Thank you for coming to Brunel at such an early hour' We are very pleased you are interested in the - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Thank you for coming to Brunel at such an early hour' We are very pleased you are interested in the


Thank you for coming to Brunel at such an early hour. ... Fickleness of consumer opinion. 1. Lisa. Kleber. Claudio. Stephen. Mat. Design you can't see ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Thank you for coming to Brunel at such an early hour' We are very pleased you are interested in the

Thank you for coming to Brunel at such an early
hour. We are very pleased you are interested in
the subject and hope you have an enjoyable and
useful couple of hours. Even if we were not able
to supply your particular breakfast preference,
at least we hope you will be suitably nourished.
Design you cant see alludes to Design
Management as a discipline which is conceptually
different to the popular perception of design as
artefact. It perhaps also reflects the
difficulty of defining and quantifying Design
Management. The Design Management team and
Designplus both have strong interests in
clarifying, communicating and developing our
understanding of the subject at a time of
unprecedented global change. We believe you
all share this interest and look forward to a
couple of hours of lively, stimulating discussion.
How much designers are aware of trends in
business 2020?
After twenty years, the mental image of Design
Management is still unclear though designers are
good at making connections. This workshop with
participants coming from both worlds of design
and management and of various experience and
background may act as a prototype of
intersections between the disciplines. And
hopefully as a stimulus towards the emergence of
a community of practice.
Why are business schools partnering with design
Should designers research on the management
Are designers skills useful in management
Is it a Threat or an Opportunity for designers?
What is the future of Design Management?
What is behind this design thinking buzz?
Of the needs of mobile managers acting as self
entrepreneurs of their careers around projects
and missions?
Is it Strength or a Weakness when design tools
are used to reinvent business models by business
strategy consultants?
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  • Task 1
  • Discuss Design Management HOW
  • Action Learning
  • Story Telling
  • Diverse DNA
  • Consumer Empathy
  • Organization Change
  • Task 2
  • SWOT from Consumer Eyes
  • Strength consumer empowerment
  • Weakness lipstick on a chicken
  • Opportunity Engage consumers through
  • emotional connection
  • Threat cynicism fickleness

Notes Session 1 HOW? Design Management should
be thought of as Design Leadership.. But by using
the term management we can relate to current
business management Do you mean design
management activating design, or design thinking
management? How is design being managed today?
More interesting idea than how can designers
think like managers. How do you give it traction?
Action learning. Vs. management theory. Its
about doing it. To understand consumer empathy,
brain storming. We must stand as the consumer
champion phrase it in that perspective then it
opens the board room doors. When you ask
consumers what they want, they dont know, they
are not thinking 5 years out. Better balance is
for design to under stand mind of consumer. To
communicate intangible values and possible future
of design. Leverage their intuitive skills the
design managers job is to reconcile the abilities
of designers into solutions to fit the needs of
management. Where else is the lead for design
management coming from? Through sharing platforms
Management is focused on optimizing supply side,
then what is next? This is when design can come
in and do something generative. Emerging
industry provide broader business trend views.
Nokia is re-looking at business structure from
business perspective to be closer to consumer
empathy. But they dont have an easy model to
follow, they dont know quite how to do it, the
structure or processes. They are new to
restructure with services with leadership focused
on that. Nokia needs to Re org infrastructure
optimisation vs. innovation. IDEO is
hel\\\\ Organizational change and infrastructure
is main part of what IDEO does tto help
businesses. Organs dont know how to deal with
change.. old tools no longer work. Design
thinking and processes to help cope with change.
Designer manger should be equipped with managing
change but also have design tools. IDEO is
incorporating multi disciplines who are ALL
designers in a particular way. MBAs
organizational change managers. Storytelling is
great tool. People to believe in ideas people
need people to embody that passion. Inspiration
via story telling.. to convey passion to make the
emotional connection. People dont believe in
ideas, they believe in people who believe
ideas. How Action learning Storytelling Diverse
data Consumer empathy Organizational
change. Synthesis of design thinking, take many
things distilling down into something that has
meaning. When is something a whole have I
birthed something that will live, or is a mutant
that will die. Synthesise something into
something you can use to lead. Innovation cant
happen unless an organization can change.they
must be able to manage organizational change.
Notes Session 2 SWOT / Consumer The end
consumers? If so they dont know about design
management. 4 Summary points Strengths
empowers consumers. DM is creating better
products., creates loyalty. Weaknesses- consumers
still see design as superficial dressing.
Designers as God. Arrogance of designers. Opportun
ities-engage in dialogue, to make me feel I am
engaged in dialogue. Help me to understand you
care about me. You are relivant to me you care
about me, anticipate my needs. About depth.
Exploit areas not yet reached by DM.
Co-creation, make me a participant in the brand
experience, to co-crate the experience.
Threats-cynicism is it just about profit, is
it superficial styling? You are asking me what I
want? I am giving you ideas for free? I.e. Green
washing, if you dont really care about me.
Consumer opinion quickly shifts. Fickleness of
consumer opinion.
  • Task 1
  • Discuss Design Management WHO
  • Command Respect
  • Inclusive
  • Quantify
  • Enable
  • Judgement
  • Task 2
  • SWOT from Designers Eyes
  • Strength Co-ordinators Inspirational
  • Weakness Management
  • Opportunity Stuff Done and Holistic Thinking
  • Threat Ego / Embracing

