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The Healthy Snack Box Caf Workplaces Working on Healthy Eating


Initial Research ... Survey Objectives. Gather information from NS PSC employees on level of nutrition knowledge ... Volunteer based so no additional fees ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Healthy Snack Box Caf Workplaces Working on Healthy Eating

The Healthy Snack Box Café Workplaces Working
on Healthy Eating
  • A Healthy Workplace Initiative at the
  • NS Public Service Commission
  • Presented by Jessika Quigley, BScAHN
  • HWP Dietetic Intern
  • Mount Saint Vincent University

Introduction to the Café
  • Officially opened July 14th, 2009 following
  • Make your own Yogurt Parfait kick off event
    (July 7th)
  • Initially planned to run as a 3 week pilot
  • Offered a wide variety of healthy snack food
    options to NS PSC employees on the 5th 4th
    floors of the WTCC
  • Provide access to healthy foods at low prices to
    support employees efforts to eat healthier and
    make healthier food choices
  • Cost-recovery, honor payment system

What resulted?
  • The Café operated from July 14th-August 21st (6
    weeks total)
  • Several events took place that engaged staff as
    well as family to become educated about healthy
  • Provided a convenient, economical and health
    benefiting service for all employees to use
  • Increased nutrition knowledge amongst employees
  • Created a positive atmosphere in the workplace
  • Increased social interaction between employees
  • Employees very supportive and appreciative of

Initial Research
  • Magazine Article, In Your Workplace sparked
    idea (Apples oranges how to start a healthy
    snack box in your workplace)
  • Visit to Heart Stroke Foundation looked at
    their healthy snack box operation
  • Google Search articles, websites, etc.
  • Google alerts including healthy eating in the
    workplace nutrition in employees, etc.
  • Investigated Lean Machines business at Public
    Health looked at operations, products, etc.

Survey Objectives
  • Gather information from NS PSC employees on level
    of nutrition knowledge
  • Find limitations that prevent healthy eating in
  • Assess level of interest employees had regarding
    the purchasing of healthy foods
  • Determine what types of foods employees preferred
    to create an appealing menu
  • Fresh produce
  • Lunch items
  • Beverages?

Kick off event
  • Make Your Own Yogurt Parfaits
  • Invited all PSC WTCC employees to attend
  • Promote the cafés location, service and products
    as well as provide an example of a healthy snack
  • Great turnout!

The HSB café menu nutrition
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  • Whole grain, high fiber items
  • Low in sodium added sugar
  • Trans fat free low in saturated fats
  • Low fat dairy lean protein sources
  • High in nutrients, low in calories

The HSB café menu employee
  • Food preferences
  • Dietary restrictions (allergies, intolerances,
  • Nutritional concerns (high blood pressure, high
    cholesterol, diabetes, etc.)
  • Healthy Weight Maintenance
  • Economical
  • Convenient

Employee Tabs
  • Honor System
  • Employee Check List
  • Weekly Tabs
  • Notification through e-mail
  • Absence of payment- carried to following week
  • System ran smoothly

Sales ?
  • Friday Inventory Day
  • Count all product and subtract from initial
  • Amt. Sold x unit price
  • Total sales calculated and compared to total owed
    from employee tabs
  • Allow for slight dollar difference
  • (due to human error, spoilage, etc.)

  • All product was purchased in Bulk (Costco)
  • Buying bulk allowed for stock which saved on
    trips to other retailers
  • Grocery List updated each week
  • Volunteer based so no additional fees besides
    cost of product

Prices Profit
  • Prices were set at cost-recovery
  • Small profit made over 6 week duration
  • Profit will go towards needs fund
  • Purchase of mini fridge
  • Future promotional events (such as yogurt parfait
  • Purchase of new product
  • Allow for any spoilage or damaged product to be

Policies Procedures
  • Monday Thursday stock and general maintenance
    (food spoilage, shortage, etc)
  • Friday inventory day employee tab
  • Health Canada Safe Fruit Vegetable Policy
  • Healthy Env. Initiative waste management.
  • HACCAP followed when preparing foods
  • Bagged fresh veggies fruit, nuts, HWP mix
  • Clean hands plastic gloves hair nets, etc.
  • Preparation of all foods in sanitized kitchen

Advertising, Marketing Promotions
  • Kick off Yogurt Parfait event
  • Posters, emails, etc.
  • Healthy Snack of the Week
  • The Nutritionist is In event
  • The Healthy Art Event
  • Cost Comparisons
  • Meal Makeovers

Product Nutrition
  • Developed HSB café nutrition guide
  • Nutrition analysis for each product offered
  • Made available in café for all employees to
  • Also incl. Tim Horton's nutrition guide for
  • Product Nutrition information was retrieved from
    product labeling as well as researching products
    on internet and applying nutrition knowledge in
    an understandable communication

Huge Success
  • Great job in setting up the café and pursuing
    it! I usually bring my own snacks but have
    greatly appreciated the convenience and very
    reasonable prices of having some healthy options
    a few steps away. I hope the service continues.
    Excellent job Jessika!

  • A very practical,
  • pragmatic approach to
  • encourage healthy eating habits.
  • Thank you for setting this up. I did not access
    as much as I would have liked because of summer
    vacation, however I feel that is a great idea and
    it will be beneficial in the future!

  • Increased the purchase of healthy foods such as
    fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Convenient and easily accessible location
  • Low cost compared to other food services
  • Cost-comparison sheet
  • Healthy and practical to meet large range of
    customer needs demands
  • Contributed to developing a healthy workplace

  • Spoilage of foods such as fresh fruits and
  • Honor system may not work in every workplace
    environment (trial error)
  • Requires a volunteer staff (min. 2 people) to
    operate efficiently
  • Pests! Plans to manage pests are necessary for
    food safety and to prevent loss of product
  • Plastic tubberware used to store stock
  • Food never left out of containers
  • Shelve case with glass doors

The HSB café Builds on Healthy Eating in the
  • Service builds on work previously done in the
    Healthy Eating in the Workplace guide
  • Increasing fruit and vegetable intake by
    increasing access and improving affordability
  • To increase the availability of locally produced
  • Lets Make a Meal awareness through décor
  • Brochure and food guide take away sources
  • Connection to take back the lunch break
  • commit to take a nutritious lunch break at least
    3x/week to feel healthier, happier and more

HSB Café Tool Kit
  • The Healthy Snack Box café tool kit will be made
    available to other HWP committees
  • The complete Kit will be available for
    downloading through the HWP website soon.
  • Potential for concept to spread across the
    provincial government

The future of the HSB cafe
  • Meeting on August 20th with members of the PSC
    Healthy Workplace Committee
  • Basic operations will continue after August 21st
    (sell stock)
  • Meeting planned for September 8th for final
    decision to continue operations

Thank you!
  • Questions?

Happy Healthy Snacking !