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Introduction To Incotech Ltd


Introduction To Incotech Ltd – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Introduction To Incotech Ltd

Introduction To Incotech Ltd
SPRAYMATION Ltd. Unit 9, lion industrial
park Northgate way Aldridge West midlands WS9
8rl Phone 44 (0)1922 455299 Fax 44 (0)1922
452288 E-mail Web
Incotech Ltd. Unit 9, lion industrial
park Northgate way Aldridge West midlands WS9
8rl Phone 44 (0)1922 455299 Fax 44 (0)1922
452288 E-mail Web
About Us
  • Incotech are a centrally based U.K company,
    established in 1992, with an impressive record of
    design and supply of automated assembly machines
    and test systems for the automotive and
    manufacturing industries. We have worked with
    many major manufacturers over a number of years
    and have demonstrated our commitment to
    excellence of service at all stages of projects
    we are awarded. In particular, we at Incotech
    pride ourselves on offering the best possible
    quality and response in after-sales support.
  • In 2008 the company moved to a new level
    following an employee buyout from the retiring
    owner of fifteen years. This was a real landmark
    for the longstanding and loyal employees who are
    all highly motivated and have a genuine ambition
    to take Incotech forward with goals to increase
    customer base and turnover through a controlled
    realistic business plan.
  • We would like to highlight to your company the
    services we at Incotech can offer you. We hope
    this document demonstrates our ability and
    working philosophy to engineer innovative
    solutions to any automation and production task
    solution your company may be looking for from
    initial concept through to design and manufacture
    and final commissioned systems.
  • We at Incotech are proud of our workforce and the
    disciplines and services we can offer our
    customers. We pride ourselves on customer
    satisfaction throughout a project and after sales
  • We sincerely hope that Incotech has an
    opportunity to work with your company in the near
    future and that you would also like be a part of
    Incotech future growth
  • We hope you find this short presentation
    introducing Incotech to your company interesting
    and informative. If you have any comments
    regarding our services and presentation we would
    very much welcome your comments as this feedback
    enables us to continually enhance and improve our
    services and marketing

  • Spraymation Limited is a sister company of
    Incotech and has been trading since 1999.It
    compliments the service offered by Incotech
    predominantly in product finishing and as proved
    a very successful business since its conception.
  • Spraymations business area and expertise lie in
    the design and manufacture of paint finishing
    systems, machines and equipment. Customer areas
    include plastic, metal, wood and even food. We
    also pride ourselves in providing an efficient
    after sales support to our customers.
  • Just some of the key services offered
  • Complete turn key special purpose machinery
    project control
  • Mechanical Electrical design
  • Electronic solutions
  • P.C Solutions
  • Production data acquisition and production of
    traceability reports
  • Electrical Pneumatic Panel Build
  • Mechanical build and service
  • Plant Maintenance services
  • Breakdown call out
  • Complete turn key finishing plant project control
  • Paint Plant Machinery
  • Wet Paint Powder Spares (ITW, Nordson, Graco,
  • Fluid level monitoring and measurement
  • Automatic reciprocating machines
  • Equipment servicing

  • Include
  • JCB (UK and India)
  • Caterpillar (UK, USA and India)
  • GKN Driveline
  • Webasto Roof Systems
  • Airbus Industries
  • Metzeler APS
  • Turner Powertrain Systems
  • Pianoforte Plastics
  • McKechnie Vehicle Components
  • PSA Peugeot Citroen
  • Johnson Johnson
  • Lucas EMS
  • Trelleborg Automotive
  • Grayson Thermal Systems
  • Baxi Potterton
  • Lander Carlisle
  • Federal Mogul

Incotech Limited specialise in production
automation. Drawing on many years of experience,
Incotech can provide custom mechanical and
electrical design, manufacture and installation
of bespoke systems. This includes production
line component test and assembly machines, poke
yoke fixtures component measurement,
identification and detection, computer and PLC
based control systems. Within our systems we can
offer the customer full process reporting for
component traceability Our sister company
Spraymation Limited provide specialist paint
automation equipment and systems along with spare
parts and backup.
Automation, Assembly and Testing Machinery
  • Our Capabilities include the following
  • 2D and 3D Mechanical Design
  • Mechanical build and fitting
  • Electrical Design
  • Control panel manufacture and installation
  • PLC Programming
  • P.C Controlled systems data acquisition
  • What We Do
  • Special Purpose Assembly Machines
  • Special Purpose Test Machines
  • Production Machines
  • Project Management
  • Control Systems and Panels
  • Jigs and Fixtures
  • Machine Modifications and Upgrades
  • Painting Systems (Spraymation Limited)
  • Component Detection and Identification

