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NCLB Annual Title I Parent Meeting September 29, 2009


NCLB Annual Title 1/Open House Parent Meeting. September 6, 2007. Kirby ... Extracurricular Activities-Cheerleading, football, basketball, track, volleyball, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: NCLB Annual Title I Parent Meeting September 29, 2009

NCLB Annual Title I Parent Meeting September
29, 2009
  • Kirby Cougars Can
  • Excel Academically, Exhibit Respect, and Exude

Kirby Middle School
A school where were making our good better and
our better the best!
  • 6670 E. Raines Road
  • Memphis, TN 38115
  • Phone (901) 416-1980
  • Fax (901) 416-0974

  • Website
  • About MCS, Parents, Students, Community,
  • School Calendar
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Goals

Expanding an Energy of Excellence Team!
Administrative Team
  • Ms. Bobbie N. Turner-Principal
  • Mr. Kelly Henderson-Assistant Principal
  • Mr. Johnny Holmes-Administrative Assistant
  • Ms. Janice D. Dugger -Professional Development
    School Compliance Coach

Support Team
  • Mrs. Sandra Walker, 6th Grade Guidance Counselor
  • Mrs. Mary McDougall, 7th Grade Guidance
  • Mrs. Mills, Attendance Secretary
  • Mrs. Nancy Russell, Secretary
  • Mrs. Catherine Haley, General Office Secretary
  • Mrs. Delores Rodriguez-Financial Secretary 
  • Mrs. Beverly Grice-ISS
  • Mr. Virgil Wadlington, Parent Counselor
  • Mr. Crutchfield, Building Engineer
  • Ms. Goodman, Cafeteria Manager

  • Sixth Grade Teachers
  • Precious Jewels
  • Diamond and Amethyst
  • Mr. Generette Ms.
  • Ms. Rice
    Ms. Slack
  • Ms. Riley Mrs.
  • M s. Payne Mr.
  • Mr. Whitehead
    Mrs. Henderson
  • Mrs. Williams

Seventh Grade Teachers
  • Precious
  • Onyx and Emerald Team
  • Mr. Williams Mr. Certion
  • Ms. Johnson Mr. Binns
  • Ms. Holloway Ms. Moore
  • Mr. Collie Ms. Young
  • Mr. Jones

Eighth Grade Teachers
  • Precious Jewels
  • Sapphire and Lapis Team
  • Ms. Hunt Mrs. Young-Harris
  • Ms. Edwards Ms. Bowers
  • Mrs. Harris Mrs. Thomas
  • Ms. Robinson Mrs. Falls
  • Mrs. Pruitt

SPED and CDC Teachers
  • Precious
  • Sapphire, Onyx, Lapis, and Emerald
  • Ms. Shingler Mr. Keiser

  • Ms. Perkins
    Ms. Sanders
  • Ms. Easter Ms. Holt
  • Ms. Molette

Exploratory/Support Team
  • Exploratory
  • Dr. Deberry Mr.
  • Mrs. Chambers Mr.
  • Mr. Brown
    Mr. Carruth
  • Mrs. Burton
  • Librarian ELL
    Read 180
  • Ms. Beaudry Ms. Hill
    Mrs. Cline
  • Cafeteria Manager Building Engineer
  • Mrs. Goodman Mr.

Overview of Title I
Purpose of NCLB
  • Provide children an enriched and accelerated
  • Promote parental involvement
  • Purpose is to ensure high standards for all

NCLB Requirements
  • District-wide core curriculum
  • High quality professional development for
  • Accountability and Assessment are aligned
  • Proven strategies that work
  • Open Enrollment and Parents Right to Know
  • Supplemental Services

Mission of NCLB
  • The mission of NCLB in the Memphis City Schools
    is to provide opportunities for students to meet
    the same challenging content and performance
    standards expected of all students.
  • NCLB does not discriminate against any person
    based on race, color, gender, national origin,
    disability or age.

Kirby Middle Status
A School in Good Standards
  • Did You Know? Kirby Middle School is a federally
    funded, school-wide Title I School.
  • What does this mean? Title I requires schools to
    create a positive and supportive learning
    environment that results in high levels of
    achievement for all students.

