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The Climate Sceptics Party takes a closer look at Global Warming


Just in case you think the Little Ice Age' didn't exist ... Frost Fair' on the Thames 1814 ... Someone had a problem with a very cold winter in 1812 ... 35 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Climate Sceptics Party takes a closer look at Global Warming

The Climate Sceptics Party takes a closer look
at Global Warming Climate Change!
Covering the science, the pseudo-science, the
politics, and the financial machinations behind
it all.
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Enjoy the show!
Why an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is a
potential financial disaster! (And why it is
both Fraudulent potentially Treasonous!)
There are many Internet links throughout this
summary and all are warranted to be of bona fide
sites safe to view.
Fraudulent Treasonous these words are a
bit over-the-top arent they?
Try scandalous then!
This Climate Change thing is presented as being
scientific, but the reality is that its not.
So now we will work through some science first
(the slides are simple, but the Internet links
give access to detailed information), then we
go into the hidden agenda behind this scam.
Sound likeconspiracy theory? Read on ….
What this debate is NOT about ….
Lets deal with OUR rationale first, then some
science, and finally the overall ramifications of
this thing!
  • It is not about Renewable Energy!
  • We agree we should work towards cost effective
    renewable energy.
  • It is not about Pollution!
  • We agree we should work towards minimising toxic
    and life-threatening pollutants.
  • It is about Saving the Planet from genuine
  • We agree we should give the environment our
    planet maximum consideration.

Could it be more appropriate to call us Climate
A sceptic is defined (correctly) in the Cambridge
Dictionary as a person who doubts the truth or
value of an idea or belief in the Oxford
Dictionary as a person inclined to question or
doubt accepted opinions.
We believe that we approach the question of our
climate from a basis of reality rather than one
of hysteria created by Media hype manipulated by
financial political agendas! Because of this,
we doubt the truth of many commonly accepted
opinions as you will see ….
Recently the word sceptic has been linked
(falsely) to the word denier in a deliberate
propaganda smear by those promoting
Anthropogenic Global Warming.
The Climate Sceptics position ….
  • We agree that
  • The Earths climate changes continuously
  • And CO2 is just one of the greenhouse gases ….
  • BUT
  • There is NO evidence that increasing CO2 levels
    will overheat the Earth as a result any
    Emissions Trading Scheme (an ETS or whatever you
    might like to call it) cannot will not prevent
    the climate from changing warmer or cooler!

Because there are MUCH GREATER Forces of Nature
that puny man simply cannot control even if
some big egos think they can!
Why not?
Is CO2 a pollutant? NO!
  • It is an odourless, colourless, non-toxic trace
  • We enjoy its fizz in drinks (whether soft or
  • It is vital for life all living organisms
    breathe it out!
  • Photosynthesis enables plants to take the carbon
    from CO2 for their growth then release Oxygen
    back into the atmosphere, so without it we would
    all be DEAD!

But there is an ongoing campaign of false
propaganda to try to convince people that it is a
And why would this be? Lets examine the question
Is CO2 Plant Food? Yes! Here is what happens
with more CO2 ….
385 535 685
835 Atmospheric levels of CO2 in parts per
million. ( Present Value)
Extra CO2 makes Planet Earth greener with extra
plant growth!
If CO2 levels double in the next 100 years, what
can we expect?
Think what this would do to help counteract
starvation in the world!
Average Plant Growth Enhancement Source Idso
May 2007
Which are the main Greenhouse Gases?
All man-made, with high GWP (see screen 15).
And lets not forget the biggest greenhouse gas
of all!
Why is there no Media coverage about Water Vapour
being the BIGGEST greenhouse gas?
Good Question!
  • Anyone suggesting that we should Save the
    Planet by reducing clouds would be dismissed as
    a lunatic!
  • Theres no money in it!
  • Theres no prospect of political gain in it!

(But CO2 now that has a nice bit of mystique
about it …. People with vested interests in
promoting alarmism can confuse the public with
this! And CO2 is a fantastic continuing
bad-news story for the Media!)
And why is there NO Media coverage of the
man-made high-GWP greenhouse gases?
Another good question!
  • And what is GWP?
  • The concept of a global warming potential (GWP)
    was developed to compare the ability of each
    greenhouse gas to trap heat in the atmosphere
    relative to another gas. The definition of a GWP
    for a particular greenhouse gas is the ratio of
    heat trapped by one unit mass of the greenhouse
    gas to that of one unit mass of CO2 over a
    specified time period.

