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Chemistry 121 General Chemistry


... 210 1 - 4 pm T Th - Lab starts the second lab period. ... Math: An understanding of algebra is required. Calculators ... The final grade will not be altered ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Chemistry 121 General Chemistry

Chemistry 121 General Chemistry
  • Dr. Jeffrey A. Hurlbut Summer
  • Information, Lecture Notes, Quizzes, Labs, and
    Assignments are Available through
  • Blackboard http//
  • My Web Site

General Information
Office CB 240 Office Hours are
M W 12 - 2 Please Feel Free to Drop In,
E-mail or Call. Telephone Number My
Chemistry Office (360) 650-2242 WWU Email Activate Computer Account Lecture - SL
140, 10-12 M T W Th - Attendance
Required Notes available at (All Lower Case)
on BlackBoard (course documents)
http// Recommend printing as
PowerPoint Handouts 3 Per Page CRN 30078
Lab - CB 220 210 1 - 4 pm T Th - Lab
starts the second lab period. Lab procedures and
prelab quiz available at http//gold.chem.wwu.
  • Text General Chemistry 8th Edition D. D.
    Ebbing and S. D. Gammon Houghton Mifflin
    Company (2005).
  • Lab - Safety Goggles (Available in Bookstore)
  • - Lab Procedures Prelab quiz
  • - Take Bring Completed Prelab Quiz to the Lab
  • - Complete Safety Quiz before 2nd week. (See
    safety quiz slide)
  • - Feet, Legs, Torso must be covered with shoes
  • - Check Out on the last lab day is mandatory for
    all students.
  • Math An understanding of algebra is required.
    Calculators allowed, but
  • no sharing allowed during exams.
  • Lecture Lecture outlines available on-line, but
    you still need to attend the
  • lectures some lecture material
    is NOT in the on-line notes.
  • Blackboard Web Graded lecture quizzes and
    labs are obtained through either Blackboard
    (login at http// with your
    normal WWU login name and password) or my Web
    Site at (All Lower

Material to Cover
Syllabus Introduction Chapter 1 Chemistry
and Measurement Chapter 2 Atoms, Molecules, and
Ions Chapter 3 Calc. with Chemical Formulas
Equations Chapter 4 Chemical Reactions Chapter
7 Quantum Theory of the Atom Chapter 8
Electron Configurations and Periodicity Chapter 9
Ionic and Covalent Bonding Chapter 10
Molecular Geometry Bonding Theory Exam 1
After chapter 2 (7/5). Exam 2 After
chapter 8. Final Exam Cumulative over all
material and labs the final exam will be on the
last class day Wednesday, July 25.
Laboratory Safety Quiz(You must pass this by the
deadline in order to stay in the class)
- A TUTORIAL, information, and the quiz are
available on the Web at the following address
http// -
The login is your student ID without the W and
without the dash or the numbers after the dash.
Password last two ID digits first two letters
of last name. ie. W00192204-11 for Jon List
Password 04Li - You have 30 minutes to
complete the lab quiz time starts when you first
enter the quiz. If you do not pass, then you can
take it again however, the passing grade is
higher for the other tries. 1st try 6/19 to 5pm
6/29 (80) 2nd try 6/29 to 5pm 7/3 (84) 3rd
try 7/3 to 1pm 7/6 (88). - You MUST see me
in my office (CB 240) before the end of the 2nd
week of classes if you have not passed the quiz.
A passing grade is mandatory.
Laboratory ScheduleNote Take prelab quiz
BEFORE each lab Print results
Turn in at the beginning of the lab
Date Labs T 6/26/2007 No Lab R
6/28/2007 Check In and Introduction to
Measurements T 7/3/2007 Solutions and
Dilutions R 7/5/2007 Copper Chemistry T
7/10/2007 Types of Chemical Reactions R
7/12/2007 Electrical Conductivity of
Electrolytes T 7/17/2007 Analysis of Vinegar R
7/19/2007 Nine Solution Problem T
7/24/2007 Molecular Geometry Bonding Check-Out
Homework There are two types of homework Text
and Online
  • Text In each PowerPoint set, I suggest a group
    of problems to work. Finish these by the end of
    that lecture series and be prepared to ask any
    questions on these during the lecture. These
    will not be turned in.
  • Online There are five online homework sets.
    Access these through my web site, through
    Blackboard, or directly. These are graded there
    is no time limit however, there is a firm
    deadline for each assignment. You can open and
    print these. Once you answer/save these, then
    that grade is entered. The problems come from
    Dr. Gammon. Start on these EARLY some are
    difficult. The Chapter 12 assignment 1 is due
    7/3/2007. The direct URL is http//argon.chem.w

Notes Recommendations
  • Download review the lecture notes before the
    lecture. Bring a copy to lecture for note
    taking. Review them again shortly after the
  • - Read the chapter before I lecture on it study
    your lecture notes read the chapter again work
    several of each homework problem type and take
    the graded online quiz. Work on any weaknesses.
  • - We will move along quickly in the class. It
    will be difficult to obtain a good grade if you
    fall behind or if you do not attend.
  • Exams cover lecture, homework problems and the
  • No shorts, open toe shoes, or food are allowed
    in the laboratory.
  • Download, read, outline the lab do Prelab
    questions before attending the lab. Bring
    results of prelab quiz to lab.

121 Grading
  • Two Exams - 50 Final Exam - 30
  • Lab - 10 Online
    Quizzes 10
  • 100-90 A 89-80 B 79-70 C 69-60 D
    59-0 F
  • - Lab questions are included in the tests. All
    labs must be completed you will fail if you miss
    two labs without making them up. Check with your
    lab instructor within a day if you miss a lab.
  • - I will carefully review final grades that are
    near the cut-off areas. Plus and minus grades
    are generally those within 2 points of the
    cut-offs. The final grade will not be altered
    once assigned.
  • - Please feel free to interact with me any time
    about your grade. There will be no make-up
    exams. Contact me as soon as possible if you do
    miss an exam.

Problems If You Do Not Prepare for 121 Lecture
Chem 121 student who did poorly on the exam.
Chem 121 students who did well on the exam.