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Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park


Jaguar is a vampire, and owns a slave trading corporation. ... He's an older vampire, and quite powerful, able to dive into your brain and sent ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park

Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park
  • Sarah Trebing
  • Grade 12
  • Mrs. Dowling

Click here to view my portfolio
  • Thank you for viewing my world of literature.
    In my pieces of writing, it will tell tales of
    mythical creatures from wolves to vampires. Enjoy
    poems of imaginative minds to friendship. It is
    all a combination of my world, all written down
    in text for others to enjoy. So, welcome to my

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
  • Portfolio 1
  • DeCrolie Nightmare
  • Aquarians
  • Chains
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Crimson
  • World I Call My Mind, White Creature
  • Friend
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 2
  • Who Now
  • Bare Bush
  • Forgiven
  • Piece of Paper
  • Todays Tomorrow
  • Dragon Dance
  • Poetry 1-4
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 3
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections

DeCrolie Nightmare
Sarah Trebing 11/20/06 Oh no, not again. Please,
let this nightmare turn back into a dream, where
I can just float mindlessly in black abyss. But
this night, no favor was going to fall down on
me. This night, he wanted to talk. The creature
who haunted my mind more than anything else could
ever possibly hope to. I stared out into the
darkness, as my heart freezes in its beat. Though
I usually welcome the darkness when I sleep, this
one did not carry the welcoming air. For a
moment, I wasnt even able to breathe, the air so
cold and windy like hissing snakes slithering
around my lungs. My organs and body turn to ice,
and my mind freezes. Puffs of grey and white jet
out from my mouth as I stare hopelessly into the
dark, my body shaking at the iced air. He was
here. DeCrolie. I whispered, my eyes wide as
they sought hard to find the creature who stunned
me with cold and ice. His laugh, poisoned with
his evil mind rattled my brain, and cold pale
fingers slipped onto my fingers. I couldnt even
jump at the touch, but the gasp managed to leave
my cracked lips. Hello Sarah. He whispered
in my ear from behind, those black cold lips just
barely touching my skin. I was unable to respond
back. My throat was constricted with the fear of
him even touching me.
  • Amazing, I finally get to meet my creator. But
    this time, Im not chained like my little pet
    was. He was talking of his creation, Hiran, and
    of when we met. But that panic stricken encounter
    was like a small gnat compared to this darkness.
    Id rather be flirting around with Hiran and risk
    my head being torn off than even be in the same
    room with the thing that stood behind me.
  • Though I am only in a mere dream of yours, your
    body is still shaking in the real world. My wide
    eyes glanced back, mouth opening slightly. How in
    the world could he possible know so much? He was
    only part of my imagination, a figment of
    thoughts. How was he able to tell me something
    about myself that not even I knew? He was only a
    fictional character!
  • Wrong, my little dreamer. My eyes shot back
    forward, my heart skipping a beat. He knew
    everything, even my thoughts.
  • Though we may only be able to meet in dreams, I
    am still very real. I may not be part of this
    world of yours, but I lurk behind every darkness
    and shadow of your mind, fillings your thoughts
    with grief and sorrow. And by Dark Ones, how fun
    it is to mess with you. I couldnt stop
    trembling, my mind yelling at itself to ignore
    the taunts, this monster, and to not allow him to
    win by only a few words. But he was right. Ever
    since I dreamed of the creature with eyes of
    pitch black, skin so ivory, and that sleek hair
    of white, black, and violet, he was the one who
    held the ability to create fear. He was my
    darkness and my sorrow, and there was no escaping
    it. But to have him tell me this right in front
    of me?
  • Im afraid though our time is short. Dreams
    never last long with you. But until then, sweet
    nightmares my little pet.

Sarah Trebing 11/20/06 "C'mon Tsuke! Faster!" My
webbed claw like feet nudged into the giant sea
beast as I yelled at him, my face full of glee as
I pulled on the seaweed covered rope of reigns.
Tsuke's green eyes glanced back, rumbling a growl
in reply to my excitement. At least, that's what
everyone else hears. For every aquatic human had
one of these giant sea beasts when born, and
thus, able to form a communication between each
other over the years. "Aww Talias, I'm
tired." the blue scaled friend retorted. "Making
me stay up so you could watch the dolphin show."
"Oh hush you blue lump of tard. I saw the
smile you had at that show." "I wasn't
smiling!" "Yes you were. Don't deny the fact
you got a soft heart Tsuke." I laughed as he
started to grumble. We soon neared my home. Like
all Aquarians, my home was made up of coral,
though so smooth it was like marble to the people
on land. And it was huge. Sometimes the richer
folk among us had homes even sticking out of the
ocean, just to prove they were able to surface
whenever they wanted to.
  • "Talias!"
  • "Oh no." I mumbled silently, keeping a hand on
    Tsuke's neck as my father came out from the front
    hole. Like all Aquarians, he was a violet blue in
    scales, his hair white that always seemed to
    glide around his form.
  • Webbed hand and feet, complete with small claws,
    and shells and seaweed making up his clothing.
    And pure silver eyes, a trait in my family, that
    were currently glaring in my direction.
  • "You're late." He snapped. I smiled innocently at
  • "Sorry Dad. Tsuke wanted to show me the dolphin
    show!" There was a rumbling growl from my beastly
    friends in reply to the comment, and I kicked him
    in the side to get him to go along with my story.
  • "Hmph." My father grunted, still glaring at me.
  • "Yes yes.. Just come on in and get ready for
  • "Woohoo! I knew I smelled fresh clams!" I
    cheered, following my father inside. Tsuke
    followed with rolling eyes.

