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Working Toward a Successful Book Fair!


remember to schedule extra for any special events planned 'Outside' PR duties -- radio, news, TV, etc -- any and all. Decorating for the theme ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Working Toward a Successful Book Fair!

Working Toward a Successful Book Fair!
A Team Effort!
Julie Hall
Robyn Corum
Paige Dobbins
Penny Hanners
Martha Eaton-Library Aide (not shown)
  • Hartselle is middle-class community
  • Population 13,000
  • 5 schools 3 elementary, 1 middle, 1 high
  • Hartselle is NOT a suburb of any large city
  • Crestline Elementary is 50 years old
  • Enrollment is 570
  • 5.82 minority 29 Free Reduced lunch
  • Not a magnet school - just a GREAT average school

Working Toward a Successful Book Fair!
  1. Considering Your Motivation
  2. Evaluating Your School Support
  3. Choosing the Right Book Fair Provider
  4. Choosing the Right Date
  5. Finding the Right Chairperson(s)
  6. Building a Team
  7. Starting From the Beginning Not the Middle
  8. Having a Detailed Plan and Starting Early
  9. Keeping It Simple
  10. What Youve Always Wanted to Know About
  11. Setting (Reasonable) Goals
  12. Getting People Excited!
  13. Seeing The Big Picture
  14. Its a Wrap for This YearNow What?

I. Considering Your Motivation
Why do you hold a Book Fair? (Or are considering
Is it
  • Because its always been done, and as the media
    specialist, youve just been handed the
  • Because you love books?
  • Because SOMEBODYS got to do it?
  • Because if its going to be done right, youll
    have to be the one who does it?
  • Because you love to share the gift of reading
    with children?
  • Because youre interested in adding to your
    librarys resources through the money raised
    through Book Fair profits, and its a necessary
  • Because a successful Book Fair makes you look
    good-it gives you a chance to shine and shows off
    some of your talent and your organizational
  • Because youre a glutton for punishment?
  • Or is it a combination of some of those?

II. Evaluating Your School Support
  • Principal, office staff
  • Teachers

II. Evaluating Your School Support
Lets just see the impact a successful Book Fair
can have
Our 2001 Fair Total 9,000 x 30 in cash
profit 2,789.62 2,700 total profit from a
one week Book Fair!
Our 2008 Fair Total 21,000 x 25 in cash
profit 5,000 x 10 in books 2,100
7,100 total profit from a one week Book Fair!
III. Choosing the Right Book Fair Provider
  • Case quantities
  • Customizing book titles for our ages and reading
  • Sending certain specialized requests in odd
  • Helping us figure out inventory problems as our
    sales grew
  • Field Reps, willing to help put up, take down,
    and answer Qs
  • The online resources, especially the
    Coordinators Toolkit area
  • The Planning Kit Box
  • The Hands-On Idea Book
  • Author Video
  • Themes with patterns, clipart, and matching signs
  • The Scholastic Sales Consultant one of our
    favorite resources!

IV. Choosing the Right Date
The timing of your Book Fair has a lot to do with
your success.
  • Pick a date without other school conflicts
  • A date that coincides with payday, if possible
  • Scholastic offers extra benefits during certain
    slower periods of the year and if youre able to
    host a 2nd fair.

IV. Choosing the Right Date
  • Consider your librarys capabilities - Can you
    suspend library classes for the fair?
  • Remember any important testing schedules.
  • Decide on the length of your fair.
  • Extra events?
  • Family Night
  • Grandparents Day
  • Extended Hours
  • Friends and Family Invitations

V. Finding the Right Chairperson(s)
Be willing to share the load. (Or even hand it
  • Chairpersons Qualities
  • Dependable
  • Trustworthy
  • Organized
  • Enthusiastic
  • Has the time
  • Love of children/reading
  • Finding a chairperson
  • Signs near library asking for volunteers
  • Announce at PTO meetings
  • Ask the Principal
  • Talk to teachers

VI. Building a Team
If I want my Book Fair to grow...I'm going to
have to share the responsibilities, do some
delegating, and build a team.
  • Regardless of the size of your Fair now, if you
    want to GROW, you need to start building a
    foundation that will support GROWTH.
  • New people with new ideas can shake things up.
  • Be willing to OPEN YOUR EYES to the possibilities
  • Be willing to OPEN YOUR ARMS to let go of some of
    the responsibilities and let in
  • some help.
  • Remember if you always do what you've always
    done, you'll always get what you've
  • always got.

