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Marketing Online Finding new and keeping customers using the internet


customers using the internet. Nygllhuw Morris & Jon Jackson ... Sending promotional information via email. to ... If you can, get more than their email address ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Marketing Online Finding new and keeping customers using the internet

Marketing OnlineFinding new and keeping
customers using the internet
  • Nygllhuw Morris Jon Jackson

IntroductionsBiz E commerce workshops 1.
Introduction to ecommerce 2. Using the
internet (email, search engines) 3. Using e
business to improve your business 4.
Finding/keeping customers using e commerce
5. Getting your business on line
Workshop Topics
  • The four steps to successful Internet marketing
  • The main online marketing tactics
  • The top 10 Internet marketing blunders
  • Legal issues for Internet marketing
  • Internet marketing in the future?
  • Using Email as a Marketing Tool(Making emails
    look good!!!)

Finding new and keeping existing customers using
the Internet
  • By the end of this workshop you should
  • Be able to develop a strategy for retaining
    customers using the internet
  • Be able to develop a strategy for gaining new
    customers using the internet
  • Be able to implement practical internet marketing
    ideas immediately in your business

The four steps to successful Internet marketing
Similar to normal marketing
  • Choose a target
  • Promote to them(encourage them to phone, visit,
    or email you)
  • Have something they want
  • Make a sale
  • Convert them to a loyal customer so they come

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Also about other technologies
  • Cellphones
  • Palm PDAs
  • TVs
  • Emails
  • Fax machines
  • ATMs
  • Touch screen kiosks

The four stages to Internet marketing
  • 1. Choose your targets
  • 2. Get them to your business
  • 3. Grab their interest immediately
  • 4. Give them a reason to return

1. Choosing your targets
  • Its too expensive trying to target everyone
  • Apply the 80/20 principle
  • The Internet allows you to target segments
  • Choose the top 3 targets
  • Tailor your ideas for each target

Case study local motel
  • Identify one possible target
  • normal methods of promoting to this target?
  • what online methods are there?
  • New NZ customer
  • Links from regional websites
  • AA portal, Jasons, PureNZ listing
  • Referral organisations
  • information centres
  • motels in other regions
  • Existing customers
  • email newsletter
  • promotions

Marketing Mix
  • Internet marketing should not be conducted by
    itself. The internet should be just one part of
    your marketing mix.

2. Getting Them There
  • Two methods to get people to your site
  • Offline
  • Online

Offline advertising
  • A web site is just another sales tool
  • Tell everyone (your customers) about your
  • press releases
  • newsletters
  • competitions
  • tell them in person
  • Include your domain name (www address) on

Offline advertising
  • Advertisements
  • Billboards
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Envelope Stuffers
  • Invoices
  • Mailing and shipping labels
  • Letterheads
  • Newsletters
  • Posters
  • Packaging
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Direct mail
  • Uniforms
  • Signage
  • Sponsorship
  • Directories
  • Loyalty cards
  • Give aways
  • in fact, anything!

Offline advertising
  • Can be an effective way to get traffic
  • Is traditionally very hard to measure
  • Our advice?
  • If you do what you have always done,
  • then you will get what you have always got
  • If youve been successful, then keep doing it
  • If you havent, then be prepared to change

Online Driving traffic to your business
  • Can be accurately measured
  • How do people get to your website?
  • 1. Typing in your web address directly (or
  • 2. Clicking on your advert at another site
  • 3. Clicking on a hyperlink from another site
  • 4. Doing a search and getting a list of sites
    then choosing your website from the list
  • You need to do more than hope your customers will
    search for your site

  • The most important word in internet marketing?

Permission Marketing
  • Sending promotional information via email to
    those that have given permission
  • Electronic version of direct marketing
  • Requires patience
  • The internet is not invasive like normal
    advertising the customer decides what to view

Success tips for permission marketing
  • Get Permission
  • Remind them they gave permission
  • Personalise your offers
  • Use optimal timing (seasonality issues)
  • Dont send them email too often
  • Keep each email simple
  • Make realistic promises
  • Provide a way to opt out

  • No spam!!
  • Having the details of a customer is very
    powerful. Dont abuse it.