So lets take a quick look at the man-made
greenhouse gases …
Man-made Greenhouse Gases …
So, why no Media fuss about these? Only about
CO2 …
Dont believe it? Go HERE to the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) , HERE
for the U.N. I.P.C.C. official table
Yet Another good question!
Could it be that highly-funded vested interests
are making too much money out of manufacturing
Makes you think though!
Look at probably the most-used HFC today
Refrigerant R134a
  • Its in almost all home vehicle
    air-conditioners (as well as in most

And its POISONOUS too! (Australian Transport
Safety Bureau report.)
Surely it couldnt be that there is a
financially-powerful chemical industry that is
making millions out of this? (Read about it at
the link above.)
It has a GWP of 1,300! This means that if 1
kilogram escapes into the atmosphere it is the
equivalent of 1.3 tonnes of CO2!
Your car air-conditioner contains something like
0.9 kilograms of the stuff … So when your gas
leaks out (almost inevitable because of acid
within the system) 0.9 kilograms 1.17 tonnes
of CO2 equivalent!
And heres another question Why is it that
NATURAL hydrocarbon refrigerants with a GWP of
only 3 are opposed violently by the SAME
chemical industry?
Now ask yourself why is this not trumpeted by
the Alarmists the Media?
Maybe someone is waking up to this problem!
HFC HCFC man-made refrigerant gases are far
more potent greenhouse gases than CO2!
They are also far less efficient than NATURAL
hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants.
This means that far more energy is needed to
achieve the same cooling effect!
And their unregulated disposal releases REALLY
potent greenhouse gases!
Read a Thai article about this problem …
So, wheres our Media fuss about this then?
  • Now lets look at all the greenhouse gases in
    the atmosphere (Link) …

And check this link too!
95 is Water Vapour! 3.62 is CO2! (The other
1.38 is everything else!)
And greenhouse gases are only 1 of the
Now lets look at that 3.4 from human activity!
A massive 0.0018462!
  • Only 1.5 of the 3.4 is caused by Australians
    (green area)
  • An ETS might reduce Australias CO2 by 5 (blue

WONDERFUL! An ETS in Australia aims to reduce
greenhouse gases by a millionth - the
equivalent of shortening a kilometre-long piece
of string by one whole millimetre! Fantastic!
And how much will this millionth cost?
Modelling by Frontier Economics predicts that it
will cost the Australian economy 50 Billion per
year for 40 years! Thats 4,550 per taxpayer
per year! And this is for a trifling amount of
CO2 reduction!
Heres what it will achieve for the planet ….

And heres what it will achieve for the
Government for carbon traders like Al Gore ….
So what will it cost us to reduce ALL of
Australias CO2 emissions?
  • No one can say exactly, but at the very least 20
    times a 5 reduction, or 91,000 per taxpayer per
    year seems a good estimate ….

A cost of 91,000 per year for each taxpayer!
What a wonderful way to send the country broke!
And to put that amount of CO2 in context ….
Every few months China alone increases its CO2
emissions by as much as Australias total ….
Are you getting an idea of the futility of an
Australian ETS?
And why are the HIGH-GWP chemicals ignored?
So lets check Al Gores facts that he says
support this wonderful idea ….
Do you know that Al is one of the largest
shareholders in companies profiting from carbon
trading right now?
Or perhaps you think hes promoting CO2
reductions in order to Save the Planet?
Al Gore says the Science is settled and that
2,500 IPCC scientists agree CO2 causes climate
change…. But - is this true?
  • Well, not exactly ….
  • Of the 2,500 Scientists who have submitted
    papers to the IPCC, only 600 looked at the
    science involving CO2.
  • Of that 600, only 308 were a part of the second
    review process.
  • Continued ….….

Continued …..
  • Of that 308, only 62 reviewed the last chapter
    which looked at the cause of climate change.
  • Of that 62 only 7 reviewers were independent.
  • Of the 7, 2 did not agree with the final
    statement saying they believed there was only a
    90 probability CO2 might cause climate change.

Worried that we might be just plucking these
figures out of the air?
So the major statement of the review on the
attribution of the cause of climate change was
supported by only 5 independent scientists just
a few less than the 2,500 claimed by Al!
Continued …..
And then here are a lot more, some closer to home
  • On the other hand there ARE over 31,000
    independent US scientists who have signed a
    petition saying there is no conclusive evidence
    CO2 causes climate change.