They can help by
Calling volunteers and scheduling work times
- remember to schedule extra for any special
events planned Outside PR duties -- radio,
news, TV, etc -- any and all Decorating for the
theme -- - the halls, the entrance, the
interior of library, costumes, etc. Creating
signs for interior/exterior of school,
laminating, etc. Set up/take down/ Getting
Help/Deciding When Staging/Making Book Displays
look appealing Getting the word out Inside PR
-- students, teachers, parents - letters, signs,
etc. Finances- setting up registers, being in
charge of the money, Deposits Ordering Looking
ahead, What's going fast? What's out?
Volunteers- On the job? keeping them busy and
on track (not just warm bodies) Teachers- Keep
them happy- snacks and treats? Book Cases Label
them with case number and shelf ID?/ Favorites
Labels? Teachers Wish Lists Accept State,
Reading and PTO monies? What kind of Wish
Lists? Decide if you want to deal with
(No Transcript)
VII. Starting From the Beginning Not the Middle
From the moment we first began doing Book Fairs,
this was one of our biggest problems! And we
didn't even realize it.
It's obvious that while we thought we were
running our Fairs, in truth OUR FAIRS WERE
Start Early!
VIII. Having a Detailed Plan and Starting Early
Decide where you are and where you want to be.
What is your current level of sales? Are you
satisfied? Make a call to your sales rep.
What are neighboring schools your size doing?
How do you compare? Can you improve? Ask for
ideas. Get Organized! Make use of all your
IX. Keeping It Simple
Suggestions to Help Maintain Sanity During the
Fair   Ordering - Teacher's Wish Lists - Cash
Registers - Volunteer Instructions - Tags for
Shelves - Scholastic BookList Newsletter -
X. What Youve Always Wanted to Know about
  • Hang Volunteer Recruitment Posters
  • Include Recruitment notice in school newsletter
    and on website
  • Call past Fair volunteers
  • Set up volunteer kiosk with sign-up sheet at your
    next school event
  • Ask school staff and teaching assistants
  • High school students who need community service
  • Volunteer workers from local businesses
  • Parents and Grandparents
  • PTA, PTO, and PAC members
  • Classroom Volunteers
  • Library helpers and grade5-8 students
  • Family and friends
  • Retired teachers and librarians

XI. Setting (Reasonable) Goals
There is no secret in setting goals. The secret
is in being able to reach them.   Find your
starting place.   Add Excitement And Momentum
XII. Getting People Excited!
An easy and effective way to get people excited
and working for you...? Offer them something
Rewards, go for the OUTRAGEOUS! Rewards, get
people to commit first! Consider helping others
instead/also? Reading contests Challenges
between classes Challenges between individuals
principal vs. coach, maybe Challenges with
multiple levels You know your school and students
best (and your parent volunteers)
XIII. Seeing The Big Picture
Be original! Be creative! Try new things! But
most of all STAY FOCUSED! Make sure you spend
your time where it brings you the most return
and that always comes back to the bottom line.
Add or implement your ideas a little at a time,
and always try to use sound judgment.
XIV. Thats a Wrap for This Years Book Fair Now
Checklist   Breakdown and Cleanup Book Fair Do
Final Calculations Make Deposits Send Money,
Info to Scholastic Send Thank You's to
Chairperson(from Librarian), Volunteers
(through letter to editor in paper),
teachers (by email, or by
school mailbox, etc) Send final letter to
parents thanking them and announcing
results. Did you make your goal? Begin making
notes immediately while you have the team
What worked? What didn't? Talk it out. What
changed what was the same? Pictures
develop, identify, save, and make notes
now. Start thinking about the reward for next
year. Plan the date for next fair. Talk with
your Sales Consultant. Is there anything you can
do now, while pressure is off that would help for
next year? Organize files, create signs,
What problems or glitches did you face?
Traffic flow improvement? Improve The sales
appeal of displays Improve the selection of
titles Improve ordering or Deliveries Getting/Di
recting volunteers Staying organized
How will you fix them?
These are our Secrets
Take copious notes Trust nothing to memory
Start early -- from the Beginning Have a
Detailed Plan Bring Friends Make something
happen Don't get lost in the details And last,
but not least Have fun along the way!  
After you get back to school
  • And your head is spinning from all that you tried
    to absorb through this presentation.
  • You might want to ask us a question
  • So here are our email addresses

If you want to come see our Book Fair in
action, it is always the first full week in
February (after payday), this year Feb. 2nd
thru 6th! You are welcome to come but we may
put you to work, so watch out! Thanks!