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Teamwork in the Soccer Community


The SSA is a community driven non-profit organization with the mandate to ... in conjunction with its transportation partner Budget Car and Truck Rentals. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Teamwork in the Soccer Community


  • Teamwork in the Soccer Community

Who is the SSA?
  • The SSA is a community driven non-profit
    organization with the mandate to promote the game
    of Soccer across the Province of Saskatchewan.
  • The SSA offers a host of educational and athletic
    events, programs and activities that reach
    participants from the Mini-Level (5 years) to the
    senior competitive and recreational level, out of
    a membership of more than 32,000 soccer
  • The SSA divides its attention between the elite
    high performance streams, while simultaneously
    offering comprehensive programs to the vast base
    of grassroots players throughout the province.

The Saskatchewan Soccer Association
  • Grassroots Packages including
  • Two Stream Player development
  • School Camps
  • Summer Camps
  • Referee Development
  • Coaching Development
  • High Performance Packages including
  • Premier League Sponsorship
  • Coaching Symposium
  • Provincial Team sponsorship

Delivering sponsorship benefits through
grassroots exposure across the province
  • SaskTel and the SSA two organizations that have
    served the people of Saskatchewan for more than
    90 years.
  • Why should these two work together?
  • The SSA offers true provincial reach and exposure
    providing SaskTel with an affordable, yet highly
    effective tool to reach its existing customer
    base and expand it.
  • SaskTel and the SSA have another crucial thing in
    common its greatest asset are the fantastic
    people across the vast plains of this beautiful
  • Communication with and within the same
    communities makes the symbiotic relationship
    between SaskTel and the SSA an ideal match.
  • The SSA offers SaskTel the unique opportunity to
    complement its arsenal of isolated community
    events with a comprehensive sponsorship strategy
    for the biggest participation sport in
    Saskatchewan. By joining forces with the SSA,
    SaskTel will encounter less labour-intensive
    initiatives in its quest to secure adequate
    return on investment in a very fragmented

SSA a partner catering to the entire Province
of Saskatchewan
Just like SaskTel, the SSA is providing its
services to members across all of Saskatchewan,
with further plans to expand to the aboriginal
areas in the North
SASKTEL and the SSA a multi-year sponsorship
This area will house the text of the Power Point
  • Due to its extensive reach and the fact that the
    SSA is the voice of soccer across the province it
    also provides unique access to the vital rural
    and aboriginal communities that constitute an
    important portion of SaskTels future market
  • The SSA offers a host of educational and athletic
    events, programs and activities that reach
    participants from the Mini-Level (5 years) to the
    senior competitive and recreational level.
  • The SSA is further aligned with the community
    eligibility guidelines through the possibility of
    holding prize draws with donation of merchandise
    and the plan to organize fundraising events such
    as keynote speaker addresses or mini-symposia.

SaskTel Sponsorship Criteria
  • In regards to the four main criteria the SSA has
    something to offer for every aspect
  • 1) Technology especially from an event
    standpoint a viable e-business technology
    solution is needed more than ever before and
    SaskTels expertise would be material in this
  • 2) Diversity Soccer is a truly diverse sport
    that knows no discrimination based on ethnicity,
    gender, and age or otherwise. The SSA also has
    positive role models in place that could be
    excellently utilized for PR efforts that would
    benefit both SaskTel and the SSA.

SaskTel Sponsorship Criteria
  • 3) Youth With physical education taken out of
    most school curricula these days, SaskTel could
    have a powerful impact on helping to raise
    healthy, positive, energetic kids that can face
    the tough demands of tomorrows economy with
  • There is also the educational portion where e.g.
    young coaches acquire certifications at clinics
    that are made possible by SaskTel. Over 26,000
    players under the age of 18 show that the soccer
    population is quite active, but it is the SSAs
    mandate to also reach those kids that are not.
  • 4) Rural the SSA is truly looking beyond the
    urban centers and is always trying to put
    initiatives in place to make sure even remote
    communities can actively participate in the
    game of soccer.