And a word about Peer Review!
Proponents of Anthropogenic Global
Warming/Climate Change always like to claim that
their scientific backing is peer reviewed. No
doubt bona fide peer review is a good way of
getting a second opinion, of adding a veneer
(at least) of authenticity.
Check the IPCCs Peer Reviewing Record HERE!
But it can also cover up mutual back
scratching! Ill scratch yours if youll
scratch mine! And that way well ensure we stay
on the gravy train!)
And heres something about CO2 that HAS been
Peer Reviewed!
The peer-reviewed literature is unanimous in
finding that the residence-time of CO2 in the
atmosphere is about 7 years. The UNs climate
panel, however, chooses a complex and
unsatisfactory definition of residence-time that
allows it to pretend that the residence time is
in fact 100 years. This is one of many respects
in which the climate panel, while claiming to
represent the consensus of scientific opinion,
is in fact entirely at odds with the
peer-reviewed literature.
Thats funny! Theres only ONE claim that CO2
has an atmospheric residence time of 100 years!
So what is Earths normal temperature? Heres
some historical evidence the last 1,000 years …
But was there really a Mediæval Warm Period!
You can link to an interactive map of various
projects around the world that have researched
this question.
Australia doesnt get a mention for fairly
obvious reasons …
And heres another chart going further back …
It was unlikely that these swings were caused by
industrial outputs of CO2!
Frost Fair on the Thames 1684
Just in case you think the Little Ice Age
didnt exist …
Frost Fair on the Thames 1814
Michael Manns Hockey Stick Graph pretended
this didnt happen!
Someone had a problem with a very cold winter in
1812 …
Al Gore the UN IPCC seem to have overlooked
Meanwhile in Europe …
Pieter Breugel Massacre of the Innocents c.
So lets look at Michael Manns computer
projection fantasy (as promoted by Al Gore)…
First The Fantasy the now-discredited Michael
Mann Hockey Stick Graph!
No Mediæval Warm Period! No Little Ice Age! Huge
temperature leap since industrialisation! (The
earlier tree-ring data later thermometer data
bear no relation to each other!) Note that this
graph has disappeared mysteriously (?) - from
the latest UN IPCC reports!
Click to read very recent highly-technical stuff
about the exposure of still more phoney tree-ring
Yet Al Gore associates continue to promote this
to prove that increasing man-made CO2
emissions are to blame for temperature
increase. What a wonderful fairy story with
which to frighten us all!
And werent we shown alarmingly increasing
official temperature readings to prove global
  • Well, yes! And it was very frightening!
  • But lets take a look at where some of those
    official temperature readings were taken

Check it out HERE!
And for a further detailed study …
89 were of this dubious standard! The only
really accurate measure is by satellite sensors
covering both land sea …
Now - Reality - deep ice core drilling the
analysis of the ice over 5,000 years …
And here are the results …
Over the last 5,000 years there have been three
periods WARMER than today!
All the Green bands are warming peaks all
HIGHER than today and the Earth has survived!
It was the Hockey Stick that set off
the Global Warming frenzy!
But wait! Have you noticed that it is no longer
Global Warming thats trumpeted in the Media,
but is now Climate Change? And why is
that? Because the Earths temperature has been
COOLING for the past decade!
Heres a longer CO2 Temperature Record!
This is a graph of deep Antarctic ice-core
records going back about 450,000 years. (Read the
graph from right to left!)
This looks remarkably like a heartbeat, doesnt
it! CYCLICAL one could say …..
Increasing CO2 levels FOLLOW increases in
temperature by about 800 years. Al Gore forgot
to point this out in his movie An Inconvenient
Truth…. This was very convenient for Al in his
promotion of alarmism!
And all those heartbeats coincide with Solar
cycles of about 100,000 years!
Our Milky Way Galaxy is just a little bit bigger
than the egos of our politicians ….
So why the talk about Climate Change now?
  • Because the alarmists can claim to be correct NO

How satisfying it is to be correct all the time ….
Perhaps its worth considering the following
quotation at this point …
  • Isnt it interesting how the same people who
    laugh at science fiction listen to weather
    forecasts and economists!
  • (Kelvin Throop III)

With this in mind, lets look at a number of
popular doom gloom predictions …
It does seem totally appropriate for the Global
Warming/Climate Change debate that is raging
right now!
But! But! Were told that INCREASING CO2
  • Thats what the phoney Hockey Stick computer
    models said!
  • Unfortunately for the Global Warming alarmists,
    Nature has done the opposite to what the computer
    models predicted!
  • World temperature has been COOLING for a decade
    since a peak in 1998!

And where have the CO2 measurements been taken
that have so frightened many people?
Mauna Loa Observatory!
  • And wheres Mauna Loa?
  • Its on top of the island of Hawaii one of the
    best places in the world to have an astronomical
  • But one of the worst places in the world for
    measuring CO2!

Mauna Loa just happens to be the biggest active
above sea-level volcano in the world!
And what do volcanoes produce in massive
quantities? You guessed it CO2!
And just one more point about CO2 …
  • Any increases in CO2 in the atmosphere are
    logarithmic in greenhouse effect only.
  • This means that as CO2 levels increase, any extra
    greenhouse effect amplifies temperatures only
    on a reducing scale!
  • Already its at a level where further CO2
    increases will have a small effect only!

