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Education for a Sustainable Future and a Greener Economy


Part V Solutions and Resources for you! How Many Green Jobs? ... ACCED-I Association of Collegiate Conference & Events Directors - International ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Education for a Sustainable Future and a Greener Economy

  • Education for a Sustainable Future and a Greener
  • Debra Rowe, Ph.D.
  • Professor
  • Sustainable Energies and Behavioral Sciences
  • President
  • U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable

  • Part I What are green jobs?
  • Part II What is education for a green and
    sustainable future?
  • Part III What are our sustainability
  • Part IV National Trends
  • Part V Solutions and Resources for you!

How Many Green Jobs? Starting with the obvious
green jobs.
  • The Solar Energy Industries Association,
    estimates that 110,000 jobs will be created in
    solar energy by the end of next year
  • The American Wind Energy Association estimates
    that if the industry meets President Obama's goal
    of doubling renewable energy output in the next
    three years, the wind sector will create 185,000
    jobs in that time period
  • But thats the tip of the iceberg
  • Thanks to Carolyn Teich, AACC, for some materials
    in this slide

Partial list of green jobs the obvious choices
  • Traditionally, community college, career and
    technical education, and even the National
    Science Foundation focus on technicians
  • Energy auditor
  • Wind energy technician
  • Insulation and weatherization technician
  • Photovoltaics (solar electricity) installer
  • Thermal solar installer (hot water and space
    heating and pool heating)

Upstream green jobs jobs needed before
technicians get hired
  • Energy/utility policy analysts and policy makers
  • Employees in state and local energy related
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy products
    financiers, manufacturers, distributors, and
  • HVAC and other contractors with energy efficiency
    and renewables expertise/product line
  • Energy Service Company (ESCO) employees
  • Corporate social responsibility officer
  • Sustainability oriented purchasing agent and
    business VP
  • Energy manager
  • Facilities director

Partial list of green jobs some of the less
obvious choices
  • Resource conservation/efficiency manager
  • Measurement and verification technician
  • Material scientist
  • Environmental engineer technician
  • Biomass plant designer, manager, technician
  • Utility plant operatives
  • HVAC/ building automation technician controls
  • Refuse and recycling worker
  • Sustainable agriculture specialist
  • Groundwater heat pump contractor/installer
  • Wave power system designer/installer
  • Forestry wildlife worker

Partial list of green jobs some of the less
obvious choices
  • Hydrogen, batteries and other energy storage
  • Water reservoir and watershed engineer
  • Green building designer
  • Heating/cooling/ventilation scientist and
  • Construction worker with green installation
  • Lead paint/asbestos abatement specialist
  • Electrical technician
  • Energy statistician
  • Recycling director
  • Environmental maintenance worker
  • Greenhouse gas analyst/broker

Partial list of green jobs some of the less
obvious choices
  • Industrial engineer
  • Engineering manager
  • Green products distribution designer/manager
  • Sales and marketing staff for sustainable
  • Brownfields real estate developer
  • Sustainable business process designer
  • Corporate recycling manager
  • Environmental economist
  • Sustainability entrepreneur
  • Environment, health and safety director
  • Environmental quality certification specialist
  • Geographic information systems specialist

Partial list of green jobs some of the less
obvious choices
  • Hazardous materials handler
  • Sustainable operation manager/consultant
  • Socially responsible investment advisor
  • Sustainability officer
  • Trainer/educator for green jobs
  • Sustainability communications/marketing
  • Fostering sustainable neighborhoods project
  • Environmental journalist
  • Permaculture designer and contractor
  • Sustainable landscape architect
  • Natural resources manager
  • Sustainable communities planner

Partial list of green jobs some of the less
obvious choices
  • Sustainable development policy analyst
  • Groundwater professional
  • Restoration ecologist
  • Climate change risk assessor and mitigation
  • Sustainable transportation planner
  • Water pollution control technician
  • Watershed manager
  • Wildlife biologist
  • Agricultural extension specialist
  • Environmental communications specialist
  • Environmental conflict manager
  • Power purchase negotiator

What is a green job? A limited but still helpful
view below
  • The Department of Labor recently tagged over 100
    occupations in the ONET database as being green
    occupations.  http//
    een . 
  • Browse by the 12 identified green economy
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Energy and Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Energy Efficiency Energy Storage Environment
  • Government and Regulatory Administration
  • Green Construction Manufacturing 
  • Recycling and Waste Reduction
  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Research, Design and Consulting Services
  • Transportation.   

