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American Recovery and Recovery Act Summer Program Guide

Description: E-Colorado Webinars: ... casino or gambling establishment, aquarium, zoo, golf course, or swimming pool. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: American Recovery and Recovery Act Summer Program Guide

American Recovery and Recovery Act Summer
Program Guide
  • Colorado Rural
  • Workforce Consortium

The Message
Bear in mind the Presidents commitment to
ensuring that public funds are expended
responsibly and in a transparent manner to
further the job creation, economic recovery, and
other purposes of the Recovery Act.
Competing Pressures
  • Competing demands
  • Spend it wisely vs. spend it quickly
  • Skills crisis vs economic crisis
  • Doing more of the same vs. trying new things
  • Using existing partners vs creating new
    partnerships (green, health care)

Recovery Act Resources
  • Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 16-08
  • http//
  • CDLE Program Guidance Letter In Development
  • Rural Consortium Handbook
  • E-Colorado Webinars
  • http//

Recruiting Youth for Summer (SM) WIA
  • Stakeholder Employer Outreach
  • Who are they?
  • What do you need from them?
  • How can they benefit?
  • A work experience is the core component of a
    summer employment program local regions must
    provide summer youth employment opportunity
    program participants with meaningful work
    experiences, particularly those that might build
    exposure to green educational and career
  • Job listings with green, sustainable businesses -
    green building, renewable energy, organic, social
    investing and all other green businesses.

Stakeholder Work Site Outreach
  • One Stop Partners
  • Job Corps
  • Human Resource Organizations
  • Apprenticeship Programs
  • TANF
  • State, City, County Governments Dept of
    Agriculture, Defense, HHS, Energy, Interior,
    Justice, Transportation, et. al., are encouraged
    by ARRA to list their opportunities with
    Connecting Colorado
  • Juvenile Probation Department
  • Housing Authority
  • Youth Conservation Corps and Urban Corps
  • Head Start Weatherization programs
  • Junior Achievement
  • Boys Girls Clubs, etc.
  • Area Health Education Centers (AHEC)
  • Assisted Living Centers / Nursing Homes
  • CBOs and FBOs
  • Contractors

Recruiting Youth for Summer (SM) WIA
  • Youth Outreach
  • Have eligibility envelopes, one page description
  • Schools
  • CBOs
  • GED/ABE sites
  • TANF Mailing list
  • YMCA
  • Boys/Girls Clubs
  • Community Colleges, Vocational Institutions,
  • Alternative Institutions
  • Avoid WIA Co-enrollments at this time
  • If you have registered a YT on or after March 6,
    2009 consider a 100 transfer from YT to SM.
    This will remove them completely from Common
    Measures, unless they are co-enrolled in YT, YM,
    AD, or AM during or following the SM program
  • Consider Workforce Center Needs!!

Recruiting Youth for Summer (SM) WIA
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Weekend work availability for the in-school youth
  • Extended hours
  • Outreach events career fairs, join events with
    CBOs and FBOs, etc.
  • Governor Summer Job Hunt partnering with ARRA WIA
    Summer Youth recruitment
  • Radio/On-site
  • Food
  • User-friendly handouts
  • Youth Council members

Recruiting Youth for Summer (SM) WIA
  • Recommend using a consistent elevator speech
  • Overall objectiveWe want to place youth,
    aged 14-24, into summer internships with quality
    jobs. Focus on internship to emphasize
    developmental nature of the activity.
  • How? We want to collaborate with nonprofits,
    businesses, CBOs to accomplish this.
  • When? The Summer Youth program has already begun
    and will end September 30th.
  • What do you need? i.e., quality work sites, etc.

Recruiting Youth for Summer (SM) WIA
  • Review dos and donts
  • No hiring youth for a displaced position
  • Chapter 2 Code of Ethics
  • Eligibility Guidelines apply
  • Age appropriate work sites
  • No funds appropriated through the ARRA may be
    used in conjunction with any casino or gambling
    establishment, aquarium, zoo, golf course, or
    swimming pool.
  • Weekly feedback essential
  • Communicate with co-workers
  • Balancing Worksites to Job Seekers

Recruiting Youth for Summer (SM) WIA
  • Suggestions Tips
  • Review Rural Consortium Chapter II, Code of
  • Need to be pro-active in marketing successes
    hire youth to document the stories, take photos,
    do video, etc.