Sarah Trebing 11/20/06 Hmph, look at you. How
you got into this sort of mess is beyond me. I
smirked towards the hissing creature, his eyes
hidden from snow white hair that fell in front of
his face. Arms and muscles bulged as he threw his
body towards me, but chains jingled and stopped
him in his place, and my eyebrow rose. Careful
human. The chained creature whispered, his voice
dark and scratchy. I may be bound by chains,
and blocked from your mind, but once I get out of
these restraints, not even your title as my
creator will save you. Such large threats from
the weaker link. The white head rose, revealing
a pair of red ovals for eyes, its pupil black
slits from the rising rage. Never, have I been
considered lower than you. Then why are you
the one whos chained up for display? He hissed
again, his chains rattling as he tried
desperately to lunge at me. How did you get into
this mess anyway Hiran? I asked, my smirk
turning to a frown as I scanned over the chains.
  • That is for my knowledge only. He muttered,
    slits glancing to the side.
  • Is it? I asked, leaning over the railing that
    separated us, my face dangerously close to his.
    His eyes turned back towards me.
  • Sarah. He said softly.
  • Yes?
  • Release me. I blinked, and he smirked.
  • Let me out from this disgusting place, and Ill
    grant you the wish no other creature like me
    would offer. I continued to stare.
  • And, how do I know you wont just kill me?
  • You dont. Youll just have to find out. I
    chuckled, and started shaking my head.
  • I can never trust your words, you silly

Broken Sorrow
A cry of sorrow from a broken heart A song of
lonesome from pained years A body frozen in
stance after a long start All is forever gone,
flowing with tears A love lost, no longer
found Soul ripped apart, pieces lost All her
happiness frozen within the ground Will is
fading, but for what cost
Tracks never found in the snow Love song never
answered in the night The one she loves is gone,
yet does she know The answer is yes, with eyes so
wide with fright Yet she still cries out to the
shadows A whisper of hope still dwelling
inside For love is never lost, even for
widows Faith still lingers in her soul, and shall
always ride.
I believe…
I believe in the worlds that reside in my mind.
One would think that they are all based off day
dreams and social talk to gain ideas…But no.
These worlds are created from the dream state,
when all control is gone. When I wake, I write
down the next chapter to what seems to be a
neverending story. Never do I write anything that
isnt based from my dreams for that story, for
the dreams would cease and leave the tale with no
end. They have full control over my mind. I am a
slave to my world of the unconscious. I really
dont mind though. I dream of such glorious
lands, filled with characters of all different
traits, then blessed with rememberance, so each
thought is never forgotten. So, peel open a story
of mine, and enter my dream world. But I should
warn you, my dreams arent the friendliest. Dark
tales filled with sadist are warped into my mind,
such blessed sin. And never are these for the
faint of heart.
Sarah Trebing 11/20/06 Tell me Tico, how did
you become this way? Eh? The man rose up, his
bright blood eyes blinking down at the woman who
lied beside him. How did you become a vampire?
Surely Hiran didnt pick you based on favorites.
Ticos eyes narrowed, and lied back on the grass,
eyes staring up towards the starry night sky. I
really dont think you want to know about my
history. He said with a smirk. Ive changed
since then, and trust me, its for the better
Thea. Thea frowned, her own red eyes staring
hard at him. Cmon Tico. Nope. Past is the
past. Im done with it, and I aint gonna turn
back. Thea wasnt about to give up. Tico was her
companion, her protector. He was the one who
never kept secrets from her. When he did try to
hide something, it was always on the events that
happened before she met him. She was tired of the
missing pieces in the relationship. If he didnt
want to tell her anything, she would find out
  • The vampiress found herself among the crowds that
    covered the streets of the Dark. Music blared and
    pounded against the walls and floor. Lights of
    red and purple flashed, the only source of light
    in the dark club. She pushed her way through the
    dancing crowd, some moving voluntarily at
    catching sight of her hair and eyes. Violet and
    ebony hair, crimson eyes, the mark of Hirans
    bloodline, and no one messed with the Ancients
  • Thea seated herself at the back, where the bar
    was. She saw the woman working with a couple of
    night elves, flicking her bi colored hair back
    and smiling at the men flirtatiously. It won the
    bartender a generous tip and a small kiss to the
    cheek. Thea waves her hand towards the woman.
  • Kaya! The womans eyes flashed towards Thea,
    and the smile faded. Like Thea, Kaya also carried
    Hirans blood. But she was descended directly
    from the vampire. Thea was of Ticos creation.
    She walked towards Thea, her posture defensive
    and alert, her eyes on edge.
  • If youre here about that attack last week,
    Ill let you know right now tha- Kaya was cut
    off by a wave of Theas hand again.
  • Relax. Im here to ask you about something.
    Kaya blinked.
  • About what?
  • Who actually. Tico.
  • What about him?
  • Well? Thea started, her hand settling on the
    counter and started to wring each other.
  • What do you know about his human life? Kayas
    eyebrow rose.

  • His human life?
  • Why was he changed?
  • Ahh. Kaya leaned on the counter, edging closer
    towards Thea.
  • I take it he didnt tell you anything. No
    surprise there. Tico hates thinking he used to be
    a human. But? She let out a small sigh.
  • Im the wrong one to ask. All I know is that
    Tico wanted to die. Hiran just did it his way. If
    you want to know, ask the old man for the info.
    With that, Kaya set off to other customers,
    leaving Thea in a small state of frightened
  • The idea of having to talk to this Ancient
    vampire was already threatening to one as young
    as Thea was. To have to talk to him alone, that
    was a nightmare. She gazed up at his house with
    wide eyes, trying to find some sort of excuse in
    her mind to simply turn around and go back home.
    But, this was probably the only way to know of
    the history of the man she loved. She didnt want
    to be alone in the dark anymore. With a gulp, her
    feet strode forward, entering the castle of pure
  • It didnt take Thea long to find the Ancient. The
    aura that wavered around him was so dark and
    cold, even a human could feel the magic with the
    rising of hair upon their arms. Her boots met
    with loud thunks on the marble floor, the only
    sound interrupting the deathly silence of the
    home. Finally she came upon the door that
    separated her and the monster that was inside.
    With a deep inhale, she opened the door, feeling
    the temperature drop at least ten degrees at the
    action. Her bright red eyes settled on the
    deathly colored form of Hiran. A shiver rang
    through her body as she stepped towards the
    creature, as his head lifted, a smile etched
    across his black lips, revealing his long
    vampiric fangs.

  • Hello Thea. The nightmare of a man said
    calmly. Thea gulped and stepped a bit closer.
  • Hello Hiran. Im... Im for-
  • Tico. Yes, I am aware of what youre searching
    for. Hiran smiled again, getting off the chair
    slowly that he was comfortably lying in earlier,
    walking towards Thea with that threatingly sleek
    poise. Theas body coiled and froze as he was now
    in front of her, a white hand rising up to touch
    her cheek.
  • Of his past correct? Yes, Kayas thoughts told
    me of it. But, I have to wonder. Why would you
    seek others history of your dearly beloved when
    you should ask him? Is it, because he hides his
    past, even from you? Theas eyes narrowed at the
    man, her lip curling slightly. Hiran chuckled
  • Then I am correct. My, he hasnt changed a bit.
    He still blames himself. Theas eyebrow rose.
  • What do you mean by that?
  • I mean, he did something in his past he
  • Whats that? Hiran paused at her question, the
    fingers that gently stroked her cheek pausing.
    His lips curled back into that devil of a smile.
    The fingers locked onto her chin, thrusting her
    face towards him. Theas eyes widened. This
    action wasnt good.
  • Do you really want to know the answer to that
    question? Hiran asked with glistening crimson
  • Why else would I be here? Thea said with a bit
    of defiance, though the emotion behind her own
    red eyes said otherwise. Hirans lips pursed for
    a moment, then his face crept closer to hers,
    until his lips brushed at her ear.