Grassroots access through exciting properties
  • By becoming a Provincial Grassroots Sponsorship
    Partner SaskTel could access the unique
    opportunity to affiliate itself with the
    following exciting SSA properties
  • Player development program
  • School Camp Title Sponsorship
  • Summer Camp Involvement
  • Youth at Risk Program
  • Competitions Saskatchewan Premier Youth Soccer

Player development
  • Through the SSA player development programs young
    players across the province obtain the prime
    opportunity to hone their soccer and life skills,
    enjoy a good work-out and have fun with the SSA
    certified instructors.
  • The SSA currently evaluates its 2003 camp
    statistics, but strongly anticipates a further
    improvement from 2002. During that time period 97
    Player/ School camps in 45 locations across
    Saskatchewan reached 4,347 participants. (98
    Camps with 6,306 participants in 03)
  • The 8 SSA Summer Soccer Camps in 8 locations
    counted another 350 excited participants.
  • For 2004 and with a strong partner such as
    SaskTel behind it, the SSA looks forward to a
    year of innovative and improved camp fun with the
    first ever residential camp and - depending on
    demand - the first all-girls soccer camp.
  • With powerful initiatives such as these camps,
    the SSA positively contributes to the health of
    Saskatchewan Youth and actively encourages kids
    everywhere to make good lifestyle choices.

  • SSA School Camps 2004

As a unique branding tool and an ideal vehicle
for promotional give-aways at soccer camps and
other events, the SSA is actively working on its
SSA Camp Mobil in conjunction with its
transportation partner Budget Car and Truck
Rentals. Sophisticated artwork with dominant logo
presence on the vehicle would powerfully
highlight SaskTels sponsorship involvement with
Saskatchewan's Soccer Grassroots.
SSA School Camps 2004
  • Working with our sporting apparel partner
    Admiral, the SSA will continue and could expand
    its distribution of keepsake camp
  • t-shirts to all participants, which could be
    enhanced through a presence of SaskTel logos and

  • SSA Summer Camps 2004

With a view to its 2004 Camp season the SSA is in
negotiations with the Canadian Soccer Association
to present one or more members of the Canadian
Womens World Cup Soccer team at one of its
summer camps. SaskTel, as presenting sponsor of
the SSA Summer Camps, could capitalize on
increased profile and media exposure. .
Youth at Risk
As Provincial governing body for Soccer it is the
SSA mandate to make the sport accessible to all
stakeholders, including rural population and the
vast group of Aboriginal people. To that end,
SSA is currently in talks with SaskSport to
further intensify its past involvement with the
various Aboriginal Communities and most notably
with the urban Youth at Risk programs. In the
major markets of Regina, Saskatoon and Prince
Albert, the Youth at Risk campaign is designed
to help underprivileged children to participate
in sports and stay out of harms way.
Youth at Risk II
With a sponsorship partner such as SaskTel by its
side, the SSA will be able to extend many of the
benefits of its School Camp system to less
fortunate children across the Province.
Substantial branding opportunities are
available, especially with SaskTel at the helm of
the anticipated program expansion. Camps for
example would be made possible by SaskTel with
handouts of coaching manuals and merchandise
gifts primarily for the subsidized camps in the
aboriginal/rural community.
Premier League SPYSL
  • As option in addition to the grassroots
    involvement, the SSA is pleased to offer SaskTel
    the title sponsorship status for the new
    Saskatchewan Premier Youth Soccer League.
  • Complementary to the SSA School Camp age groups,
    the SYPSL offers SaskTel access to the U14 and
    U16 Male and Female elite players in the
    province. 33 teams have competed across these two
    age and gender groups in 2003 and the league
    expects further expansion for 2004.
  • SaskTel would enjoy the opportunity to get
    involved as the major sponsor with implications
    for signage, trophies, fair play plaques, much

SSA Coaching Symposium
  • As additional option to the player development
    sponsorship, the SSA is pleased to offer SaskTel
    a top tier sponsorship position for the 2004 SSA
    Coaching Symposium.
  • This event will attract about 150-200 Coaches
    from the Prairie Provinces and present keynote
    speakers to the audience that are known as
    experts in Canadian or even World Soccer. Next to
    the SSA AGM, the symposium is the biggest event
    that the SSA hosts on an annual basis.
  • SaskTel would enjoy the opportunity to get
    involved as a major sponsor with implications for
    signage, hospitality, media exposure, much more