What is a green job? The Department of Labor
categorizes green jobs into one of the
  • Green increased demand occupations increase in
    the employment demand for an existing occupation.
    64 occupations meet this definition.
  • Green enhanced skills occupations significant
    change to the work and worker requirements of an
    existing occupation. 60 occupations meet this
  • Green new and emerging occupations generation of
    a new occupation relative to the ONET taxonomy.
    This new occupation could be entirely novel or
    born from an existing occupation. 45
    occupations qualify with another 46 occupations
    identified as candidates
  • The ONET green center has a wealth of green

The Pervasiveness of Green
  • SOC listings are incomplete, although nearly 900
    distinct occupations are identified
  • Every job will have a green tinge to it, since
    energy waste, toxins, food chain disruption and
    ecosystem destruction will be costly and
    unacceptable, IF we pay attention!
  • Predicting employment? Follow the money and help
    create the businesses

Certifications and Needs Assessments
  • I have multiple pages of certifications how do
    you know which ones will emerge as the standards?
  • The marketplace is moving quickly, including
  • new initiatives that create new workforce
  • new standards
  • Great to see the movement but difficult to design
    for need to design flexible degrees!
  • Example Recovery Through Retrofits, Major
    federal initiative for retrofits of middle class
    homes for energy efficiency, including national
    workforce standards and removal of financing
    bottlenecks - http//
    uments/Recovery_ Through_Retrofit_Final_Report.pdf

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Overwhelmed by all the details?
  • Take a more conceptual and systemic approach.
  • This will create more success in educating for
    a green and sustainable economy

Sustainable Development is often defined as
  • meeting the needs of the present
  • without compromising the ability of
  • future generations to
  • meet their own needs
  • World Commission on Env. and Development.
    (1987). Our Common Future. England Oxford
    University Press.

Social Well-being
Flourishing Environment
Strong Economy
Sustainable Society
Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability
Education for a Sustainable Society
enables people to develop the knowledge,
values and skills to participate in decisions …,
that will improve the quality of life now without
damaging the planet for the future.  
Sustainable Communities
Public Choices and Behaviors-Laws
Applied Knowledge/ Technological Skills
Private Choices and Behaviors-Habits
Sustainable Economies
Why is environmental responsibility such a high
  • Freshwater withdrawal has almost doubled since
    1960 and nearly half the worlds major rivers are
    going dry or are badly polluted (New
    Internationalist, no. 329)
  • 11 of the worlds 15 major fishing areas and 69
    of the worlds major fish species are in decline
    (State of the World, Worldwatch Institute)
  • Climate change (global warming) exists, a major
    culprit is fossil fuels, and impacts are very
    serious. (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
    Change report Summary for Policymakers The
    Science of Climate Change)

Effects -Climate Change
  • Disruption of food production and the food chain
  • More extreme weather events
  • Disruptions of ecosystems, including water
  • Spread of disease e.g. West Nile, Malaria,
    Dengue Fever
  • Submersion of land masses
  • sea level rise
  • 50 of worlds population lives on the coasts
  • Civilization Disruption and National Security
  • Source Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
    Change, NASA, and National Defense University

Why is Climate Change Important?
  • It is outside of the normal variability of
  • We are the first generation capable of
    determining the habitability of the planet for
    humans and other species.
  • The decisions of this generation are crucial. 

Why climate change and other environmental Issues
are so important
  • Our decisions will create
  • more scarcity and suffering, or a future of
    greater abundance and higher quality of life

Global Perspective
life supporting resources declining
consumption of life supporting resources rising
Why is EFS such a high priority?
  • Much of the public doesnt know that we are
    exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet and
    that if everyone lives like we do in the U.S., we
    will need 4 to 6 planets of resources.
  • Public doesnt know we can reduce human
    suffering and environmental degradation now
    while building stronger economies
  • A rapid shift in mindset is needed and education
    to action is the key.