  • He killed the one most loved to him, out of
    spite. He wanted to prove to his fellow gang
    members that he felt nothing for the one who had
    shown him nothing but kindness. He killed the one
    who shared her heart for him. He wanted to die
    afterwards... Because he may be a brute to all
    who knows him, but we both know inside hes as
    weak as an eggshell.
  • That couldnt be right. Tico wouldnt kill
    someone he loved. He never seemed to be that
  • sort of person. Thea ran as fast as her legs and
    will could allow, stumbling every few steps
  • as she tried to get out of that treacherous home.
    Hiran was smiling when he told her those
  • words.. It couldnt be right. But, could it? They
    all knew Tico was a dangerous man, soft
  • heart or not. When he was provoked enough, he
    lead to doing things he later regretted in life.
  • But, would he really kill someone he loved?
  • That just cant be right! Thea screamed in
    Hirans woods, the only sources of life that
  • heard her cry were the black roses that covered
    the death of a home.
  • Tico watched Thea with a raised eyebrow as she
    merely sat at the table, watching her red
  • drink with a blank stare. He crossed his arms
    slightly as tilted his head to the side.
  • Thats warm blood you know. Better drink it
    before it tastes gross.
  • Uh huh. That certainly wasnt the response he
    was expecting. Tico walked towards
  • her, but as soon as his hand rested on her
    should, she flinched. He frowned.
  • Thea, whats up? Youre acting strange
    tonight. Her dead eyes looked up towards
  • him.
  • Tell me the truth Tico. Did you really kill
    her? Tico blinked.
  • Huh?

  • Did you really kill your loved one, simply
    because your stupid friends thought you
  • were going soft?
  • Thea, what are you going on about?
  • Answer me! Did you, or did you not, want to die
    because you killed her?! Thea rose
  • up out of her chair, shaking. Tico took a step
    back, eyes wide. It finally clicked, and his
  • mouth started to hang open slightly.
  • Thea, listen to me.. Youve got it wrong. That
    isnt how it went.
  • Oh? So you just killed her then, out of
    pleasure? Is this why you wanted to keep it a
  • secret from me? Of how you changed? Because-
  • Enough already! Tico forced Thea against a
    wall, hands on either side of her, arms
  • shaking horribly as his face was gazed downwards.
    The slam that his hands had made on the
  • wall made Theas eyes go wide, and she stood
    there trembling in front of him.
  • Listen to me Thea. She.. She did die, but it
    was nothing like that. Tico started, head still
    heavy. He bit his bottom lip, still shaking, but
    no longer from anger.
  • I dont know who told you that, but they were
    lying. I was hated by a lot of people
  • when I was human. If they ever found a way to
    hurt me, they would take that chance in a
    heartbeat.. And, someone let out that I.. That I
    was in love.. They.. They did things to
  • her.. Before I found her dead body. When I saw
    what happened.. I couldnt control myself. I
  • told Hiran I wanted to die, because of what I
    did. I slaughtered those men who tortured her,
  • killed her.. I let my anger get the best of me,
    and turned into a real monster.

  • Thea watched as a red tear slid down his cheek,
    and her own eyes started
  • to turn red and blurry.
  • Tico... Thea said softly, letting her arms
    rise up and wrap around
  • him. His own took hold of her tightly, shaking
    against her body.
  • I dont want people to know of the things I
    used to do when I was
  • human. Of my soft side, and of the monster I can
    become. Tico said
  • quietly.
  • And I dont want people knowing about her. Her
    death is bad enough of
  • a history. Thea let her hand pet through his
    short black and violet hair,
  • whispering softly to calm him down.
  • We are such lost children in this deadly
    game.... She said softly,
  • kissing his forehead. She knew now, to let him
    talk about his past when he
  • felt ready. She wouldnt press into it, ever
    again... He was still fighting the
  • demons in his mind, so who was she to reawaken
    old ones?

World I Call My Mind
Sarah Trebing 11/20/06
Welcome to the world I call my mind Where things
of good and evil dwell Where wars and struggles
happen every day A world unlike any place youve
ever seen. Its a place where wolves of odd
colors Talk and fight with long gone sabers A
place where small beings called wood elves battle
for their lives Against others as insane as they
come. All day long this is what I see Of dragon
battles to small plants conversing with one
another My own fantasy, all real behind my
eyes From huge water monsters to blood thirsty
Every day I visit these beings Every day I visit
their worlds They tell me of their lives, their
encounters And I write them down eagerly. All
day and night I write their tales For maybe one
day all will see That I am not lying About the
world inside my mind. Go ahead and call me crazy,
go ahead and sneer One day, you will see, all of
you When my stories are out in stores Youll read
and believe the tales of the worlds inside my
White Creature
Sarah Trebing 11/20/06
  • The sound of your pants
  • The beat of your paws
  • The song of your chant
  • All for a lost cause
  • Tell me creature of white
  • And eyes a bright gold
  • Why howl so urgently
  • Why do you shake with cold

What do you fear Oh gentle beauty of night What
nightmare is near What is your devil of
fright Searching and hiding All your life Running
and fighting For your dear sweet life.
Sarah Trebing 11/20/06 Her eyes squint shut As
her lips widen to a smile proud Hair fluffs, like
a cloud As yellow and soft with a gentle
glow Around her parted lips creases start
forming Her white teeth glinting No anger, No
sadness, Only a gentle face Full of warmth and
light that truly embrace Love makes this smile A
friend makes her glow
  • The most challenging of the assignments in this
    portfolio were the Journal entries. Its hard to
    pick which written works from several pieces,
    polish them, and have the strength to show them
    off. Some of the journal entries are pieces I am
    not proud of, but need to find a way to work
    around it anyway.
  • I am most proud of my mystery story, Crimson.
    Although it doesnt much appear of a mystery, for
    the case was never solved in the end, it relates
    to the writings that I love to do the most.
  • You may find that my Memoir is not included in
    this Portfolio. The reasons to this are personal.
    During the time of when I had written it, I was
    going through a personal state, and wrote on a
    personal matter. And truth be told, I dont want
    to go over it again.

