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There was a big gap between the rich and the poor population and many ... They only had two holidays about two weeks each one at Christmas and one at Easter. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tudors

Who started the Tudor period?
In 1485 Henry Tudor Vll started the Tudor period,
due to his wining a great battle. There was a
big gap between the rich and the poor population
and many poor Tudors were left to survive on the
What poor people ate.
What rich people ate.
  • Rich people ate a lot of different foods like
    meat such as deer, pheasants and wild boar they
    were all roasted hole and hey baked fish and
    there were rich puddings made of fruit and
  • People lucky enough to have a farm grew crops
    like corn and other things like that.
  • But people that did not have that much money
    lived on food such as bread and soup that was
    made from home grown vegetables. There sometimes
    would be meat in the soup. But because there
    where not fridges they tried rubbing salt in to
    meat and fish.

Tudor schools
Tudor schools were mainly meant for the rich
children but luckily some poorer children got
educated to from the local bell ringer.
However it was much different for richer children
they got much more education then the poor
children. Most of them were boys with very few
girls. After three years at nursery they moved on
to grammar school when they were seven.
Poor tudor children got basic education from the
local bell ringer.
After noon's lasted from one oclock till five
  • They only had two holidays about two weeks each
    one at Christmas and one at Easter. For the rest
    of the year they only had Sundays off. They began
    at six oclock or seven oclock.

What people did for leisure.
There were lots of different things both rich and
poor Tudors liked doing and watching.
They watched different animals fight like
cockerels, bulls and bears. They also watched
musicians, acrobats and jugglers. They also
went to the theatre to watch William shake
spear. It was the law that every fit man over
twenty-four has to play archery and has to shoot
a target of two hundred after church . There were
cross bows long bows but the best bows were yew
and the three strings were made of hemp. Arrows
were made of birch, oak and horn beam. They were
made tipped with grey goose feathers.
Did poor children have jobs?
  • Yes the poor children did have jobs but they
    worked with no payment but in return they got
    fed, clothed and housed.
  • Girls worked till they had a chance to marry and
    some start working at six years of age.
  • Some girls worked as house maids.
  • If children had run away because there apprentice
    treated them badly and were found
  • they were forced to go back to work.
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