The Process
  • Register Eligible Youth into SM Program
  • Collect eligibility documentation and enter the
    WIA application into Joblink.
  • Administer WRAT Assessment for Basic Skills
    Enter scores into Joblink on Page 1 of the WIA
  • Print the WIA application for signature and scan
    into Connecting Colorado
  • If off-site intake is being conducted, print the
    WIA application using the X as the print type
    and collect signature on the ARRA Summer Youth
    Signature page. Return to the Workforce Center,
    print the Joblink WIA Application, write See
    Supplemental Signature Page on the signature
    line and scan the Application and Supplemental
    Signature Page into Connecting Colorado.

The Process (continued)
  • Administer Work Readiness Pre Assessment(s)
  • Work Readiness Pre Assessment by Self Attestation
  • Together, with the participant, complete ARRA
    Work Readiness PRE Assessment
  • Scan and Upload the form into Connecting Colorado
  • Record YW service
  • KeyTrain as Pre Assessment
  • Only one KeyTrain pre-assessment is required,
    although locally you may be administering
    additional KeyTrain assessments.
  • Record the KT service in Joblink to document the
    pre- assessment.
  • Scan the KeyTrain pre-assessment results into
    Connecting Colorado.

The Process (continued)
  • Complete Electronic Pre-Individualized Service
  • Complete the electronic pre-ISS and upload it
    into Connecting Colorado.
  • Once you have determined which youth element(s)
    will be provided, please ensure that you
    subsequently enter the associated service code,
    i.e., TG for Tutoring.
  • Record the YW service in Joblink to document the
    pre-ISS was done.

The Process (continued)
  • Prep for the Work Experience activity
  • Complete the E-Verify Process (Chapter 7C)
  • I9
  • W4
  • Complete Worksite Guide
  • Workplace Safety Guidelines, Labor Wage Laws,
    Minimum Age Requirements and FLSA
  • For youth participating in a work experience only
    during the summer employment program, a Summer
    Employment (SE) service will be entered in
    Joblink instead of a Work Experience (WE).

The Process (continued)
  • Progress Notes
  • As a pilot project, the CRWC is allowing for
    progress notes to be documented in two forms.
    Confidential F10 notes may be used if
  • The comment lines available on the timesheet
  • The comment lines completed on all services in
  • Information shall contain Who, What, When, Where
    and Why, as appropriate.

Suggested Incentives
  • If the participant demonstrates a gain in their
    work readiness level in KeyTrain, an incentive
    may be awarded
  • One level increase 25
  • Two level increase 50
  • Three level increase 75
  • Four level increase 100
  • If the participant successfully completes a
    Classroom-Based Training, related to summer
    employment, an incentive may be awarded.

The Process (continued)
  • Post Assessment (Administering and Recording)
  • If you utilized the Work Readiness Pre Assessment
  • Evaluate the Rating Sheets to determine if the
    participant has met the work readiness goal. A
    successful goal attainment is reached if the
    participant received a 2 or better on at least
    10 of the 13 indicators.
  • End the YW Service appropriately
  • If you utilized KeyTrain for the Pre Assessment
  • Administer post assessment utilizing KeyTrain.
    Remember to provide the same assessment as
    administered for the pre-assessment.
  • Identify the existing KT service and modify it
    with the post assessment results and end the
  • End the YW Service appropriately
  • !! Be sure to mark the YW service as Successful
    or Unsuccessful !!

The Process (continued)
  • Complete Electronic Post-Individualized Service
  • Complete the electronic post-ISS and upload it
    into Connecting Colorado.
  • STOP!
  • This is the time to evaluate and determine if the
    youth is going to continue with services past
    September 30th. If so, begin preparations for
    registering into the YM, YT, AD or AM WIA
    programs. If not, mark the post-ISS
    appropriately and upload the form into Connecting

Exiting Summer Youth
  • Provide the EX Exit service to the participant
    and record it in Joblink.
  • Make sure all open services are closed.
  • Ensure all documents are uploaded to the record.
  • Exit the youth from the SM program using the Term
    Screen in Joblink.
  • If the youth is continuing services, be sure to
    complete the appropriate program application
    prior to exiting the SM program.
  • Youth 23 and 24 years old can be registered in
    YM, AD or AM programs and not the YT program if
    you are continuing service after 09/30/09.

Performance Indicators
  • Work Readiness Skill Attainment
  • Indicated by the completion code of the YW
  • Documented by Work Readiness Rating Sheets or
  • Documented by KeyTrain pre and post levels
  • Documented by the ISSs
  • Summer Employment Completion Rate
  • Indicated by the SE service
  • Documented by the timesheets and Worksite Guide

Follow Up
  • CRWC is requiring follow up to be provided to
    exited SM participants for one year after exit
    only if they are co-enrolled or continuing in YT,
    YM, AD or AM WIA Programs.