  • 4. Crimson - He was still fighting the
  • demons in his mind, so who was she to reawaken
    old ones?
  • Out of the entire story of Crimson, the last
    line is the one that pops out the most for me.
    The imagery that is left in this sentence could
    leave so many options and questions for the
    reader, and how it relates to the story.
  • 5. The most found strengths in these stories is
    the description and the way language is used. The
    author is not afraid to write down conversations
    between characters. She also lists very
    descriptive scenes and objects throughout her
  • 6. I would extend my mystery story, Crimson, into
    a longer a longer assignment. There is still a
    lot more that can be done with the story, and
    still needs a better ending.

7. I would turn the poem, Broken Sorrow, into a
short story if I could change the genre. The poem
is actually of a character of mine, and of what
her current feelings are in her current
situation. 8. The poem World Inside My Mind
reflects my personality the most. For one, its
really just based off me. It isnt organized or
rythming, and I know I am not a organized person.
It talks of creatures based off fantasy, and my
friends all know how much I daydream of fantasy
type things. I also write all my stories
  • Based off my dreams and mind, and ignore the
    people who think Im crazy because of the things
    I talk and believe in.
  • When students read my work, they love the detail
    I put into my stories. They love reading how I
    describe a characters hair, or how music pounds
    in a club. They love reading my conversations in
    my written works, because they say it seems so
    believable, the way my characters converse
    between each other.
  • When it comes to my poetry, I usually have this
    one type of style I always use. Four lines, and
    four paragraphs. Its different, and they love
    the way it flows.
  • Lets say the character Jaguar from Midnight
    Predator was to read my work in my portfolio.
    Jaguar is a vampire, and owns a slave trading
    corporation. Although, he is kind towards the
    humans he has around him, and even fell in love
    with one of them. He isnt all cute and cuddly
    though. Hes an older vampire, and quite
    powerful, able to dive into your brain and sent
    what feels to be electric shocks to your mind.
  • When I was asked to read the Portfolio of
    Sarahs writings, I was a bit skeptical. She
    seems too innocent to have anything of interest

  • For me to read. But, when I read one of her
    journal entries, Chains, it is obvious that she
    loves the world of dark. She seems to be bound by
    the world of her dreams, from what I have read.
    Vampires in chains and threatening to spill her
    lifes blood? But dark for a girl like her. But
    the description of the faces and places they were
    in, it seemed like she truly had met these
    creatures before. She has her happy moments too,
    with the innocent story of Aquarians. Not much of
    my interest, too happy and bouncy really. I was
    captured by some of her poetry though. Dark and
    filled with sin, yet that spark of hope and
    beauty begged to be let free.

Who Now
  • Gaze at what once was a mortal
  • A man full of strength and pride
  • Compared to his reflection portal
  • Hiran now carries a different stride
  • Once a family man full of love
  • Who now rules lands with fear
  • Once held the sweetest look of a dove
  • Who now holds none dear
  • A man who once had precious blue eyes
  • Lie now red and cold
  • Whose once rich in black now lies
  • Strands of white so bold
  • One who valued such a tiny life
  • Now no longer cares about new beginnings
  • Rahn who protected his loves from strife
  • Now Hiran, who only now spreads his hatings.

Bare Bush
  • Did I see a shiver in the bare branches
  • A small twitch upon the bark
  • What happened to your green riches
  • Why do you seem so cold and dark
  • There is nothing there anymore
  • Not a single spark of green
  • How can you endure
  • When you appear so lean
  • Winter is harsh on your lithe arms
  • Of earth and bark and ground
  • Everything possible that harms
  • Now has you found
  • Yet a spark of hope dwindles ahead
  • The knowledge of spring coming again
  • Give this little bare bush to keep a strong head
  • And the will to bloom again

  • Can one be given a second chance
  • After bringing up hell itself onto mortal ground
  • Is one allowed to give a proud stance
  • After seeing deaths that follow when he walks
  • Will those eyes of red be forgiven
  • After seeing the wicked deeds lie
  • Can that smile again allow that chance be given
  • After sucking so many lives dry
  • Who would forgive such a man
  • That creates as much sin as he can
  • Whose very soul can even ban
  • The most heartful life of a man
  • Shall one take his hands and forgive
  • Will one look into the eyes and breathe
  • Can one touch such cold skin and give
  • The smile when he can only seethe.

Piece of Paper
  • Oh little piece of paper
  • So bright against the blue
  • What words were made by your maker
  • That was placed upon you?
  • From this distance there is black
  • No letters can be seen
  • Oh the sight is what I lack
  • Though I wonder what those shapes mean.
  • Why are your edges curled
  • Against the pole youre on
  • What type of people are lured
  • From the words placed upon.
  • I wonder why I saw you
  • Out of everything else in this room
  • Is it the brightness against the blue
  • Or the fact I cant read you that makes me gloom.

Todays Tomorrow
  • The cries and screams of Todays tomorrow
  • The shouts and wails of loss and sorrow
  • All devour the joy and sigh of what we borrow
  • Bringing in the nightmares marrow
  • Heaven clashes in the blood red sky
  • Angels fall for spewthing the lie
  • That our God is now gone, and will die
  • While the Devil laughs, sitting by
  • Hell rises beneath the stone that burns
  • Casting its sin upon each soul with wicked turns
  • Laughing with malice as it yearns
  • There is no time now for mourns
  • No time now for us to run
  • As we cry up to the sky with no sun
  • The evil and sin reigns with wicked ton
  • Because of our forgotten, we are done.