Main online marketing tactics
  • Search engines
  • Reciprocal links
  • Banner ads
  • Viral marketing
  • Affiliate programmes
  • Mailing Lists

3. Grab their interest immediately
  • Get inside your customers head and find out
    what they want!
  • Maintain visitor interest
  • Give visitors something to do

What do visitors look for?
  • High quality content
  • Topical and relevant Information
  • Ease of use
  • Quick to download
  • Frequently updated
  • Activities
  • join
  • play
  • look
  • learn

Promoting a Motel Using the Internet
  • Group Exercise
  • How could a motel website maintain interest?
  • Now remember to go home and do it for your own

4. Getting visitors to return
A relationship is like a shark, you know. Either
you move forward or you die. Woody Allen
  • You need to build a relationship with your
  • It is a huge waste if you cannot get people to
    come back
  • Build your email list

Building Your Mailing List
  • Get email addresses!
  • Ask on a day to day basis
  • Provide reassurance of integrity
  • Provide incentives
  • freebies (downloads, reports)
  • newsletter
  • competitions
  • advance purchases
  • If you can, get more than their email address

Make it easy to join
  • Provide suitable incentives
  • Capture only an email address at the start
  • Break down the barriers to signing up
  • no personal information at first
  • Dont rush the relationship

How do you get them back?
  • Send regular emails (be careful of spamming)
  • Newsletters
  • News items
  • Updated features
  • Contests
  • Advance purchasing
  • Joint promotions with other small businesses

  • The Internet can increase your marketing options
  • Your website is your key internet advertisement
    you need a website traffic plan
  • New internet marketing tactics are really
    old marketing tactics that have evolved to
    take advantage of the internet

  • 1. Choose your target
  • 2. Get them to your business
  • 3. Grab their interest immediately
  • 4. Give them a reason to return

The main online marketing tactics
Main online marketing tactics
  • A. Search engines
  • B. Reciprocal links
  • C. Banner ads
  • D. Viral marketing
  • E. Affiliate programmes

A. Search Engines
  • Searchable indexes (databases of websites)
  • Directories v search engines

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How do search engines work?
  • Robots / spiders
  • They roam around looking for key words to assess
    the relevance of your site
  • Need to make your site as relevant as possible
  • Main way is META tags
  • What would the META tags for Destination
    Queenstown be?

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Preparing for Search Engines
  • Think pages, not website
  • Write META tags
  • keywords, page titles and descriptions
  • Enter the mind of your target customers
  • Exercise
  • Write 20 keywords or phrases to describe your
  • Then write 20 words for the person next to you

Submitting to Search Engines
  • Register with the top search engines/directories
  • Google
  • Alta Vista NZ
  • Yahoo! NZ
  • SearchNZ
  • NZSearch
  • Yellow Pages
  • UBD
  • Also list with any industry specific portals and
    directories (eg motels with Jasons)

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How to do it yourself
  • Write your META tags
  • Get web designer to put them into your page (or
    do it yourself)
  • List on search engines or directories (look for
    add a site or submit URL link
  • Check your listing every few months

B. Reciprocal Links
  • Complementary sites work best
  • Look for sites with similar target markets
  • Look for industry associations

Example Promoting a Motel online
  • What types of businesses could a motel seek
    reciprocal links with?
  • motels in the same chain
  • information centres
  • industry associations
  • complementary businesses
  • tourism operators
  • conference organisers, etc

C. Banner ads
  • Ads in a rectangular window
  • Usually at the top of a web page
  • Click on banner ad to find out more
  • Payment options
  • free contra deal
  • pay per view
  • pay per click through
  • pay per sale

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Banner Ads
  • Evaluating Effectiveness
  • Ad impressions
  • Click-throughs
  • Click-through rate
  • Conversion rate

D. Viral Marketing
  • Strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a
    marketing message to others
  • Is the internet term for word of mouth
  • Creates the potential for exponential growth

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Viral Marketing
  • 1996
  • Offered free email accounts
  • Advertising budget only 3,000
  • Every hotmail email sent ended with the ad get
    your free email at
  • 12 million users in 18 months
  • Now over 100 million users

Viral Marketing the secrets
  • Give away products or services
  • This doesnt have to cost you anything eg free
  • Provide for easy transfer to others
  • Exploit common motivations and behaviours
  • Utilise existing communication networks
  • Think about what you can do to get people to pass
    your message on
  • Be aware of becoming too successful without the
    support mechanisms in place

E. Affiliate Programs
  • You earn a percentage commission from a
    click-through sale
  • Banner or text link on your website
  • Earn commission on all sales
  • eg Amazon pays 5-15 commission

