This presentation covers important information that should assist you in your transition to UCs Coll - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PPT – This presentation covers important information that should assist you in your transition to UCs Coll PowerPoint presentation | free to view - id: 1dc78e-ZDc1Z


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About This Presentation

This presentation covers important information that should assist you in your transition to UCs Coll


This presentation covers important information that should assist you in your transition to UCs Coll – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: This presentation covers important information that should assist you in your transition to UCs Coll

This presentation covers important information
that should assist you in your transition to UCs
College of Arts and Sciences. We understand that
there is a lot of info you are responsible for
learning and have compiled it into this online
orientation. We hope that you find this
presentation helpful as you prepare to become
part of McMickens vibrant academic and social
community. Good luck were glad youre here.
topics covered
  • Programs and majors
  • Degree requirements
  • Transfer Credit Evaluation
  • Placement Testing
  • One Stop (registration)
  • Parking / Student I.D.
  • Transitioning to UC
  • Advising Contact Information

lets get started.
As you view this presentation, please be sure to
make a note of any questions you may have. When
you are finished, please schedule an appointment
to meet with an AS advisor as soon as possible
to answer any questions you might have, discuss
your transfer credit, select appropriate classes,
register, etc.
Fast Facts
Fun Fact The two stone lions in front of
McMicken Hall are named Mick and Mack. Many
students leave their mark by kissing the statues
for good luck before exams.
  • AS is the oldest and largest college at UC.
  • For brief History of the college, click here.
  • Named for Charles McMicken
  • 5,369 undergraduate/935 graduate students
  • Faculty / Student ratio - 111
  • Average Class size 24
  • 32 undergraduate majors to choose from

-Fall 2007
Arts Sciences Majors
African and African American
Studies Anthropology Asian Studies Astrophysics Bi
ochemistry Biology Business Economics Chemistry Cl
assical Civilization Classics Communication
Economics English Environmental
Studies French Geography Geology German
Studies History Interdisciplinary
Studies International Affairs Journalism Judaic
Latin American Studies Mathematics Neuroscience Or
ganizational Leadership Philosophy Physics Politic
al Studies Psychology Sociology
Spanish Womens, Gender, and Sexuality
Cant decide on just one? Many students double
major! Ask an academic advisor for more info . .
. Program Outlines provide suggested schedules
and list requirements. Please review these prior
to registration. Click here to view AS program
Minors and Certificates
History Historic Preservation Journalism Latin
American Studies Mathematics Philosophy Physics Pr
ofessional Writing Russian Eastern European
Studies Sociology Spanish Womens Studies
African American Studies American Ethnic
Studies Anthropology Asian Studies Biology Busines
s Languages French German
Spanish Chemistry Classical Civilization Classics
Creative Writing Economic English French Geography
Geology German Literature
Minors also help to design and diversify your
educational portfolio.
For AS program outlines, please click here.
Pre-Professional Tracks
These are NOT majors!
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Law
  • Pre-Optometry
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Pre-Veterinary