Dragon Dance
  • Chapter 1
  • The beat of wings against the strong winds of
    Icarnia could be heard for miles, though those
    who lived outside heard it as merely music. The
    sounds of raging roars and bellows were nothing
    more than callings to the air of life. Everything
    about the dragon dancers home was expected. The
    cries of a dragon were immortal, their flight
    sounds magestic. To hear anything else was an
    omen. No silence should ever ring out in their
    world, for the silence of a dragons world would
    mean the end to those who knew them. Icarnia was
    the world of dragons, and shall forever remain
    that way. It was life.
  • A girl of no older than eighteen stood on the
    highest part of mountains that circled around the
    land of Icarnia, her eyes closed with a smile
    upon her face. Her skin was dark and tanned from
    the days of lying out on the sun, her brunette
    hair short and spikey, flying viciously around
    her face. Tight brown leather covered her body,
    laced with dark strings to hold it all in place.
  • She merely sat in complete stillness, ears
    listening to the cries of the dragons down below.
  • Beautiful. She whispered.
  • Her eyes snapped open as a sound of a clear
    calling of a dragon shook the stones she sat
    upon, bright violet eyes glancing down. The chill
    of the rumble that shook from the beasts chest
    ran up her spine, and her smirk broadened to a
    wide smile. Pushing herself to her feet, she kept
    her face down, and let out a cheerful cry as she
    kicked off, her body falling towards the sharp
    rocks that covered the bottom.
  • Oof! Her body slammed into scales of rich red
    and brown, and jerked her face up as fingers
    scrambled to find the reigns that were upon the
    things back.
  • I really wish you wouldnt do that Sadie! The
    red form called out, though his words to others
    would be nothing more than the constant cries of
    a dragon.
  • Haha! Icor, you old scaled lump! Nothings more
    fun than flying through the air! Youre so lucky
    to have wings. She heard the dragon make a
    snort, a small blast of fire steaming out from
    his nostrils.
  • You already ride a dragon, what more could you
  • Do have my own scales upon my back of course!
  • Never ask for more than what you already have my
    friend. Sadie smirked, crawling closer from his
    back and wrapped her arms around his neck in a
  • You always say the weirdest things.
  • Its better than doing the weirdest things.
    Sadie laughed, Icor giving his own chuckle as his
    wings beat against the air, letting the pair soar
    back to Icarnia with no care in the world to what
    lied below them.

  • So, what do you say you old dragon scales? Want
    to give the drop another try today? Sadie beamed
    down towards Icors face, her rich eyes glinting.
    Icors golden slits slid towards her face, a
    small frown coming over his red muzzle.
  • How about we just do a few simple curves instead
    Sadie? I dont feel like-
  • Icor. We need to get this done. We both know all
    the other moves.
  • But, cant we just.
  • No. Ill tell you what. We can start the routine
    from the first dive, and work our way in. Sound
    good? The dragon gave a small grumble, before
    flapping his wings backwards, stopping their
    drive in midair, and twisted his body around to
    head back towards the mountain top where he
    caught her.
  • Well give it a go. Sadie cheered at his
    response, and he couldnt help but let his mouth
    curl back to a smile. So optimistic she was. It
    was probably the reason theyve been together
    this long so far.
  • Aw hell. Sadie cursed, seeing another pair
    already in their place. A green dragon roared at
    the top of the reddened rocks, wings spreading
    out as wide as possible in a dragon show of
    beauty. Icors gaze dropped.
  • The idiots took our place Icor. Whatre we gonna
    do? she glanced down towards her dragon friend,
    the happiness in her eyes fading. Icor glanced
    back up and flinched mentally at her expression.
    A small growl rumbled through his form for a
  • Icor? Sadie asked. She gasped as he paused in
    his beatings, and threw back his head to let out
    a roar that carried out, rumbling her chest.
  • How about we let them know what true dragon
    riders can do? He bellowed, laughing into the
    clear skies. Her face brightened, before letting
    out her own laugh.
  • Yeah! Lets show those little imps how true
    dancers do it!
  • Hmm. Lets like we have company Ricias. A pair
    of blue eyes glittered as they watched the pair
    of riders fly towards the mountain, the emerald
    dragon beside the man snorting.
  • What do you want to do Donovan? Wing off their
  • Haha. Its always funny for you when it involved
    something dangerous, isnt it? No. Lets see what
    those two dingbats want. Knowing Sadie, she
    probably wants to do a challenge. Ricias again
    snorted, puffs of black smoke fleeting from his
    nostrils as his black eyes narrowed towards the
  • They want to do a challenge? With that
    chickenwing for a dragon? Oh, thisll be rich. He
    cant even perform the final dive yet without
    using wing. Donovan chuckled, elbowing his
    dragon friends side.
  • Aww cmon now. Give them some credit. At least
    Sadie tries to make it seem like shes as good at
    me. A smirk crawled over the green dragons maw.
  • For someone who views themselves as that human
    girls friend, you sure are pretty cruel towards
  • Just doing whats in my nature. Donovan grinned
    maliciously, crossing his arms. Now, lets see
    what those two can do.

  • Looks like theyre expecting us Icor. Sadie
    smirked, seeing her male friend Donovan mounting
    onto Riciass back. Icor snorted, flapping
    downwards to bring the pair higher. He didnt
    reply back to her little comment, but she knew of
    what he was doing. Preparing herself, she double
    wrapped the rope around her wrists that was bound
    around Icors neck, and tucked in her legs
    tightly against his scales. Dragon riders rarely
    used saddles on their pairs. They were used only
    in times of battles, for extra safety, but this
    was a more peaceful land. These were dancers, not
    fighters. Still, they had the battle wear just in
    case locked away. One never doubted a dragons
    ability. Ricias was the first to let out a roar
    of warning, but Icor let one back out, for fierce
    with its almost penetrating shriek of dominance.
    Riciass wings spread out and let out a giant
    burst, the air visible underneath his body as
    rocks and debris flew off, the green dragon now
    in the air. Sadies face held a more
    concentrating appearance, eyes narrowed as they
    neared the other pair. Here came the Dragon Dance
  • The dragons fly right past eachother, both on
    their sides so the claws reached out and clicked
    with the other. The riders held on tightly, the
    double bound ropes around their wrists securing
    their seat on the backs. As they flew past, necks
    reared back as they made a swerve, heading back
    towards each other again. Each human pulled on
    the ropes, helping the dragon go right side up
    with a growl rumbling in their throats. They
    kicked against the sides, and they released a
    roar of fire, each burst blasting into each other
    in a bright show in their faces. Sadie and
    Donovan pulled back on the ropes, and the dragons
    now headed up towards the sky, wings beating
    furiously, wisping over the other as they were so
    close to the others body. Hearts pounded madly
    in their chests with the thrill of what was about
    to happen. Higher they rose up, Sadie and
    Donovans eyes squinting at the speed of their
    friends, holding on for all they were worth. When
    each dragons head was at level with the clouds,
    they twisted.
  • Their bodies curved down opposite of each other,
    so their backs were facing one another. For one
    fleeting moment, Sadie and Donovans face peered
    back, Sadies eyes so determined and serious,
    while Donovans were filled with laughter and
    ridicule. The dragons dove.
  • Their wings folded against their body, entire
    form straight and perfectly parallel to the
    other, and like an arrow, shot through the sky
    with nothing but the sound of passing wind being
    heard by their ears. Icor and Riciass eyes were
    intent on the ground below them, while the
    humans were clenched tightly against the others
    body, in attempt to make their perfect forms
    faster against the wind, eyes clenched tight at
    the furious wind whipping past them. It wasnt
    rare to receive cuts from this final dive of the
    pair dance for the humans. The wind at times was
    a bit too harsh, so in most cases, each human
    wore a leather suit to protect their body. But
    this wasnt a ceremonial dance, and the skin was
    bare. Even now, Sadie could feel the slices
    against her flesh, and her teeth clenched.
  • Their bodies almost neared the floor, each set
    and true to what was supposed to be done. Both
    dragons had determined eyes as they stared hard
    at the ground, and for a fleeting moment, Icor
    felt that this time, he was not going to pull

