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Going to the Funfair


One bright, sunny, summers day Rohan, Louise, Ella and Hannah were playing lots ... Suddenly out popped a advert for a funfair that was open every weekend. It said, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Going to the Funfair

Going to the Funfair
  • By Rohan Dronsfield
  • and
  • Hannah Bahmed

Chapter 1To the fair
  • One bright, sunny, summers day Rohan, Louise,
    Ella and Hannah were playing lots of games
    outside. Ella just took a old game that Louises
    Dad had when he was young. Suddenly out popped a
    advert for a funfair that was open every weekend.
    It said,

Rodneys Flash Funfair Lots of enormous, fun
rides! Tuck in, brilliant restaurant provided
2.00 per child 3.00 per adult Family price
5.00 900am until 1000pm They got so exited!!!
They all rushed to their Mum and screamed,
Mum!!! Mum!!! There is a funfair every weekend!
Can we go? Can we go? We hardly ever go out.

  • Well. . .It is treat day, so yes! exclaimed
    Mum. They knew nothing about the danger that lie
    ahead . . . . . . . . . .

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Chapter 2The Rides!
  • They went on loads of fun rides like the wet,
    enormous water slide. Mum even allowed them to
    have popping popcorn and sticky candyfloss!
    There was only one of the rides left to
    experience. . . They got really suspicious about
    the ride because it was always closed.
  • Gee, I wonder why the ride is so gloomy
    and dusty! It looks like a rusty, broken down,
    greyish, brown ghost ride. Do you think that
    anybody has ever been in that ride because it
    looks so horrible?! asked Ella
  • They all thought no one was in there.
  • So they went in . . . . . . . . . . .

Chapter 3Going in
  • There was loads of shiny cobwebs that glowed
    in the darkness. A small light beam, beamed in
    the gigantic room.
  • Suddenly they heard clinking and clanking
    noises in the basement. They went down some
    grey, creaking staircase. Louise felt a cold
    shiver down her spine.
  • At the bottom of the ride they spotted a
    funny looking man who had frizzy, white hair and
    he was controlling lots of bubbling chemicals.

  • He was wearing a small, white, glowing
    laboratory cloak. It was so small that he was
    scrunched up.

  • Look at all that equipment and it looks
    like hes making diamonds and, they're fake!!!
    At that moment, the man turned round to check
    one of his bubbling chemicals but instead he saw
    the children.
  • His face was like an erupting volcano! His
    eyes were wide as a anacondas mouth and as red as
    lava. His mouth was like a fearsome mouth with
    very sharp teeth. His nose had boils and a wart
    at the end of it. And the chase was on!!!

Chapter 4The chase is on!
  • They ran and ran, zooming upstairs and smashed
    lots of chemicals. They crawled into the kitchen
    and had a plan. They put a bag of slime and put
    it on top of the door. So they did it. At that
    moment the man came in and
  • SPLAT!!!

  • They rushed to their Mum and told her to call
    the police.
  • So she told them, Police! Police! Theres
    an evil mad man (with gung on his head), in the
    rides, the one thats always closed!!! At the
  • So suddenly the police car skidded round the
    bend and made a loud,

Chapter 5Caught Red Handed
  • They told them the whole story from going into
    the ride to meeting the man, seeing the fake
    diamond's to putting the gung on his head.
  • Rohan, Ella, Joe and Louise were so bored they
    even tried to go on more rides but Mum said, NO!
    This place is dangerous, TOO DANGEROUS!!!!!!
  • So the police came and arrested the mad man
    and he shouted, Ill be back!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!
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