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According to the American Journal of Preventative Medicine employers can expect ... 'Providence Everett Medical Center Had a cost/benefit ratio of 1 to 3.8 over nine ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: PowerPoint Presentation Onsite

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Corporate Profile
  • Onsite Health and Wellness has been established
    in response to an overwhelming market demand for
    alternative solutions to health care needs. The
    founders of Onsite have over 60yeas of experience
    in the health and wellness sector and are leading
    the wellness movement inside corporate America.
    Healthcare as a whole is in a revolutionary
    process, and Onsite is the embodiment of that
    essential change.
  • Onsite is committed to the growth and expansion
    of its mandate to provide cost effective
    alternatives to the current health care programs
    of companies who have determined health care cost
    are increasing beyond a reasonable amount and
    seek long term change.

Alternative Solutions
Cost Effective
  • Onsite will provide, for the cost of
    chiropractic benefits, a full time on-site
    chiropractor to be the primary care physician for
    your employees. At no additional cost, Onsite
    will also provide a comprehensive wellness
    program to ensure the health and wellness of your

Onsite is a team of health and wellness based
practitioners who are dedicated to reducing
employer health care costs while drastically
increasing employee health. Who is on our team?
  • Chiropractors
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Exercise Consultants
  • Ergonomic Advisors
  • Wellness Counselors
  • Physiotherapists

What makes Onsite unique?
  • We take the financial resources you are currently
    spending for the chiropractic portion of your
    health benefit and we reallocate them. Onsite
    puts a chiropractor on sight to design and
    administrate your employee wellness program.
    With the input of the entire wellness team your
    company will receive a customized program to
    propel your entire work force to maximum health.
    This means massive savings to the company with
    regards to money spent on healthcare. According
    to the American Journal of Preventative Medicine
    employers can expect to see a return of 3 - 6
    dollars for each dollar spent by implementing
    wellness programs. We propose that this is a
    zero cost endeavor since we are using the dollars
    you are currently spending on your chiropractic
    benefit to set up your wellness program.
  • Simply put…Onsite initiates a customized wellness
    program in your company that will reduce
    insurance premiums by driving down the cost of
    drug prescription benefits, workers compensation
    claims and absenteeism. All this while promoting
    a happy, healthy, more productive workplace
    environment by empowering the employee to take
    charge of their own health.

The Onsite Program
  • On Location Chiropractic
  • Imagine going down the elevator or across the
    hall to have your stress, tension, headaches, low
    back pain and neck pain evaluated and treated
    without drugs and surgery. Or taking a half hour
    instead of a half day to have your arm and hand
    pain treated. Gone is the necessity to take the
    afternoon off for the long drive to and from the
    doctors office.
  • Onsite will provide a doctor of chiropractic
    on-sight to take care of the every day aches and
    pains of your work-force. In addition the doctor
    will work with the entire Onsite team to
    customize, implement and administrate your
    wellness program.

  • Musculo-Skeletal Work Comp Management
  • Onsite will be your front line workmans
    compensation portal. We want to educate your
    workforce to come see us first. Your cost has
    already been realized. We will provide an
    initial diagnosis and in-house treatment plan if
    with in our scope of practice otherwise the
    appropriate referral will be made.
  • When talking about their wellness program Chief
    Human Resources Officer, Charlotte Perkins, of
    Performance Food Group (PFG) a Richmond, Va.
    based company that has 6000 employees says, Our
    workers comp numbers alone support it. We have
    seen a significant reduction in lost days each
    and every year. In regards to the wellness
    clinic cost savings we are seeing a 10-15
    reduction in (health care) cost. The other
    savings are hard to quantify. You gain
    productivity increases etc. The other huge
    benefit for us is the wellness aspect the clinic
    brings (nutrition, exercise, disease management).
    This in turn will help mitigate health insurance

Evaluation / Assessment Programs Our
Evaluation / Assessment protocols will analyze
your work forces physical health, fitness,
lifestyle behaviors and provide specific
recommendations for improvement. Our assessments
will give you all the tools you need to conduct
comprehensive health assessments and report
outcomes for individuals and/or groups. How do
we gather the data? By using the following
  • Health History
  • A short questionnaire to determine health status
    and readiness for exercise, the Health History
    program helps you identify the small number of
    people for whom exercise might be inappropriate.
    Health History may be customized by adding any
    number of your own questions so you may collect,
    track and report the client health information
    most important to your program.