Notes Session 1 WHO Multinational Economic
viewpoint 3 Summary points Command the respect
and get the best out of a group of
people Inclusive Designer strategists should be
able to quantify their exist. Good design
strategist should be an enabler Design
strategists are not necessarily designers, but
should have good judgement for design. In order
to think about who, we need to think about what
design looks like in the future. There are a lot
of divisions, should be more integrated.
Designers feel like they are being marginalised.
Feeling that design is splitting in two, ½ of it
being an artisan craft, the other being strategic
and intellectual. Marginalised design.
Successful designers have the ability to be
strategic. The design management term doesnt
reflect the different qualities that are needed
to operate. Brigitte talks about design thinking
which is being more strategic and more holistic,
then there are the design management processes
which is the day to day. Is management still a
loaded word. Design strategist. Design What is
the tangible output? Bringing value to it, making
it part of a product that is charged for
Task 1 Discuss Design Management WHAT 5 KEY
POINTS - Bridge between two disciplines -
Resource for line managers - Financial value -
Process management -  Hands on    strategy
Task 2 SWOT from Academic Eyes Strength
Design Thinking Ability to see things Problem
Solving Weakness where? Position in
Science? Opportunity DM skills, not
Functions Threat Not enough support from design
Session 1 WHAT? What is design
management Summary points 1.Design profession
very slow to understand the necessity of
management 2..Design is process .DM as Business
of managing the process 3.Project management is
not design management .design management is a
part of project management .Project management is
a wider term .Programme management rather than
project 4. Designers increasingly have to take
the responsibility One of the important job of a
manager is to encourage the members to be more
creative Management needs creativity but
designers do not have the monopoly of creativity
5.Most designers do not understand what is
 gross margin  a fundamental management ratio
Finance is designers best friend .Marketers are
more like enemies 5. DM as a bridge between
disciplines .Being a manager is always about
building a bridge 6 strategy is more and more
embedded in practice 7 DM should start from the
skills of each profession 8.Vizualizing skills
are fundamental are very important for top
management Example Annual report designers
forget about the importance of designing the
Notes Session 2 SWOT / Academic Peter
Gorb I was offered two jobs to start DM Royal
college of Art London Business school I choose
the business school  1.Designers skills which
can be brought to the managing world Designers
love things .are obsessed with things Designers
love things more than people Visual literacy
an other way of thinking Problem solving
Designers start with problems Being able to
think to observe 2.Designers dont think of work
in organizations as a collective work
---------------------------------------- Strengths
Finance Academic Research Weaknesses where?
Position in Science? Opportunities Science Design
skills Threats Designers don't understand
academic view point No skills
  • Task 1
  • Discuss Design Management WHY
  • Edge
  • Glue
  • Innovation
  • Process
  • Task 2
  • SWOT from Business Eyes
  • Strength Adds value
  • Weakness Cant be defined or measured
  • Opportunity Long term competitive advantage
  • Threat Misapplication

  • Task 1
  • Discuss Design Management WHY NOT
  • Clarity
  • Bridge
  • Process
  • Change
  • Co-ordination
  • Task 2
  • SWOT from Students Eyes
  • Strength Integration
  • Weakness Community
  • Opportunity Education
  • Threat Other discipline

Notes Session 1 WHY NOT ? What is design
Why Not, Things that could be design management
but isn't. Looking at design management through
the doors of "why not Clarity Design management
is a field of proficiency which is meant for
design discipline or the management discipline?
It is difficult to let non designers to know what
is design management, why not make it more
clearly or more specifically? Bridge- between
arts, sciences, business, society, Project
management Projects managers can also be a design
manager? Acting as a coordinator? Process It is
important that designers understand or have an
insight of the design process to be able to
manage it. If most companies describe design
management as managing process, not designers,
then why not call it Process management or
other names to make it more specific?
Change The organisation is changing, why not
design management? Coordination Design
management can integrate and connect each part of
company resources, why not make it a
coordination? You have to do it for you to
understand it? Story telling as a key
communication tool for design management to
communicate to outside world
Notes Session 2 SWOT / students What is
design management Strengths Credibility To
integrate resources and creativity and add
credibility for business. Weaknesses Clarity If
companies do not understand what is design
management, how can they know the power of it and
how to use it? Cause a confusion on the
discipline Need a basic foundation but leaves the
interpretation to the beholder 100 students 100
ideas interpretation of the subject lack of
community, cohesion of internal and
external Nature of design Opportunities Education
The need of business are conflicting with
education no meeting the requirements Link
between industry and education, like this
workshop Taught as a sys Trend, great opportunity
to capitalise on it Should be sold as a synthetic
subject as bridge, not as the sexy surface level
of design Threats Other disciplines Not enough
understanding of design management in business
world, DM students have no enough credibility to
compete with students from other
disciplines. Education, saturating the
market Understanding a basic level of design but
not enough
Words we need to remove
Design (x2)
Creativity (x2)
Arty-farty (3)
Black box
Design as Dressing
Right Brain Only
Management (x5)
About Designplus Designplus is part of
Westfocus, a multimillion-pound Higher Education
Innovation Fund initiative that consists of a
consortium of Universities in West London with
the overall aims of knowledge transfer and
industry partnership. Designplus is a sub
network within Creative Industries area of
activity. Kingston, Westminster and Brunel
Universities all have significant numbers of
staff and students working in design subjects,
each conducting their own and joint Designplus
activity. Target audiences are both SMEs that
use design, and design businesses. We represent
design interests and develop opportunities within
our specific industrial and academic audiences.
At Brunel Designplus works to facilitate
connections and collaborations based on shared
design interests, particularly in areas of
emerging importance or opportunity for design.
Design Management, from Brunels perspective,
represents a significant area of expertise and
interest, but also a subject at the forefront of
tectonic shifts in the nature and role of
designs contribution to economies and global
challenges. Stephen Green Brunel Designplus