Read Plan B Mobilizing to Save Civilization
  • by Lester Brown, founder of Worldwatch Institute
  • Explains how to get to sustainable clean energy
    solutions, sustainable practices and policies,
    poverty reduction, and economic health, and what
    each of us can/needs to do
  • Downloadable at
  • Great sections to include in any course actions
    near the end


U.S. Partnership for Education for
Sustainable Development Convene,
Catalyze and Communicate
free resources
Sector Teams Business, Higher Education,
K-12, Communities, Faith, Youth…
Business principles of sustainability
  • Cradle to Cradle (McDonough)
  • Biomimicry (Benyas Like nature, efficient and
    not toxic)
  • World Business Council for Sustainable
    Development (
  • Natural Step (Sweden and U.S.)
  • Natural Capitalism (Lovins, Harvard Business
  • More accurate economic indicators and markets
    Hazel Henderson

Trends in sectors some examples
  • Business LOHAS - Japan, SOL Sustainability
    Consortium, Businesses for Social Responsibility,
    Shareholders, Investors (e.g. Goldman Sachs and
    Swiss RE)
  • Communities - Mayors Climate Protection and Smart
    Growth, Sustainable Communities Partnerships,
    Coalitions, Community Planning
  • K-12 U.S. Summit and collaboration, national
    webinars and resources
  • Faith - Religious Partnership and Interfaith
    Alliance, Regeneration Project
  • Youth Climate Challenge, Reduce Your Impact,
    Action Campaigns, Powershift, National Teach-in…

  • Higher education is taking a leadership role
    to prepare students and provide the information
    and knowledge to achieve a sustainable society.
  • What does it look like?

For higher education, Sustainable Development is
being integrated into
public awareness
Mission and Planning
Community Outreach and Partnerships
Professional Development
Student Life
Internationally, a taste…
  • In Sweden, it is a law that all undergraduates be
    educated about sustainability
  • High priority in higher education principles in
    European Union
  • U.N. Decade and other ESD international
    conferences in Mexico, Bonn Declaration
  • Earth Charter in Costa Rica vision
  • Association of Canadian Community Colleges
  • Global Sustainability Group out of MIT
  • Japanese campaign for sustainable living as

GREAT NEWS!!! Growing National Trend in
U.S. Over seventeen national HE associations
and twenty national disciplinary associations are
creating initiatives on Education for Green and
Committed to the advancement of sustainability
throughout higher education
AACC American Association of Community Colleges
AASCU American Association of State Colleges
Universities AASHE Association for the
Advancement of Sustainability in Higher
Education ACCED-I Association of Collegiate
Conference Events Directors - International
ACE American Council on Education ACPA College
Student Educators International
ACUHO-I Association of College University
Housing Officers International AGB Association
of Governing Boards of Universities
Colleges APPA Association of Higher Education
Facilities Officers CCCU Council of Christian
Colleges Universities NACA National Association
for Campus Activities NACUBO National
Association of College University Business
Officers NAEP National Association of Educational
Procurement NAICU National Association of
Independent Colleges Universities NIRSA National
Intramural-Recreational Sports
Association SCUP Society for College
University Planning
Higher Education Associations Sustainability
  • Presidents
  • Academic Officers
  • Student Affairs
  • Trustees
  • Campus Activities
  • Facilities
  • Business Officers
  • Planners
  • Events Directors
  • Recreation Directors
  • Purchasers
  • More….. On campus Sustainability Committees

  • Higher Education Sustainability Fellows Programs
  • HEASC News Digest and shared publications
  • HEASC Resource Center - Socially, economically
    and environmentally responsible procurement,
    operations, planning, leadership, learning
    outcomes and more!!
  • Media Strategies for Sustainability
  • Informing Legislation

DANS the Disciplinary Associations Network for
Sustainability - click on
Resources Include this in all disciplines and gen
  • American Psychological Association
  • Sociology
  • Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Math
  • Broadcasting
  • Architecture
  • Engineering (civil, mechanical, eng. ed.)
  • Business
  • Ecological Economics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • American Association for the Advancement of
  • Computer Research
  • Humanities
  • STEM disciplines
  • Political Science
  • Anthropology
  • More…