Students will choose a major and work with a
Pre-Professional Adviser to prepare for admission
to professional schools. For information about
pre-professional advising, click here.
McMicken Degree Requirements
General Liberal Arts Core Requirements Approximate
ly 69hrs
Credit Breakdown Liberal Arts Core
Requirements Approx 69 credit hours. Major 54
credit hours Free Electives 0-57 credit hours
Free Electives 0-57
Note McMickens flexible degree requirements
allow and encourage students to pursue multiple
majors, minors, and certificates! Design and
diversify your educational portfolio . . . see
an advisor for more info.
Major 54
Core Requirements vary for students planning to
complete degrees at other UC colleges (ex.
Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Business, etc). See your
advisor for details.
AS Total Hours - 180
McMicken Core Requirements
General Liberal Arts Core Requirements Approximate
ly 69hrs
6. Social Sciences (9 hours) a. must carry
SS BoK code b. at least 6 hours from
AS 7. Literature (3 hours) a. must carry
LT BoK code b. must be from AS 8.
Humanities (3 Hours) a. must carry HU BoK
code b. must be from AS 9. Literature,
Humanities, Fine Arts Elective (3 Hours)
Select any LT, HU, or FA coded
course from any college 10. Social
Ethical Issue Elective a. must carry SE
BoK code b. may double-dip in other
1. English Composition (9 hours) 2. Foreign
Language (15-18 hr sequence) 3. Natural
Sciences (9 hours) a. must carry NS
BoK code b. at least 6 hours must be
from AS 4. Mathematics (9 hours) a.
must carry QR BoK code b. at lease 6
hours must be from AS c. Many majors
have specific math reqs, see an
advisor for details 5. History (9 hours)
a. must carry HP BoK code b. at least 6
hours from AS c. at least 3 hours must
be listed HIST
Major 54
Free Electives 0-57
AS Total Hours - 180
Please note BoK Codes (Breadth of Knowledge),
and college designation can be found on OneStop
during registration, which is covered later in
this presentation
McMicken Degree Requirements
  • To Graduate from the McMicken College of Arts and
    Sciences, students must
  • Earn at least 180 quarter credit hours
  • Attain at least a 2.0 gpa for all courses taken
    at UC
  • Be matriculated at the college for at least a
    full academic year (45 credits).

University of Cincinnati Undergraduate Transfer
Center Transfer Credit Evaluation Report Student
M02-34-5678 Joe Student Please read the
enclosed information sheet entitled Understanding
Your UC Transfer Credit Evaluation Report for
further information and explanation about your
transfer credit shown below. Your college will
determine how the transfer credit shown below
will be applied toward your degree requirements
once you have been admitted to an academic
program. Transfer Institution 001720 Sinclair
Community College Date External External Award UC
Course Title/ Taken Course Course Title Hrs
Equivalent Discipline 12 2001 ARC101
Architectural Draftin 0.00 ------------ UNDER
REVIEW 12 2001 ARC102 Architectural Detail
0.00 ------------ UNDER REVIEW 12 2001 ARC105
Construction Methods 0.00 ------------ UNDER
REVIEW 12 2001 CCT105 Properties of Constru
3.00 32BLTN107 CONSTRUCTN METH 12 2001
CCT201 Introduction to Surve 3.00
32CVTN141 SURVEYING I 12 2001 DRT196
Technical Graphics Co 0.00 ------------
15-GRAP- 12 2001 DRT198 Introduction to
Compu 0.00 ------------ 15-HIST- 12
2001 HIS113 Western Civilization 3.00
Elementary Algebra 4.00 28MATH132 INTRO
ALGEBRA I 12 2001 MET198 Personal Computer
App 0.00 ------------ Y Grade 04 2002 ARC103
Architectural 3-D Dra 3.00 32ARTN122
CONSTRUCTN DRWG 04 2002 ARC116 Architectural
History 3.00 32ARTN183 ARCH HISTORY 04 2002
ENG111 English Composition I 3.00
Technical Mathematics 5.00 32MATH178 ALGEBRA
TRIG I 06 2002 ARC107 Architectural
Buildin 3.00 ARTN1 Architectural Te 06
2002 CCT216 Construction Estimati 4.00
English Composition I 3.00 15ENGL102
FRESHMAN ENGLISH 06 2002 MAT132 Technical
Mathematics 5.00 32MATH179 ALGEBRA TRIG
I 12 2002 ARC117 Architectural Restora
3.00 32ARTN183 ARCH HISTORY 12 2002 ARC240
Computer Aided Archit 4.00 ARCH2
Architecture 12 2002 DRT199 Advanced
Computer Aid 3.00 MET1 Mechanical
Engin 12 2002 PHY131 Technical Physics I
1.00 32PHYS111
PHYS-TECH I LAB 04 2003 ARC211 Building
Systems Draf 5.00 32ARTN121 CONSTRUCTN
DRWG 04 2003 ARC241 Computer Aided Archit
4.00 32ARTN122 CONSTRUCTN DRWG 04 2003
COM206 Interpersonal Communi 3.00
15COMM176 Introduction to 04 2003 MET203
Statics 4.00 32MET140
STATICS 06 2003 ARC278 Architectural Technol
4.00 ISEL0 Independent Stud 06 2003
CCT206 Structural Analysis I 3.00
II LA Total Hours Awarded from this
Institution 95.0 Total Hours Awarded for all
Institutions 95.00
Transfer Credit
  • You will receive a transfer credit evaluation
    report from the UC Transfer Credit Evaluation
  • This lists all of your credit transferring from
    your home institution and how they transfer to
  • Courses listed as Under Review are being
    reviewed for equivalency. You will receive an
    updated report when the course is evaluated.
  • Courses listed as means that credit was
    applied, but there is no direct equivalent at UC.
  • Courses not appearing on this report have not yet
    been received. Be sure that all transcripts from
    all previously attended institutions were sent to