  • Fitness Profile
  • The Fitness Profile program records, analyzes
    and tracks physical health and fitness
    measurements for individuals ages 5 to 90. It
    features over 40 health and fitness tests based
    on ACSM guidelines. Onsite uses state-of-the-art
    technology to collect accurate and meaningful
    biometric data. All health assessment testing can
    be performed conveniently at the worksite with
    rapid results. Individual tests can be grouped
    together to create protocols that meet specific
    needs and develop a true health baseline for a
    designated population. Focus areas include
  • Biometrics such as height, weight, circumference
    and BMI
  • Muscular strength and endurance
  • Body Composition
  • Flexibility
  • Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Posture and Structural Evaluation
  • Finger Stick Blood Testing
  • Glucose (GLU)
  • Total Cholesterol (TC)
  • Total Cholesterol and Glucose (TC, GLU)
  • Total Cholesterol and HDL Cholesterol (TC, HDL)
  • Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol and Glucose
    (TC, HDL, GLU)
  • Lipid Panel (TC, HDL, TRIG, LDL)
  • Lipid Panel and Glucose (TC, HDL, TRIG, LDL, GLU)
  • Hemoglobin A1C

  • Specialty Laboratory Testing
  • Lipid Panel and Glucose
  • Custom Chemistry Panel(s)
  • Complete Blood Count w/Differential (CBC)
  • C - reactive protein
  • Homocysteine
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

  • Wellness Profile
  • A 5-minute questionnaire, the Wellness Profile
    analyzes current health behaviors and provides
    recommendations to reduce the risk of future
    disease or disability. This motivational program
    is unique because everyone can achieve a perfect
    score and not be penalized for uncontrollable
    factors like family history of disease. Focus
    areas include
  • General Wellness
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Alcohol and Tobacco Use
  • Safety and Stress

Statistical Analysis To ensure group
participation and to provide empirical data to
the company about the wellness of their employees
each employee will be given a wellness quotient
(WQ) based on state of the art wellness
assessment tests
Systems Onsite utilizes the latest FDA-registered
medical devices that provide standardized
measurement of body weight, body fat, blood
pressure, heart rate, arm strength, back
flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.
Educational Programs
Onsite realizes that education is a key to a
successful wellness program. An informed and
empowered work force will no know limits!
Education is the only way to make long lasting
and life impacting changes. A healthy work force
will decrease company insurance premiums while
catapulting productivity. Onsite has dozens of
workshops to choose from or we can custom make a
topic of your choice that you feel is imperative
to your company.
Areas of Education
Fitness and Exercise
Disease Management And Prevention
Leadership and Life Skills
Why Onsite Will Work For You! Let the numbers
speak for themselves.
Corporate Wellness
  • Today, more than 81 of America's businesses with
    50 or more employees have some form of health
    promotion, the most popular being exercise,
    smoking cessation, back care, and stress
    management programs. Most employers offer
    wellness programs simply because they think the
    benefit is worth the cost. 
  • For many companies, medical costs can consume
    half of corporate profits or more. Some employers
    look to cost sharing, cost shifting, managed care
    plans, risk rating, and cash-based rebates or
    incentives. Ongoing wellness promotion stands out
    as the long-term answer for keeping employees
    healthy and productive.
  • Decrease in mean annual illness cost per
  • Increase in employee efficiency yielding greater
  • Increase in employee cohesiveness creating a
    pleasant work environment.
  • Increase in annual profit

