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Overview of GCOE program on extreme weather: A New InterGraduate School Program for Adaptation and R


(Ministry of Education, Culture, sports, Science and Technology) 2009/11/10 ... development in pure and applied research in the humanities, sciences and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Overview of GCOE program on extreme weather: A New InterGraduate School Program for Adaptation and R

Overview of GCOE program on extreme weatherA
New Inter-Graduate School Program for Adaptation
and Resilience toward a Sustainable and
Survivable Society
Kyoto University The University of
Oklahoma Intl Symposium on Radar and Modeling
Studies of the Atmosphere, November 10-13, 2009
Kaoru TAKARA Vice Director, Professor Disaster
Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University
A Global COE Program supported by MEXT (Ministry
of Education, Culture, sports, Science and
Mission Statement of Kyoto University (1)
  • Kyoto University states its mission to sustain
    and develop its historical commitment to academic
    freedom and to pursue harmonious coexistence
    within human and ecological community on this
  • Research
  • Kyoto University will generate world-class
    knowledge through freedom and autonomy in
    research that conforms with high ethical
  • As a university that comprehends many graduate
    schools, faculties, research institutes and
    centres, Kyoto University will strive for diverse
    development in pure and applied research in the
    humanities, sciences and technology, while
    seeking to integrate these various perspectives.

Mission Statement of Kyoto University (2)
  • Education
  • Within its broad and varied educational
    structure, Kyoto University will transmit
    high-quality knowledge and promote independent
    and interactive learning.
  • Kyoto University will educate outstanding and
    humane researchers and specialists, who will
    contribute responsibly to the worlds human and
    ecological community.
  • Relationship with society
  • As a university committed to a broad social
    engagement, Kyoto University will encourage
    cooperation with local and national society, and
    will disseminate knowledge informed by the ideals
    of freedom and peaceful coexistence.
  • As an international institution, Kyoto University
    will promote foreign academic exchange and
    thereby strive to contribute to the well-being of
    the world.

A New Inter-Graduate School Educational
ProgramSustainability/Survivability Science for
a Resilient Society Adaptable to Extreme Weather
  • by
  • Kyoto University
  • Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI)
  • Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere
  • Graduate School of Science
  • Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
  • Graduate School of Engineering
  • Graduate School of Agriculture
  • Graduate School of Informatics

Global Issues Threatening Human Survivability
Individual science cannot totally solve
We need integrated interdisciplinary
implementation science for harmonious
coexistence of the global society
Medicine/ Infectious diseases
Sustainability/ Survivability Science
Sustainability/Survivability Science
- Research and wisdom for many years - Dynamic
educational system of researchers, educators and
Extreme weather amplified by global warming
Frequent disasters exceeding societal capacity
River flow
New Challenge Integrated Inter-Graduate-School
Educational Unit
Societal capacity
To promote sustainability survivability science
for a resilient society adaptable to extreme
weather/water conditions
  • - Requires adaptation, augmentation of societal
    capacity against extreme weather/water conditions
  • - Requires human resources who continuously
    consider adaptation measures for the future
  • - Quite GLOBAL issue
  • - Crucial for Asia, Africa and Pacific regions

To establish a GCOE (Global Center of Excellence)
Urgent needs to establish proper educational
New Interdisciplinary Educational Unit
Sustainability/Survivability Science for a
Resilient Society Adaptable to Extreme Weather
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere
Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI)
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
Department of Environment Management (DEM)
Graduate Schools of Engineering, Informatics, and
Domestic/Overseas Universities/Institutions
International Organizations
Domestic/Overseas Research Fields
How to realize it Inter-Graduate-School
Educational Unit
Compound eyes approach Researchers, Educators and
Students with various specialties tackle global
Agricultural risk Food security Forests
Infrastructures Planning Forecasting A.I.
Educational Unit
Engi- neering
Science Engineering
Humanity Science-Engineering
Desertification Policy science Intl
cooperation Socio-economic
Meteorology Climatology Numerical
models Global warming
Psycology Disaster information Risk
Natural hazards Disaster Management
Global observation/monitoring Detection of
abnormal weather
Two Research Institutes (DPRI and RISH) will take
a lead of this program
Field investigations for Implementation science
? DPRIs research fields ? RISHs MU radar
system ? Graduate School of Sciences research
  • for education of implementation science
  • On the Job Training, in the field training
  • Forming international research and educational
    networks through research sites and neighboring
  • Human networks to be continuous

