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AMD Opteron Processor: the Lean, Green Database Machine and SQL Server 2005


AMD Opteron Processor: the Lean, Green Database Machine and SQL Server 2005 ... Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor-based servers pervasive among OEMs and system ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: AMD Opteron Processor: the Lean, Green Database Machine and SQL Server 2005

AMD Opteron Processor the Lean, Green Database
Machine and SQL Server 2005
  • ??? ??(
  • AMD Korea

Winning Over The Enterprise
Today, more than 85 of the top 100 companies on
the Forbes Global 2000 or their subsidiaries use
AMD64 processor-based systems to run critical
enterprise applications
Commercial Success To-date
  • Demand for the AMD Opteron processor is soaring
  • 11.2 percent x86 server microprocessor market
    share as of Q205
  • 40 increase in worldwide server unit market
    share from 1Q05 to 2Q05
  • 12 North America market share
  • 28 4-way North America market share
  • OEM platforms continue acceleration
  • Sun introduces new Sun Fire x2100, x4100 and
  • Blades from IBM and HP
  • Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor-based servers
    pervasive among OEMs and system
  • Commercial Client gaining Momentum
  • HP Business desktop PC HP dx5150
  • Thin and light 64-bit notebook HP nx6125
  • Desktops targeted to all segments from
  • The ESPRIMO E5600 and ESPRIMO P5600
  • More platforms expected, including blade PCs

Mercury Research Q205 x86 market share
numbers Gartner 2Q05 x86 market share numbers
The AMD Advantage
  • Technology Leadership

Direct Connect Architecture Reduced latency
within the memory, processor and I/O subsystems
and helps eliminate bottleneck found in the
traditional front-side bus. AMD Dual Core
designed to provide enhanced performance in the
same power envelope AMD64 offers flexibility by
supporting 32- and 64-bit applications Performanc
e-per-watt leadership helps enable data center
customers to decrease power consumption and
overall heat output
Lean, Green Database Machine
Eliminating Architectural Bottlenecks
PCI-E Bridge
I/O Hub
PCI-E Bridge
PCI-E Bridge
I/O Hub
  • Legacy x86 Architecture
  • 20-year old front-side bus architecture
  • CPUs, Memory, I/O all share a bus
  • Major bottleneck to performance
  • Faster CPUs or more cores ? performance
  • AMD64 Technology with
  • Direct Connect Architecture
  • Industry-standard AMD64 technology
  • Eliminate bottlenecks of traditional front-side
    bus architecture
  • HyperTransport technology interconnect for high
    bandwidth and low latency

Database Server Requirements
  • Supply users with fast access to information
  • Deliver performance that scales as demands
  • Keep pace with expanding data stores and file
  • Provide a secure, reliable platform that fits
    within infrastructure and cost constraints

AMD64 MS SQL Server 2005The Next Revolution in
  • Operational Excellence
  • Powerful 2P and 4P database platforms that
    support the most demanding applications with
    leading TPC-C performance
  • Better Business Decisions
  • Comprehensive business intelligence platform that
    can fully utilizes the power of dual-core
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Smaller servers can handle larger workloads
    delivering a productive, cost-efficient
    operations and development environment

AMD Opteron Dual-Core ProcessorThe Lean, Green
Database Machine
  • Delivers Performance of Proprietary Servers
  • Delivers the performance and scalability
    traditionally available from high-cost
    proprietary servers
  • Enables Resource Consolidation
  • Smaller servers support larger workloads,
    reducing the hardware and space requirements
  • Lowers Infrastructure Costs
  • Reduces power and cooling requirements so that
    you can fill your racks with cost-efficient
  • Runs Both 32-bit and 64-bit Applications
  • Designed to enable simultaneous 32- and 64-bit
    computing so that you
    can move applications to
    64-bit computing at your own pace

64-bit CapabilitiesHandle Large Amounts of Data
  • Processes more data per clock cycle
  • 64-bit wide registers
  • Performs operations on 64 bits of data at one
  • Addresses more memory
  • 256TB (48 bits) of virtual memory
  • 1TB (40 bits) of physical memory
  • Runs 32-bit and 64-bit x86 software
  • No performance penalty for 32-bit applications

64-bit Capabilities
  • Examples of database operations that benefit from
    the move to 64-bit computing
  • Queries that sort large volumes of data
  • Complex, multi-step queries
  • Multiple database objects that are defined and
    open simultaneously
  • Handling many concurrent users, cursors,
    transactions, locks, etc.
  • Handling many stored procedures

64-bit Capabilities
5x the queries of the 32-bit configuration
  • SQL Server 2005 demo featured during Bill Gates
    keynote at WinHEC 2005
  • Compared performance of 32-bit and 64-bit
    database environments
  • Loaded 5 million records into look-up table and
    runs client queries
  • 64-bit Microsoft SQL Server 2005 running on an HP
    ProLiant DL585 with Dual-Core AMD Opteron
    processors handled 5x the queries of the 32-bit