Transfer Credit (cont)
  • Once credits have been evaluated, you should be
    able to run your own degree audit (DPA).
  • On this audit (pictured on the left) youll be
    able to see how credits transferred. An academic
    advisor can help you to interpret the results.
  • Please note that this is to be used as a general
    guide and should not replace regular visits with
    an academic or major advisor.
  • Some programs (such as pre-business or other
    pre tracks) are not listed, but you can use the
    audit to see what course numbers you have credit
    for. Choose the major Exploratory
  • Click here to run your DPA and follow the
    instructions listed.
  • Official transcripts can be purchased through

Degree Audit FAQs (cont)
  • What should I do if I have credit that doesnt
    appear on the degree audit?
  • It is possible that UC has not received your
    final transcript yet, or that it has been
    received but not yet been evaluated.
  • Transcript evaluation can take some time.
  • Contact the Transfer and Lifelong Learning Center
    (513) 556-2247 for questions related to
  • What does a grade of PC mean?
  • This stands for pending credit and means that
    you will receive transfer credit for the course
    number assigned.
  • Transfer credit will count as earned hours but
    will not affect your GPA at UC
  • Students may appeal decisions regarding course
    evaluation and applicability please ask your
    advisor for clarification.

Placement Testing
  • UC requires that students take a placement exam
    in three 3 areas
  • English
  • Math
  • Foreign Language
  • Students who have credit from a regionally
    accredited institution in one or more of these
    subject areas may be exempt from taking the
    related exams.
  • Coursework must be applicable to AS core
    requirements for exemption.
  • Coursework must be evaluated and/or placement
    test must be taken prior to registration.
  • If your placement test requirement is in
    question, see an academic advisor as soon as
    possible to avoid delay in registration.

Placement Testing
  • You will receive a letter from the college office
    letting you know which exams you should take (if
  • If you are unsure if you are required to take a
    placement exam, contact your advisor.
  • The next screen explains how to sign up for any
    required placement exam

Placement Testing
  • Math Placement
  • Required for students who have not taken college
    level mathematics.
  • Call the Testing Center to schedule an
    appointment (prior to your advising session)
  • Foreign Language Testing
  • For students who have had two or more years of
    French, Spanish, or German in High School.
  • If you havent taken a foreign language in the
    past 3 years, you may opt to start at the
    beginning level, and a test isnt necessary.
  • Call the Testing Center to schedule an
    appointment (prior to your advising session)
  • English Placement Testing
  • If you do not have college credit for English
    Composition, you will need to take the English
    placement test in order to begin the sequence at
  • To schedule a time to take the English placement
    test, please contact Dr. Ron Hundermer in the
    English deptartment via email
    (allow 48 hours for scoring prior to advising
  • Please be sure to include your name, Student ID
    (M12345678), and Major when requesting a testing

One Stop
One Stop You can use the UC One Stop website
( for most of your general UC
business. Including Registering for
classes Viewing your schedule Viewing class
offerings Viewing your bill Running a Degree
Program Audit (Unofficial Audit) Financial Aid
Info, and much more . . .
One Stop
One Stop To register, click on register for
classes The next few screens will walk you
through the registration process . . . Helpful
Tip UC no longer publishes a printed schedule
of courses. Quarter course listings can be found
online. To see courses offered in a given term
prior to registration date, simply click on
view class offerings.
  • Logging in to One Stop
  • Login with your Username (62 I.D.) and Password.
  • Click on Get My Username if youve never logged
    on before and/or never received one
  • If all else fails, click on the Help link or call
    556-HELP for assistance.

