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Fall Remarks 2008


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Fall Remarks 2008

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Spring Remarks 2009 Anything interesting happen
in the past 365 days?
Stock Market
  • DJIA 12,099 on 01-20-08 8,742 on
    01-08-09 (8,281 on 1-16-09)
  • That's a 27.7 loss from 1-20-08 to 1-08-09. And,
    a 5.27 drop during the past week.
  • Essentially, Carroll's endowment mirrors the

Collapse of Industry Icons
  • 85-year-old Bear Stearns
  • 158-year-old Lehman Brothers
  • AIG
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Wachovia
  • . . . and the list goes on.

Jobless Rates
  • 524,000 lost in December
  • 2.6 million in 2008
  • Unemployment rate at 7.2 (highest since 1993)

State Budget Deficit
  • 2.5 billion for FY 2008.
  • 5.4 billion going into the next biennium.
  • Relative to population or state income, Wisconsin
    has the largest GAAP deficit of all 50 states.

Business Closings in Wisconsin
  • General Motors Plant in Janesville
  • Domtar paper mill in Port Edwards
  • NewPage paper mill in Kimberley
  • Harley Davidson is cutting more than 700

Midwest Housing Sales
  • Down 16.0 compared to 2007
  • Midwest sales price of existing homes Down 11.2
    compared to 2007

In Higher Education
  • 20 of private schools had fewer students return
    to campus this past fall
  • 75 say demand is up for financial aid

What Do These Circumstances Have In Common?
  • Stock Market
  • Collapse of Industry Icons
  • Jobless Rates
  • State Budget Deficit
  • Business Closings in Wisconsin
  • Midwest Housing Sales
  • In Higher Education

"Things" Done to Us!
A. Paul Jones Scholars Hall
Dennis Punches Track and Field Complex
Sneeden House
Second Cup
Pioneer Hall
What Do These Facilities Have In Common?
  • A. Paul Jones Scholars Hall
  • Dennis Punches Track and Field Complex
  • Sneeden House
  • The MDR
  • The PIT
  • Second Cup
  • Pioneer Hall

"Things" Done for Us!
Waukesha School District
  • Carroll University "2008 Most Valuable Partner"
  • Horizontes en Carroll pre-college program
  • Congrats to Dolores Brown

Helen Bader Foundation Grant
  • 50,000 to Carroll
  • Service-learning from Waukesha's Older Adults
  • Congrats to Jane Hopp, Ed Maher, Sara Deprey, Tom
    Pahnke and Cherie Swenson

American Chemical Society
  • Carroll's student affiliate chapter recognized
    for outstanding performance.
  • Only 40 out of 330 nationwide received this
  • Congrats to chemistry faculty/staff, especially
    our talented students.

Physical Therapy Pass Rates
  • 12th straight year of record first-time pass
  • First-time pass rate is 24/2789.
  • Overall pass rate for the class of 2008 is 100.
  • The national mean for first-time pass rate86.
  • Carroll physical therapy graduates have never
    been below national mean for pass rates.
  • Congrats to Mark Erickson, Sara Deprey, Ed Maher,
    Tom Pahnke and Kathy Shields.

Voorhees Hall
Student Success Initiative "Utilizing a
High-Tech, High-Touch Solution to Retain
Vulnerable Students"
Retaining current students is as important to the
business model of higher education as is
enrolling first-time students
  • Students who persist are much more likely to earn
    an undergraduate degree than students who
    transfer to another institution.
  • Institutions with a creditable retention rate
    (percentage of first-year students who become
    sophomores) are much more highly regarded.
  • Students who leave do so because their
    expectations were not met.
  • Retaining current students allows the freedom and
    flexibility to target new prospects more
    effectively and selectively.
  • It costs less to retain current students.
  • Retained students carry as much financial value
    to the bottom line as do newly minted first-year

Project Goals
  • Develop and refine the role and responsibilities
    of a newly created position, Director for Student
  • Provide a seamless integration of the retention
    initiative into the existing enrollment
    management infrastructure and the campus culture.
  • Work with a technology partner to identify
    critical variables and develop a software product
    compatible with existing campus technology
    infrastructure that alerts the campus to students
    at risk for leaving school.
  • Develop educational materials, intervention
    strategies, instructional protocols and a
    training site for institutions interested in
    implementing the retention program on their

Constructing the Alert System
  • After careful analyses, we were able to identify
    key data elements that predict with a good deal
    of accuracy students who were at risk to leave
  • Our reporting tools enabled us to produce a
    series of customizable reports that were used to
    identify at-risk students.
  • Examples of the data elements include, but are
    not limited to missed class, poor grades,
    difficulty with a roommate, and other factors
    shown in our analyses to predict a student's
    choice to leave school.

Applying the Model
  • The model runs nightly on every student in the
    cohort and calculates a score that is then
    converted into a category.

Table 1
Table 2
Intervening with At-Risk Students
  • During the 2008 fall semester, the director
    received more than 525 alerts.

Tallying the Results
I am pleased to report the following
  • During the fall 2008 semester, the Director of
    Student Success initiated 413 interventions.
    Seventy-one interventions were resolved. Of the
    71 interventions, 18 students withdrew and 53, or
    75, are registered for the spring semester.
  • The retention rate (FA08 to SP09) for full-time
    undergraduate students is predicted to be at
    91.8. This compares to a four-year range of
    89.7-92.5. This current projection is well
    within the four-year range and above the rolling
    average of 91.1.
  • The retention rate (FA08 to SP09) for full-time
    freshmen is predicted to be at 92.5. This
    compares to a four-year range of 87.3-91.8. This
    current projection is above the four-year range
    and well above the rolling average of 89.8.

Enrollment Status
  • We hit first-year student target for Fall 2008.
  • Fall to spring retention is within range of past
    few years.
  • At present, applications and confirmations for
    fall 2009 are running steady when compared to
    last year.
  • Annual Fund is running 1 ahead of last year at
    this time.

What Do These Stories Have In Common?
  • Waukesha School District
  • Helen Bader Foundation Grant
  • American Chemical Society
  • PT Pass Rates
  • Voorhees Hall
  • Student Success Initiative
  • Enrollment Update

"Things" Done by Us!
So, Whats the Message?
  • Consider our circumstances and take assertive
    steps to control our destiny.
  • Move forward wisely with guarded optimism.
  • Now is the time to be creative and take advantage
    of opportunity.
  • Remember that we are in this together.
  • Be mindful of our mission in all that we do.

Steps to Take and/or Consider
  • Cease dependence on draw from endowment.
  • Develop a sensible and responsible pay plan.
  • Pursue partnerships (i.e. corporate, educational,
  • Recognize factors that attract and retain
    students (i.e. first rate faculty and staff,
    excellent spaces and facilities, responsive
    campus community, etc.)
  • Continue to put students first (i.e. residency
    requirement, student success initiative,
    scholarships, student emergency fund, etc.).
  • Strengthen academic initiatives (i.e. general
    education program, international programs,
    graduate programs, etc.).
  • Capitalize on our appeal (i.e. fund raising,
    acquisition of external funds, etc.).
  • Take care of the place as if it were our
    own---because it is!
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