So despite what Alarmists have claimed,
increased CO2 levels will have only a marginal
heating effect!
Whats the point of panicking over such a minor
This graph shows the logarithmic effect …
This means that the much-touted runaway Global
Warming probably is an impossibility!
The logarithmic relationship between IR
absorption and CO2 concentration was
experimentally confirmed by John Koch in Sweden
in 1901 as shown.
Confirmed by 2007 Hungarian research!
  • Dr Ferenc Miskolczi has shown from both
    atmospheric recordings by theory that the
    greenhouse effect is a constant of 0.33 of
    available heat is saturated.
  • Extra CO2 will not effect the Earths
  • Fellow Hungarian Scientist and IPCC reviewer Dr
    Miklos Zagoni supports his work.

MOST IMPORTANTLY! Earths temperature varies
according to the amount of heat from the Sun and
other sources extra greenhouse gases like CO2
will not change the Earths greenhouse effect.
Scientists disputing Hungarian research ….
  • Here is the list of Scientists who have found the
    opposite results to Dr Miskolczi and can
    demonstrate that CO2 is going to cause runaway
    heating of the Earth produce sea level rises of
    6 metres or more, as stated by Al Gore ….

But before we stop looking at whether the Earth
has warmed or cooled
A huge rise of about 1 Fahrenheit!
Coming out of the Little Ice Age!
What a worry …
Inevitable Conclusion A constantly changing
climate is natural, and warmer (or cooler)
periods occur without human-produced CO2
emissions being the cause!
There is a much bigger influence on our climate
that tends to have been largely ignored in all
the Global Warming propaganda. And what is it?
Its that rather large ball of light up in the
The Earth is not all that big compared to the
Sun, but big egos appear to want to distort that
How anyone can imagine that a huge energy source
1.3million times the size of Earth can have
little or no effect on our climate and should be
ignored almost beggars belief! What is a piffling
amount of CO2 compared to this?
The Sun is a Big Magnet interacting with the
Earths Magnetosphere!
  • And every 11.1 years on average it changes its
    magnetic polarity….

And look how REGULARLY this happens ….
Theres nothing new about this! Sunspot records
go back to about 1750!
And how does it look now?
More more scientists are looking to solar
cycles as being the PRIMARY DRIVER for Earths
climate cycles! (? Watch video ? )
Perhaps the answer is Theres no money in
pretending to control the Sun!
And whats happening with the Sun right now?
Go HERE to get an up-to-date image. See the
Newsroom tab for further information.
The Sun is in a very low sunspot phase right now.
This indicates a cool period is likely on Earth.
Of course, once the alarmists realise that it is
the Sun in control ….
A minor change in the rituals of the Church of
And heres a little interlude (YouTube) to
summarise whats been said so far …
So lets get environmental …
What about all those island nations people say
are being flooded because of Climate Change?
  • You hear alarmists talking about The Maldives,
    Diego Garcia, Tuvalu
  • Could it be that in actual fact they are sinking?
  • All are CORAL ATOLLS
  • and corals grow UPWARD toward the light ….

All are located on or near the edges of Tectonic
And what happens at or near Tectonic Plates?
Lots of earthquakes, tsunamis, land movements
Then ask yourself Are these atolls being
flooded by rising sea-levels, or is it a
possibility that they are sinking instead?
This tectonic plate shift caused the Boxing Day
Tsunami in 2004!
Do you think its all that CO2 causing this?
(Only joking!)
This map shows the Tectonic Plates of the Earth.
Look for yourself! You can enlarge this at
And not only are islands sinking!
New Tongan Island rising from Pacific Ocean
August 2006.
Yet more evidence of tectonic plate activity
NOTHING to do with CO2 anthropogenic or
Heres what Dr Hans-Axel Mörner has to say about
sea levels …
Interview here!
Is the Sydney Opera House under water? Is the
roadway on the Storey Bridge flooded? Is St
Kildas Luna Park closed due it being part of
Port Phillip Bay? What about the Torrens Swan
Rivers then? Are Tasmanians moving up Mount
Wellington to escape? ISNT ALARMISM EXCITING!
Take a look at your nearest coastal area. What do
you see?
Like to know more?
  • Here are two PowerPoint presentations by
  • Dr Nils-Axel Mörner at the 2007 INQUA Congress in
    Cairns, Queensland, Australia, 28 July 3 August
  • The Maldives Project in the Indian Ocean
  • (Multiple Interacting Parameters)
  • Late Holocene and Present Sea Level Changes

Dr Mörners response to the latest (October 2009)
alarmist nonsense!
End of section on flooding ….
No further comment necessary!
But what about the drought in Australia?
And look what happens from time-to-time big
The trend for Australia overall is INCREASED
rainfall! Check it out for yourself Here!
Theres a famous Australian poem ….
  • I love a sunburnt country,
  • A land of sweeping plains,
  • Of ragged mountain ranges,
  • Of drought and flooding rains.
  • I love her far horizons,
  • I love her jewel-sea,
  • Her beauty and her terror
  • The wide brown land for me!
  • Dorothea Mackellar Written 1904, published 1908

So whats changed in over 100 years?