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The Online Reinstatement/Restoration Application for students is now enhanced ... Reinstatement applicants not needing certifications can immediately view ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: News to Know

News to Know
  • Office of Student Financial Assistance
  • Florida Department of Education

August 2005
OSFA Welcomes Levis Hughes
  • OSFA is pleased to announce that Levis Hughes has
    joined OSFA as the Director of FFELP Operations.
    Levis is most recently from Nelnet, serving for
    16 years in a multitude of operational and client
    services roles. He is committed to improving the
    operational support of the agency by assisting
    schools with their needs.You may contact Levis at
    850.410.6842 or via e-mail at Levis.Hughes_at_fldoe.o

On Site Assistance
  • Fall is one of the most hectic time of years!
    Please remember that your Outreach Team is here
    to work for you. If we can be of any assistance
    to you and your staff, please do not hesitate to
    call on us. We will gladly arrange to spend time
    on your campus to help you and your staff!

Exit Counseling Requirements
  • A school must ensure that exit counseling is
    conducted shortly before any Stafford loan
    borrower ceases enrollment on at least a
    half-time basis. The exit counseling may be
    conducted in person, by audiovisual presentation,
    or by interactive electronic means.  The school
    must ensure that an individual with expertise in
    Title IV programs is reasonably available shortly
    after the exit counseling has been conducted to
    answer the student borrower's questions. If a
    student borrower withdraws without the school's
    prior knowledge, or fails to complete the
    required exit counseling, the school must ensure
    that exit counseling is provided through
    interactive electronic means or by mailing
    written materials to the student borrower at his
    or her last know address within 30 days after
    learning that the student borrower withdrew from
    school or failed to complete the exit counseling
    as required.  For a student borrower enrolled in
    a study-abroad program that the home institution
    school may, as an alternative to in-person,
    audiovisual, or interactive electronic means,
    provide written exit counseling materials by mail
    within 30 days after the student completes the
    program. When counseling is conducted by another
    party or by interactive electronic means, the
    school remains responsible for ensuring that each
    student borrower receives the counseling
    materials and participates in and completes exit

Common Manual, Chapter 4, Subsection 4.4.C.,
Federal Regulations 682.604(g), Federal Student
Financial Aid Handbook, Vol. 2, Chapter 6, page
Hurricane Dennis Guidance
  • As everyone is aware, Florida has been hit by
    Hurricane Dennis. Please reference Dear
    Colleague Letter GEN-04-04 and Disaster Letter
    99-28 for guidance in assisting Title IV
    participants affected by a disaster. The
    following counties have been designated as
    disaster areas in order to assist schools,
    lenders, students and borrowers. At this time
    FEMA has the following listings
  • Bay, Dixie, Escambia, Franklin, Gulf, Okaloosa,
    Santa Rosa, Taylor, Wakulla, and Walton counties

Administrative Forbearance
  • An administrative forbearance may be granted to
    borrowers who request temporary relief from their
    loan obligations because they have been adversely
    affected by a natural disaster. A forbearance for
    up to 3 months may be granted based on the
    borrower's oral or written request for
    assistance. The reason for the forbearance must
    be documented in the borrower's loan file but
    does not need to have supporting documentation or
    a signed written agreement from the borrower.
    However, a continuation of the forbearance past
    the initial 3-month period will require
    supporting documentation and a written agreement
    with the borrower. Note This regulatory relief
    applies to all Title IV loan borrowers, students,
    and their families who, at the time of a
    disaster, were residing in, employed in, or
    attending an institution located in an area
    designated as a Federally-declared disaster area.

MYF Chat Events
  • We are pleased to announce the following
    financial aid chats are available during the
    remainder of 2005. These chats are FREE to you
    and your students through our sponsorship of
    Mapping Your Future!
  • September 13, 2005, Debt Management Strategies
  • November 15, 2005, Managing your student loans,
    including repayment options, consolidation, and

For more information on the MYF Chats, visit the
MYF Website!
2004/2005 FAFSA Deadlines
  • Corrections to 2004-2005 processed applications,
    including signature pages, must be received and
    accepted by the CPS no later than midnight,
    September 15, 2005.