Ujigawa Hydraulics Lab.
MU Radar in Shigaraki
Basic concept of education
Sustainability/Survivability Science for a
Resilient Society Adaptable to Extreme Weather
Producing leading researchers, international
elites and local elites who have a mission and
moral sense to overcome threats that humans are
(will be) facing, to bring happiness and welfare
and to contribute to sustainable/survivable
Growing specialists with generalists views
(generalists with specialists views), who can
consider disasters environmental changes as
consequences of interaction between natural and
social phenomena through inter-graduate-school
educational system.
Producing such elites with obligatory field
research, advanced observations, experiments and
investigations, practical prediction and impact
assessment, who can be policy-making, have
relevant judgment at disaster sites, and have a
wide range of activities.
International Links
University of Oklahoma
Field studies Social adaptation based on
scientific understandings
Theme 2 Social adaptation Integrated
Social-Natural Sciences Research Towards the
Creation of a Sustainable Society Adaptable to
Global Environmental Change
Theme 1 Scientific understandings Science-Enginee
ring Interdisciplinary Research on Monitoring and
Prediction of Extreme Weather, Water Cycle and
Disaster Contingency
Require-ments for better adaptation
Understanding extreme conditions in Asia Africa
Satellite Observations
Observation/ monitoring systems
Flood in Jakarta
Policy reflecting scientific tech.
consideration to social adaptation
Disaster reduction, manage-ment measures
Quantitative modeling and forecasting
Hi-Reso Met. Models
Soil erosion in Niger
To establish strategic science for adaptation and
its application to real world
Possible disaster info, to people
Interact each other
  • - Doing research at the same sites together
    having common recognition of the problems.
  • Themes 1 and 2 Joint Workshop held periodically
    and exchanges information and views
  • - An interdisciplinary paper journal will be
    established for dissemination of research

Outline of Program Curriculum
Ph.D. Course (advanced specialized knowledge and
Program Certificate Ph.D. from each Graduate
Field study, Internship and International Summer
School combined with Degree Study
Master Course (basic knowledge and skills)
New subjects for Science-Engineering
New subjects for Social-Natural
Basic subjects for Individual Graduate Schools
already provided
Disaster Prevention Research Institute
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere
Example of Ph.D. Study
Field study, Internship and International Summer
School combined with Degree Study
Typical study plan
Finalizing the thesis
Theme selection
Degree study
Degree study (Filed investigation/
Research plan/method
Inf. collection (literature review, field
observations/experiments/investigations) Informati
on dissemination (presentation at international
Long-term internship (overseas, selective)
Identification of problems Problem-oriented
Exercise/ Field study
Intl school
Intl school
Intl school
Short-term internship
Interdisciplinary seminar (continuous supervision
by professors with different specialties)
Course work/ Lectures
International experiences of presenting,
discussing and lecturing
Interdisciplinary subjects
Inter-Grad-School Education
Basic subjects in the G.S.
Regular Japanese students Working
students International students
Cooperation for study and job
Program Certificate
30 /year
Ph.D. in the G.S.
Researcher/Educator/PD University/Institution Loc
al Elite/Decision Makers Local Gov.,
Enterprise Intl EliteIntl Org., Intl
enterprise, Overseas Gov.
Why we focusing on Asia, Africa and Pacific
Vulnerable societies with insufficient adaptation
capacity and resiliency against extreme weather,
disasters and environmental changes (need for
human development and application of adaptation
Urgent social and global issues
International issues to be continued and expanded
International academic cooperation for many years
makes the program implementation very easy and
effective (expanding confident mutual
relationship and networks)
Adaptation measures need to be fitting and
harmonizing local situation, climate and cultutre
This program calls for
  • International students to Kyoto University
    Graduate Schools of Science, Engineering,
    Agriculture, Informatics and Global Environmental
  • Excellent overseas professors/researches invited
    as adjunct professors (3/year)
  • Young educators/researchers hired as
    Associate/Assistant Professors, Post-Doctoral
    Fellows (4-8/year)
  • Internship sites/institutions (overseas, in
  • Research proposals from students/young researchers

Programs significance and perspectives
Creation of New Scientific and Educational
Discipline Sustainability Survivability
Science Implementation Science for Harmonious
Co-existence of Global Societies
This program for adaptation is located in Kyoto,
which is also very famous for global warming
mitigation (Kyoto Protocol).
  • Features and future the GCOE program
  • Produces outstanding and humane researchers and
    international and local elites who will
    contribute to the sustainable and survivable
    future of the earth.
  • Promotes top-level international research and
    education activities and contribute to
    international society, especially focusing on
    Asia, Africa and Pacific regions
  • Continues and develops possibly to incorporate
    other areas such as medicine/infectious diseases,
    energy, population and food problems.

  • Four-leaf clover
  • a symbol of happiness
  • Reminding us of four pillars
  • Advanced Research
  • Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Capacity building
  • Global Center of Excellence

ARS (Latin) ART (English)
An aphorism by Ancient Greek physician
Hippocrates (460 BC-370BC)
ars longa, vita brevis (Latin) Art is long,
life is short (English) ??????????? (Japanese)
Our lives are short, however, if we do good
research, it will be continued/loved over
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