GKN Driveline
Prop shaft Assembly Machine Components Vehicle
Drive-shafts for Landrover Purpose To assemble
CV joints onto prop shafts, whilst providing a
range of checks to ensure correct assembly from
start to finish
Webasto Roof Systems
Webasto Roof Systems Birmingham Sunroof
Assembly Rigs Components Vehicle Sunroofs 1. Pad
Application Machine 2. Grease Application Rig 3.
U-blend Machine
Lander Carlisle
Lander Carlisle Birmingham Leak Detection
Machine Components Vehicle radiator plastic
moulding Purpose Test plastic mouldings for
leaks by automatically sealing component
orifices, pressurising with air and monitoring
the pressure decay rate
Transmissions Test Machine
JCB Fastrac Gearbox Final Test Rig
J.C.B Transmissions
The 24 Forward speed and 9 reverse semi automatic
gearbox is used in this vehicle
J.C.B Transmissions
Oil filtration during testing Oil flow
measurement ISO particle measurement
Auto drive spline engagement Calibrated Pressure
monitoring DC regen servo controlled 90kW motor
Custom Panel PC controlled automation Customer
ECU control via CAN bus Integration by Incotech
Pneumatically Braked Output Shafts Speed
detection Adjustment for future projects
Turner Powertrain
Turner Power-Train Wolverhampton Gearbox Test
Rig Components Vehicle Gearbox Purpose To
provide a range of tests including gear change,
ratio test, clutch set up, etc. prior to despatch
Caterpillar U.S.A
Caterpillar USA Gearbox Test Rig Components
Caterpillar Vehicle Gearbox Purpose To provide a
range of tests including gear change, ratio
test, clutch set up, pressure checks, etc. prior
to despatch
G.K.N Driveline
GKN Driveline Aldridge Drive-shaft Assembly
Machine Components Vehicle Drive-shafts for
Landrover Purpose Semi-automatic assembly of 2
piece vehicle drive shafts
Webasto Roof Systems
Webasto Roof Systems Birmingham Sunroof
Assembly Rigs Components Vehicle
Sunroofs Purpose Sun roof assembly providing a
range of checks to ensure correct assembly
Axle Testing
Ege Industries - Turkey Differential Axle Test
Machine Components Axle Differential Purpose To
check for correct gear ratio meshing under load
G.K.N Driveline
GKN Driveline Aldridge Drive-shaft Assembly and
Test Machines Components Vehicle
Drive-shafts 1. Flinger Assembly Press 2. CV
Joint Force Test Fixture 3. Gaiter Stretcher
Control Projects
Control Panels and Systems 1. Effluent Treatment
Plant Control O.E.S. Process Control 2.
Automatic Paint Plant Control System - F.C.
Brown 3. Pneumatic Control PSA Peugeot Citroen
Fixtures / Jigs
Special Machines and Fixtures 1. Tapping Machine
PC Control System Slack Parr 2. Gearbox Work
Trolley Turner Powertrain 3. Automatic Shimming
Machine Turner Powertrain
Mechanical Fixtures
Special Machines and Fixtures 1. Commercial
Vehicle Radiator Assembly Rig Grayson Thermal
Systems 2. Conveyorised Solution Spray Machine
Johnson Johnson
G.K.N Driveline
GKN Driveline Aldridge Complete Drive-shaft
Assembly Cell Components Vehicle Drive-shafts
Fiat Panda 4WD Purpose Assembly of CV joints
onto vehicle prop shafts, providing a range of
checks to ensure correct assembly. Approx 90secs
floor to floor time per machine.
Process Analysis
Air Screw Sequence Counter
Air Screw Sequence Counter
Air Screw Sequence Counter
Simple Low Cost Air Leak Detection Unit
(No Transcript)
Metzeler APS - Dunstable Paint Spray
Facility Components Vehicle Door Seals Purpose
To automatically mix a 3-component paint and
apply it automatically via vertical reciprocating
Paint Line Control
McKechnie Vehicle Components - Pickering Closed
Loop Flow and Colour Change System Components
Vehicle Interior Parts Purpose To provide
accurate closed loop flow control and
multi-colour/multi-solvent colour changes to
automatic spray guns
Reciprocating Machines
Electronically Controlled Reciprocators 1.
Vertical Reciprocators - Superior Paint Powder
Coatings 2. Heavy Duty Vertical Reciprocator -
F.C. Brown 3. Horizontal Reciprocator -
