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Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park


'How did you become a vampire? Surely Hiran didn't pick you based on favorites. ... But she was descended directly from the vampire. Thea was of Tico's creation. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park

Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park
  • Sarah Trebing
  • Grade 12
  • Mrs. Dowling

Click here to view my portfolio
  • Thank you for viewing my world of literature.
    In my pieces of writing, it will tell tales of
    mythical creatures from wolves to vampires. Enjoy
    poems of imaginative minds to friendship. It is
    all a combination of my world, all written down
    in text for others to enjoy. So, welcome to my

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
  • Portfolio 1
  • DeCrolie Nightmare
  • Aquarians
  • Chains
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Crimson
  • World I Call My Mind, White Creature
  • Friend
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 2
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 3
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections

DeCrolie Nightmare
Sarah Trebing 11/20/06 Oh no, not again. Please,
let this nightmare turn back into a dream, where
I can just float mindlessly in black abyss. But
this night, no favor was going to fall down on
me. This night, he wanted to talk. The creature
who haunted my mind more than anything else could
ever possibly hope to. I stared out into the
darkness, as my heart freezes in its beat. Though
I usually welcome the darkness when I sleep, this
one did not carry the welcoming air. For a
moment, I wasnt even able to breathe, the air so
cold and windy like hissing snakes slithering
around my lungs. My organs and body turn to ice,
and my mind freezes. Puffs of grey and white jet
out from my mouth as I stare hopelessly into the
dark, my body shaking at the iced air. He was
here. DeCrolie. I whispered, my eyes wide as
they sought hard to find the creature who stunned
me with cold and ice. His laugh, poisoned with
his evil mind rattled my brain, and cold pale
fingers slipped onto my fingers. I couldnt even
jump at the touch, but the gasp managed to leave
my cracked lips. Hello Sarah. He whispered
in my ear from behind, those black cold lips just
barely touching my skin. I was unable to respond
back. My throat was constricted with the fear of
him even touching me.
  • Amazing, I finally get to meet my creator. But
    this time, Im not chained like my little pet
    was. He was talking of his creation, Hiran, and
    of when we met. But that panic stricken encounter
    was like a small gnat compared to this darkness.
    Id rather be flirting around with Hiran and risk
    my head being torn off than even be in the same
    room with the thing that stood behind me.
  • Though I am only in a mere dream of yours, your
    body is still shaking in the real world. My wide
    eyes glanced back, mouth opening slightly. How in
    the world could he possible know so much? He was
    only part of my imagination, a figment of
    thoughts. How was he able to tell me something
    about myself that not even I knew? He was only a
    fictional character!
  • Wrong, my little dreamer. My eyes shot back
    forward, my heart skipping a beat. He knew
    everything, even my thoughts.
  • Though we may only be able to meet in dreams, I
    am still very real. I may not be part of this
    world of yours, but I lurk behind every darkness
    and shadow of your mind, fillings your thoughts
    with grief and sorrow. And by Dark Ones, how fun
    it is to mess with you. I couldnt stop
    trembling, my mind yelling at itself to ignore
    the taunts, this monster, and to not allow him to
    win by only a few words. But he was right. Ever
    since I dreamed of the creature with eyes of
    pitch black, skin so ivory, and that sleek hair
    of white, black, and violet, he was the one who
    held the ability to create fear. He was my
    darkness and my sorrow, and there was no escaping
    it. But to have him tell me this right in front
    of me?
  • Im afraid though our time is short. Dreams
    never last long with you. But until then, sweet
    nightmares my little pet.