How affiliates work
  • Affiliate includes a link to an online retailer
  • Affiliates visitor clicks on link
  • Affiliates visitor visits online retailer
  • Affiliate earn a commission on any purchases made
    during the visit
  • Most famous example is
  • Began in July 1996
  • 600,000 affiliates
  • About 25 of sales
  • May not get instant sales, but is an active
    reciprocal link

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One last point
  • Most of this stuff is free!
  • (except for the cost of your time)

The top 10 Internet marketing blunders
Top 10 Internet blunders
  • Using free web hosting services
  • Destroying your site with technology
  • Not asking for, or acting on, customer feedback
  • Relying too much on search engines
  • Not managing email communications effectively
  • Not having an opt-in mailing list
  • Measuring site traffic by hits
  • Not using your domain name opportunity
  • Thinking youll get rich quick online
  • Not understanding the real power of the Internet

Top Internet marketing blunders
  • Poor search engine metatags
  • Poor site navigation
  • Irritating design features
  • Slow sites
  • Not managing email communications effectively
  • Static unchanging content
  • No physical contact information
  • Forgetting about off line methods
  • Forgetting about the marketing basics
  • Trying to do everything yourself

  • Remember oblivion is just one mouse click away!

  • Now a quick break
  • for Jon to talk email
  • in more detail

Legal issues for Internet marketing
Legal issues for Internet marketing
  • A. Consumer legislation
  • B. Hyperlinking
  • C. Privacy

A. Consumer legislation
  • You need to still comply with all the normal
    rules of business
  • Sale of Goods Act
  • Privacy Act
  • Consumer Guarantees Act
  • Fair Trading Act
  • See

B. Hyperlinking
  • Widely believed anyone could link anywhere
  • In some situations linking is not welcome
  • Customary to ask if its okay to link to a
    particular site this also might result in a
    link back to you

Hyperlinking example
Acme Web design also provide a link and claim
they designed the site
You design a site for a client and link to it
from your site
You can find out whos linking to you though...
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C. Privacy and confidentiality
  • When you collect personal information about
    customers you should be careful
  • Information provided for one purpose can not be
    used for another
  • Unless specifically stated you cant
  • rent
  • sell
  • giveaway
  • your customers personal information.

Other confidential information
  • Your suppliers and other contracting parties
    have the right to expect that you will keep
    information private.
  • You should have appropriate provisions in place
    to keep it safe.
  • Your staff also have the right to expect you will
    look after their personal information.

(No Transcript)
Legal issues about privacy
  • Existing laws cover online activity
  • Privacy Act
  • Existing codes of practice
  • NZ code for e-tailers
  • DMA e-marketing code of practice

(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Develop a good privacy policy
  • Write a privacy policy to reassure potential
    customers you will not pass on their details
  • Explain how your business uses the customer
    information being gathered
  • Visit for a privacy policy
    template to copy
  • Search on Privacy Policy Generator
  • See (Office of the Privacy

The opening page!
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In summary
  • You cannot trade unfairly, or promise things that
    are untrue
  • Your products and services must do what you said
    they would do
  • You cannot sell other peoples names

Internet marketing in the future?
As the internet matures
  • Bandwidth
  • Faster
  • Everywhere
  • Payment
  • More than just credit cards!
  • On-line EFTPOS?
  • Experience
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Customisation
  • Knowledge driven
  • Your Web!

Example Tourism
  • Book entire itinerary before leaving home
  • Virtual tours before booking
  • Holiday locations boom as physical workplace
    becomes less important
  • Virtual tourism dont need to physically leave
    your home

Virtual tour
  • Sheraton Fallsview Niagara Falls, Canada

  • Shop from anywhere eg
  • Distribution becomes a key issue
  • Customers are in control
  • intelligent price-comparing robots
  • virtual holographic products to kick the tyres
  • shopping as a form of entertainment

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More to look forward to
  • Mobile internet
  • Location based marketing!
  • Combining internet and GPS
  • Handheld mobile commerce
  • Home of the future
  • Home automation
  • The self-stocking fridge
  • Entertainment on demand
  • Personal media
  • Online Video Service Products

Workshop summary
  • The four steps to successful Internet marketing
  • The main online marketing tactics
  • The top 10 Internet marketing blunders
  • Legal issues for Internet marketing
  • Internet marketing in the future?