  • One Stop (Cont)
  • The M-Number is your new UCID.
  • You may want to commit this number to memory as
    you will use it to conduct much of your business
    at UC
  • Read this page and Click on Continue when

  • Logging in to One Stop
  • Enter your user name
  • The first time you login, your password will be
    Uc!mmddyyyy (your full date of birth)
  • If all else fails, click on the Help link or call
    556-HELP for assistance.

  • Logging in to One Stop
  • Click on the continue button under Step 1

  • Logging in to One Stop
  • Type in the same username and password as before

  • Logging in to One Stop
  • Under old password type in the same as before
  • Create a new password
  • Must be at least 8 and no more than 24 characters
  • Must contain letters and numbers
  • Must include one lowercase and one upper case
  • May include special characters
  • May not include your name

  • Logging in to One Stop
  • Once you see this screen, click on Password
    Challenge Response

  • Logging in to One Stop
  • Answer the questions provided.
  • For the last question, create a question/ answer
    that youll remember that unique to you.
  • Then click submit
  • Then logout

  • Logging in to One Stop
  • Now you can login using you Username and newly
    created password.

  • One Stop (Cont)
  • Youll be prompted to change or verify your
  • Click on the link and follow instructions.

  • One Stop (Cont)
  • Read this page carefully.
  • This concerns your responsibility to make
    arrangements for payment of classes, fees, etc.
  • If you have read and understand the payment
    conditions, click on the box where indicated and
    click on the continue button.

  • One Stop (Cont)
  • Upon a successful login, youll see a screen that
    looks like this.
  • To view course offerings click on register.

  • One Stop (cont)
  • Select Student term
  • Click Continue

  • One Stop (cont)
  • This is the registration screen.
  • To register for a class, enter the call number
    (6-digits) for the class in the space provided,
    and click on submit (leave other fields blank).
  • Although spaces are provided for multiple
    entries, submit numbers one at a time.
  • To find call numbers, click on schedule of

  • One Stop (cont)
  • Select college that the course is offered
  • Two digit college code is typically at beginning
    of all course IDs.
  • For example
  • 15-ENGL-101 (AS)
  • 23-ARTH-111 (DAAP)
  • 42-ENGL-101B (CAT)

Tip Distance Learning, ASAP Weekend Courses
and Interdisciplinary Programs are offered
through AS, but can be found directly on this
page. Click the links to learn more.
  • One Stop (cont)
  • Select Discipline
  • For Example, for 15-English 101 (Freshman
    Composition 101) Select English

  • One Stop (cont)
  • Scroll down the page to see options available for
    the quarter selected.
  • Click on course title (English Comp I) to see a
    course description

What do numbers letters mean in course listings?
  • Days of week (Thursday H)
  • Time
  • Name of Instructor
    (staff No instructor assigned)
  • Breadth of Knowledge Code
  • Course I.D.
  • Number of Credit Hours
  • Course Title
  • Section Number
  • Call Number

  • One Stop (cont)
  • Click on the course ID (15-ENGL-101) to see
    which sections are still open.
  • Enrollment number of students in the class.
  • Available number of seats available in the
  • Tip Classes meeting on TH meet Tuesday AND

  • One Stop (cont)
  • Classes marked closed means that they are
    currently unavailable.
  • You can select a plan B and check Onestop
    periodically to see if your first choice becomes

  • One Stop (cont)
  • Choose your desired class and select its
    corresponding call number.
  • Helpful hint, by highlighting the call number,
    right-clicking, and clicking on copy, you can
    place the call number directly onto the
    registration page.

  • One Stop (cont)
  • When you are viewing course offerings, you
    automatically open a new window.
  • Helpful hint Go back to registration screen by
    clicking registration in your windows toolbar.