Sarah Trebing 11/20/06 "C'mon Tsuke! Faster!" My
webbed claw like feet nudged into the giant sea
beast as I yelled at him, my face full of glee as
I pulled on the seaweed covered rope of reigns.
Tsuke's green eyes glanced back, rumbling a growl
in reply to my excitement. At least, that's what
everyone else hears. For every aquatic human had
one of these giant sea beasts when born, and
thus, able to form a communication between each
other over the years. "Aww Talias, I'm
tired." the blue scaled friend retorted. "Making
me stay up so you could watch the dolphin show."
"Oh hush you blue lump of tard. I saw the
smile you had at that show." "I wasn't
smiling!" "Yes you were. Don't deny the fact
you got a soft heart Tsuke." I laughed as he
started to grumble. We soon neared my home. Like
all Aquarians, my home was made up of coral,
though so smooth it was like marble to the people
on land. And it was huge. Sometimes the richer
folk among us had homes even sticking out of the
ocean, just to prove they were able to surface
whenever they wanted to.
  • "Talias!"
  • "Oh no." I mumbled silently, keeping a hand on
    Tsuke's neck as my father came out from the front
    hole. Like all Aquarians, he was a violet blue in
    scales, his hair white that always seemed to
    glide around his form.
  • Webbed hand and feet, complete with small claws,
    and shells and seaweed making up his clothing.
    And pure silver eyes, a trait in my family, that
    were currently glaring in my direction.
  • "You're late." He snapped. I smiled innocently at
  • "Sorry Dad. Tsuke wanted to show me the dolphin
    show!" There was a rumbling growl from my beastly
    friends in reply to the comment, and I kicked him
    in the side to get him to go along with my story.
  • "Hmph." My father grunted, still glaring at me.
  • "Yes yes.. Just come on in and get ready for
  • "Woohoo! I knew I smelled fresh clams!" I
    cheered, following my father inside. Tsuke
    followed with rolling eyes.

Sarah Trebing 11/20/06 Hmph, look at you. How
you got into this sort of mess is beyond me. I
smirked towards the hissing creature, his eyes
hidden from snow white hair that fell in front of
his face. Arms and muscles bulged as he threw his
body towards me, but chains jingled and stopped
him in his place, and my eyebrow rose. Careful
human. The chained creature whispered, his voice
dark and scratchy. I may be bound by chains,
and blocked from your mind, but once I get out of
these restraints, not even your title as my
creator will save you. Such large threats from
the weaker link. The white head rose, revealing
a pair of red ovals for eyes, its pupil black
slits from the rising rage. Never, have I been
considered lower than you. Then why are you
the one whos chained up for display? He hissed
again, his chains rattling as he tried
desperately to lunge at me. How did you get into
this mess anyway Hiran? I asked, my smirk
turning to a frown as I scanned over the chains.
  • That is for my knowledge only. He muttered,
    slits glancing to the side.
  • Is it? I asked, leaning over the railing that
    separated us, my face dangerously close to his.
    His eyes turned back towards me.
  • Sarah. He said softly.
  • Yes?
  • Release me. I blinked, and he smirked.
  • Let me out from this disgusting place, and Ill
    grant you the wish no other creature like me
    would offer. I continued to stare.
  • And, how do I know you wont just kill me?
  • You dont. Youll just have to find out. I
    chuckled, and started shaking my head.
  • I can never trust your words, you silly

Journal Entry 4
Journal Entry 5
Sarah Trebing 11/20/06 Tell me Tico, how did
you become this way? Eh? The man rose up, his
bright blood eyes blinking down at the woman who
lied beside him. How did you become a vampire?
Surely Hiran didnt pick you based on favorites.
Ticos eyes narrowed, and lied back on the grass,
eyes staring up towards the starry night sky. I
really dont think you want to know about my
history. He said with a smirk. Ive changed
since then, and trust me, its for the better
Thea. Thea frowned, her own red eyes staring
hard at him. Cmon Tico. Nope. Past is the
past. Im done with it, and I aint gonna turn
back. Thea wasnt about to give up. Tico was her
companion, her protector. He was the one who
never kept secrets from her. When he did try to
hide something, it was always on the events that
happened before she met him. She was tired of the
missing pieces in the relationship. If he didnt
want to tell her anything, she would find out
  • The vampiress found herself among the crowds that
    covered the streets of the Dark. Music blared and
    pounded against the walls and floor. Lights of
    red and purple flashed, the only source of light
    in the dark club. She pushed her way through the
    dancing crowd, some moving voluntarily at
    catching sight of her hair and eyes. Violet and
    ebony hair, crimson eyes, the mark of Hirans
    bloodline, and no one messed with the Ancients
  • Thea seated herself at the back, where the bar
    was. She saw the woman working with a couple of
    night elves, flicking her bi colored hair back
    and smiling at the men flirtatiously. It won the
    bartender a generous tip and a small kiss to the
    cheek. Thea waves her hand towards the woman.
  • Kaya! The womans eyes flashed towards Thea,
    and the smile faded. Like Thea, Kaya also carried
    Hirans blood. But she was descended directly
    from the vampire. Thea was of Ticos creation.
    She walked towards Thea, her posture defensive
    and alert, her eyes on edge.
  • If youre here about that attack last week,
    Ill let you know right now tha- Kaya was cut
    off by a wave of Theas hand again.
  • Relax. Im here to ask you about something.
    Kaya blinked.
  • About what?
  • Who actually. Tico.
  • What about him?
  • Well? Thea started, her hand settling on the
    counter and started to wring each other.
  • What do you know about his human life? Kayas
    eyebrow rose.

