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Reefer Conference, Local Freight Issues


Reefer Conference, Local Freight Issues – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Reefer Conference, Local Freight Issues

Reefer Conference, Local Freight Issues
  • Key Findings and Recommendations

Freight Study for North East Lincolnshire
Council 30 March 07
HGV Volumes
  • Total Count 3123 Vehicles
  • 1328 A160/A18 (7/MIN)
  • 908 Pyewipe Roundabout (5/MIN)
  • 337 Riby Square (2/MIN)
  • 287 MANBY RD (1.6/MIN)
  • 263 A46/A18 (1.5/MIN)

Industry Types of HGVs in NELC General Haulage
760 (24) Food 419 (13.4) Fuel/coal 312
(10) Construction 310 (10) Containers 264
(8) Automotive 197 (6) Chemical 142 (5)
Reefers in NELC HGV Population 322 were observed
out of 3123 10.3 of all freight vehicles 51
of all the reefers observed were at Pyewipe
Sizes of HGV Reefers Running In NELC Total
reefers observed in 5 specialised counts 322 6
axle artics 177 (55) 5 axle artics 35
(11) 6 wheeler rigids 15 (5) 4 wheeler rigids
60 (19) 7.5 tonne rigids 16 (5) Other (5)
Industry Sectors
  • Refrigerated Vehicles
  • 322 of the total 3123 vehicles noted in NE Lincs
    were refrigerated vehicles
  • Riby Square is 36 Reefer (120/337)
  • Pyewipe is 19 Reefer (171/908)
  • A160/A180 is 1 Reefer (17/1328)
  • The Case for Rail
  • At Pyewipe roundabout there were 57 refrigerated
  • So in a 10 Operational Hours per Day 570
  • 23 Trains per Day (25 Boxes/Train)

Industry Sectors
  • Car Transporters
  • 191 Car Transporters noted over 15 hours of
    vehicle counts over 5 locations
  • A160/A180 Junction 104/1328 vehicles were Car
    Transporters (8)
  • Pyewipe Roundabout 69/908 vehicles were Car
    Transporters (8)

The Case For Rail Pyewipe Roundabout 23 Car
Transporters/Hour 9 Vehicles/Transporter 10
Operational Hours This equates to 2070 vehicles
per day or 7 Trains per day (288 cars/train)
Urban Issues Riby Square
  • Riby Square is bisected by the well used trunk
    road A180 in close proximity to housing.
  • The no right turn restriction has limited the
    traffic congestion from West to East however,
    this has encouraged the use of left turns at Riby
    Square and either U turns sometimes in dangerous
    places or a left turn along Railway Place to
    access southern areas of the town. This requires
    2 tight turns.
  • From the dock the junction has a left feeder
    lane however the lane is confusing and the turn
    remains tight for a large articulated vehicle.

2003 to 2007 all HGV Collisions (by Collision
  • 67 incidents resulting in 93 casualties (30 of
    collisions involving HGVs are serious or fatal)
  • Worrying location is the A180/A160 junction. It
    has a tight turning circle. Total of five serious
    incidents and two slight, with a number of roll
  • Other locations to be aware of include, the sharp
    end at the end of Bargates, where traffic turning
    from Scartho Road and the junction of
    Cartergate/Chantry Lane which is heavily used and
    is a one way street

Vehicles in Serious and Fatal Collisions with
HGVs gt 7.5 tonnes
HGV Collisions by Road 2003-2007
Lorry Parking
Utilisation by Geographical Area
  • Ulceby Truckstop is actually in North
    Lincolnshire however it is the only secure
    parking facility in close proximity to North East
  • Unauthorised parking was mainly found at the
    Grimsby Fish Dock area, and along the A180
  • 50 of drivers want to see more facilities in
    North East Lincolnshire
  • 44 of driver would like to see better signage
  • Generally there is a low awareness of the Grimsby
    and Cleethorpes parking areas

Utilisation of North East Lincolnshire Lorry
Parks (site-specific)
Environmental Issues
  • There is an Air Quality Management Area north of
    Immingham village.
  • The specialised vehicle count identified that 7
    of the vehicles seen in NE Lincs were first
    registered prior to 1996 and hence are EURO 1.
    For certain emissions, these HGVs are 10 times
    less efficient than those Euro 4 vehicles
    currently on sale.