Coaching Development
  • Promoting a sport that is truly
    non-discriminatory, the SSA offers a wide variety
    of coaching development classes to people of
    varying skills, experiences and aspirations. No
    matter if it is the father in rural Saskatchewan,
    who never expected to be interested in Soccer,
    but now finds himself coaching his childrens
    house league team or if it is the former high
    performance player in one of the urban centers,
    who would like to give back to the community as a
    coach, the SSA provides appropriate courses for
    all of them.
  • Introduction to Coaching Clinics, Children in
    Sport and the Community Coaching Youth and Senior
    courses provide an array of choices for the
    soccer enthusiasts, much like the many choices
    SaskTel offers to its satisfied customers.
  • The SSA continues its concerted effort to cater
    courses specifically to the rural and aboriginal
    community and is confident that with a
    sponsorship involvement of SaskTel could vastly
    improve and enhance some of its previous

SSA Signage Opportunities 2004 The Human element
powerful apparel signage
SaskTel logos of your choice could be prominently
featured on the sleeve or chest area of the SSA
Staff and Board of Directors apparel. They could
also be prominently featured on training gear,
sweat suits, and even on game apparel (where
regulations permit) in positions deemed most
desirable by SaskTel.
Return on Investment
  • Recognition as Provincial Sponsor of the SSA
  • Recognition as Title Sponsor of the SSA School
  • SaskTel signage at all SSA School and Summer
  • Logo Exposure on all SSA print media such as
    applications, brochures, programs, media
    releases, district mail outs, membership
  • Corporate logo recognition and hot link on SSA
    Website with 6,000 hits monthly with opportunity
    to post grassroots success stories (editorial
    content to be provided by SaskTel)
  • Signage and verbal recognition at various SSA
    related events, including an opportunity to
    address delegates at the SSA Annual General
    Meeting (complimentary lunch provided)

More Return on Investment
  • VIP access to the annual SSA Coaching Symposium
  • Promotional sampling opportunities at all SSA
  • Opportunity to circulate promotional materials
    through SSA mail outs to the 32,000 youth and
    senior members
  • Right to use the SSA logo in print advertising,
    packaging, and promotions

Future potential
  • Direct communication with the SSA membership via
    a new digital database management system
  • Opportunity for interactive SaskTel games on a
    new SSA website (
  • Further sampling opportunities and marketing
    research utilization of SSA membership database
  • Involvement in a province-wide SSA media campaign
  • Please note that this proposal is customized to
    best fit SaskTels needs. The SSA would like to
    emphasize that there is great flexibility on its
    part to put more emphasis in certain areas, make
    the scope of properties offered wider or include
    any other special requests that SaskTel might
    bring forward.
  • We want to ensure that you will have no problems
    whatsoever activating your sponsorship
    investment and will be able to secure the ROI
    you are seeking.

The secret lies in the term
The SSA strives to deliver the right positioning
for SaskTels brand and a lot of the benefits
that can be unlocked at the grassroots level have
to be build over a longer period of time to
ensure that SaskTels name is integrated in the
consumers associative network, when it comes to
Soccer, sport, and fun in Saskatchewan.
Therefore, the SSA would like to respectfully
suggest a term of 3-5 years, with annual
performance reviews to be presented to you to
generate adequate return on your investment. The
SSA fully understands and appreciates the
budgetary considerations SaskTel has to abide by
and would welcome the payment of one annual
lump sum for accounting purposes.
The Soccer Value Proposition
Annual Investment 15,000 At 32,000 direct
members plus families, friends, etc it is
reasonable to assume that upwards of 90,000
individuals will be exposed to and positively
touched by SaskTels involvement. More
importantly, sponsorship research has shown that
in order to differentiate a brand from the media
clutter in todays marketplace, it needs to
attach itself to events such as SSA Soccer Camps
that create experiences with desirable attributes
for those involved.
A value bundle of the extraordinary kind
  • On behalf of the SSA, I would like to thank you
    for taking the time to review this proposal. I am
    confident that you appreciate the value
    proposition involved and I will be pleased to
    discuss the further details with SaskTel at your
  • SaskTel and the SSA only Saskatchewans
    Living Skies are the limit!

Thank You
For further information please contact Bjorn
Osieck Executive Director Saskatchewan Soccer
Association 1870 Lorne Street Regina, SK S4P
2 L7 E-mail Phone
306-780-9225 Fax 306-780-9480