NCLB Benchmarks
  • Tennessee set state benchmarks for improvement
    that increase incrementally toward meeting the
    NCLB goal of 100 percent of students proficient
    in math and reading/language arts by 2014.
    Likewise, each Tennessee school has its own track
    for improvement based on how the school was
    performing when the law passed and how far it had
    to go in each category to reach 100 percent

Elementary/Middle Level Benchmarks Determined by
the Percent of Student Proficient or above Levels
School Year Reading/LA Target Math Target Attendance Target
2002-2003 through 2003-2004 77 72 93
2004-2005 through 2006-2007 83 79 93
2007-2008 through 2009-2010 89 86 93
2010-2011 through 2012-2013 94 93 93
2013-2014 100 100 93

  • Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement Policy
  • Kirby Middle School
  • Encourages on-going parental involvement in the
    educational process. We share a common goal of
    promoting daily success in every child.
  • Our goal is to afford parents meaningful
    opportunities to participate in the education of
    their child(ren) at home and at school.
  • We will host monthly Parent Meetings at Kirby.
  • We will notify Parents of Parent Conferences.
  • We will establish partnerships with the home and
    community. Making ourselves available to parent
    inquiries and hosting parent and community

  • Kirby Middle School Student/Teacher/Parent
  • We have jointly developed a plan that spells out
    what teachers, other school staff and parents
    need to do to help children meet state education
  • Availability of parent training
  • Opportunities for additional parent
  • meeting

Parent Rights To Know
  • Teacher Qualifications-Highly Qualifications,
    which include state qualifications, licensure,
    grade(s) certification, waivers. A teachers
    baccalaureate, previous teaching experience.
  • A paraprofessionals qualifications
  • An assurance that their childs name, address,
    and telephone listing not be released to military

Parent Communication
  • Childs level of achievement in each of the State
    Academic Assessments
  • Public School Choice
  • Supplemental Services
  • Involvement School Improvement Plan
  • Option to request a transfer to another school if
    their child is the victim of a violent crime
  • Notification that their child has been assigned,
    or has been taught for four or more consecutive
    weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified.

Opportunities for Parental
Involvement in other programs at Kirby
  • Throughout the year we offer scheduled programs
    such as the Nine Weeks Honors Program, Honor
    Society Programs, and more.
  • Extended Learning Programs
  • Parent Curriculum Nights
  • Scheduled programs
  • Extracurricular Activities-Cheerleading,
    football, basketball, track, volleyball, and

Increasing Student Achievement
Kirby Middle AYP Status
  • Kirby Middle School did meet AYP status.
    Currently, our school is recognized as a School
    in Good Standing. This means that we made enough
    adequate progress in consecutive years to be
    considered a school in good academic standing.
    Our goal is to maintain this status by scoring
    high enough this year on the TCAP exam in
    mathematics and language arts and the TCAP
    Writing Assessments to remain in good standing.
    This will take more effort on all stakeholders
    according to our progress this previous year.

Academic Philosophy
  • We desire for each and every student to find
    academic success and a comfort zone within the
    school. It is our goal to implement a diverse
    approach to instructional delivery in a real
    effort to reach every child in a manner that
    he/she learns best. We want our students to
    develop a lifelong love of learning and aspire to
    accept rigorous academic challenges for the rest
    of their lives.

Differentiated Instructional
  • We will employ differentiated instructional
    strategies. We understand that projects and
    hands-on activities are important components. In
    addition, we will use multiple sources for
    instruction including textbooks, outside
    readings, technology, the community,
    manipulatives, experimentation, and simulations.

Exhibition Projects
  • November 12th
  • April 29th
  • We need your support to judge the students
    projects and share with the community the good
    work students have achieved.

  • We will integrate reading, writing, and
    mathematics into all areas disciplines.
  • We will have meaningful Early Board Work daily
    that is aligned with curriculum pacing and TCAP
  • We will utilize the rule of 85/80/80. Which
    means we will not move on until 85 of our
    students can reflect 80 mastery of 8o of the
    addressed SPIs. We will have daily assessments
    of student mastery. Using strategies such as
    CPS, clap your hands, Thumbs Up or Thumbs down.

  • We will use a school wide common grading scale.
  • We will sponsor wide ranging clubs and
    activities. This allows for students to become
    actively engaged in school and cultivates
    opportunities for adult advocacy.
  • Service Learning activities will provide
    opportunities for our students to practice
    kindness to those within the greater community.

  • We are Data Driven. Understanding that by
    examining data and effectively using the results
    to determine academic planning we can move
    swiftly towards consistent and predictable
  • We understand the importance of Technology
    Integration into our lesson design. Students can
    retain more information when it can be
    manipulated and/or applicable to real world
  • School Improvement Plan is a living document and
    is periodically reviewed and revised by various
    leadership committees serving our school.

