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Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park


Darkness (cont. ... In the darkness. ... Darkness (Cont. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park

Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park
  • William Major
  • 11th Grade
  • Mrs. Dowling

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  • Thank you for reading this student portfolio.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
  • Portfolio 1
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Daniel Green (Character sketch)
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 2
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 3
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections

Waiting. Waiting and planning. The only two
things that I had to keep me busy before we left.
The plan was ready, we all knew what we had to
do. A phonecall. I quickly flipped open the phone
to receive the call that I had been waiting for
all night. Hello? For a brief moment in time,
I felt as if no one was going to answer. As if
the anxiety that had been built up for the past
four hours that seemed to last four years had
finally gotten the best of me. That split second
in which all was silent, in which I felt as if I
would never hear another voice again. An answer.
Back porch. Click. The familiar voice said
those two words that I had been longing to hear.
I left. I grabbed the thick black jacket from the
banister as I slowly crept down the ever weeping
stairs that lead to the foyer. I slipped it on
and tried to pull the hood up, knowing full well
that it wouldnt fit over my layers of curls. I
silently laughed to myself as I slid open the
door. Squeak.
Darkness (cont.)
It was that certain time of night, just before
midnight, when every little noise sounds a
million times louder than it actually was. As I
let the wretched screeching banshee slowly slide
itself to a close, it let out one last scream.
There they were. In the darkness. There was a
distinct chill in the night air, one that seemed
to slightly heighten all of our senses. Even
though we couldnt see, we knew who was who and
where we had to go. One by one four hands reached
out for our usual greeting, although it really
wouldnt have offended any of us to not shake
hands. We walked from my back porch to our first
destination of the night. The darkest, yet most
familiar part of where we all lived. The
woods. We ventured into the woods no less than
six or seven times a day, and we knew it well.
Every stick, every rock, every branch, and every
turn. It had become second nature to us, almost
like walking to the bathroom at night when you
dont even realize that youre awake. When we got
to the spot, as we called it, all of us sat
along the long, slender, snake-like log that
seemed to have perfect grooves for each of us to
sit in. It was the darkest it could have possibly
been, and the only face that was seen was a
somewhat large mustachioed man who slightly
resembled Sasquatch when he struck his lighter.
For a brief second you could see the intense
focus on his face, as he slowly lit the blunts.
It may not have been the smartest idea we had
ever had, but we all needed to escape the reality
of what we knew had to happen.
Darkness (Cont.)
Slowly two red eyes circled around, like a
demonic chameleon, shifting back and forth in
search of danger. One by one we lulled the beast
to sleep, its eyes slowly getting heavier and
heaver, until they shut. Without spoken word, all
of us rose, and left the woods. The sound of
rustling leaves was the only noise audible. We
walked in a line, in no particular order. We were
all happy, but none of us smiled. We were all
thinking, but none of us spoke. It was time. As
we headed to our next stop of the night, each of
us contemplated exactly how it had to happen.
Exactly what we each needed to do. Right up until
the point when we got to his neighborhood. Chris
Mills. We knew that he was going to the party
soon, and we knew where he lived. Finally, we
were there. Waiting. Planning. Finally, spoken
word. Yo, are you sure this is a good plan yo?
Dustin replied somewhat shakily. Of course it
is, Patchy replied with a newfound confidence,
he has our money. We each nodded. How are we
going to do this? Nick asked. You dont have
to plan out a fight, dumbass, his older brother
Anthony replied, We just hit him a few times,
and get what he owes us.
Darkness (Cont.)
I corrected him, You mean what he owes me and
Patch. Suddenly we all stopped. It was the
moment we had been waiting for. There we has,
walking to his white Chevy Blazer, just in time
to get to Davids party. We walked down the
street, trying to look as normal as possible.
Its pretty hard to look normal at one oclock in
the morning in a group of five people though. He
immediately looked at us, but must have just
dismissed it as some loser kids. After all, he
hadnt even had the balls to face us in the first
place, so he didnt know who we were. He unlocked
his car door, and as soon as we saw the key turn,
we went. Patchy lead the group by running up to
him. Chris quickly turned and threw a punch, but
it was in vain. Patch had already gotten a hold
of the back of his head and thrown it into his
driver-side window. There was no turning back.
Ever. Each of us took turns punching and kicking
the kid, but Dustin stopped us. Hes had enough,
I think, he said, always the cautious one. Chris
laid on the ground, bleeding and swollen, but
still conscious. I believe you owe us a
hundred and fifty dollars, my friend, Anthony
said. I dont have it. He replied.
Darkness (cont.)
Then give us the names of your two
friends. I, I cant. Patrick got way more
upset at this point, and proceeded to stomp on
his ribcage. He screamed. Anthony reached into
his back pocket at this point and took his wallet
as Nick and I held him down. Three hundred
dollars. We had what we needed, it was time to
leave. Patrick took off his shirt and covered his
fist. With one final punch, he struck not Chris,
but his cars windshield. Anthony took his hat.
We left. One bad choice. One bad choice left
this kid broken in the middle of the street. One
bad choice caused this kid to lose way more than
money. One bad choice caused this kid to lose his
life. One bad choice caused us to lose ours.

Journal Entry 2
Journal Entry 3
Journal Entry 4
Journal Entry 5
Daniel Green
It is of dire importance to avoid sitting next to
Daniel Green at all costs. No matter who you are
or what youre doing, he cannot help but to have
his hands, arms, or some other part of his body
on yours. For some odd reason, whenever Daniel is
around people he turns into an obnoxious octopus
with ADD. For instance, last week Daniel was
sitting next to my friend Nick in the car.
Watching this ghastly even was a little like
watching a bad episode of Blind Date. Daniel was
rubbing, touching, poking, hugging, and
practically licking Nick. As if that wasnt bad
enough, he never shut up either! He constantly
repeated the same thing as Nick ignored him like
we always do. Ignoring Daniel can sometimes be
worse than the constant touching. A few weeks ago
at Wendys, we separated Daniel from the group.
After a few minutes of much deserved silence,
Daniels voice piped up.
Daniel Green (Cont.)
  • Hey guys, Said Daniel. No one responded. Hey
    guys, he repeated, slightly louder than before.
    Still, no one paid any attention. HEY GUYS! he
    bellowed. We attempted to ignore him again, but
    this time a different voice chimed in. Will
    you PLEASE answer him? asked the manager of the
    store. We couldnt help but answer Daniel at this
    point, the embarrassment was too much. DANIEL
    WHAT DO YOU WANT? I questioned. Without missing
    a single beat, Daniel responded. Hey guys! he
    said, through his smug grin. I couldnt help but
    to think to myself, God, I wish I could strangle
    him right now.

Additional Writing Assignment