State Programs Training
  • Our Training Unit has added a new member that is
    dedicated to State Programs. Eunice Selewski is
    available to assist you in your training needs.
    For more information or to schedule a training
    appointment, please contact Eunice Sewelski at
    850-245-1972 or via email at eunice.selewski_at_fldo

SSFAD Guide for Postsecondary Institutions
  • The SSFAD Guide for Postsecondary Institutions
    has been updated and is available on the web for
    your use! To review the Guide, visit our
    OSFA-State Programs website, and click on
    Postsecondary Institutions, then SSFAD Guide for
    Postsecondary Institutions.

FSAG 2005-2006 Funding
  • The 2005-2006 annual award increased this year to
  • The maximum award amount (round up to the nearest
    dollar first term awarded)
  • Semester ( 836 and 836 )
  • Quarter ( 558, 557 and 557 )
  • The EFC cutoffs remained the same
  • Public 3850
  • Private 5820
  • Postsecondary - 5282

2005-06 Florida Bright Futures Private School
Award Amounts
  • The Private School Bright Futures award amounts
    are now available. To review the amounts, visit
    our OSFA - State Programs website, click on
    Postsecondary Institutions, and then Private
    School Award Amounts for Bright Futures, then
    select your institution type.

Summer Grade and Hours Reporting
  • The 2005-2006 OSFA Summer GH Report is available
    by batch or online via the OSFA - State Programs
    website. The only students found on this report
    are Bright Futures students disbursed in the
    2004-2005 academic year who failed to meet the
    renewal criteria due to
  • grade point average (GPA) and/or hours
    requirements, or
  • dropping from Florida Academic Scholar to Florida
    Medallion Scholar.  
  • Grade and hours for these students are only
    reported upon request from the student and should
    indicate hours earned in the summer term(s) and
    the new institutional cumulative GPA through the
    2005 summer term. The submission of this
    information will result in the re-evaluation of
    Bright Futures for the 2005-2006 academic year.
  • The deadline for these reports is September 30,

Grade and Hour Reporting Enhancements
  • Enhancements to the 2004-2005 Grade and Hours
    Report include a Report Query that allows users
    to view their entire institutional list of
    students needing Grade and Hours on one page.
  • This format is consistent with the current view
    options for the Disbursement Eligibility Report
    (DER). This is an additional option for users
    that will coexist with the search function that
    allows users to work records individually.

SSFAD Student Identifiers
  • The current SSFAD system uses a students Social
    Security Number (SSN) or a Psuedo SSN (such as a
    student ID number) as a Student Identifier.
  • OSFA has enhanced the SSFAD to accept the Student
    Identifier submitted by the postsecondary
    institution (PSI) as the primary identifier. If
    a PSI submits a Student Identifier that differs
    from what exists in the SSFAD internal systems,
    the PSIs data will overlay the SSFAD internal
  • This enhancement assists in resolving matching
    and edit issues that occur when PSI data in SSFAD
    internal systems is not identical to what is
    submitted by the PSI.

Online Reinstatement and Restoration Information
  • The Online Reinstatement/Restoration Application
    for students is now enhanced and fully functional
    on the SSFAD.
  • Students must utilize their USER IDs and PINs to
    ensure a secure login. Following a successful
    login, demographic information for the student
    pre-fills the application. Once the pre-filled
    data appears, it can be updated on the actual
    application and subsequently stored in the SSFAD.
  • Reinstatement applicants not needing
    certifications can immediately view eligibility
    results online. 

GPA Certification for Bright Futures Restoration
  • To expedite and simplify the process for BF
    restoration applicants, PSI certification of
    grade point averages (GPAs) for BF restoration
    applicants is now exclusively available online.
  • To access this web-based certification page,
    please visit the OSFA- State Programs website,
    select Post-secondary Institutions,
    Initial/Renewal Reporting, Certification Reports,
    and Student.
  • Utilize your secure login and follow the
    on-screen instructions. Paper transcripts are no
    longer required from eligible Florida Bright
    Futures schools. The certifying institution will
    be the PSI the student last attended.