  • STAR is part of Board Policy 5121 which
    establishes Student/Teacher Academic Reports for
    K-8 students who are not meeting academic
    standards in core courses.
  • These individual student plans will identify
    student weaknesses and appropriate academic
  • We will utilize all available resources such as
    supplemental tutoring services, extended
    contract, Angellearning, Stanford Math,
    E-Learning, Connect Tutoring, and others as they
    become available.
  • Bridge to the Middle Transition Program
  • ACT Prep Sessions

Report Cards
  • 2009-2010
  • Nine Week Interval
  • Oct. 21st
  • Jan. 13th
  • Mar. 17th
  • Mailed to homes

TCAP Achievement Test
  • Writing
  • 7th and 8th Grade February 2nd
  • Academic
  • April 12-16

FYI Dates
  • Christmas Break December 17th January 4th
  • Last Day of Classes May 21st

NCLB Slide Show Presentation
Title I FYIs
NCLB Matrix of Federal Programs
  • Title I A-F
  • Title II, Part A
  • Title II, Part D
  • Title III,
  • Title IV, 21ST Century Schools, Part A B
  • Title V
  • Title X, Part C

Title I-Part A Improving the Academic Achievement
of the Disadvantaged
  • To support local school districts
  • and improve teaching and learning for students
  • high-poverty schools
  • so that these students meet
  • the state's challenging content and performance

Title I Part B
  • Title I Part D
  • Neglected and Delinquent Education-educational
    services to children in local and state
    institutions for neglected and delinquent
  • Title I Part F
  • Comprehensive School Reform
  • Reading First
  • Early Reading First
  • Even Start

Title I Part C Migrant Education
Title II Part A Preparing, Training and
Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals
  • Professional Development
  • Class Size Reduction Teachers
  • Teacher/Principal Recruitment
  • Teacher Testing
  • Mentoring

Title II Part D Enhancing Education Through
  • Improve student academic achievement through the
    use of technology in schools

Title III English as a Second Language
  • Provides services to students who have a primary
    language other than English

Title IV - A Safe and Drug Free Schools and
Communities Act
  • Funds programs to
  • prevent violence in and around schools
  • prevent the illegal use of alcohol, drugs and
    tobacco by young people
  • and foster a safe and drug-free learning
    environment that supports academic achievement

Title IV B Tennessee 21st Century Community
Learning Centers
  • Provide academic enrichment activities designed
    to help students meet state and local standards
    and must be based on rigorous scientific
  • Remedial education
  • Academic enrichment
  • Math Science activities
  • Arts Music activities
  • LEP classes
  • Tutoring Mentoring programs
  • Assistance to students who have been truant,
    suspended or expelled
  • Technology programs telecommunications
  • Expanded library hours
  • Parent involvement family literacy activities
  • Drug Violence Prevention
  • Counseling programs
  • Character Education
  • Entrepreneurial education
  • Recreational Activities

Title V Innovative Programs
  • Provides funds to
  • Support local education reform efforts
  • Implement promising educational reform programs
  • Provide a continuing source of innovation and
    educational improvement, including support for
    library services and instructional and media
    materials and,
  • Meet the special educational needs of at risk and
    high cost students.

Title V - B Public Charter Schools
  • Elementary Schools
  • Star Academy
  • Promise Academy
  • Circles of Success
  • Southern Avenue Charter School

Title V-B Public Charter Schools
  • Middle and High Schools
  • Memphis Academy for Health Science
  • Memphis Academy of Science Engineering
  • Memphis Business Academy
  • City University of Liberal Arts
  • Soulsville Charter School
  • Yo! Academy

Title X Homeless Education Funded through the
McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Grant Program.
  • Provides funds to meet the
  • unique needs of homeless children and youth.
  • Designed to facilitate the enrollment, attendance
    and success of homeless children and youth in
    Tennessee school.

Title I Schools Two ways to Operate Title I
  • Targeted Assistance
  • Identify specific at-risk students
  • Provide instructional programs to these
    identified students
  • Schoolwide Programs
  • Use funds to improve the entire program of the
  • Can serve all students

Memphis City Schools has 180 Title I
Schoolwide Schools
Use of Title I Funds District Allocations
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Professional Development for Schools in School
    Improvement (SI) Status
  • Professional Development for Districts in
    Improvement Status (10)
  • Parental Involvement
  • Nonpublic School Services for Eligible Title I

Use of Title I Funds
School Allocations
  • Support Activities that are
  • Addressed in the Schoolwide Improvement Plan
  • Based on scientific research
  • Targeted toward the Title I program goal.
  • All students will be proficient in reading and
    math by the School Year 2013-2014

Learning Express Folio
Discovery Education
Uses of Funds
School Allocations
  • Employee salaries and benefits
  • Professional development
  • Parent Involvement
  • Supplies and educational materials
  • Equipment

Federal Programs
  • Title I Part A Improving the Academic
    Achievement of the Disadvantaged
  • Title I Part B
  • Title I, Part C - Migrant Education
  • Title I, Part D Neglected and Delinquent
  • Title I, Part F Comprehensive School Reform
  • Title II, Part A - Teacher and Principal Training
    and Recruiting Fund
  • Title II, Part D - Enhancing Education Through
  • Title III - English as a Second Language
  • Title IV, Part A - Safe and Drug-Free Schools
  • Title IV, Part B - 21st Century Community
    Learning Centers
  • Title V, Part A - Innovative Programs
  • Title V, Part B - Public Charter Schools
  • X, Part C - Homeless Education