Paint Line Supply
Paint Circulation Systems 1. Sonneborn
Rieck 2. Baxi Potterton 3. Metzeler APS
Gear Pump Test
Volvo Cars - Sweden Gear Pump Test
Machine Components Precision Gear Paint
Pumps Purpose To run in and test refurbished
gear pumps over a timed cycle, checks flow
tolerances and provides a printed test report
Product Measurement Mixing
Link 51 Brierley Hill IBC Transfer
System Components Storage Shelving Purpose To
automatically transfer paint from an IBC into a
paint mix tank (PCS), monitoring paint levels and
providing fault alarms
Complete Paint Booth
Camcal - Stornoway Steel Plate Spray
System Components Wind Turbine Support
Columns Purpose To automatically coat upper and
lower surfaces of steel plates
Rotary Spray Machine
Anochrome Czech Republic Single Spindle
Automatic Painting Machine Component Oven
Trolleys Components Brake discs Purpose To
automatically coat hub edge of brake disc
Cleaning Machine
Volvo Cars - Sweden Bell Cup Washing
Machine Components High-Speed Atomiser Bell
Cups Purpose To automatically flush paint
residue from bell cups. Fully pneumatic
Monitoring Mixing Systems
Various paint systems 1. Part marking system 2.
Automatic dye mixing system 3. Paint tank
level/load monitoring
  • Incotech Ltd. Offer technical proposals which are
    fully compliant with our customers requirements
    and specifications.
  • After detailed study of the specification and
    informative discussion with your technical
    representatives, we would present our proposed
    system design to meet or surpass all of your
    requirements, within the allowed project
  • Of great importance at the early stage of any
    project definition is the understanding of the
    key requirements of that project, and their
    relative importance. Only in this way may the
    many and various design trade-offs be assessed
    for their effect on performance, cost,
    reliability, maintainability and other criteria.
    More particularly, each sub-system or component
    should be critically assessed for the risk that
    it represents to the achievement of the projects
    key requirements, and alternatives should be
    sought if the risk is considered unacceptable.
  • From the customers specification and discussion
    we ascertain the key requirements for the
    project, i.e. lead time, accurate and repeatable
    production, and project cost. It is these key
    requirements that drive our conceptual design at
    every phase. The system that has resulted
    consists, in both a mechanical and a control
    sense, of the largest number possible of
    completely autonomous functions or sub-systems.
    The alternative approaches considered, and the
    reasoned arguments behind the eventual selection,
    are given in the following section.
  • The benefits that result from breaking the system
    down into functionally independent sub-systems
  • The significant technical problems of a few large
    and complex systems that would threaten the
    delivery timescale are removed. They are replaced
    by simpler issues of project management.
  • Once the functional requirements and general
    design objectives of each separate sub-system are
    established, the project can call upon a larger
    team of independent design, assembly and
    commissioning staff.
  • The system as a whole becomes significantly more
    tolerant of individual failures and the
    production line will continue to work with minor
    levels of acceptable degradation, where more
    complex systems would stop completely.
  • Fault finding and maintenance are simplified, and
    our customers dependence upon spares holding and
    external specialist technical support is
    minimized. With proper documentation and
    training, most maintenance work can be conducted
    in-house, if the customer so choose and the Mean
    Time to Repair are significantly reduced.