  • His body was numb and ready for the final dance,
    almost quaking in the anticipation to finally
    finish what he thought was a lost cause. But, his
    eyes widened. A shriek fell from his maw as he
    was only meters from the ground, and his wings
    spread out as Ricias still plummeted past him.
    The green dragon let his own wings expand
    centimeters away, letting out a shriek of victory
    as Icor hovered above with a saddened gaze. Sadie
    patted the dragon's neck affectionately as
    Donovan's laughter rang out.
  • Cheer up Icor. Well have another chance with
    them again! The dragon gave out a small snort,
    not even bothering to look behind him towards
    Sadie frowned. Each time he lost, it seemed his
    confidence diminished a bit more. She wished
    there was a way to get this giant lug back into
    full spring. Because she knew, that logically,
    they would never win if this kept happening. Icor
    would never regain the strength in his mind if he
    kept this up, and they would never succeed in
    their Dance. That, was something that Sadie could
    never accept. The two were meant to be together,
    and she would do everything in her power to keep
    them as one. Sadies eyes went cold, and her legs
    kicked into the dragons sides. No! Go back
    right now! Icor glanced back finally, and
    grumbled slightly.
  • Why? So I can be embarassed once again by your
    impossible ideas? Sadie glared, and kicked his
    sides again. She want going to let him do this
  • We are going to finish the final step in the
    dance! And you arent going to fly away until
    thats finished! Now turn around! Or do you want
    me to keep kicking you?
  • Donovan watched the two for hours as they tried
    again and again the last dive, each one with the
    saddest failure. Ricias shifted on his claws,
    becoming tired of merely sitting in one place for
    so long. The dragon opened his maw, letting a
    black tongue curl out with a jet of smoke.
  • Why are we still here? It isnt like anything
    new is going to happen. he commented after his
    yawn. Donovan frowned, head turning to look at
    his dragon companion.
  • Why? He started, before looking back towards
    Sadie and Icor. Why do they keep performing that
    dive, over and over? They arent going to get it.
    Icors mind is set. Hes going to fail, no matter
    what. Ricias moved his head, allowing one eye to
    study the human.
  • Because it is a task that should be performed by
    all dancing dragons. We were meant to complete
    this, as was done centuries ago by our Ancestors.
    Icor probably finds shame in finding that he can
    not perform the last dive. Its supposed to be in
    our blood, yet it isnt for him.
  • And why is Sadie always so cheerful? I would be
    embarrassed to even have a dragon like that
    witless lump.
  • I cant tell you of the reasons why Sadie is
    what she is. You humans still confuse me, with
    your endless emotions. Even now Donovan, the fact
    that you seem to be fuming over those two, is a
    small wonder for me. Donovan glanced back again,
    an eyebrow rising in question.
  • Because. he started, but stopped himself. He
    frowned again, looking back towards the pair.
    Even now, he could see her. With her eyes closed,
    clinging tightly to Icors back, as that dragon
    once again failed. Ricias tilted his head in a
    confused manner when he heard the human sigh.

  • Lets go home Ricias. Im tired.
  • For weeks they practiced that one dive. Over and
    over Sadie screamed into Icors holes for ears to
    make the twist for the ground, gritting and
    eventually crying out as the wind slashes her
    skin. Icor himself was gaining sore wings,
    spending his nights licking the scaley appendages
    on his back. He didnt know how much more either
    of them could take, diving into the freezing air,
    praying that somehow that fear in his mind would
    one day cease to exist. It was never going to
    come. He has already proved that he was a failure
    in being a dancer. He was now proving to be a
    failure in his friendship with his human dancer.
  • Sadie had completely other thoughts on the idea.
    She was currently on top of her bed, a large pile
    of straw and cotton, covered by a thick blanket,
    and was wrapping her arm in a white bandage. Red
    was already starting to seep through. Sighing,
    she lowered her arms, and gazed towards the
    window opposite her dark room. The cries of lone
    dragons were still ringing in the air, as well as
    the shrieks as they flew around the mountain. How
    was she to convince her friend to perform the
    dive? Their future depended on this one final
  • Food for thought Sadie? The girl yelped at the
    bright voice filtrated her ears, jumping in
    reaction. Violet eyes blinked towards the
    doorway, seeing the figure with black spikey hair
    and blue eyes smirk down at her.
  • Donovan. She said, before pulling herself to
    her feet.
  • Is this how you greet everyone? Or am I just a
    special case?
  • You surprised me. Its rude to sneak into
    someones room like this. Donovan only laughed,
    before taking a few steps inside. He held out a
    plate towards her.
  • So how is that mongrel dragon of yours? Sadie
    frowned towards the boy, swallowing the piece of
    the sandwich and wiped her lips.
  • He isnt a mongrel, and hes doing just fine.
  • Sure. And thats why I see you two practicing
    out there everyday until it gets dark.
  • You were spying on us?
  • It isnt a secret Sadie. Everyones noticing how
    panicky you two seem to be.
  • Its not like that. We just want to make sure
    were the best! Thats all
  • Quit lying to yourself. Just look at these
  • Hey! Sadie flinched as Donovans fingers played
    at the new at her arm, before jerking it back and
    used the other to give him a small smack in the
  • Ow! I only want to see how bad they are!
  • Well knock it off. I dont need you mothering
    over me. Sadie snorted towards him defiantly,
    taking another bite of her food with a glare.
    Donovan sighed, rolling his eyes.
  • I just wish you wouldnt push yourself so hard.
  • I dont know what youre talking about.