TPC-C Benchmark
AMD Opteron processor-based servers running
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 outperforms proprietary
server configurations
  • Leading TPC-C performance AND price/performance
    for 4P servers
  • First 4P server to break 200,000 tpmC
  • Outperforms proprietary 4P configurations at
    one-third to one-half the cost
  • SQL Server 2005 takes full advantage of 64-bit
    and dual core features of AMD Opteron processor

TPC scores are current as of 9/20/2005. For most
up-to-date scores go to TPC-C and
tpmC are trademarks of the Transaction Processing
Performance Council.
SAP SD Tier 3 Benchmark
AMD Opteron processor-based servers running
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 can easily support some
of the worlds largest SAP sites
  • Leading x86-based 4P server configuration for the
    SAP SD Tier 3 benchmark
  • Can support twice as many users as
    competitive x86-based 4P server
  • Performance on par with proprietary servers at a
    fraction of the cost

Microsoft CorporationVolume Licensing Business
Tools and Analytics Group
27 million in savings 99 improvement in time
  • Problem Drive accurate price quotes faster
  • 1,000 worldwide licensing and pricing executives
    generate licensing agreements
  • Solution
  • AMD Opteron processor-based database,
  • web, and analysis servers
  • Smart client application Easy Pricing and
    Estimation Tool (EZPET) developed with Visual
    Studio 2005 .NET
  • MS SQL Server 2005
  • Results
  • 27 million saving in 6 month time period
  • 99 improvement in analysis time

We needed to find a way to update this tool and
send information out to the field very
efficiently. The only way we could do this was
through the new 64-bit technology. Steve
Malone Sr. Licensing Specialist, North Central
District of Microsoft
TSYSThird Party Credit Card Processor
64-bit capabilities improves response time by 5x
We will see a fantastic performance increase
especially with things like manipulating large
data sets, queriesall the type of day-to-day,
mundane database tasks that normally require a
certain amount of time Tim Kelly, distributed
technology director with TSYS
  • Problem Needs to process growing amounts of data
  • processes transactions for more than 229 million
    cardholder accounts worldwide
  • 32-bit memory limitations restricting
  • Solution
  • 4P AMD Opteron processor-based server
  • MS SQL Server 2005
  • Visual Studio .NET
  • Results
  • Manipulate 2TB to 3TB database with a 60- to
    90-second response timeversus 5 minutes

International Securities Exchange (ISE)World's
Largest Equity Options Exchange
Custom Application
4x the performance at one-third the cost
The same application running on x64 Edition
processed 300 more messages per second than it
could on the 32-bit platform, a performance
improvement that exceeded our expectations John
RyanDirector of Technology Architecture,
International Securities Exchange
  • Problem Processes high volume of data daily
  • Average of 1 billion messages per day
  • Recalculate as many as 800 options quotes
    whenever a stock price changes
  • Solution
  • AMD Opteron processor-based 4P server
  • Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition
  • Custom application built with Visual Studio 2005
  • Results
  • Costs reduced more than 65
  • Improved performance/cost ratio by factor of 12
  • Moving from 8P computers to 4P computers cut
    software licensing fees in half

Tri-Center Community Schools
Terminal Serving
Support more users without adding more servers
  • Performance of applications in computer labs
    started to drag
  • District-wide network supports approximately 850
    students and 250 computers spread throughout the
    40-acre campus
  • Solution
  • AMD Opteron dual-core processor-based 2P server
  • Terminal Server feature in Windows Server 2003,
    Enterprise x64 Edition
  • Results
  • Applications more responsive to students
  • Reduced deployment time by about 50 percent
  • Avoided the cost of managing a third server

With Windows Server 2003 x64 on 64-bit hardware,
Tri-Center can scale to support more users just
by adding RAM. Fewer servers to maintain reduces
acquisition, management, and deployment costs.
Derek KuhrLead Engineer, Heartland Technology
Microsoft Treasury
Compute Intensive
325 increase in overall system performance
  • Problem Need high performance computing
    capability to process innumerable risk factors
  • 60 billion dollars invested in a wide range of
    fixed income and equity assets
  • Limited in ability to handle complex computation
    by the 4GB of virtual/physical memory of a 32-bit
  • Solution
  • 4P and 2P AMD Opteron processor-based servers
  • Windows Server 2003 x64
  • Barra TotalRisk System applications
  • Results
  • Reduced the amount of time required to run risk
    analysis software from 40 hours to 13 hours
  • Application can access larger, more complex data

Now, we can load all the data sets and still run
the application as it was designed to operate.
And best of all, we didnt have to re-write a
single line of code. Max Giolitti, Group Risk
Manager for Microsoft Treasury
Microsoft Corporation
Application Server
  • Track financial and operational data for largest
    software company in the world
  • 57,000 employees
  • Operations in 89 countries
  • Revenues exceeding U.S.34 billion
  • Solution
  • Windows Server 2003
  • SAP R/3
  • MS SQL Server 2005
  • Two 4P AMD Opteron processor-based servers in
    the application tier of the configuration
  • Results
  • Zero transaction loss with database mirroring
  • Zero down time for indexing
  • Easier administration with better management tools

SQL Server 2005 provides the capability to do
automatic failover, and the new database
mirroring gives us the ability to create a highly
fault-tolerant database system Mike
HatchSenior Technology Architect, SAP System,
  • Thank You