  • Incotech Ltd. Provide full support to the
    Poka-Yoke philosophy asked for by many of our
    customers, and in some cases proposes to employ
    more sensors to confirm, for example, component
    and clamp positions than the specification
    strictly requires. However, this does lead to a
    large amount of discrete control information
    available within the system, when the majority of
    it is only needed locally.

  • Our design team uses Pro Engineer to design
    projects in 3D this allows our customers to
    visualize the machine before it is manufactured.
    It also speeds up the design and detailing
    process enabling the machine drawings to reach
    the shop floor faster and more reliably than
    older methods. Customers are given colour 3D
    prints of the machine as well as 2D layout
    drawings which can be used to approve the design.
  • We can produce detailed layouts of proposed plant
    to customers floor plan drawing.
  • Modular aluminium frame construction is used were
    suitable along with the more traditional steel
    fabricated structures. All tooling fixtures will
    be designed in such a way as to avoid any form of
    damage to the components being assembled.

  • At all stages of any project we place high
    priority on plant maintenance this ensures that
    the finished machine will be user friendly to
    maintenance personnel. We produce comprehensive
    plant layout diagrams that identify all
    diagnostic test points and terminal layouts which
    will assist maintenance personnel in quickly
    locating and diagnosing any problems. Full
    maintenance schedules are produce and supplied to
    the customer. We also offer mechanical
    electrical maintenance services on site.

  • All P.L.C programs conform to IEC 1131-3 and are
    structured with the use of Organization Blocks,
    Function Blocks, Program Blocks and Data Blocks
    as required. This will provide maintenance
    personnel with program listings that are well
    documented, cross referenced and broken down into
    readable blocks to specifically aid the
    de-bugging process and any subsequent fault
  • P.C based applications utilize various
    proprietary software packages to suit customer
    requirements. We are a recognized application
    integrators for National Instruments hardware
    software systems
  • Programs will be structured not only to perform
    the assembly tasks with Poke-yoke if your
    specification requires this, but will also check
    I/O inputs for all possible states of operation
    at all times throughout the process, thus
    ensuring correct process of information.
  • Each Poke-yoke operation will be checked as
    required and will not step to the next process
    check until being fully compliant with your

  • Each Poke-yoke operation will be checked as
    required and will not step to the next process
    check until being fully compliant with your
  • The management of the design process at Incotech
    is based upon BS7000 guide to managing product
    design and the quality requirements of ISO9000.
    It employs disciplines that are very closely
    allied to the overall project management and
    production of documentation, which are discussed
    in following sections.
  • The conceptual design at the outset of a project
    will be done entirely in-house. There is now a
    clear legal requirement on all machine
    manufacturers to conduct detailed risk analyses
    at various stages throughout a design project.
    This analysis, and the conceptual design and
    configuration, will result in a detailed
    Functional Requirements Specification. This will
    be discussed with customers at an early
    Preliminary Design Review and will be issued to
    the design team along with the design concept and
    customers own Machine Purchase Specification,
    which identifies the general design and build
  • Before the Critical Design Review, the original
    functional requirements will be translated into
    an Acceptance Specification. This details the way
    in which each part of the requirements will be
    tested before delivery, and what constitutes
    acceptable performance. It is a document that
    will be agreed by customers.
  • This procedure of Functional Requirements
    Specification and Acceptance Specification can be
    followed though many levels of a project.
  • All machine manufacturers are required to
    maintain a Technical Construction File, which
    details all aspects of the machines design.
    Hazard analysis is required for all phases of the
    machines life, from installation and
    commissioning, through normal operation and
    maintenance, to de-commissioning and removal. All
    failure modes considered have to be identified,
    and the design action taken to overcome safety
    problems has to be stated. In addition, all user
    manuals, parts lists, independent test
    certificates etc. are also kept as part of the
    Technical Construction File. These will be
    available for preliminary customers inspection
    at the time of the equipment acceptance at