  • I dont want to see that kind of accident in my
    lifetime. Sadie rose an eyebrow towards him.
  • Since when did you care so much? Donovan
    raised a dark eyebrow.
  • When have I not? Sadie blinked, not knowing how
    to respond. Heck, she didnt even know what that
    was supposed to even mean. Were talking about
    the guy who used to place lizards down her back
    just to make her cry! Donovan stared at her for
    a moment, his face showing nothing, before sighed
    and getting off her bed.
  • Sadie, just promise me one thing. He said when
    he got to her door, back faced to her. Dont
    hurt yourself okay? Even if you and Icor dont
    make it, youll still have me, right? Then he
  • Sadi could hardly believe her ears. He was
    telling her to just give up and move on? That the
    bond between her and Icor wasnt good enough to
    fight for? She put her food down, eyes still wide
    as they stared at the empty doorway.
  • How?.How dare you. She said softly, narrowing
    her gaze.
  • Icor had finally been able to convince himself to
    curl up and sleep when Donovan found him. The
    dragon groaned for a moment, letting out a puff
    of jet black smoke as he was poked in the side,
    and shifted. A kick to his neck made his eyes pop
    open. A growl left his throat, moving his head to
    see whom had done such a thing. They rested on
    Donovans body, and a snarl was starting to build
  • Oh, hush up you lump of red tard. Donovan said
    as the dragon glared at him. I just want to
    talk. So even though you cant talk back, the
    least you can do right now is listen. Icor
    shifted his head to the side, wondering why this
    brat wanted to deal with him in the first place.
  • Look. I know you know Sadie really well. Even
    more than I do. You two share everything
    together, dont you? The dragon gave him a
    slightly confused face, wondering where this was
  • So you can tell her that enough is enough,
    right? Donovan glared as the dragons confusion
    seemed to rise even more. Didnt he understand
  • Im telling you to stop practicing every day
    with her! The snort that left the dragons nose
    indicated he was finally starting to get the
    idea, and his surprise was evident. Donovan
    walked closer to the dragon, a hand reaching out
    for the red scales, and for a moment, Icor
    flinched, ready to bite the hand to get the boy
    off. Until he realized the look of pain. What in
    the world?
  • Icor, please tell her to stop this. Shes
    killing herself with her own stubborn
    determination. Shes very dear to me. I dont
    want to lose her over this dance. If you cant
    perform that last dance, then dont do it. Youre
    hurting her every time you take that dive. Do you
    not see it written on her skin? Of course he saw
    it. He wanted to stop all of this nonsense, so
    she wouldnt receive another injury. Sadie
    refused to listen though. She was too stubborn
    and too proud to let anything like that stop her.
    But now, even other people were realizing how
    critical this was becoming.
  • Icors eyes softened, and reached his head
    towards the boy, nuzzling him in the side gently.
    Donovan smiled, patting the dragons head before
    giving him a small hug.
  • I wish you could perform it though. You and
    Sadie belong together as dancers.

  • Chapter 2
  • Oh, where is that giant lug now? We were
    supposed to start practice an hour ago! The Dance
    is tomorrow and we are no where close of
    accomplishing our goal! Sadie huffed, marching
    across the grassy fields of her home. She could
    see all the others with their dragons, getting a
    few last minute chores done before the ceremonial
    dance. But she didnt see her own dragon among
    the crowd. Starting to get fidgety, she glanced
    towards the rocks that she had jumped off a few
    weeks back. Her eyes widened as she saw the pair
    she knew very well.
  • Donovan! She screamed, running towards the
  • Looks like your girl found you. Ricias snorted,
    his hearing catching the sound of Sadies voice.
  • Eh? Donovan glanced to where Riciass eyes were
    staring at, and his eyes widened. He turned back
    to the dragon, heading for his back. Come on.
    Lets get out of here.
  • Dont you want to stick around? She seemed
    mightily ticked about something right now. Could
    prove to be fun.
  • No. he replied, mounting on the green back.
    Just fly! Ricias rolled his eyes, expanding his
    wings as he took off to the air.
  • Oh, no you dont! Get back here right now
    Donovan and you tell me what you did with Icor! I
    demand an explanation! Sadie yelled as he soared
    over her head, pulling her hair back from her
    face as she fumed at them. Donovan! Where is my
    dragon! Donovan! She ran after the pair, but
    knew that was impossible to beat a dragon in
    flight. She gave out one last scream towards him
    as they flew to the sky.
  • Sadie looked for him all day long. She climbed
    the rocks that circled their home. She scanned
    through every hole and pestered every dragon she
    could find but to no avail. Icor was gone, and
    her heart was becoming heavier with each step.
    What were they going to do if he never showed up?
    They had to practice. They needed to take that
    last dive, and never be apart from each other.
    They just had to. Sadie wasnt willing to give up
    her dragon partner, or her best friend. Icor was
    everything to her. The bond between the dragon
    and the dancer was the strongest bond she could
    think of. To have that bond broken would mean
    that life wasnt meant living. She just had to
    get to him, and tell him that they needed to
    perfect their dance. What would life be if that
    never happened?
  • Icor. Sadie said softly, sitting upon the roof
    of her home when it became too dark to look
    anymore. This was the end for them both.
    Everything they had done, was going to be gone in
    a flash tomorrow when they didnt perform the
    dance that the dragons blood demanded from them.
    She was going to lose him.
  • Sadie... A nudge to the side made the girl
    grumble, waving her hand and turned to the side.
    A snort crawled over her face, and she coughed at
    the smoke.
  • Get up Sadie, or were going to be late! Violet
    eyes blinked open finally, and widened at the red
    figure in front of her.