  • His human life?
  • Why was he changed?
  • Ahh. Kaya leaned on the counter, edging closer
    towards Thea.
  • I take it he didnt tell you anything. No
    surprise there. Tico hates thinking he used to be
    a human. But? She let out a small sigh.
  • Im the wrong one to ask. All I know is that
    Tico wanted to die. Hiran just did it his way. If
    you want to know, ask the old man for the info.
    With that, Kaya set off to other customers,
    leaving Thea in a small state of frightened
  • The idea of having to talk to this Ancient
    vampire was already threatening to one as young
    as Thea was. To have to talk to him alone, that
    was a nightmare. She gazed up at his house with
    wide eyes, trying to find some sort of excuse in
    her mind to simply turn around and go back home.
    But, this was probably the only way to know of
    the history of the man she loved. She didnt want
    to be alone in the dark anymore. With a gulp, her
    feet strode forward, entering the castle of pure
  • It didnt take Thea long to find the Ancient. The
    aura that wavered around him was so dark and
    cold, even a human could feel the magic with the
    rising of hair upon their arms. Her boots met
    with loud thunks on the marble floor, the only
    sound interrupting the deathly silence of the
    home. Finally she came upon the door that
    separated her and the monster that was inside.
    With a deep inhale, she opened the door, feeling
    the temperature drop at least ten degrees at the
    action. Her bright red eyes settled on the
    deathly colored form of Hiran. A shiver rang
    through her body as she stepped towards the
    creature, as his head lifted, a smile etched
    across his black lips, revealing his long
    vampiric fangs.

  • Hello Thea. The nightmare of a man said
    calmly. Thea gulped and stepped a bit closer.
  • Hello Hiran. Im... Im for-
  • Tico. Yes, I am aware of what youre searching
    for. Hiran smiled again, getting off the chair
    slowly that he was comfortably lying in earlier,
    walking towards Thea with that threatingly sleek
    poise. Theas body coiled and froze as he was now
    in front of her, a white hand rising up to touch
    her cheek.
  • Of his past correct? Yes, Kayas thoughts told
    me of it. But, I have to wonder. Why would you
    seek others history of your dearly beloved when
    you should ask him? Is it, because he hides his
    past, even from you? Theas eyes narrowed at the
    man, her lip curling slightly. Hiran chuckled
  • Then I am correct. My, he hasnt changed a bit.
    He still blames himself. Theas eyebrow rose.
  • What do you mean by that?
  • I mean, he did something in his past he
  • Whats that? Hiran paused at her question, the
    fingers that gently stroked her cheek pausing.
    His lips curled back into that devil of a smile.
    The fingers locked onto her chin, thrusting her
    face towards him. Theas eyes widened. This
    action wasnt good.
  • Do you really want to know the answer to that
    question? Hiran asked with glistening crimson
  • Why else would I be here? Thea said with a bit
    of defiance, though the emotion behind her own
    red eyes said otherwise. Hirans lips pursed for
    a moment, then his face crept closer to hers,
    until his lips brushed at her ear.

  • He killed the one most loved to him, out of
    spite. He wanted to prove to his fellow gang
    members that he felt nothing for the one who had
    shown him nothing but kindness. He killed the one
    who shared her heart for him. He wanted to die
    afterwards... Because he may be a brute to all
    who knows him, but we both know inside hes as
    weak as an eggshell.
  • That couldnt be right. Tico wouldnt kill
    someone he loved. He never seemed to be that
  • sort of person. Thea ran as fast as her legs and
    will could allow, stumbling every few steps
  • as she tried to get out of that treacherous home.
    Hiran was smiling when he told her those
  • words.. It couldnt be right. But, could it? They
    all knew Tico was a dangerous man, soft
  • heart or not. When he was provoked enough, he
    lead to doing things he later regretted in life.
  • But, would he really kill someone he loved?
  • That just cant be right! Thea screamed in
    Hirans woods, the only sources of life that
  • heard her cry were the black roses that covered
    the death of a home.
  • Tico watched Thea with a raised eyebrow as she
    merely sat at the table, watching her red
  • drink with a blank stare. He crossed his arms
    slightly as tilted his head to the side.
  • Thats warm blood you know. Better drink it
    before it tastes gross.
  • Uh huh. That certainly wasnt the response he
    was expecting. Tico walked towards
  • her, but as soon as his hand rested on her
    should, she flinched. He frowned.
  • Thea, whats up? Youre acting strange
    tonight. Her dead eyes looked up towards
  • him.
  • Tell me the truth Tico. Did you really kill
    her? Tico blinked.
  • Huh?