Academic Disciplines and U. S. Partnership
created DANS
  • Infusing green/sustainability into
  • Curricula, including textbooks
  • Promotion and tenure and accreditation
  • Informing legislation and policy
  • Informing the public
  • Professional identity as an academic
  • See the resources at

AACC Actions
  • Board
  • AACC Resolution on Sustainable Development
  • AACC Resolution in Support of the U.N. Decade of
    Education for Sustainable Development
  • Sustainability Task Force
  • Collaborations
  • AASHE - Sustainability Tracking and Rating
  • Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC)
  • Green for All Pathways Out of Poverty Models
  • National Wildlife Federation Educational
  • EcoAmerica - Database

AACC Actions (continued)
  • Workforce Preparation for a Sustainable Economy
    theme at next AACC Convention
  • 4 HEASC Sustainability Fellows
  • Community College Journal and Times publications
  • Community College Monthly Conference Calls join
  • Members informing legislators
  • Web site and
    upcoming Sustainable Economy Resource Center
  • Sustainability Affinity Group of the World
    Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics -

The American College University Presidents
Climate Commitment
  • Climate Leadership in Higher Education
  • Over 650 presidents in all 50 states

Resources (for presidents, students and you!)
  • Education for Climate Neutrality and
    Sustainability very good!!
  • Energy Performance Contracting Toolkit
  • ACUPCC Voluntary Carbon Offset Protocol
  • ACUPCC Climate Action Planning Wiki
  • ACUPCC Reporting Tool
  • ACUPCC Implementation Guide
  • ACUPCC GHG Inventory Brief
  • ACUPCC Webinar Series
  • ACUPCC Solutions Page (includes links to further

So many examples at so many colleges!
Association for the Advancement of
Sustainability in Higher Education AASHE
(AY-shee) Sign up for the free
bulletin Search the extensive resources and the
digest Join as an institution
HE Sustainability Examples more at
Annual Digest
  • Systemic integration
  • Georgia Tech
  • University of North Carolina
  • Arizona State
  • Moraine Valley Community College….
  • Transportation
  • UC Boulder
  • Many community colleges

HE Sustainability Examples more at
Annual Digest
  • Green Computing
  • League for Innovation
  • Educause
  • Food
  • Marshalltown, Seattle… CC Organic Gardens
  • Yale
  • Institutionalization in job descriptions and
    performance reviews
  • From Cornell to Lane Community College

HE Sustainability Examples more at
Annual Digest
  • Energy Conservation, Renewable Energies Climate
    Change Modeling solutions
  • Over 400 greenhouse gas inventories completed
  • University of Minnesota Morris wind power and
  • Turtle Mtn CC - wind
  • At least 11 campuses installed or announced plans
    to install more than 1 MW each of solar energy in
    2008, including Contra Costa Community College
    District (CA)
  • Los Angeles Comm College District!! funding
    models to go all conservation and renewables with
    community purchasing.

HE Sustainability Examples more at
Annual Digest
  • Green Building
  • Built into all bid requests
  • So many examples, from Maricopa colleges to…
  • Socially and Environmentally Responsible
  • Rutgers, Stanford, OCC
  • Waste Minimization
  • 400 colleges in RecycleMania

A more comprehensive way of looking at education
in the green economy
  • Everyone interacts with the planet and the
    ecosystems we depend upon for life
  • Everyone has an important role to play in helping
    to create a sustainable future
  • Some of the most crucial jobs in green havent
    been created yet
  • Not just green jobs, but green thinking
  • Green thinking, systems thinking, creating
    effective change
  • Including and also much greater than technicians
  • Community colleges have a unique and important
    role that requires new actions.