  • Icor?! She rose up, hair a giant mess on top of
    her head, staring at the dragon in disbelief. His
    lips curled back, smiling his famous dragon smile
    to her.
  • Come on Sadie. We need to move. The ceremony is
    starting soon. Sadie frowned towards him.
  • Whats the point? Icor tilted his head.
  • What do you mean?
  • What I just said! Whats the point? The last
    task hasnt been perfected. Were going to lose
    one way or the other. The dragon lost his smile.
  • Dont talk like that. This isnt the Sadie I
  • And how do you want me to talk? Why shouldnt I
    be like this, after you disappeared on me
    yesterday? Icor gave her a saddened look,
    lowering his head for a moment. But something
    clicked in his mind, and his eyes narrowed.
  • This is no time for pity Sadie! Dont you dare
    give up now! Were trained too hard to simply
    stop all this! Do you want us to separate? Sadie
    gave a slightly surprised look, taken aback by
    his eagerness to fight for their friendship. Then
    she smiled.
  • Sadie came out of her house wearing the
    ceremonial outfit. A full brown leather outfit
    with metal bangles running down her sides that
    clinked each time she took a step. She had pinned
    her hair back, eyes lit with her old spark.
  • Lets go! She yelled towards Icor, leaping onto
    his back. The dragon let out a roar before
    flapping his wings, lifting the two into the air.
  • Hey! There! There are the last two! The crowd
    that came to watch the oldest ceremony all turned
    their heads, and Donovan glanced towards the sky,
    a smirk sprawling over his lips slightly.
  • Even after I told him not to. Theyre going to
    do it anymore. Well, cant expect anything less
    from her. Come on Ricias. Lets show these belly
    crawlers how real dancers do it. Ricias let out
    a small snort towards his friend in reply.
  • A line o f ten dragons clutched evenly along the
    jagged rocks, each human ready on their back. A
    silver aged dragon flew in front of them, his
    blind eyes revealing nothing, but his face showed
    how eager he was to hear the dance once more.
  • Remember young bloods. The human on his back
    yelled out, he too carrying a head full of silver
    hair, eyes old and worn from his days of dancing.
  • This is a dance! Care of no one else but youre
    partner! If you disrupt anything during this
    ceremony, you will lose your bond with your
    partner! His hand flew up. Sadie tensed on
    Icors back, hands keeping a death grip on the
  • Perform the Dragon Dance! His hand flew down,
    and the dragons flew up in unison.
  • Icor flew straight up into the air, with Sadie
    keeping a tight hold to stay in her place, eyes
    looking right up in front of her. He paused with
    a large beat of his wings to halt his
    advancement, and Sadie tugged hard on his rope,
    making him fly so that his belly was facing the
    air, and sailed back down. He spiraled towards
    the ground, wings full out to make it a slow
    descent, and a roar, grouped with every other
    dragon, rang out proudly to the air.

  • Sadie herself let out a scream, the wind
    deafening all the others that the human riders
    made as they each spun round and round to the
    ground. About halfway between the clouds and the
    grass, Icor made a loop, circling back towards
    the sky once more. He made weaves and dodges with
    the other dragons, each one greeting each other
    with a click of their claws, and wings beating
    against each other in a formal greeting. Then
    they all sailed once more back to the air,
    letting out a roar of fire and flew past. Sadie
    tensed, closing her eyes as the flames were being
    passed by, but a large smile spread across her
    face. This was the most beautiful they had danced
    yet! She wondered how amazing it was to watch the
    dance from the ground.
  • What seemed nearly eternity for her to tug on
    the rope to help direct the dragon, and letting
    out her cheers of joy, the final dive was to
    begin. When each dragon reached the top of the
    sky, all seemed to stop. Icors eyes glanced back
    towards Sadie, studying her gaze. That
    determination and her joy of being in this flight
    made his heart flutter. She meant to be on his
    back. She meant to scream her cries with his
    roar, to pull on his rope to help his flight. She
    belonged with him. He took in a deep breathe,
    gaining all the air he could muster in his lungs,
    before letting out a screech that shook the air
    with a full blast of fire. Then he dove. Sadie
    immediately flattened herself against his body,
    closing her eyes as they fell to the grounds. The
    air was like thunder in her ears, deafening any
    sound possible. Icor was like a perfect arrow as
    he flew towards the floor, wings pinned tightly
    against his body in the final dive. They came
    closer, and closer to the grassy homeland of
    theirs, and his heart felt like it had stilled.
    There was no feeling in his red body. There was
    no thought. Only the simple feeling of falling
    from the sky like some heavenly gift from their
    dragon gods. Icors eyes widened. That was what
    this was supposed to mean. He was to be a gift
    from his gods. Sadie and him were supposed to be
    a gift that fell from their claws, their bond
    their show of love. Now he understood what it
  • Sadie felt the sudden lurch of his wings, and her
    eyes snapped open with a large gasp. No, he
    didnt just... She glanced around, seeing to her
    bewilderment that silence wrung the air as all
    eyes settled on the two. Her heart started to
    pound. He didnt just..
  • The screams thundered the ground in unison.
    Sadies lips quivered as she gaped at the crowd.
    They were all smiling and cheering as they looked
    at them! She looked towards Icor, and his
    amazement was evident. She looked towards
    Donovan, and he was waving a fist in the air with
    a cheer.
  • Lords. Sadie whispered, before the large smile
    spread over her face. She beamed down at Icor,
    and threw herself to his neck.
  • You giant lump of red scales! You did it! She
    screamed. Icor rose into the air, letting out of
    a cry of victory. They had won over the Dragon

Into the Eyes
  • Looking into the eyes
  • of the one who tells all truth
  • the one who knows of the lies
  • told by all the youth
  • He smiles down at me
  • eyes sparkling with knowing
  • I ask of what he sees
  • I beg for the telling
  • He answers only in riddles
  • confusing my mind with games
  • but I know why he fiddles
  • it is to bring no shames
  • Live your life without knowing
  • of what will soon be
  • keep yourself guessing
  • in this unknowing life with me

Wolf Song and Moon Dance
  • Why does the wolf of white run
  • why does the creature howl to its night
  • cant it all just be done
  • what had made it fill with fright
  • Dance your moon dance blessed creatures
  • sing your nightly filled songs of sorrow and loss
  • let the moons glow capture your features
  • have the starry nights glow toss
  • bring forth the dance of the moon with passion
  • let the night light up your golden eyes
  • never fear to show your compassion
  • of the secrets of what lies
  • dance for you gods oh nightly creatures of the
  • let your pelts glisten of the past of your kind
  • continue to dance and sing the way you should
  • and remember to keep your keen mind

The Woman
  • What does the woman see as she gazes out
  • her eyes sullen and worn
  • what lies behind the dusted window about
  • that can turn such a pretty face torn
  • in the darkened room with only the sunlight
  • that lights up such a pale and gloomy face
  • her dress so dull and dark against her skin so
  • as she sits next to the window with no emotions
    to trace
  • her hands lie upon her lap folded on top of the
  • she looks as though shes about to sigh
  • why does she have such the look of a bother
  • as she looks out to the window, never telling why.

Kill the Dove
  • Pierce with the weapon of hate
  • Strike down all your love
  • Place flames upon our fate
  • and kill the dove

  • The developments in the style, directing, and
    detail have improved since the start of the
  • Ive been using my writing skills to help improve
    the essays and writings that are in my english,
    as well as to help portray the reports in
  • The best writing piece in my portfolio is my
    story Dragon Dance, because its something
    completely different from the rest of the work
    that has been done so far, and relates more to
    what I really like to write about.