  • Did you really kill your loved one, simply
    because your stupid friends thought you
  • were going soft?
  • Thea, what are you going on about?
  • Answer me! Did you, or did you not, want to die
    because you killed her?! Thea rose
  • up out of her chair, shaking. Tico took a step
    back, eyes wide. It finally clicked, and his
  • mouth started to hang open slightly.
  • Thea, listen to me.. Youve got it wrong. That
    isnt how it went.
  • Oh? So you just killed her then, out of
    pleasure? Is this why you wanted to keep it a
  • secret from me? Of how you changed? Because-
  • Enough already! Tico forced Thea against a
    wall, hands on either side of her, arms
  • shaking horribly as his face was gazed downwards.
    The slam that his hands had made on the
  • wall made Theas eyes go wide, and she stood
    there trembling in front of him.
  • Listen to me Thea. She.. She did die, but it
    was nothing like that. Tico started, head still
    heavy. He bit his bottom lip, still shaking, but
    no longer from anger.
  • I dont know who told you that, but they were
    lying. I was hated by a lot of people
  • when I was human. If they ever found a way to
    hurt me, they would take that chance in a
    heartbeat.. And, someone let out that I.. That I
    was in love.. They.. They did things to
  • her.. Before I found her dead body. When I saw
    what happened.. I couldnt control myself. I
  • told Hiran I wanted to die, because of what I
    did. I slaughtered those men who tortured her,
  • killed her.. I let my anger get the best of me,
    and turned into a real monster.

  • Thea watched as a red tear slid down his cheek,
    and her own eyes started
  • to turn red and blurry.
  • Tico... Thea said softly, letting her arms
    rise up and wrap around
  • him. His own took hold of her tightly, shaking
    against her body.
  • I dont want people to know of the things I
    used to do when I was
  • human. Of my soft side, and of the monster I can
    become. Tico said
  • quietly.
  • And I dont want people knowing about her. Her
    death is bad enough of
  • a history. Thea let her hand pet through his
    short black and violet hair,
  • whispering softly to calm him down.
  • We are such lost children in this deadly
    game.... She said softly,
  • kissing his forehead. She knew now, to let him
    talk about his past when he
  • felt ready. She wouldnt press into it, ever
    again... He was still fighting the
  • demons in his mind, so who was she to reawaken
    old ones?

World I Call My Mind
Sarah Trebing 11/20/06
Welcome to the world I call my mind Where things
of good and evil dwell Where wars and struggles
happen every day A world unlike any place youve
ever seen. Its a place where wolves of odd
colors Talk and fight with long gone sabers A
place where small beings called wood elves battle
for their lives Against others as insane as they
come. All day long this is what I see Of dragon
battles to small plants conversing with one
another My own fantasy, all real behind my
eyes From huge water monsters to blood thirsty
Every day I visit these beings Every day I visit
their worlds They tell me of their lives, their
encounters And I write them down eagerly. All
day and night I write their tales For maybe one
day all will see That I am not lying About the
world inside my mind. Go ahead and call me crazy,
go ahead and sneer One day, you will see, all of
you When my stories are out in stores Youll read
and believe the tales of the worlds inside my
White Creature
Sarah Trebing 11/20/06
  • The sound of your pants
  • The beat of your paws
  • The song of your chant
  • All for a lost cause
  • Tell me creature of white
  • And eyes a bright gold
  • Why howl so urgently
  • Why do you shake with cold

What do you fear Oh gentle beauty of night What
nightmare is near What is your devil of
fright Searching and hiding All your life Running
and fighting For your dear sweet life.
Sarah Trebing 11/20/06 Her eyes squint shut As
her lips widen to a smile proud Hair fluffs, like
a cloud As yellow and soft with a gentle
glow Around her parted lips creases start
forming Her white teeth glinting No anger, No
sadness, Only a gentle face Full of warmth and
light that truly embrace Love makes this smile A
friend makes her glow