HE Sustainability Examples more at
Annual Digest
  • Curricula
  • Miami Dade Community College learning outcomes
    in general education
  • Univ. of Wisconsin Oshkosh essential learning
  • Arizona State University required for all
  • Comm. Colleges Article at AACC site/sustainable
  • 650 colleges in the ACUPCC, many are Comm.
  • S in the schedule and recognition for
  • Positive scenarios and futures fairs (description
    at DANS website)

Modeling for Students and the Public
  • Individuals at the college doing it and telling
    their stories too posting their stories
  • Sharing the links e.g. low cost energy
    conservation and solar, environmentally/socially
    responsible purchasing and investments
    (http// and
  • The campus as a living lab for a sustainable

The lab and the campus can also be a community
demonstration center for sustainability
Next Steps
  • All of us engaged as effective change agents to
    create a sustainable future
  • From apathy caring involvement.
  • Know that our daily decisions affect the quality
    of life of people around the globe.
  • Help business, government and non-profits go
    green and sustainable real world assignments
  • Sustainability culture MTVs Breaking the
    Addiction to Oil

Next Steps
  • Building healthier self-concepts. We can
    change society for the better.
  • Tell the stories of success and persistence.

  • Imagine a country where all college students get
    credit for helping to solve our societal problems
    through their academic assignments.
  • Aids with retention and economic development

Key Places to Place Sustainability Create a
college wide Sustainability Committee
  • Student Life
  • Infused throughout curricula
  • First Year Experience
  • Gen Ed Core
  • Curricula Review
  • Community Partnerships
  • Workforce Development
  • Continuing Ed and Community Events
  • Mission
  • Strategic Plan
  • Budget
  • Orientation
  • Campus Map and Signage
  • Building Policies
  • Operations and Purchasing Policies

Some Educator Resources for green technician
education just a taste
  • Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)
    training and best practices
  • Consortium for Education in Renewable Energy
    Technology (CERET) - also NSF
    funded, online for faculty development, remote
    students and pass-through degrees
  • National Council for Workforce Education
    examples at colleges http//
  • American Wind Energy Association new curricular
  • AACC Green Resources at
    ble and

Additional Resources
  • Greener Buildings News at
  • Energy Star U.S. Dept of Energy
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -
  • Natural Capitalism by Lovins
  • National Renewable Energy Labs
  • Alliance to Save Energy http//
  • American Solar Energy Society

Key Implications GREEN THINKING for all!!
  • All technology programs need to incorporate green
    and triple bottom line principles, skills and
    applications into curricula, including
    construction, HVAC, automotive, manufacturing,
    electrical and plumbing, health, etc.
  • Skill building for all levels of students
    complete the learning (not just the house plans,
    but all the way through the marketing materials).
  • All students in all degrees need to be literate
    about our sustainability and greening challenges
    and be able to engage in solutions as consumers,
    employees, community members and investors
  • Lifelong learning for public.

Core knowledge and skills for all
  • Literate about our sustainability challenges
    including the triple bottom line conceptual
  • Engagement in real world problem solving
  • Skills and attitudes to be systemic thinkers
    (local-national-global) and effective change
  • Optimism and interpersonal skills
  • Civic Engagement in policies for a green and
    sustainable future

Core knowledge and skills for all technical
  • Further conversation via AACC electronic learning
    community and national project
  • Electrical and thermodynamic applied basics,
    applied math, etc.
  • Make the invisible visible Energy analysis,
    greenhouse gas and other pollution analyses, life
    cycle analysis, cradle to cradle. All of these
    included in the daily product creation,
    selection, installation/servicing decision
  • Assertiveness skills to integrate
    green/sustainability into the workplace

On the forefront in Minnesota
  • Energy technical specialist degree plus
    certificate in one of four specialties - ethanol
    production, biodiesel production, wind turbine
    maintenance, and solar energy assessment. The
    certificate programs, which can be completed in
    as little as one semester, will be available
  • The colleges Alexandria Technical C., Century
    C., Minnesota West Community and Technical C.,
    South Central C., St. Cloud Technical C., Hibbing
    CC, Itasca CC, Mesabi Range Community and
    Technical College and Vermilion C., Rainy River
    CC Minnesota Training Partnership for a
    Sustainable Energy Economy.
  • Partnering state-run WorkForce Centers will help
    recruit students and place graduates in jobs.

Federal grant supports
  • a semi-annual energy job vacancy report,
  • two interactive learning modules for use in
    secondary schools
  • Energy Careers Web site,,
    for students, job seekers and teachers.
  • Gail OKane, …degree (and) … certificates
    …recognizes that a great deal of uncertainty
    remains about which energy sources will prevail….
    But with a core set of skills, students will be
    well-positioned to complete additional training
    quickly as new energy technologies emerge.
  • The core curriculum approach was championed by
    the industry-led Minnesota Energy Consortium,
    which helped fund a study that identified the
    necessary core skills.

