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A guide to Surviving the Streets (living in the ghetto)


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A guide to Surviving the Streets (living in the ghetto)

A guide to Surviving the Streets (living in the
  • Niki Dawson, President
  • Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey
  • (a really white chick)

Good Family, Good Dog, Good Adoption (the
This is what we get
This is who we get
Flannery OConnell said
  • The truth does not change according to our
    ability to stomach it.

Know Your City
Know Your Stats
  • Demographics
  • Go beyond the usual shelter statistics
  • Percentage of dominant breed dogs.
  • Which breeds are your vicious and dangerous dog
  • Percentage of ferals? From where?
  • Intact animals coming into facility?
  • How many pets are abandoned in your city?
  • Tied to your fence, at local vets, p/u by A.C.?

Why are people surrendering pets? What are you
doing about it?
  • No LLP/moving?
  • Cant afford to medical?
  • Cant afford food?
  • Training?
  • Neighbors complaining?
  • Ectoparasites?
  • Aggression?
  • Not aggressive enough?
  • Damn thing got itself knocked up?

Alliances The Usual Suspects
  • Schools Humane Education. Do you need dog bite
    prevention? Responsible pet ownership?
  • Cops are your foot soldiers
  • Red Cross
  • Neighborhood Assoc.
  • Other humane groups
  • Local Pet Supply Retailers
  • Da Govment

Da Rest aYo Squad
  • Patient Advocates in Hospitals, Nursing Homes,
    Group Homes, Mental Health Agencies.
  • The Projects Building Super, Maintenance Men.
  • Job Banks
  • Churches
  • Anti-Violence Organizations
  • Battered Womens Shelters
  • Food Banks, Social Service Agencies

Jim Morrison Said
  • Whoever controls the media, controls the mind
  • The press can be your best friend or your worst
  • Dont forget Spanish-speaking stations and

Whoobangin an cappin Toxicity
  • People do what they
  • have to do to survive!
  • Make an observation,
  • dont make a judgment.
  • Move to their side.
  • Go to therapy (I aint playin)
  • Ask yourself if this is
  • the environment you should should be working in.

Which end you from?-Grassroots
  • Know your Hoodrats and OGs this is where you
    get the 411.
  • These are also usually your repeat offenders.
  • These people also need your services! (Even
    people in the mad bait).
  • Earn their trust!
  • Chop it up
  • Free food, supplies
  • Free vacc, s/n

No Scrill? Poor People
  • Are not stupid, they are just poor.
  • Deserve pets, too (no matter what you think).
  • Deserve to seek services without being
  • Are just doing what they have to do to survive!
  • Will treat their animals differently than you do.
  • Can barely afford to feed their children.

The Liberty Inhumane Society?If youre gonna
translate, do it correctly.
  • HSUS Pets for Life behavior info in Spanish.
  • Loudon County, VA all services in Spanish
  • Employees given Spanish lessons.
  • Peninsula Humane Society, San Mateo
  • Obedience classes conducted in Spanish .

Your Cheddar, Your Ice AKA Your Money
  • When you can raise the standard of care for
    animals in your community, you raise the standard
    of living for the whole community.
  • Your partners may not get you money, but may
    provide volunteers and informational resources.
  • Reinvest!!!

My Peeps
  • Shirley and Bottle Baby
  • Darryl and Stretch

Your Crew, Your Home Skillets
  • No teardrop tats on the face, no tweakers.
  • Habla espanol?
  • Gotta represent.
  • Involve your staff in every aspect of management.
  • Involve your management in every aspect of
  • Just b/c your staff breeds pits, doesnt mean
    theyre not people.
  • Invest in training and retention.

Yo, Dat Cliffhangers Tight!
  • Alcohol and a free lunch.
  • Cash bonuses.
  • Gift cards.
  • Extra time off.
  • A safe environment in meetings.
  • A safe environment to work in.

Ghetto Fabulous
  • Your exterior should be well-lit, secure and have
  • Hire the graffiti artist to paint!
  • Uniforms even if its just t-shirts (watch your
  • Lockers.

B.A.D. DogsBullies are Deserving Dogs
  • B.A.D. Dogs (Bullies Are Deserving Dogs) is a
    program that took shape when we saw wonderful
    dogs sitting in the shelter, unadopted, simply
    because they were pit bulls. Based in a
    low-income area of Jersey City, NJ over flowing
    with pit bulls, we understood that more adoptions
    mean more education.

The Unexpected Pit bull
  • By illustrating stories of pit bulls sharing
    their lives with a variety of people and animals,
    we hope to help inspire a better understanding
    and appreciation of pit bulls, and combat the
    negative stereotype held against these dogs.
  • Liberty Humane Society volunteer Jyo OHare and
    Board President and photographer, Laura Moss
    launched the calendar in 2005. Today, THE
    UNEXPECTED PIT BULL is distributed nation-wide
    and benefits pit programs across the country.

Ruckus and Jake(photos by Laura Moss)
More Stuff We Did
  • Pet it, dont sweat it
  • Free pet food and supplies, free p/u service.
  • Reduced or free euth.
  • Reduced rates for vet care.
  • Whos Your Daddy?
  • Free s/n for pits, dominant dogs
  • Free s/n for ferals, reduced for owned cats
    w/demonstrated need.

What We Got
  • Reduced animal abandonment by 37 in the city.
  • A reduction in feral kittens coming in by 46 in
    targeted areas.
  • National recognition for calendar.
  • An increase in funding for programs.
  • Additional food and supply donations.
  • Volunteers!
  • Support from City Council.

Scrap Metal firm in JC 56 cats TNRd Big Money
What Others Are Doing
  • ASPCA, NYC www.aspca.com
  • Mobile Adoption Units (off-site adoptions)
  • 20-30 adoptions done w/truck 4 days a week.
  • As much outreach as possible w/human service
  • Free s/n and vacc clinics in financially
    underserved areas. 4 Mobile vet clinics/14,000
  • Adopt-a-bull contest/ Meet Your Match

  • Pit Bull Hall
  • East Bay SPCA and BAD RAP.

Animal Farm Foundationwww.animalfarmfoundation.or
  • Perfect Match Award (500 c-notes)
  • Achievement Award
  • CGC Incentive Program (150 benjamins) for a pit
    from your community.
  • Spay/Neuter Grant Program Are voluntary (never
    mandatory by breed).
  • Serve the hard to reach and are low-cost or free,
    and easily accessible.
  • Always present their service and the dogs in a
    positive light.
  • Provide additional services and resources.

Specifically founded to assist homeless dog
owners spay/neuter, vaccinate, license their
dogs, as well as offering a variety of services
including crisis care, for the life of the dog.
Dats some good s___!
  • PAWS/Chicago 16,000 surgeries in 2007, over 70
    of animals owned by citizens on PA in targeted
  • Spay/neuter is free to anyone in 15 zip codes, or
    on Public Assistance anywhere.
  • All publications in English and Spanish.
  • http//www.pawschicago.org/communityoutreach.htm
  • Sue Sternbergs Training Wheels
  • http//www.suesternberg.com/00wheels.html

Redefine SuccessLot dog on Bergen Ave in JC
Foxy who owned Randy Vargas and the city of
Hoboken, NJ
  • Alone they might have been invisible.
    Together they were unforgettable.
  • RIP March 27, 2006

Paralyzed pit mix from Paterson, NJ
Bite case from S. Bronx
Shaq rescued by my peeps at a beat-down
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