Recommendations Town Centre and Delivery Issues
  • Short Stay Car Park
  • Taxi Access Station issue
  • Signing Riby Square
  • Signing Freeman Street
  • Signing Grimsby Town Railway Station
  • Full Signing Audit
  • Short Stay Loading Bays
  • Swipe Card and Restriction Consultation
  • Promotion of Night Deliveries

Recommendations Lorry Parking Improving the Use
of Current Facilities
  • Improving Facilities
  • Improving Signage
  • Development of new sites
  • Production of leaflets/flyers
  • Inclusion in the HA Truckstop Guide
  • Differentiation of new sites
  • Parking enforcement

Recommendations Collisions
  • Junction improvements on the A180/A160 junction
  • Slow speed signs (lower for HGVs)
  • Audit and upgrade street lighting
  • Look at tight junctions
  • Promotion of SAFED

Recommendations Air Quality
  • Signing which encourages the correct approach to
    each of the ports gates from the A180 through
    greater utilisation of Kiln lane roundabout
  • Construction of relief road between the A18 and
  • Investigate the weather and ambient conditions
    when air quality fails to meet the required
  • Research why there are so many tractor units
    without loads coming through north Immingham.
  • Consider the introduction of an enforced low
    emissions zone in Immingham

Recommendations Industrial Estates
  • Need for sign cleaning
  • Advance signing from the M180 A180 A160
  • On and also in between roundabouts
  • Information Boards in lay-bys on A180

Recommendations Multi Modal
  • Work more closely with the Ports
  • Park and ride to reduce congestion around the
    college (A46)
  • Cyclists training on hazards from HGVs etc
  • Promote water freight
  • Investigate new flows of rail freight to ensure
    all new train paths are used
  • Consider investigation of the scope for a light
    rail system from Immingham docks to Cleethorpes
    using disused freight line

Recommendations Highways Improvements
  • A160 Dualling and upgrade. This road is part of
    the Highways Agency network and has been subject
    to several studies. The road is clearly operating
    seriously above capacity for several hours a day.
  • Introduction of the missing links
  • A18/A180 Link Road which would fill in a missing
    piece of the A1173 and allow developments to take
  • There are plans to build a new road between the
    existing Europarc and the coast road designed to
    open 127 acres of new land as part of Europarc 4.

Recommendations Other Recommendations
  • VMS Messaging
  • Introduction of a Consolidation Centre possibly
    on the A180
  • No Car Lanes - Consider converting the current
    bus lanes to bus and freight lanes to encourage
    larger vehicles to spend less time standing in
    traffic and hence less localised pollution.
  • Signage
  • Consistent
  • Timely
  • Appropriate

Recommendations Freight Quality Partnership FQP
  • Partnership between operators and stakeholders
  • Coordinated by the Council
  • We have found several new operators interested in
    the re-launch of an FQP
  • Make the FQP an Issue Specific partnership where
    several of the actions pointed out in this
    Freight Study could be taken forward by
    individuals or sub-groups of a FQP.
  • Liaise with North Lincolnshire on freight matters
    to ensure a joined up approach
  • If you are a local stakeholder would you be
    willing to help serve in a future FQP?

  • A Department for Transport initiative
  • Researching and disseminating information to help
    reduce the costs and environmental impact of
    freight operations
  • Examples of best practice
  • Free publications, DVDs and software
  • Three key messages
  • Reduce Fuel Use
  • Maximise Vehicle Utilisation
  • Reduce Emissions of CO2 etc

  • Buyers Guide to Refrigerated Transport Equipment
  • Yearsley Group a Reefer operator won Motor
    Transports Efficiency in Operation Award for
    2006. This Case Study highlights the ways in
    which good practice pays dividends for freight
    operators. Release date is soon.
  • Free download from
  • Or order free hard copy from
  • Hotline 0845 877 0 877

Reefer Drive System Types Cryogenic (Liquid
Nitrogen) Independent Diesel Engine Direct
Drive Two types of system the alternator drive
and the v-belt drive Eutectic System (Mains
Electric) hollow tubes/beams or plates filled
with a eutectic solution
Factors to consider in choice of system
  • Safety
  • Self contained operation away from tractor unit
  • Energy costs
  • Ability to top up gas/red diesel
  • Low maintenance
  • No direct emissions
  • Noise
  • Ease of control
  • Low weight
  • Simplicity Flexibility

Operational Factors to consider
  • Vehicle size
  • Type of use (compartments?)
  • Distance travelled
  • Location of use (built-up area?)
  • Running costs (BSI PAS62)
  • Dealer back up
  • Loading practice/air flow
  • Temperature measurement/verification
  • Electronic system sensors

More Information
  • Transfrigoroute (UK) is an organisation with
    members from both operational and equipment
    supply sides, dedicated to improving standards in
    the temperature-controlled transportation
    industry. It offers expertise and advice
    regarding the safe transportation of perishable
    goods. Visit the website at
  • Technical information on REEFERS can be found
    from the UK Environmental Products Information
    Consortium (UKEPIC) website at

  • Free Guides on the table
  • Or download from
  • Or order free hard copy from
  • Hotline 0845 877 0 877
  • Thank you for listening