Where are the green jobs?
  • Clean Technology Jobs Listings
  • http// Source for clean
    tech job seekers
  • http// Clean technology job
    listings and opinions, as well as a blog
  • http// Job listings of
    commercial clean technologies
  • http// Many
    listings of clean tech jobs
  • http// Jobs from employers
    that focus on cleantech practices
  • http// Green
    tech job listings

Where are the green jobs?
  • Environmental Jobs Listings
  • http// Helping
    people work for the environment
  • http// Abundance of
    environmental jobs and careers posted here
  • http// Saving the
    planet one job at a time
  • http// 500 environmental jobs
    and career listings
  • http// Listings
    that help people work for the environment
  • http// All
    types of worldwide environmental jobs
  • http//
    h List of environmentally friendly jobs
  • http// Jobs from grist
    environmental news and commentary
  • http// This job board
    includes many postings from Fortune 500 Employers

Where are the green jobs?
  • Renewable Energy Jobs Listings
  • http//
    bseekers Renewable energy jobs
  • http// Sustainability,
    climate change, and renewable energy jobs
  • http// Jobs in wind
  • http//
    0 Jobs from AWEA
  • http// Solar powered
  • http// Find a job in the
    solar industry

Where are the green jobs?
  • General Green Jobs Listings
  • http// Brings together
    recruiters and job seekers for green jobs
  • http// Offers job listings
    as well as a green job e-mail list
  • http// Best source for
    green collar jobs in the U.S. worldwide
  • http// Online
    community for green activists plus jobs
  • http// Green
    careers and green living resources
  • http// Find green jobs
    from across the web
  • http// Find
    green jobs, research salaries, and more at Yahoo
  • http// Job listings for the
    green industry
  • http// Scroll to
    the bottom of the page to check out jobs by state
  • http// Searching for a
    green job in Philadelphia? This site is for you.
  • http// A blog and job
    listings about jobs in the green collar industry
  • http// Virtual jobs
    with a green twist

Where are the green jobs?
  • General Green Jobs Listings cont.
  • http//
    eendreamjobs.main Green dream job board
  • http// Many different
    green and other jobs listed
  • http//
    cfm Green jobs in the Chicago area
  • http// Green jobs in
    Minnesota provided by MN Green Jobs Task Force
  • http// Ethanol and
    biofuel jobs
  • http// Jobs from the
    U.S. Green Building Council
  • http// Listings of jobs with
    socially responsible companies
  • http// Jobs
    from Business for Social Responsibility
  • http//
    Changing the world through business
  • Non-Profit Jobs Listings
  • http// Thousands of jobs
    listed, mostly from non-profit organizations
  • http// Nonprofit
    jobs, including green collar jobs
  • http// Provides
    current jobs listings from nonprofits

Where are the green jobs in your institutional
  • Put the above links in your career centers and
    educate your counselors.
  • One step further and this is crucial!

Key Actions beyond the tcc norm with excellent
benefits for you
  • 1. Recognize Technical and Community Colleges
    are often the neutral high credibility source for
    the public work with your state energy office,
    utilities, news outlets and others to educate the
    public about the urgency to act. (Benefit gets
    you students)
  • 2. Convene partnerships, community forums, etc.
    to catalyze entrepreneurship, and organizational
    and government policies that will build a healthy
    green economy! Include pathways out of poverty,
    discussions on quality of life and happiness
    research. (Benefit new opportunities/green
    growth, e.g. Cleveland,Richmond Solar)
  • 3. Reach out to associations of builders,
    mechanical contractors, plumbers, engineers,
    manufacturers, chambers of commerce, economic
    developmt agencies and others to show them how to
    go green (Benefits - builds your advisory

The Power of What You Do
  • We can choose a sustainable future

Congratulations for all you have done!!
  • Congratulations for all you will do in the
  • Let your enthusiasm show!
  • For more information, contact Debra Rowe at