  • One Stop (cont)
  • Place call number into the appropriate field.
  • Then click the submit button.
  • Hint If you selected the call number on the
    previous page, you can click in the first box
    under Call Number heading, right click and select
    paste. Then click on the submit button.
  • Dont Forget! -Although there are numerous fields
    available, submit only one call number at a time.

  • One Stop (cont)
  • Repeat steps to build your schedule.
  • Eventually youll have a screen that looks
    something like this.
  • You can drop classes by checking the appropriate
    box, and clicking submit.

  • One Stop (cont)
  • You can view a printable schedule with room
    locations and times, by clicking view schedule.

  • One Stop (cont)
  • All UC students are required to have health
  • This screen will appear when you attempt to view
    your schedule.
  • You will either choose to purchase university
    health insurance, or submit proof of coverage, or
    waive later.
  • Students choosing to waive university health
    insurance later must do so on OneStop before
    classes start.
  • Questions should be directed to 556-6868.

  • One Stop (cont)
  • You can search for specific classes by BoK code,
    times or days of the week by clicking search for

  • One Stop (cont)
  • Youll see a menu of searchable criteria here.
  • This is handy when looking for specific BoK code
    requirements, specific hours or days of the week!

  • How Do I Get a Parking Pass?
  • Contact the Parking Services at
  • Where Do I Get my Student I.D. card?
  • Students are required to have a photo
    identification badge for use in the dining halls,
    libraries, sport facilities, and computer
  • ID badges are processed in the Public Safety
    Office (3 Edwards Center).
  • Students need to be registered for classes and
    have another photo identification (i.e. driver's
    license, state ID or passport) with them to
    obtain a UC ID.

  • How do I get into a class thats closed?
  • Only the professor can give you permission to
    take their class if it has filled.
  • Add slips are available in 102 McMicken Hall and
    at One Stop (2nd floor, University Pavilion).
  • Have professor sign the add slip on the first day
    of class and take it to One Stop for processing.
  • Where can I apply for Financial Aid?
  • Ask at the One Stop office in the University
    Pavilion or look online for more information
  • For other frequently asked questions, click here.

Transition to UC
  • Find your way around (for campus maps, click
  • Learn about all the resources available
  • Get Involved - But in moderation
  • Manage your time wisely

Time Management
Sixty Hour Principle (or How to Fit Everything
Into One Week)
Rule 1 Read (important links
you need to know)
  • Email Bearcat On-Line (BOL) Click Here
  • AS Bulletin Website - http//
  • One Stop Student Service http//
  • Registrar's Office - http//
  • Blackboard Learning Center - (many classes will
    use this online tool) Click Here

You have a BOL email account
This is the main method of communication at UC
and important information is sent to this account
virtually everyday. Check your account regularly!
Rule 2 - Know Deadlines
  • They're posted everywhere (including Onestop).
  • You are responsible for knowing deadlines.
  • There ARE consequences.
  • If you don't know, ask an advisor.

Drop and Grade Replacement
  • You have 58 days to drop a course or to turn in a
    Grade Replacement Application
  • Students have the option of replacing up to 15
    credit hours during their entire tenure at UC.
  • Applications are available in room 102 and must
    be submitted in advance.
  • It is highly recommended that students work with
    an academic advisor prior to submitting an
    application for Grade replacement.

What is Full-time/Part-time?
  • 12-18 hours is full-time
  • Tuition is the same for 12-18 hours
  • Less than 12 hours is part-time
  • Financial aid, scholarships, athletic
    eligibility, and insurance may be affected
  • Taking more than 18 hours will result in a per
    hour surcharge
  • 15-18 hours is the maximum load for freshman and
    sophomore years

Undergraduate Affairs and Advising
Room 102 McMicken Hall Phone 556.5860 Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 800am-500pm
Tuesday 1000am-500pm
Friday 800am-500pm
Meet with an advisor often - appointments are
necessary and must be made in advance!
Thank you for viewing this online orientation,
please make an appointment (556-5860) to meet
with an academic advisor ASAP. Feel free to
view and/or reference this presentation as many
times as you like. Were thrilled that you have
decided to join UCs McMicken College of Arts of
Sciences. Best wishes and good luck!