  • Effective project control is essential to the
    technical and commercial success that both
    Incotech and our customers strive for.
  • Incotech fully support our customers desire to
    procure a turn-key solutions from a single
    source taking full responsibility for its
    performance and delivery on time. However, for
    this to happen it is essential that our customers
    have confidence in the suppliers project
    management abilities.
  • On all projects, Incotech will make extensive use
    of PERT analysis to predict and review progress.
    The attached GANTT charts are an example of the
    many already produced to provide us with the
    confidence we need to prepare any future
  • GANTT charts show the expected timing of all
    elements of a project, and the required
    completion dates if the project overall is not to
    be delayed. Equally importantly, they show key
    dates when actions must be taken by our
    customers, such as component drawing release,
    approval of designs, acceptance on site etc.
  • The Incotech project manager will review progress
    against these plans on a regular basis and take
    recovery action if delays or other problems are
    foreseen. Customers will be provided with regular
    project progress reports summarizing achievements
    so far, and key future dates. Attendance by the
    Incotech project manager at the customers site
    to for project review meetings and presentations
    to higher management can be provided.

  • No investment in capital production facilities is
    of value without full operator training.
  • Incotech can offer training, not only to
    production staff who are concerned only with the
    correct operation of the plant, but also to
    supervisory staff, maintenance engineers etc. who
    need to understand how to handle failed
    components and cope with system faults.
  • The training will be planned and lead by the
    Incotech project team.
  • In our experience, if this training and contact
    with production operators is started early in the
    project, there is a useful return flow of
    information where operators can influence some
    aspects of the design of the production line.
    Feeling involved in this way often makes
    operators more receptive to the eventual formal
    training and to the introduction of the facility
  • Incotech is fully committed to effective
    after-sales support, and always work with the
    customer until all requirements are fully met
    after commissioning at your site.
  • The Incotech design concept takes particular care
    to simplify the customers requirement, so as to
    make spares and repairs easier. This concept will
    be developed in detailed design, with an
    insistence to use locally available, standard
    common parts wherever possible. It is our
    intention to minimize the required spares holding
    as far as is practical.
  • Incotech has a significant advantage in offering
    rapid response to any problems that our customers
    might have in operating the production line. Our
    geographical proximity to our customers based in
    the U.K is a valuable feature when an urgent
    call-out is necessary.
  • Incotech Ltd. has a proven record of providing
    the highest quality of backup and support to all
    of its customers and on all of its supplied
    systems, for the complete life of that system.

  • Effective project control is essential to the
    technical and commercial success that both
    Incotech and our customers strive for.
  • In addition to the technical and design
    management documentation mentioned earlier, and
    the normal project control reporting, Incotech
    provide full documentation for all major projects
    we undertake.
  • This will include as a minimum
  • A full set of installation instructions, operator
    instructions, setting instructions and
    maintenance fault finding guides
  • Detailed drawings of all mechanical, pneumatic,
    and electrical installations, fully identified
    and to ISO standards in CAD format
  • PC and PLC software and program listings with
    disk back-ups
  • Floor plans can be provided showing mountings and
    responsibilities for providing services to the
    production line
  • A full list of parts, suppliers and recommended
  • Copies of all operating manuals supplied to
    Incotech for major bought-out items
  • All necessary calibration and test certificates
  • Full instructions and schedules for planned
    periodic maintenance
  • CE certification and statements of compliance.
  • In addition, all training materials used for any
    projects will be made available in hard copy

  • Incotech greatest assets are the staff who are
    all long serving employees with many years
    experience there fields. The workforce skills
    compliment each other and at every stage work as
    a team to ensure that our customers always
    receive a First Class Service
  • The Incotech design teams take pride in all tasks
    undertaken and at every stage work closely with
    the customer. We believe good communication is
    essential in insuring we provide our customers
    with a first class service.
  • Through discussions with your technical staff we
    will form a clear view of the important criteria
    that govern any project we undertake
  • In any proposal we are asked to provide we will
    present what we consider to be the integrated
    solution that offers the best possible
    availability, performance and cost combination.
  • We have demonstrated our commitment to many
    prominent engineering companies over a number of
    years, both in project design and after sales
    service, and would be honored to add a company of
    your standing to our portfolio.
  • Incotech represents a stable and reliable
    resource for customers seeking a complete
    turn-key solution encompassing a wide range of
    engineering principles
  • Full confidentiality is essential between us and
    our customers and you can rest assured that we do
    not discuss any the customers requirements or
    working practices unless approved by the customer
    in a written letter of approval
  • We all at Incotech look forward to having the
    opportunity of working your company in the