives Connector Deductions on the 15th of
    every month
  • Deduction files only contain new enrollees (do
    not resend prior enrollees)
  • Connector will contact those enrollees who have
    not made payments
  • Any nonstandard deduction should be entered based
    on employee instructions, but not less than
    amount on the enrollee file

Upcoming Connector-Issues
  • 2nd October deduction is paid on November 2nd
  • Delay of Coverage (for late Sept/Oct enrollees)
  • Delinquent notices for those already enrolled
  • Solution
  • To be Announced Goal is to get as many people
    covered in November

  • Cindy McGrath
  • Communications Director GIC
  • Anne McKenzie
  • Payroll GIC

HIRD Compliance
  • Applicable to all employees (GIC-eligible and
    Non-GIC eligible) who do not have health
    insurance coverage
  • Forms Due by September 28
  • Contact Anne McKenzie at 617-727-2310 ext. 7021

HIRD Questions
  • 1 Were you offered Commonwealth-subsidized
    (GIC) health insurance?
  • Employee answers Yes if he/she is eligible for
    GIC, otherwise employee answers No.
  • 1A If yes, did you decline the
    Commonwealth-subsidized (GIC) health insurance?
  • If the answer to Q1 is yes, the employee checks
    yes. If the answer to Q1 is no, then Q1A should
    be left unchecked.
  • 2 Were you offered the Section 125 Cafeteria
    Plan to pay for health insurance (the opportunity
    to pay for health insurance on a pre-tax basis
    through the GIC or the Connector Authority)?
  • Employee answers Yes if he/she is offered either
    GIC or Connector coverage, otherwise the employee
    answers No.
  • 2A If yes, did you decline to use the Section
    125 Cafeteria Plan?
  • If the answer to Q2 is Yes then Q2A must be
    checked Yes or No. If the answer to Q2 is No,
    then Q2A should be left unchecked.

HIRD Questions
  • 3 Do you have other health insurance (non-GIC)?
  • Employee answers Yes if he/she has health
    insurance elsewhere, otherwise the employee
    answers No.
  • 4 Do you have health insurance through the GIC
    as an employee of another agency or
    spouse/dependent of a state employee?
  • Employee answers Yes if he/she has GIC coverage
    as a dependent, e.g., spouse, otherwise employee
    answers No.

HRCMS Tracking
  • Track all HIRD responses in HRCMS
  • Home gt Compensate Employees gt Administer Base
    Benefits gt Use gt MA Health Ins Benefit Options 
  • Signature Date identifies Form received
  • Report MBEN021R Departmental HIBO Report will be
    available to identify where a HIRD Form is needed
  • See HRCMS JobAid

Sample HIBO
Pre-Tax FSA Open Enrollment HCSA and DCAP
  • October 9 November 9, 2007
  • Election amounts unchanged
  • HCSA 500-2,500
  • DCAP Up to 5,000
  • Free debit card for HCSA expenses
  • Fee unchanged 3.75/month for one or both
  • Three payroll coordinator breakfasts first week
    of October in Boston, Holyoke and Plymouth
    details will be mailed

HCSA and DCAP Open Enrollment
  • Current participants must re-enroll for 2008
  • Online re-enrollment begins October 9
  • New Employee must print online re-enrollment
    summary page, sign and date it, and give to
    payroll coordinator
  • SHPS online re-enrollment report discontinued
  • New participant and direct deposit online
    enrollment is in works

TSA 403B Approved Vendors
  • Kevin McHugh

Why new TSA Plan?
  • IRS regulations have changed
  • RFP designed to get the best possible TSA
  • New oversight, better educational materials and
    wide range of investment options protect
    employees pre-tax investment choices

TSA Implementation
  • 7 vendors chosen for Commonwealth 403B Plan (non-
  • AXA-Equitable
  • Fidelity
  • ING
  • Lincoln
  • MetLife
  • Contract Vendors will have benefit information
    materials highlighting the Plans

Codes to Use
No New Business for All other TSA 403B Vendors
  • Salary Reduction Agreements should be sent back
    to Employee if not on approved list
  • Current Deductions can continue until further

  • Maureen Robbie, ITD

CIW Replatforming Project Project Update
  • CIW Replatforming Project
  • New Enhanced Query Server
  • Migration from an MS SQL environment to a
  • Netezza (NPS) data warehouse appliance.
  • To support increasing demand of CIW users
  • To increase capacity
  • To replace aging hardware

Project Goals
  • Substantially improved Query Performance
  • MMARS/LCM data available next day
  • Enhanced systems assurance between source
    systems and CIW

Project Update
  • Phased Implementation
  • Phase 1 MMARS/LCM
  • Phase 2 HRCMS/UMass
  • Phase 3 Static Data
  • Classic MMARS
  • PCRS/PARIS to be determined

Project Update
  • Currently in Systems and UAT testing
  • Performance results are extremely encouraging,
  • UAT testing comments
  • I'm sure I was the only one running queries at
    this point but that is spectacular. Great job!
  • … the drop in port duration was astounding.

End User Impacts
  • A new ODBC client will need to be installed at
    the local desktop
  • Some data type changes
  • Data is case sensitive
  • Assistance to users will be provided
  • Drop Ins to help modify queries
  • Documentation of user impacts
  • CIW Website

Implementation Assistance
  • CIW Website, will be main
    information center. You can locate the
    information under the Special CIW Replatforming
    project section
  • ODBC driver application and instructions
  • Job Aids for Data Type changes
  • Spreadsheet of column and view name changes
  • Schedule of Drop In sessions

Christmas Payroll
  • PPE 12/22/2007 is scheduled to be processed on
    December 25th Christmas Day
  • Considering options
  • Monday 12/24 processing- will have Sat/Sunday
    system availability but no Monday (Christmas Eve)
  • Keeping to normal schedule
  • Moving to a Wednesday Processing day
  • Risks and benefits being discussed, decision will
    be communicated to departments before next PUG

  • Great employee benefit
  • More departments coming on board
  • Some departments going paperless

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