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What Do You Tell Members About Electric Heaters Research and Recommendations


I just bought one of those electric heaters advertised in the paper and on Paul ... Burn Wood and Buy More Blankets (but not electric ones) In the Real World... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: What Do You Tell Members About Electric Heaters Research and Recommendations

What Do You Tell Members About Electric
Heaters?Research and Recommendations
CRN End Use Solutions Member Advisory
Committee December 11, 2006 Ed Thomas, Market
Development Group (970) 209-8347,
ethomas_at_marketdevelop.com Brought to you by
ConvectAir J.M. Falquet and Lon Garrison,
ConvectAir (800) 463-6478, www.convectair.com
Topics Ill Cover Today
  • Member Questions and Co-op Answers
  • What I Learned in France
  • Performance Standards
  • Research Findings
  • Efficient Design and Load Control
  • Proposed CRN Action Steps
  • Technical Surveillance Report
  • Guest Speakers
  • Hardware Tests

Co-op Threat
  • 50 savings claims of Paul Harvey and Sun
  • Turn down your thermostat and carry heater
  • Ignores importance of home sealing and insulation
  • Preying on Seniors and Young Families

Member Questions
  • Whats the most affordable way to heat my home
    with electricity?
  • I just bought one of those electric heaters
    advertised in the paper and on Paul Harvey. They
    say I will save 50 on my energy bill. Isnt
    that great?

Co-op Answers
  • Electric Heat is 100 Efficient
  • Electric Heat is Too Expensive
  • Electric Heat is Bad for the Co-ops Peak Demand
  • Burn Wood and Buy More Blankets (but not electric

In the Real World....
  • Members Want Affordable Comfort
  • Co-ops Want to Clip Peaks and Fill Valleys
  • Members Buy Heaters at WalMart, Home Depot and
    now.. from Paul Harvey
  • Members Decide How to Heat Their Homes, Not
  • Homes Dont Pay Demand Charges... Yet... So.....
  • Electric Heat is Cheaper Than Propane
  • For Rural Homeowners

CRN Should Help Co-opsAnswer These Questions
  • What should co-ops be telling members about
    electric heat?
  • What are co-op economics vs. member economics?
  • When is electricity the right choice for
    affordable comfort? And in those cases, how can
    electricity best provide affordable comfort?
  • Whats better whole house or room-to-room
  • When appropriate, what should I look for when
    selecting a portable heater?
  • How can members make their homes more comfortable
    and reduce their overall heating needs? (hint
    sealing and insulation)

What I learned in France
  • International standards for heater performance
  • Key Factors in Design and Manufacturing
  • Utility-driven research and development projects

European Standards
  • International Electrotechnical Commission
    (www.ice.ch) sets performance measurement
  • In France, electric heater thermostats must have
  • maximum 0.9 degree F temperature swing
  • maximum 2.7 degree F droop
  • 30 years ago, France banned all electric heaters
    that allow warm air to creep along outside walls
    such as vertical outlet heaters or baseboards

Designed to Heat a Room
Designed to Heat a Wall
Canadian Standards
  • Similar thermostat performance standard
  • Also sets thermostat precision
  • when thermostat is at 68 degrees F, the
    temperature measured in center of room shall not
    deviate by more than 0.5 degree C.
  • Standard was updated in 2006
  • Expected to become code requirement in 2007 or
    2008 in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia

  • Extensive testing of electric heaters and
    thermostat since the early 90's at Laboratory for
    Electrical Technologies
  • Concluded electronic thermostat reduces energy
    consumption by about 10
  • Subsidizes installation of electronic thermostats
    meeting CSA performance standard

ConvectAir Labs
  • 4 Electric heating factories have own lab
  • 6 Dual-climate testing rooms total
  • 2 Recognized by French Central Laboratory for
    Electrical Industries for standards approval

ConvectAir Labs conduct
  • Quality control for equipment and all measuring
    instruments used in the testing and production
  • Safety tests (thermal, electric, wet environment)
  • Performance tests (impact on room temperature
    under different weather conditions
  • Comfort tests (temperature distribution, radiant
    vs. air temperatures, impact of air changes, air
    movement), electrical consumption tests and
    standby heat loss measurements
  • Provide visualization tools (surface temperatures
    of room surfaces, temperature of heater surfaces
    and components, convective air movements in a
    room, impact of a radiant heat source)

Utility-DrivenResearch and Development
  • Efficiency Research Findings
  • Key Factors in Design and Manufacturing
  • Sensory Marketing
  • Whole House Load Limiters

Efficiency Research Findings
  • Requires 20 more energy to maintain 68 deg F in
    a room using baseboards and mechanical
    thermostats than using natural convection heaters
    with electronic thermostats. 
  • Comfort was significantly improved using the
    convection heaters (more constant and more evenly
    distributed heat). 
  • Simulations using actual weather data for the
    Montreal area showed over 30 difference over
    entire heating season (with variations due to
    user behavior).
  • ConvectAir and HydroQuebec now conducting field
    comparisons in several apartment buildings

Key Factors in Design and Manufacturing
  • Electronic Thermostats with Setbacks and Zoning
  • Heating elements
  • Cabinets

Sensory Marketing
  • Électricité de France (EDF) created comfort and
    sensory evaluation" lab in 2003
  • Conducted multiple consumer tests in controlled
    environment to describe/quantify sensory
  • Using data to develop heating/cooling solutions
    create communication strategies based on sensory
    aspects of a product
  • Lead to development of new heater line in Europe,
    available in U.S. in 2008

Whole House Load Limiter
  • In France, residential electric meters limit
    power use in a home to a set Kw maximum.  If that
    maximum is exceeded, a breaker cuts the power. 
  • Load Controller applies variable load shedding
    cycle to
  • Room-by-room heaters or zones
  • ETS units (if any)
  • Water Heater
  • Central programmable thermostat provides
    automatic setback over two zones with instant
    cost and consumption data
  • Utility can adjust/impose limit on electric heat
    use during peak demand times
  • ConvectAir looking for utility demonstration
    sites in U.S.

Proposed CRN Action Steps
  • Technical Surveillance Report
  • HydroQuebec and EdF Speakers at CRN webcasts and
  • Hardware Demonstrations for Energy Efficiency and
    Load Control
  • CRN Field Trip!!!

First Action Step
  • Draft and publish a Technical Surveillance Report
    on Portable Electric Heaters
  • Assist NRECA in producing Consumer Reports type
    templates for member newsletter articles and new
  • Guide co-ops to partner with reputable suppliers
    (and shun hucksters)

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