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Elizabethan England


Nothing to stop animal droppings from landing on one's bed ... Spread 'thresh' (straw) to keep from slipping. ... Tied a string to the corpse's wrist that was ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Elizabethan England

Elizabethan England
  • Why is it called Elizabethan?
  • Queen Elizabeth I reigned from 1558-1603 (45
  • William Shakespeare was born in 1564

Elizabethan England
  • People were smaller
  • Average man 56
  • Average woman 48

Elizabethan (Shakespeares) England
  • Life was not as glamorous
  • No indoor plumbing.

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • Roofs were straw thatch.
  • Pet dogs and cats, mice, rats, and bugs lived in
    the roof.
  • If it rained the roof got slippery and it rained
    cats and dogs.

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • Nothing to stop animal droppings from landing on
    ones bed
  • Attached posts with a sheet on top, creating a
    canopy to catch the animal doo-doo.

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • Folks slept in beds cross-wise
  • Anne Hathaway, had a queen-sized bed she shared
    with two sisters and six servant girls before she
    married Will Shakespeare.

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • Anne Hathaways 6 brothers shared their room with
    30 field workers. They all slept on the floor
    wrapped in blankets.
  • There was no indoor heating beyond the ambient
    body heat.

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • The floor of most thatched houses was dirt. Only
    the wealthy could afford slate flooring.
  • Everybody else was dirt poor.

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • Slate floors slippery when it rained.
  • Spread thresh (straw) to keep from slipping.
  • A piece of the wood at the door kept the thresh
    from slipping out, acting as a thresh hold.

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • People cooked over a fire in the fireplace.
  • They hung a kettle over the fire and everyday
    added stuff to the kettle.

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • Mostly folks ate veggies. Meat was scarce.
  • They ate stew and then the leftovers stayed in
    the pot for as long as a month.

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • Once in awhile they got some pork. Theyd display
    the luxury bacon on a rack in the parlor to show
    it off.
  • Sign of wealth if someone could bring home the

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • Bread was divided according to status. Workers
    got the burnt bottom, family got the middle, and
    guests got the upper crust.

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • Lead drinking cups caused a powerful reaction
    with whiskey or ale
  • Knocked out the drinker for days.
  • Couldnt tell if the unconscious person was dead
    or alive.

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • They laid out the unconscious person on the
    kitchen table to see if they would wake from
    it. They held a wake.

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • England is old and small. They started running
    out of places to bury people.
  • So they dug up old graves to reuse. They noticed
    some of the old coffins had scratch marks on
    the inside. OOOPS!

Elizabethan EnglandAt Home
  • Tied a string to the corpses wrist that was
    attached to a bell topside.
  • Someone had to sit near the grave in case the
    bell rang, in essence doing a graveyard shift.

Elizabethan EnglandHygiene
  • People usually bathed once-a-year, in May.
  • Men first, then women, then the kids in the
    same water.

Elizabethan EnglandHygiene
  • As the water got dirtier, and dirtier, they had
    to be careful not to throw out the baby with
    the bathwater.

Elizabethan EnglandHygiene
  • Most weddings were in June, when couple and the
    guests were still relatively body odor-free.
  • It was believed baths caused illness.

Elizabethan EntertainmentMusic
  • Folks were expected to be musical, to be able to
    read and play music. Almost everyone could play
    the recorder or lute and sing in 8-part harmony.
  • Barbers kept lutes customers could play while
    they waited for a new do.

Elizabethan EntertainmentFashion
  • Fashion was a major pastime. Most Elizabethans
    wore their fortunes on their backs. Theyd rather
    be well-dressed and penniless than rich and
    poorly dressed.
  • Most folks dressed in the clothing of the social
    class above them.

Elizabethan EntertainmentCards
  • People loved playing cards and frequently bet on
    the outcome.

Elizabethan EntertainmentTennis
  • Tennis was played on a walled court with a roof
    and was very popular when it arrived as an import
    from France.

Elizabethan EntertainmentBear Baiting
  • Bull- or Bear-baiting was popular.
  • Dog turned loose on a tethered bull or bear.
    People bet on the dog or the bear.

Elizabethan EntertainmentPublic Executions
  • Public executions were hugely popular and drew
    large audiences.

Elizabethan EntertainmentRooster Fighting
  • Rooster fighting was the rage! People bet in the
    fights between specially-bred roosters with
    sharpened beaks and metal spurs.
  • School boys were encouraged to bring their birds
    to school for fights. People bet on the fights.

Elizabethan EntertainmentHuman Competition
  • Sporting opponents thumped each other with clubs
    and similar weapons (very bloody).

Elizabethan EntertainmentFootball
  • Opposing sides tried to get a leather ball from
    one end of town to the other, while fighting each
    other. Fights resulted in broken bones and
    damaged businesses.

Elizabethan England
  • This was life during the time of Shakespeares
    early pieces of literature.
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