Master Eligibility List (MEL)
  • We now offer the MELs for all centralized
    programs exclusively on the SSFAD. MELs can be
    accessed via the
  • Web,
  • Downloadable Zip Files, and
  • Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC) for
    automatic processing.
  • We are enhancing the system so that the
    downloadable zip files are available by
    individual PSI in the near future.
  • For institutions using their existing
    connectivity to NWRDC to automatically process
    the file, the file naming convention for the
    2005-06 Bright Futures Only MEL remains as it
    was in prior years. The naming convention for the
    All Programs MEL is OBF.H4.F30122.ALLPGM.ALLPSI.Y0
  • All institutions should be utilizing the new file
    layout posted on the OSFA website with a
    character length of 139 versus 125.

MEL - Authorization to Fund
  • Remember that the MEL serves as official
    authorization from OSFA to institutions to
    disburse funds to eligible students per specified
    centralized programs.
  • It is especially important for the Bright Futures
    program that each institution match non-disbursed
    enrollments against the entire Bright Futures
    Only MEL to identify, fund and report financial
    aid awards via the DER.
  • Schools are authorized to add students to any
    program DER when an eligible student is located
    on the MEL but not found on the DER. This review
    of all students on the MEL ensures that all
    eligible students receive timely funding at the
    institution where they actually attend.

Important 2005 FASFAA Dates
  • September 29, 2005
  • FASFAA Graduate/Professional Financial Aid
  • Tampa
  • October 6, 2005
  • FASFAA Region I Fall Workshop
  • Marianna
  • October 11, 2005
  • FASFAA Region VI Fall Workshop
  • Location TBD
  • October 12, 2005
  • FASFAA Region V Fall Workshop
  • West Palm Beach
  • October 13, 2005
  • FASFAA Region III Fall Workshop
  • Kissimmee
  • October 25 - 28, 2005
  • FASFAA Fall Training Conference
  • Orlando  

For more information on these events and other
future scheduled events, visit the FASFAA Website
and click on Calendar
Mission Statement
  • The Florida Department of Education, Office of
    Student Financial Assistance (OSFA), serves as a
    guarantor for the Federal Family Education Loan
    Program (FFELP), and the administrator of
    Floridas scholarship and grant programs. The
    OSFA Mission is to facilitate higher education
    access and services by providing exemplary
    customer attention, comprehensive financial aid
    information, and convenient and efficient

  • As a public agency, OSFA has the ability to offer
    its partners and customers something few
    guarantors can the ability to shape OSFA
    programs and services based on their specific
    concerns. Earnings generated from OSFAs loan
    programs are used to help fund scholarship and
    grant programs, financial aid workshops and
    publications, and to provide better services for
    our participants. When schools and students
    choose to use the OSFA guarantee for student
    loans, they are actually helping countless other
    needy and deserving students by investing in
    education programs. So, if a participant has a
    problem or suggestion, OSFA management listens
    and does whatever it takes to implement a
    solution that meets their needs. Public dollars
    deserve that kind of accountability in education

Outreach Team Contact Information
  • Ernest Smith, Director of Market Development
  • 850-322-6498
  • Jacqueline Hill, Default Prevention Manager
  • 850-212-1108
  • Lori Auxier, Manager of Outreach Services
  • 850-212-2997
  • Karen Hurrell, Senior Outreach Representative
  • 904-745-3091
  • Stephanie Durdley, Outreach Representative
  • 850-322-6219
  • Kelly Bernhardt, Outreach Representative
  • 850-277-2331
  • Robin Blank, Outreach Representative
  • 850-264-6008

Regional Contact Information
  • Lori Auxier
  • Manager of Outreach Services
  • 850-212-2997