Key of Benefits of a corporate wellness program
Behavioral Risk
"The impact of behavioral risk factors on
absenteeism and health care costs was analyzed
among 45,976 employees in a large, diversified
industrial work force. Employees with any of six
behavioral risks had significantly higher
absenteeism ( from 10 to 32 higher) compared
with those without risks. These differences lead
to significantly higher illness costs ( defined
as compensation) health care and non-health
benefits".) For those with risks compared to
those without risks. The total costs to the
company with excess illness was conservatively
estimated at 70.8 million annually."
Robert L. Bertera, Journal of Occupational
Medicine, November 1991
Smoking 3,971.27 (additional cost per employee
who smokes)
Obesity 3529.79 (additional cost per employee
who is obese)
Excess Alcohol Intake 3621.59 (additional cost
per employee, who drinks excessively)
Elevated Cholesterol 3565.19 (additional cost
per employee with elevated cholesterol)
High Blood Pressure 3583.97 (additional cost per
employee who has high blood pressure)
Lack Of Exercise 3336.28 (additional cost per
employee who dose not exercise regularly)
Overview Evidence is accumulating that
investment by employers into prevention yields a
positive return on investment (ROI) in addition
to encouraging better health, increased
productivity and decreased absenteeism for
employees. Examples of cost/benefit analysis…
Cost Benefit Analysis
  • "Providence Everett Medical Center Had a
    cost/benefit ratio of 1 to 3.8 over nine years.
    In the first four years, the prevention group had
    a 28 decrease in average healthcare costs
    compared to no decrease or an increase at nine
    (9) other Providence hospitals used as controls.
  • DuPont Each dollar invested in workplace health
    promotions at DuPont yielded 1.42 in direct
    health care cost savings over two (2) years.
  • The Travelers Corporation Travelers reports a
    3.40 return for every dollar invested in health
    promotions, yielding 146 million in healthcare
    savings over a four (4) year time period.
  • Steelcase Employees High-risk employees, who
    improved health habits through an organized
    prevention program and became lower risk, cut
    their average medical claims in half, reducing
    insurance costs 618 per year per person.
  • Wisconsin School District Employees For the
    72,000 people insured, disease prevention and
    self-care programs saved 4.74 in medical claims
    for each 1 spent on the programs.
  • City of Mesa, Arizona Workers who participated in
    health promotion yielded a return of 3.60 for
    each dollar invested. NOTE More rigorous and
    intensive prevention programs tend to yield
    higher cost / benefit ratios

Health Care Cost Savings When a Chiropractor is
the Primary Care Physician
  • Study 1
  • Report analyzes clinical cost utilization data
    from the years 1999-2005 where the primary care
    physicians were doctors of chiropractic.
  • Clinical and cost utilization was based on 70,274
    member-months over a seven year period,
    demonstrating the following
  • 60.2 decrease in hospital admissions
  • 59 less hospital days
  • 62 less out patient surgeries and procedures
  • 85 less pharmaceutical costs

Cited frank M painter DC journal of
manipulative therapy 2007 30(4) 263-269
  • Study 2
  • In 1999 a large Chicago HMO began to utilize
    doctors of chiropractic in a primary care
    provider role. Insurance claims and patient
    surveys were analyzed to compare critical
    outcomes, costs and member satisfactions with a
    control group during the four year study. Theses
    patients had 43 decrease in hospital admissions
  • 52 reduction in pharmaceutical costs
  • 43 less out patient surgeries and procedure

Cited journal of manipulative therapy 2004 27
Presenteeism The affects of absenteeism account
for substantial losses for any company large or
small. However what often is over looked is the
loss productivity due to presenteeism. In the
2004 edition of the Harvard Business Review,
researchers analyzed the cost of employees
showing up for work but being unable to perform
at full efficiency and effectiveness due to a
series of medical problems including seasonal
allergies, regular back pain, asthma and
depression to name a few. The report showed that
over 150 billion dollars in lost revenue was due
to presenteeism every year.
Onsite will provide the following…
Massive Financial Savings
On Location Wellness Team
Healthy Living Education Programs
Exercise and Nutrition Programs
Workers Compensation Solutions
A Healthier More Productive Workforce
An Environment Conducive to Heath and Wellness
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